Posted on September 26, 2016

Derrick Rose Is the Subject of a Criminal Investigation by LAPD into Rape Allegations

Stefan Bondy, NY Daily News, September 26, 2016


In a letter addressed to the lawyer of Rose’s “Jane Doe” accuser, the LAPD confirmed they have an open criminal investigation into Derrick Rose regarding the rape accusations levied against the Knicks guard.

At Knicks media day on Monday, Rose said “I’m innocent. I felt like I didn’t do anything wrong.” He added that he has not been contacted by the police.

The letter, written by an LAPD detective, noted that the alleged victim “exercised her right to confidentiality” when filing the report. The letter–and the detective’s testimony–will be used to persuade the judge in the $21.5 million civil case to change his ruling allowing Jane Doe’s identity to be revealed.

That trial is slated to begin Oct. 4, meaning Rose could miss multiple Knicks preseason games and practices if he doesn’t settle the suit. Meanwhile, the LAPD wrote that Jane Doe’s identity will remain anonymous throughout its separate investigation.


Rose, in his first comments to the media on Monday, appeared antsy when discussing the topic.Knicks president Phil Jackson said the point guard is not overly concerned with the allegations.”He’s aware of it, but it’s not keeping him up at night,” Jackson said.