Posted on July 16, 2018

Most Australians Demand Immigration Halt as Population Soars

Simon Kent, Breitbart, July 16, 2018

Most Australians want an end to mass immigration as the country’s soaring population is set to bounce above the 25 million mark within a month, an opinion poll shows.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott attributes the rise in part to the work of “ethnic activists” in the left-wing opposition Australian Labor Party.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates one person is being added every one minute and 23 seconds, meaning the 25 million milestone is set to be reached on August 8, less than three years after Australia raced past the 24 million mark.

With 190,000 moving to Australia every year in recent times, a Newspoll survey showed 72 percent of respondents wanted the net annual immigration pace to be slashed with the population forecast to hit 36 million by 2046.

The poll of 1,644 voters, published in the Australian, showed 83 per cent of Liberal and National party voters wanted immigration cut, compared with 64 per cent of Labor supporters.


“We don’t need to be bringing in a city the size of Canberra every few years through immigration alone,” [Former Primer Minister tony] Abbott said, adding that the Labor Party was in the “grip of ethnic activists”.