Posted on February 2, 2017

For Black History Month, White Nationalists Plan ‘White Consciousness’ Campaign

Sam Kestenbaum, Forward, February 1, 2017


“Our movement has the wind in its sails as never before,” white nationalist Jared Taylor wrote on his website American Renaissance. “Let us seize this moment and make the most of it,” wrote Taylor, who believes that race is correlated with intelligence, and that whites are smarter than blacks. “Black History Month — otherwise known as February — would be a great time for a white-consciousness campaign.”


On January 25, Taylor announced that now — as President Donald Trump is just beginning his term — was the time to target college students.

“It is no secret that leftist universities are at the core of anti-white activism, brainwashing and propaganda,” a voiceover in an American Renaissance YouTube video said. “We want to flood universities with our pro-white posters.”

The video went on: “Any mass display of pro-white posters is sure to attract maximum media attention. There is no better opportunity to do this than right now.”


As the video rolled on, an illustration of black stick figures overrunning the world ran across the screen.

“Men of the west, you have the power to expose the anti-white double standard,” the voice said.

Taylor provided high res images for his followers to print out. Taylor’s YouTube video goes into great detail about how to best “flood” campuses with white nationalist messaging, advising his audience to remember to bring a map, scotch tape or a staple gun and to wear a hooded sweatshirts, so as to “keep your face obfuscated.”

The posters bear messages like, “Don’t apologize for being white!” “We founded this nation. Why should we apologize for being who we are?” and “Free yourself from white guilt.”