Posted on January 31, 2017

Video: Catholic Bishop Punched in Face During Mass in Front of 100-strong Congregation in Shocking Video

Kelly Ann-Mills, Mirror, January 31, 2017

A Catholic priest was attacked in church as he gave mass to over a hundred people in New York.

Bishop Manuel Cruz was punched in the face and fell backwards as the man was dragged away by security.

Around 100 parishioners were inside the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Newark on Saturday afternoon when the man, who was wearing a white robe over a red suit, got up and started walking towards Bishop Cruz.

A video from inside the church shows the man rushing towards the 63-year-old religious man and throwing a punch.

The priest, who had been leading a mass celebrating the life of baseball player Roberto Clement who had died in 1972 in a plane crash on his way to help earthquake victims in Nicaragua, stumbled to the ground.

Bishop Cruz did not want to speak to the media directly after his ordeal, but a spokesman said he was resting following the attack.

Eye-witnesses say a man was arrested by police shortly after the incident.