Posted on April 5, 2018

Americans Go in Rampage in Subway

Kang Aa-young, Korea Times, April 3, 2018

Three Americans, including a 32-year-old hagwon teacher, went on a rampage on a subway train, Friday, attacking and harassing passengers.

The three are now under police investigation.

According to police, a woman hit a Korean man and abused him on the train at around 5 p.m. The man suffered bruises and cuts to his face.

Police said the three attacked the man after he asked them to “be quiet.”

A video clip that went viral shows that at least one American made racist gestures to passengers and swore at them. Some passengers moved away.

“The three were sober at that time ― one was found to be a English teacher from an academy in Gangnam,” a police spokesperson said.