Posted on August 28, 2017

Notting Hill Carnival Acid Attack: Two Injured as Unknown Substance Thrown at Group

Vickiie Oliphant, Express, August 28, 2017

Two people were injured in acid attack after a group of people were attacked during Notting Hill Carnival celebrations this weekend.

The Met said a “mild acidic liquid” was thrown over a number of people at St Charles Square, near to Ladbroke Grove, just before 8pm on Sunday.

Footage emerged online of frantic people screaming and shouting as they ran away from the scene, although it cannot be confirmed if this was taken at the time of the atatck.

A number of people were injured as the crowd ran in fear and three people reported skin irritations.

A police spokesman said: “Some of the crowd in the area then quickly dispersed, causing injuries to two people, who have since received treatment from the London Ambulance Service at the scene.

“Three people have also reported skin irritation injuries, although these are not thought to be serious.”

There have been no arrests but police are working to identify who was responsible, the force said.

The attack came as the streets of west London were packed with people enjoying the Caribbean music and food on a scorching bank holiday weekend.

But the attack dampened the mood for many, with social media awash with people expressing their outrage over the sick incident.

One Twitter user said: “Don’t understand why people have to ruin a joyous occasion for their own amusement and selfish gain #acidattack #nottinghillcarnival”

Another said: “How predictable there’s been an acid attack at Notting hill.. Can we have one day without some scumbag ruining it.”

A third tweeted: “Reported #Acidattack at #nottinghillcarnival2017 just now… such a shame people can’t just have a nice time anymore.”

The acid attack comes after it was revealed police patrolling Notting Hill Carnival would be given special kits to stop thugs smuggling in acid.

Two million people are expected to attend the annual event in total, and following a recent spate of attacks the Met decided to issue officers with nitrile gloves, extra water supplies and testing facilities for corrosive substances.

Dave Musker, whose in charge of policing the event, said: “People should be under no illusion that if they think they can swan in with a bottle of Lucozade with acid in and not be able to be detected by police.

“We have the methods, the people, the highly-trained professionals, and we will look at them, and I will press for them to be arrested and charged and brought before the courts.”

Daily Star Online exclusively revealled the threat of acid attacks at Notting Hill Carnival after speaking to a gang insider.

A source told us that gangsters will ditch knives for “drink bottles filled with acid” to avoid being caught by cops combing the area.

The whistle blower, who spoke to youths linked to gangs, told Daily Star Online they are likely to strike on the final day of event, which runs from August 26 to 28.

A Facebook post about the acid attack threat has been shared 1,500 times and has encouraged people to warn police.

A total 106 arrests were carried out during the first day of carnival as of 10pm on Sunday, with more than a third of these – 42 – for drugs offences.

There were also eight arrests for possession of an offensive weapon or knife/ blade, nine public order arrests and ten common assault arrests.

Some nine arrests for sexual offences were also carried out, and six arrests for assault of police officers.

The numbers are roughly the same as the first day of carnival 2016, when around 105 people were arrested, overwhelmingly for drugs offences.

While the London Ambulance Service said it had treated 344 patients during the first day of carnival – many for alcohol-related injuries.