Posted on March 5, 2018

Bay Area Leaders Pledge Protection for Undocumented Immigrants

Cristina Rendon, KTVU-TV, March 1, 2018

San Francisco Interim Mayor Mark Farrell said the city and state are pushing to spend $11 million on legal defense of immigrants arrested by ICE.


Farrell and Assemblyman Phil Ting are partnering together to advocate for $7 million in state funding. The city will spend an additional $3.5 million annually on legal defense services, bringing the total annual amount to $11.1 million. That represents a 236-percent increase from spending levels two year prior.

Of the $3.5 million in additional funding, $2.5 million will be allocated toward the San Francisco Immigration Legal Defense Collaborative (SFILDC) and the San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network (SFILEN).