Posted on February 27, 2017

‘Anti-Racism’ Preschool in Seattle Will Teach Toddlers Social Justice

Ian Miles Cheong, Heat St., February 25, 2017

Children are never too young to become “woke” to social justice ideology. A new preschool is set to open in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle, aiming to indoctrinate children younger than seven in social justice and intersectional theory.


“We’re looking to create the confidence that when these kids go into predominately white schools that they can bring counter narratives to the school,” said said one of the founders in an interview with King5 News.


A parent speaking to the news station told them that her children who were exposed to “Disney princess culture” must be made aware of the struggle that non-white people face.

“I like the idea of these kids being exposed to role models that don’t look like them,” she said.

The teachers’ mindset follows the belief that toddlers can be inherently sexist and racist. It’s a view promoted by academic institutions such as Evergreen College, also in Washington State, which is holding a series of workshops for parents to help them cure their young children of natural thoughts like the gender binary.