Posted on October 16, 2018

More Than a Thousand Greek Parents Sign Letter: “We Don’t Want Migrant Children in Our Schools”

Ilias, Voice of Europe, October 14, 2018

According to the Greek webpage Kathimerini, 1,130 parents living with their children on the Greek island of Chios, sent a letter of protest to the principals of their schools, in which they declared that they do not want their children to study together with migrant children.

The letter of protest was also communicated to various high ranking officials on the island of Chios.

The 1,130 parents state that the right of refugee and migrant children to be educated is not only fully respected by them, but it is also an obligation of the state to do it without the participation of NGOs.

“We, the inhabitants of these islands, are the ones who have carried almost the whole weight of this situation, which the decision-makers do not seem to understand at least at a practical level. But is the ministry’s design well-thought out in all its parameters and is it one that works for all children? ” They ask and continue: “The inconsistency of the entire spectrum of migration management, the chaotic distance between the occasional promises and promises and their results, as well as our obligation as parents and as citizens, leads us to point out the wrong texts we identify…”

– We oppose the creation of structures for the education of Refugees or SPAs in general (and not just those of 2018-2019) inside the schools of our Prefecture.

– We are calling for the creation of refugee host and structures within the Reception and Identification Centre of BIAL, because it is the solution with the least problems for everyone.

– We ask for this resolution to be made aware to the other Parents’ and Guardian Associations outside those schools in Chios and the rest of the islands that are plagued by the refugee problem, since they are hosts to innumerable uncontrolled refugees and immigrants.

– We ask the Directors and the Teachers’ Association of each school to inform the Parents’ Association and the Special Parents’ Committee set up for this purpose of any possible developments that may occur from any organisation.

– We ask the representatives of the Parents’ Associations and the Parents’ Committees elected on this matter to attend any regular or extraordinary meeting of the Teachers’ Association or other bodies that will take place in the future and will be related to the foundation the function of ADEP or SPA for our schools, because it concerns our children directly and we have every right to know and to have an opinion on the subject.

– We require the Ministry of Education, Regional, Primary and Secondary Education to respect our demands.

– We ask the Municipal Committee for Education to share, participate and support all our self-righteous demands as parents and citizens.

Otherwise we reserve the right to claim every legitimate interest we have as parents and citizens, according to the Constitution and the Laws of the Greek State.

Greek parents are tired of the migrant crisis situation, as well as of the preachy talks of NGO members and the Greek government. It seems that when the physical integrity of their children is threatened, people become realists.