Posted on November 27, 2017

Ajak Deng: Victoria’s Secret Needs to Be More Diverse

Jacob Polychronis and Kristy Johnson, Daily Mail, November 25, 2017

This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show featured the most diverse range of models ever seen on its fabled catwalk.

But it still wasn’t enough for South Sudanese-born Australian beauty Ajak Deng, who believes the brand should do better.

The 27-year-old said the famous fashion show is ‘on the right track’ but could do more to recruit people of different cultural backgrounds, as well as different body types.

‘I think it can be better,’ Ajak told Yahoo7 Be.

‘It would’ve been nice to see Ashley Graham in there, that’s my kind of diversity,’ she added, referring to the American plus-size model.

Almost 50 per cent of the models who featured in Victoria’s Secret’s main event this year were of an ethnically diverse background, compared to 30 per cent the year before, the publication reported.

Models added to the roster who helped increase the diversity figure included Angolan Maria Borges, and Indian-Australian Kelly Gale.

Ajak said she hopes to be the next model in line and has her ‘fingers crossed’ for a call up in 2018.

‘I couldn’t do it in the past because of my back problem but now I’m confident, my back is straight and I’m like “bring it on”,’ the stunner said.

Ajak — who fled South Sudan aged 12 with her mother sadly perishing from malaria in a Kenyan refugee cam ± has partnered with The Body Shop and International Alert’s Play for Peace project.

The campaign — supporting Syrian children refugees affected by war — aims to raise 250,000 pounds (approx $438,325 AUD) to the project, from Christmas range sales.

Ajak Deng.