Posted on November 27, 2017

Racists Are In for a Big Surprise When They See What Happens to Immigration After Brexit

Jim Edwards, Business Insider, November 26, 2017

A lot of people who voted “Leave” in the EU referendum did so because they want to see Britain take back control of immigration.


Some of the people who voted Leave did so because they’re racists, according to a study published in the British Journal of Social Psychology. Brexit, Trump, the rise of the AfD in Germany, and the 60,000 “white Europe” marchers at Poland’s Independence Day celebrations, are all signs that Europe’s white population is tired of dealing with mass immigration. And, to be fair, some working class people have legitimate questions about how the government is going to pay for all the extra healthcare and education resources that immigration requires.

Those people are feeling pretty pleased with themselves right now. After 2019, “free movement” comes to an end in Britain. After Brexit, the UK will be able to pick and choose who comes in, and be more selective about the countries we deal with.

In theory, anyway.

But racists will be in for a shock, according to YK Sinha, India’s High Commissioner to the UK. There are many non-European countries around the world who would like to do trade deals with Britain once the UK is out of the EU. And one of their key demands is going to be increased immigration for their people into the UK, Sinha told The Telegraph:


When asked about that, the Indian-born British founder of Cobra Beer, Lord Karan Bilimoria, told Business Insider’s Adam Payne that India will indeed insist on immigration as a requirement for a trade deal. He echoed Sinha’s words: “India will want the movement of professionals, the movement of doctors, the movement of engineers. Both sides will benefit from this exchange. It won’t be a one-way street,” he said.

That street will be paved with a trade deal, he said. He noted that Trade Minister Liam Fox was encouraging British businesses to export more beyond Europe.


Expect to hear more of this. The Brexiteers are right. A lot of countries outside Europe will want to trade with Britain when the country leaves Europe. But they will all come to the table with a similar demand: If we are doing business in your country, we will need to move there. Let us in, too.

This table shows EU and non-EU immigration to Britain for the last couple of years. Note that European immigration is actually lower than that from the rest of the world. Asia alone sends 110,000 migrants to Britain every year. The rest of the world sends another 57,000.

European migrants, of course, tend to be white, whereas everyone else tends to be non-white.

So the immigration pattern that is likely to develop after Brexit is a reduction in white immigration from Europe and an increase in immigration from everywhere else. Even if rest-of-the-world migration held steady, it would make up an increasingly greater percentage of UK immigration.