Posted on July 26, 2019

Police Union Claims Officers Could Be Killed by Liquids in Buckets

Marlene Lenthang, Daily Mail, July 25, 2019

The head of the NYPD sergeants’ union demanded that Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill step down after a fourth video showed youth throwing water on police officers, claiming that cops could be seriously injured or killed.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association made their exaggerated assertion while sharing a video that showed small children and teens dousing two officers with buckets of water and water guns.

‘DEFEND YOURSELF before YOU get seriously injured or KILLED,’ the Thursday post from the SBA stated.

‘These buckets can contain ACID, BLEACH or other CHEMICALS. Obtain exposure numbers. O’KNEEL MUST GO, take the CLOWNS with you!’

Police officers in the video could be seen holding up their hands while getting blasted with water, but laughing — suggesting that they weren’t as triggered by the kid’s actions.

While the video was filmed at a park, it is unknown where exactly the video was filmed but it was initially shared by someone calling themselves @Harlem4real.

It’s the fourth — and least worrying — video to come out of New York and showing law enforcement getting drenched.

The fourth video does come after the NYPD announced that it may be considering charges for the husband of a city Department of Correction captain, who advocated for cops to be killed instead of having water thrown on them.

Rashid Stanley, a Transit inspector, took to his joint Facebook page to condemn reports that folks were upset that cops were getting doused with water.

‘How easily people forget. Y’all upset about some pigs getting water thrown on them,’ Rashid Stanley wrote on the page, according to the New York Daily News. ‘All the innocent black men and women killed at the hands of these pigs. Y’all forgot ‘Eric Gardner’ (sic) killer just got off with murder, on camera! It’s time we shoot back!!! Cop killers stand up!!!!’

Rashid Stanley and his wife, a city Department of Correction captain

Police sources say that the man could be charged on Friday for the post, and he could be charged with making terroristic threats.

Three men who were detained for throwing water on officers have since been released, only receiving misdemeanor charges.

Isaiah Scott and Chad Bowden, 23 and 28, were charged with criminal mischief and harassment for their stunt in Harlem that left a police officer’s cellphone destroyed, the New York Post reports.

Courtney Thompson, the man said to be a Crips gang member, posted $3,500 bail to get out of jail for charges related to his incident on July 20.

A third clip surfaced online on Wednesday afternoon and shows crowds jeering at what appears to be two on-duty female officers in uniform standing on a street corner.

Rashid Stanley, a Transit inspector, took to his joint Facebook page to condemn reports that folks were upset that cops were getting doused with water. He also advocated for the killing of cops instead of throwing water on them

Three people holding buckets of water and several people holding toy water guns cross the street to approach the two officers and drench them with the water, leading the two cops to run away.

In the clip the crowd appears excited and shriek with laughter when they dump the buckets of water on the two police officers.

It’s not clear in what area of the city the incident took place.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association shared the video on Twitter on Wednesday where it’s gone viral and raised alarm over the safety of NYPD officers

At the end of the clip a woman is heard harassing the cops saying ‘Wipe that a**’.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association shared the video on Twitter where it’s gone viral and raised alarm over the safety of NYPD officers.

‘NYPD Cops are in DANGER! Another video of water buckets being tossed. O’Neill needs to go before we get another cop killed!’ the SBA said, slamming NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill for failing to prevent such attacks on cops.

The video emerged just two days after two other viral videos circulated on social media showing people splashing on-duty officers with buckets of water in separate incidents in Harlem and Brooklyn.

The Harlem and Brooklyn videos from Monday sparked outrage among local law enforcement and led to three arrests.

Cortney Thompson, 28, was arrested on Wednesday in connection to the Brooklyn water-dousing attack and has been charged with obstructing governmental administration, criminal nuisance, tampering with evidence, disorderly conduct and harassment, sources said.

Chad Bowden, 28, and Isiah Scott, 23, were arrested on Wednesday in connection to the incident in Harlem.

They faces charges of criminal mischief, harassment and disorderly conduct.

On Wednesday the NYPD confirmed they arrested a 28-year-old man in connection to the water-dousing incidents from Monday, identifying him as a known gang member.

In the Harlem water-dousing video a group of young people are seen running in the streets spraying passerby with buckets of water. A police vehicle then arrives on the scene and the young people start to spray the squad car.

Another clip from that same Harlem incident shows two cops arresting a man in a white tank top and young people throwing buckets of waters on the officers as they cuff him.

The viral video from Brooklyn shows two officers being drenched with water by several teens throwing buckets of water. At one point the cops are seen walking towards a store and a kid runs up behind one officer and dumps a bucket of water on his head.

On Wednesday Mayor Bill De Blasio condemned the attacks on cops and commended the NYPD for the arrests they’ve made so far.

‘Thank you to New York’s Finest for their speed and professionalism in this arrest. We’re the safest big city in America thanks to the tireless efforts of our NYPD officers. We stand with them today and always,’ he tweeted.

On Monday he called the attacks ‘completely unacceptable’ and said, ‘We won’t tolerate this kind of disrespect.’

‘NYPD police officers courageously face unknown & sometimes hostile circumstances each time they answer a call. Still, professional & composed, they carry out their vital work. As a city & a PD, we’ll never accept such disrespect,’ Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill tweeted Wednesday.

Police are still trying to identify these water dousers.