Posted on July 25, 2017

Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules Police Not Allowed to Follow Federal Law

Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag, July 25, 2017

The glorious progressive secession movement from the United States continues. If Obama were in office, we would be hearing lots of talk about the Confederacy. But since it’s a Republican in the White House, treason is patriotic again. Also Massachusetts cops are not allowed to follow Federal law. Obama had already decided that Arizona is not allowed to enforce Federal immigration laws. Now the highest court in MA has decided that police are not allowed to follow Federal law either.

Massachusetts police do not have the authority to detain illegal immigrants solely to buy time for federal law enforcement officials to take them into custody, the state’s top court ruled on Monday.

The decision amounts to a rejection of requests by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for courts and law enforcement agencies to hold illegal immigrants, who are facing civil deportation orders, in custody for up to 48 hours after their cases are resolved.

Like all Judicial #Resistance gambits, look for this one to spread around the country shortly. It’s all part of the process of defying the country’s immigration laws and buying time for President Booker to amnesty all illegal aliens after a speech about how that is the most American thing to possibly do.

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled that doing so amounts to a fresh arrest of the person that is not authorized by state law, in the first such ruling to apply to an entire state, according to Massachusetts’ attorney general.

The alien in question has already been arrested. Detaining him further is not a fresh arrest. Furthermore states are obligated to cooperate with Federal law enforcement on national security issues.

But #Resistance.

The case focused on Sreynuon Lunn from Cambodia. Federal officials said he entered the United States as a refugee in 1985 and was ordered deported to Cambodia in 2008 after a series of criminal convictions. Cambodia declined to accept him and he was released.

Lunn was arrested in Boston last year on an unarmed robbery charge and ordered released in February after prosecutors failed to present a case.

Federal ICE officials took him into custody while he remained in his holding cell, an event that made his case moot.

So we’ve got a criminal scumbag being protected by lefty legal authorities. What else is new.

“This decision allows local law enforcement to focus their resources on keeping people safe,” said Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, in a statement.

Keep them safe by freeing career alien criminals.