Posted on March 4, 2016

Video Shows Teacher Being Punched by Student at Hunters Lane H.S.

Lori Mitchell, WKRN, March 3, 2016


The incident, first posted to YouTube, happened Tuesday morning at Hunters Lane High School in North Nashville.

In the video, captured by a cell phone, the student is seen punching the teacher in the face. You can also see the teacher’s head hit the floor.

The student then straddles the teacher and continues punching him until someone pulls him off.


Investigators said the teacher was directing traffic in the hallway when the attack occurred. He reportedly told the student to stop because he was going the wrong way and that’s when the student punched him, according to police.


The 17 year-old student was arrested and charged Tuesday with aggravated assault and resisting arrest.


News 2 has learned it’s not the first time Metro police have been called to Hunters Lane High School.

Since August, there have been 30 arrests which have involved three adults, 19 juveniles, six juvenile citations and two juveniles arrested on outstanding warrants.

The charges include 14 assaults, three disorderly conducts, three drug charges, two weapon violations and 19 other charges.

[Editor’s Note: Hunters Lane High School is 58 percent black, 23 percent white, and 17 percent Hispanic.]