Posted on March 28, 2016

Deluded Political Class Have Created a Climate of Hate

Leo McKinstry, Express, March 27, 2016

Amid the fallout from the Brussels massacre the Belgian security forces have been loudly condemned for their apparent blunders in not foiling the Islamic terror gang. But such criticism is directed at the wrong target.

The problem is that the Belgian authorities, like those in the rest of Europe, are overwhelmed by the sheer scale of extremism in our midst. Tragically, fundamentalist Islam is now part of the urban landscape.

Jihadism lurks in cities across Europe wherever there are significant Muslim populations. The blame for this lies not with our security agencies but with our deluded, disloyal and destructive politicians. Through their obsessions with mass immigration and multiculturalism they have helped to create the enemy within.

They blather about solidarity but have wilfully fractured our societies with their addiction to open borders. They trumpet their devotion to democracy but have imposed all this upheaval without any electoral mandate.

They boast of their determination to fight terror, then deliberately encourage the import of terrorism. They state their resolve to “defend our values”, then engage in turning much of Europe into an extension of North Africa and the Middle East.

Their revolution has acted as a wrecking ball against our civilisation. In the atmosphere of anarchy they have constructed immigration is now completely out of control. Apart from the crisis sparked by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel–which saw more than 1.2million migrants enter Europe in 2015–the British Government is presiding over demographic meltdown.

The latest official statistics show no fewer than 617,000 migrants settled in Britain in the past year, though even this phenomenal total may be a severe underestimate given that the Government admits that, over the same period, it dished out 828,000 National Insurance numbers to foreigners.

Nor does the official figure take account of the unceasing flood of illegal immigrants surging through our porous borders. Only last week 51 stowaways, most from Iran and Iraq, were found in the backs of two lorries in Kent.

This represents a tiny fraction of the huge number who are arriving here undetected. David Cameron has failed miserably in his pledge to bring down immigration. Indeed he has achieved the exact opposite. Yet he had the nerve yesterday in his Easter message to say that “we must stand together” to ensure that the terrorists do not “destroy our way of life”.

Britain, he declared, is “a Christian country and proud of it”. But the sub-Churchillian rhetoric was grossly misplaced. For Cameron and his Labour predecessors have done a devastating job in undermining our Christian society.

Due to their ruinous policies, many Britons now feel like aliens in their own country, while in places such as London and Leicester white English people are in a minority.Cameron prattles about Christianity but he governs a nation where the most popular boys’ name is Mohammed and in Birmingham a child is far more likely to be a Muslim than a Christian.Just as dangerous as uncontrolled immigration has been the attachment to multiculturalism, now the guiding ideology of Western governments. No public institution in Britain now operates without a proclamation that the quest for diversity lies at the heart of its work. But multicultural diversity is no weapon against terrorism.

On the contrary, it is a creed that helps the enemies of our society by fostering separatism and suspicion. By encouraging migrant groups to cling to the customs of their homelands, multiculturalism promotes division rather integration. It erodes the mutual trust that is vital for social cohesion.

Under its pernicious doctrine, the nation disintegrates into nothing more than a land mass inhabited by competing ethnic minorities, devoid of patriotism or shared allegiances.

We can already see the consequences of this all around us. They can be found in predominantly Muslim enclaves where extremism flourishes, the burkha predominates, hardline Wahhabist preachers hold sway, welfare dependency is rife and the misogynistic sharia code operates.

It is multiculturalism that allowed predatory Pakistani sex gangs to abuse with impunity, most notably in Rotherham where inaction by the local authorities, terrified about accusations of Islamophobia, led at least 1,400 white girls to be viciously exploited by Muslim men.

As the former local Labour MP Denis MacShane admitted, he did nothing about it because he did not want “to rock the multicultural community boat”.

Similarly, multiculturalism is the enemy of democracy as illustrated by the arrival of poisonous identity politics in Britain, the rise of ballot-box fraud at the hands of “community leaders”, and the obliteration of free speech in the face of Islamist threats of violence.

Social disintegration and the climate of fear can only worsen as Britain and Europe grow ever more Islamified due to immigration, the high Muslim birthrate and the acceptance of Turkey into the EU.

The only hope of restoring our national integrity lies in a vote to break free from Brussels, accompanied by a willingness to beef up our borders. But if we remain in the broken EU the present nightmare will only intensify.