Posted on June 12, 2019

Antifa Bitten by Legal Watchdog

Donald Jeffries, American Fres Press, June 8, 2019

A California U.S. district judge has awarded Judicial Watch $22,000 in legal fees emanating from a suit filed by an antifa organizer. Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley middle school teacher, and two co-plaintiffs were ordered to pay Judicial Watch’s attorney fees and litigation costs. The suit had attempted to stop Judicial Watch from obtaining information about Felarca’s activities.

Felarca holds a prominent position in the group By Any Means Necessary, which was founded by the Marxist Revolutionary Workers League. {snip} Felarca is still awaiting trial for a 2016 incident where she and two others were charged with several crimes, including felony assault, while inciting a riot in Sacramento. She also was arrested for battery and resisting arrest during a 2017 confrontation with members of Patriot Prayer.


“This is a huge victory for Judicial Watch against antifa and the violent left,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said. “Ms. Felarca attacked Judicial Watch without basis and the court was right to reject her ploy to deny our ‘right to know’ because we don’t share her violent left views.”


The Felarca case represents an extremely rare legal victory for reason and common sense. High profile alt-right figure Mike Cernovich spoke frequently in 2017 about working with the FBI and hiring attorneys to launch lawsuits against antifa. {snip} Last October, Bethany Sherman, owner of a marijuana testing lab in Eugene, Ore., filed a defamation lawsuit against anonymous “anti-fascist” activists who tied her to white nationalists. They even began derisively referring to her as the “Weed Nazi.” {snip}


Antifa and Black Lives Matter members have been caught on countless videos physically assaulting those they disagree with, especially open Donald Trump supporters. It has not been generally publicized that the name antifa derives from a moniker used by the German Communist Party, as early as 1932. Much of the left today appears to believe that hitting and assaulting those who offend them is perfectly proper. The meme “punch a Nazi in the face” is popular with them, and they aren’t picky about how they define Nazi. {snip}