Posted on March 30, 2017

Video: Knife-Wielding Schoolgirl Tasered by Police Officer After Leaping Onto Table During Fight

Rachel Bishop, Mirror, March 30, 2017

A knife-wielding teenage girl was hit with a stun gun by police after leaping onto a canteen table during a school fight.


Footage, filmed by a fellow student on his mobile phone, shows the moment the girl is hit by the Taser after she leapt on the table.

The unnamed teen and her cousin, also 15, had been scrapping with five other girls in the canteen.

Police and other staff are seen trying to break up the fight as the girl lay on the ground, while other girls appear to be beating her.

She then gets up and apparently grabs the knife from a nearby bookbag and heads toward the other girls when an officer forcefully pushes her into a glass case.

She breaks away and climbs onto the table, swinging the knife, as a crowd of students and staff watch.

The clip cuts out just after she is hit, but witnesses said she stiffened and fell backwards off the table, bumping her head.

Her dad said he didn’t know why she carried a knife to school, but he thought it was because she cracked after months of bullying.

He said school officials had put together an anti-bullying plan that was supposed to prevent the large fight.

However, Peoria Public Schools administrators say they don’t have records of an anti-bullying plan being requested or needed.

Milton Chappell Jr told PJ Star : “When you tell somebody what’s going on and nothing happens, it gets old. You get tired of it.”

The cousin said one of the girls attacked Chappell’s daughter first, then she was attacked after she pulled her girl away.

According to the girl’s cousin, the fight started after they told a school resource officer her cousin had been threatened on Monday.

“School safety is a top priority,” said PPS spokesman Chris Coplan.