Posted on July 18, 2019

Childfree and Easy? RT Doc Meets the Americans Swearing Off Parenthood for Good

RT, July 18, 2019

As birth rates plummet in the US, greater numbers of Americans are opting to skip the joys of parenthood – some seeking personal happiness and freedom, others to save a dying planet. In a new film, RTD gave their views a hearing.

The Center for Disease Control has warned that birth and fertility rates in the US are not sufficient for the current generation to replace itself. More and more people are taking the route chosen by Leilani Munter and foregoing passing on their genes altogether.

The passionate environmental activist argues that the world’s rapidly growing population is accelerating every environmental issue the planet faces, so she is choosing not to add to Earth’s woes by abstaining from having children.

“Our species’ survival is truly dependent on us addressing this issue, and if we can’t even talk about it… then we’re in trouble,” she told RTD.

For Mike Pesci, the decision is about reducing the amount of pain and anguish in the world.

“I feel like bringing children into the world is bringing suffering into the world, in a weird way,” Pesci, a dog walker from Longmont, Colorado, explained. “You take things that already need love and give them love, there’s no reason to make something else that you need to give your love to.”

“It’s very convenient to not have kids, too,” he added with a laugh.