Posted on June 19, 2019

Netherlands’ Nonwhite Crime Wave: Invaders 47 Times More Likely than Dutch to Be in Jail

New Observer, June 14, 2019

Official statistics released by the Netherlands Government have revealed that nonwhites in that country are 47 times more likely to be in jail than native Dutch, are 29.5 times more likely to appear in criminal courts, are 28.3 times more likely to face prosecution, and are 21.1 times more likely to be registered suspects with the police.

According to figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the Police asked that organization to examine data for the period 2010 to 2017 as to “whether persons with a non-Western migration background are over-represented at certain stages of the criminal justice chain compared to people with a Dutch background.”

The report which Statistics Netherlands produced showed exactly how often people with a “Dutch background or a non-Western migration background appear in the records of the police, the Public Prosecution Service, court and detention centers, and how these numbers relate to the total number of people with the same migration background.”


What these figures mean is that in proportion to their numbers, nonwhites in the Netherlands are overwhelmingly more criminal than the native Dutch. When it is considered that for every “non-Dutch” person there are approximately 3.5 Dutch people, then it is clear that nonwhites are almost 160 times more likely to be in prison than whites.

Furthermore, even these statistics may be distorted, because the official definition of person with a “Dutch migration background” is a person with “at least one parent was born abroad.”

That means that a nonwhite whose parents were born in the Netherlands is automatically considered to be someone with a “Dutch background.” This means that nonwhite crime is likely to be even higher than the official figures, as any crimes committed by these second generation nonwhites are counted under the “Dutch” category.