Posted on March 26, 2018

Interview with Leader of Belgian Patriotic Youth Group

Voice of Europe, March 22, 2018

Two weeks ago, a video of a Flemish youth group, called Schild & Vrienden went viral after they disrupted a leftist protest in the city of Ghent. Now we interview the group’s leader and founder, Dries van Langenhove.

Your group featured in a video against the left, it went viral and even crossed the ocean; did you expect this success?


With our video we wanted to show the world that the Flemish nationalists are doing their part. We want to inspire the Flemish youth and the European youth to stand up for their heritage and future.

We didn’t expect the video to go this viral. Even though it was censored on multiple social media platforms, it has been shared and watched over a million times. This shows that there is a huge silent majority that’s starting to get a voice.

What was the goal of your action and did you achieve it?

The goal of our action was to show the Marxists and open-border activists that the Flemish youth will not allow its cultural heritage to be abused by leftists to push their agenda for more illegal immigration. In less than 24 hours nationalists all over the world were inspired by our action and we made national headlines. {snip}

There was a negative side as well; your footage was censored by Facebook for example. Any idea why this happened? It didn’t look like offensive material.

The censorship on Facebook was a result of organised mass-reporting by leftists. My personal account got banned for 30 days over a silly and harmless post, just because a lot of leftists reported it. Facebook is actively practicing politically correct censorship.

What was your motivation to start this movement?

My motivation to start Schild & Vrienden is my big sense of justice. I simply can’t stand injustice and the Flemish and European youth are facing a lot of injustice.

We’re seeing our culture and heritage being destroyed. We’re having our identity replaced by shame and guilt. We’re seeing massive, uncontrolled immigration for a utopian dream of previous generations. We’ve been taken advantage of by the political elite who have built up a huge debt that we now have to pay.