Posted on March 28, 2018

Stephon Clark’s Brother Interrupts Sacramento Council Meeting Attacks Sacramento Cops

Rory Tingle, Daily Mail, March 28, 2018

The brother of an unarmed black man who was fatally shot 20 times by police interrupted a city council meeting by jumping on the desk in front of the mayor.

Stevante Clark marched into the specially-convened meeting of Sacramento City Council on Tuesday and leaped on the dais before chanting his brother’s name, interrupting Councilman Larry Carr.

Security guards surrounded him and seemed to try to lead him out, only to have audience members yell out, ‘Let him speak!’

Clark walked to the public microphone in the middle of council chambers, yelling, ‘Shut the f*** up’ at audience members who he wanted to be quiet.

The protester asked the audience, ‘Do you love me?’ to cries of ‘Yes!’

‘If you really love me …,’ he said before pausing and adding, ‘My brother just got shot.’

‘The mayor and the city of Sacramento have failed, you hear me?’ he continued. ‘Rent is too high, the gang-banging has to stop, the poverty is uncontrollable.’

Clark called out Mayor Darrell Steinberg by name, adding, ‘He has no emotion,’ before adding, ‘The cops want to kill me because I know they’re probably sick of this s*** right now.’

Clark also accused the press of trying to ‘exploit our pain’ and ended his five-minute allocated time by saying: ‘If you’re not black, you’re white.’

The council adjourned for roughly 15 minutes following the disruption.

Later on Tuesday evening, demonstrators blocked fans from entering the NBA arena as the Sacramento King’s game began. It was the second such protest in recent days.

Protesters stood in front of the doors on several sides of the arena and some taunted fans waiting to enter.

The team’s game against the Dallas Mavericks tipped off only a few minutes after the scheduled time but the 17,600-seat arena was sparsely populated.

In a further development on Tuesday, Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn announced the Feds would be joining the investigation into Clark’s death in a move he said would bring ‘faith and transparency’ to the case.

‘Due to the nature of this investigation, the extremely high emotions, anger and hurt in our city, I felt it was the best interest of our entire community, including the members of our police department, to ask the attorney general to be an independent part of this investigation,’ Hahn said.

22-year-old Stephon Alonzo ‘Zoe’ Clark was fatally shot by police March 18 in his grandmother’s backyard.

Officers said they initially thought he had a gun. He was holding a cell phone.

His grandmother burst into tears at a press conference Monday during which she asked why the cops used such brutal force against him.

‘They didn’t have to kill him like that. They didn’t have to shoot him that many times,’ Sequita Thompson said through her tears.

‘Why didn’t they shoot him in the arm, shoot him in the leg, send a dog, send a taser? Why? Why,’ she said. ‘Now my great-grandbabies don’t have their daddy,’ she added.

He leaves behind two children ages one and three, according to NY Daily News.

‘I want justice for Stephon Clark. Please, give us justice!’ she said.

Thompson described the harrowing sound of gunshots and recalled for the crowd how she dropped to the floor with her seven-year-old granddaughter and crawled to safety, according to CBS News.

Present at the press conference was civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who will represent the family.

He has also represented the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice.

‘People who committed a mass shooting in Florida were not shot once, but a young black man holding a cellphone is shot 20 times.

‘The young man who was bombing homes in Austin, Texas, the police followed him for hours. He wasn’t shot once, but an unarmed black man holding the cellphone is shot 20 times,’ Crump said at the conference.

Clark’s death sparked an outcry against police brutality in Sacramento, as the streets flooded with protests.

On Sunday a candlelight vigil was held in Clark’s memory.

NBA players of the Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics wore black warm-up T-shirts with Clark’s name on it and the phrase ‘Accountability. We are one” in solidarity with the family.

Police revealed bodycam video footage of the horrific shooting that saw the two cops shout ‘Gun! Gun! Gun!’ before opening fire in the darkened backyard.

In the clip they do not identify themselves as officers and hail down fire while still asking Clark to raise his hands.

Another clip, taken from the police helicopter and shot in infrared, shows Clark jumping a neighbor’s fence to get into his family’s backyard.

Two officers are spotted moving along the side of the house. They then confront him and open fire.

Clark collapses to the ground.

Cops said they opened fire because he was walking towards them holding an object they believed to be a gun, saying they feared for their safety.

It was found to be a cell-phone.

Stevante Clark dialogues with the Sacramento City Council.