Posted on January 8, 2019

Why Those Few Desperate People in Dinghies Really Are a Danger to Britain

Peter Hitchens, Daily Mail, January 5, 2109

We aren’t grateful enough for the English Channel. Personally, I give thanks for it every day, but that is because I have been out in the world quite a lot and know just how dangerous our planet is.

That short, rough stretch of sea is what has enabled us to create one of the greatest civilisations in human history.

It is continuity, stability, peace, mutual understanding and long-accumulated experience that make civilisations. Without them, the most vital ingredient of human society – trust – cannot develop or flourish.

Look at the rest of Europe, unprotected by deep water. Every century or so there’s an invasion, or a devastating war in which the enemy’s armies sweep through, burning, looting and worse.

That short, rough stretch of sea is what has enabled us to create one of the greatest civilisations in human history

A little further back, and you find vast movements of population, in which people who thought they were safe and settled were displaced or subjugated by stronger, crueller or simply more energetic and hungry peoples.

This process hasn’t stopped. China’s neighbours, and minority nations living under China’s rule, face a combination of ancient ruthlessness and modern secret police efficiency.

The Turkic people of China’s far west, and the Tibetans too, are being rapidly turned into dispossessed, humiliated minorities in their own lands.

People who moan constantly about the long-ago misdeeds of the British Empire are strangely silent about China’s steely modern colonialism.

And then there is the vast surge of humans brought about by those three Olympic-standard idiots George W. Bush, Anthony Blair and David Cameron.

Their various thought-free, vain adventures and interventions, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, have set the whole world on the move towards Europe, from as far east as Kandahar and as far south as the Congo.

Nobody can blame the migrants for seeking better lives elsewhere, but if they all do so, they will destroy the very thing they are seeking.

There has been nothing like it in modern times. If we do not check it, it will transform Europe into somewhere else in two generations.

Britain is far better-placed than other countries, thanks to the sea which surrounds us. But salt water alone will not do the job. We have to patrol it and turn back the uninvited. If we do not, the sea becomes an open door, with every beach a port of entry.

A lot of people are currently mocking the idea that the migrants making their way across the Channel are an important issue. They say the numbers are small. They were small, too, when they first began to arrive in Greece, in Spain, in Sicily and Malta.

Then word spread that those seas were open. And the numbers quickly stopped being small.

People-smugglers are not fools. They can quickly see and exploit any opportunity.

If I had anything to do with it, I would tow them all back to free, democratic France on sight and tell the French (correctly) it was for their benefit too. After all, if they knew they couldn’t get into Britain, most of them wouldn’t come to France in the first place.

And the fact they don’t want to stay in France proves they are not refugees, but migrants.

But if that doesn’t work, perhaps we could copy Australia, and pay (say) Greenland to take them in, unless they agreed to go home, with an absolute guarantee that nobody who arrived here illegally, or was caught trying to do so, would ever be allowed to stay here.

Or we can do nothing much, and say goodbye to Britain.