Posted on September 6, 2016

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AR Staff, American Renaissance, September 6, 2016

“…calling it a paranoid fringe…”

Sorry Secretary Clinton, but what you call “paranoia” is a harsh reality for many. There are tens of thousands of Europeans who have been victimized, robbed, assaulted, attacked, and murdered, at the hands of invading savages throughout Europe. They’ve seen their way of life changed as a result of damaging liberal policies. Their neighborhoods have changed, for the worse, rights have been restricted, and they live with a constant unknown of when and where the next attack will occur.

The same can be said right here in America. Attacks by terrorists have greatly changed and influenced our way of life. Sometimes we fail to recognize it because the stories are so quickly forgotten or their underlying importance is usually hidden by the MSM. Orlando, San Bernardino, and Chattanooga are afterthoughts in our country’s conscience. Their underlying causes replaced with such phrases as “workplace violence,” “gun violence,” or “lone wolf attacks.” Twin Falls, Idaho, and Lowell, Massachusetts, weren’t even a blip on the MSM radar.

There’s no MSM or liberal mention of the DEA stating most illegal drugs come through the Mexican border and the Mexican drug cartels are the biggest criminal threat in the United States. They’re silent on the MS-13 gang ravaging streets and neighborhoods throughout America. Instead, we’re given a tranquil picture of people living in the shadows and doing jobs Americans do not want to do. All this in spite of tens of millions of Americans not having jobs and half of immigrants receiving government programs. There’s no multi-billion dollar figures showing the draining expense on this nation. I don’t recall any articles of visa abuse or foreign entities like China, abusing our educational system.

I could go on, but most have gotten the point. Those who frequent this website know the news stories that I have referenced are only covered on websites such as this. It doesn’t make them less legitimate, just less exposed. Heck, most of the news stories referenced on this website, come from highly popular and respected MSM organizations. They just don’t receive the same national attention and are quickly sent down the memory hole. Clinton’s exposing of the alt-right can have a positive impact. It will finally pull millions of Americans, hopefully many ignorant white liberals, out of the shadows, and towards view points, news, and stories, not extensively covered by the mainstream media. By viewing the content of this website and others, it could serve as a starting point for further inflection on what many people were originally told and believed to be true. With any luck, it will help break the shackles of indoctrination and further accelerate the cogs of this movement, into the forefront of American politics and ideals, and even the White House.

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