Posted on July 21, 2016

Dutch Anti-Islam Politician Geert Wilders Praises Trump on Immigration

Ben Kesling, Wall Street Journal, July 21, 2016


In an interview Wednesday night on the convention floor, Mr. Wilders applauded the GOP candidate’s embrace of what the Dutch member of parliament calls the “Patriotic Spring” sweeping Europe and the U.S., much of it centered on restricting immigration.

“Angry people have become the middle of the political spectrum,” said Mr. Wilders, who is viewed as one of Europe’s most prominent critics of Islam, which he has described as a fascist ideology.


“It’s not about left and right, it’s about common people and their issues,” Mr. Wilders said, adding that politicians who ignore the voice of the common voter are “very stupid.”

Mr. Wilders, chairman of the anti-European Union Party for Freedom, which advocates for tight restrictions on immigration to Holland, could dominate parliament if elections were held today, according to recent polling.

Following Britain’s June”Brexit” vote to leave the EU, Mr. Wilders called for Holland to pull out of the union as well.

Although Mr. Wilders on Wednesday declined to publicly endorse any American candidate or otherwise meddle in U.S. politics, a Wall Street Journal reporter overheard him say to a delegate, “We cannot afford for Clinton to be president.”