Posted on November 23, 2016

Foreign Ministers Make Plans for Migrants in the U.S.

The News (Mexico), November 22, 2016

Foreign Affairs ministers from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are trying to assuage the fears of migrants facing the possibility of massive deportations announced during the campaign by President-elect Donald Trump.

“Mexico will not under any circumstances change its approach to human rights on the border,” said Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary (SRE) Claudia Ruiz Massieu, noting that Mexico is working to improve services to migrants who require support.

Guatemalan Foreign Affairs Minister Carlos Raúl Morales hosted a meeting with Ruiz Massieu and his counterparts from Honduras, María Dolores Agüero, and El Salvador, Hugo Martínez, to create a joint plan to protect migrants.


Ruiz Massieu explained that a toll-free telephone line has been set up for migrants in need of advice. They are also expanding consular services, especially legal consulting for migrants, so that “they can approach experts and explain their personal situation and know the rights they have,” she said.

Morales called on migrants who have children in the United States to register them as Guatemalan citizens which would prevent children from being put up for adoption if their parents are deported.


In addition, they will focus on the strengthening of the Alliance for Prosperity Plan, which is aimed at creating “more opportunities in the countries of origin of migrants,” said Martínez.