Posted on February 13, 2017

Help Pro-Trump Activists Hospitalized By ANTIFA Thugs


On January 31st, a friend and I were assaulted by Antifa at UC Berkeley. A day later, “Anti-Fascists” burned buildings, destroyed property, and attacked Trump supporters in a violent attempt to censor Milo Yiannopoulos’s speech at UC Berkley.

My friend and I were exercising our right to free speech when the assault took place. We did this by putting up Pro-Trump posters (along with a few others) around Berkeley. An Antifa lookout eventually noticed us, and quickly called in goons to go after us. His hired thugs tracked us down. They assaulted us in a vicious surprise attack. They even tried to rob us (but were unsuccessful). Before they left, they threatened us, saying if we ever put up posters again, that the next attack would be much worse.

My friend and I kept our postering activities peaceful and unobtrusive. We did not speak to anyone, nor did we provoke bystanders. We chose posters that were innocuous, and we posted them in public places, to prevent anyone from feeling “singled out.”

I’m a decent sized guy. I can take a punch and hold my own in a fight. The attack left me with a few cuts, but nothing serious. My friend did not fare so well. He isn’t a big guy but was assaulted by thugs who were. My friend was punched several times before being violently slammed on the pavement. The attack sent him to the hospital.

Our comrade is unable to walk because of his injuries. He cannot work and has no health insurance. He worries whether he’ll be able to pay thousands of dollars in hospital bills out of pocket.

The primary aim of this bounty is to help my friend with his hospital bills and basic expenses. However, if we happen to receive funds above and beyond this goal, we aim to do the following:

(1) To establish a “Living Assistance” fund for victims of unprovoked leftist aggression.

(2) To produce and distribute: flyers, articles, and videos intended to expose anti-white double standards on American college campuses.

“Anti-Fascists” use political violence as an instrument of intimidation and censorship. Their hope is that by using brute force, they can deter others from expressing ideas they dislike.

If we do nothing to help victims of leftist violence and thuggery, this will have a chilling effect on free speech. Why risk talking about a controversial subject, if it will only get you sent to the hospital? Why risk getting sent to the hospital if no one will help you in your time of need?

If we refuse to aid victims of leftist violence, this will only embolden the regressive left to use it more often. We cannot allow thugs and bullies to win by destroying our freedom of speech. The surest way to guard against leftist censorship is to defend victims from their attackers and to help them back on their feet if they are injured by the enemy.

Your generosity and support would be greatly appreciated.