Posted on April 28, 2016

Harriet Tubman on the $20 Just Might Be the Most Elaborate Troll for White Tears Ever

Damon Young, Very Smart Brothas, April 20, 2016

The list of “things that tickle the fuck out of me” is a living and breathing one. Which is necessary because I occasionally find more things to tickle me. And, occasionally, things that tickled me before no longer do.


And after the news of Harriet Tubman’s face replacing Andrew Jackson’s on the 20 dollar bill, I had to make a new addition to this list. It’s a scenario that’ll take place several years from now.

A man will enter some type of establishment. A bar maybe. A bank perhaps. Maybe even a bookstore. In my scenario this man is in his mid-forties. {snip}

And then it will happen. He will be handed a 20. And this will be the first 20 he’s physically held with Harriet Tubman’s face on it. He knew this was going to happen. He remembers being dismayed by the news about it in 2016, and he also watched a couple recent news stories reminding people the Tubman twenties would be in circulation soon. But he just . . . forgot. He just didn’t realize it would be so soon. So sudden. So present. And when that 20 touches his hand for the first time, he recoils in horror. And makes a face like he was handed a bag of wet cat poop. But it’s a surreal horror, because although that 20 dollar bill has her damn fucking face on it, it’s still $20. And $20 is still $20. So he grudgingly and painfully puts it in his wallet. Making sure to separate it from the other bills. Because his wallet will stay segregated. It’s the least he can do. The only tiny victory he can muster. And, as he walks out–day ruined–he angrily gulps his latte. But he forgets the latte is hot and burns his throat. And he leaves the store yelping “Damn you, Harriet! Damn you to the Hell you came from!”


The thought of this happening–and yes, this is totally going to happen one day–tickles the fuck out of me. I’m beyond elated and past verklempt at the White Tears this has already brought and will continue to bring to the yard. {snip}