Posted on June 7, 2019

‘Stop with This Equality!’: French Philosopher Hounded for Not Watching Women’s Football

RT, June 7, 2019

French philosopher and intellectual Alain Finkielkraut has been slated by feminists and commenters for the crime of not liking women’s football. He told a journalist he “doesn’t want to see women like that.”

During a Wednesday night appearance on France’s CNews channel, a reporter asked Finkielkraut if he plans on watching France’s upcoming Women’s World Cup match against South Korea on Friday.

“Ahh, well no,” the academic responded. “I do not like women’s football.”

Surprised, the journalist pressed Finkielkraut. “Why? What’s the difference?” she asked.

“Stop with ‘equality, equality!’ Equality yes, but with a little difference. Of course it’s great that women play football,” he explained, clearly annoyed with the questioning.

The CNews host cut across Finkielkraut, accusing him of condescension.

“I am not being condescending. It does not fascinate me, that’s not how I want to see women… And what next? You’re going to ask me to watch a boxing match between women, then a rugby match… I don’t want to.”

Some commenters stuck up for the contrarian academic, who at time of writing was still free to watch whatever sports he likes on TV. He “says aloud what everyone thinks in a low voice,” one stated. “So if I don’t want to go to Germany I’m Germanophobic, is that right?” another asked.

“The dictatorship of the politically correct is really tiring,” one commenter responded.

However, Finkielkraut’s outburst triggered a wave of angry reactions from liberal commenters on Twitter. “I do not want to see Finkielkraut,” one man quipped.

“The only argument of the ‘philosopher’: ‘I do not want, I do not want,” mocked another, while one more pondered: “What’s the age of retirement for ‘philosophers’?”

Finkielkraut caught flak in 2017 for calling feminists “bad players” who can’t “recognize their victory,” and mocked female politicians, saying: “Who can reasonably think that the ministers Rama Yade or Rachida Dati were selected for their political intelligence?”