Posted on December 18, 2015

Intercepted Letter from the KKK: Understanding Useful Idiocy

Fred Reed, Fred on Everything, December 17, 2015

To the Grand Klaftan and National Klug of the Knights of the Invisible Empire, Ku Klux Klan, December 16, 2015

From Klizzard Fred, laboring for Our Holy Cause in Washington DC

Esteemed Klaftan,

Greetings from the Yankee Capital. In conformity with your instructions, I provide below a concise assessment of the mood of the nation and our efforts to prevent the rise of the Negro race. The following is suitable for distribution to the membership nationwide, and particularly in the Congress.

Executive Summary:

All things considered, our work goes well. Relations between Negroes and Whites worsen, in large part because of policies of the race-traitors of the Left and of the Negro central government. The Black Lives Matter movement, the recent riots, and the racial disturbances on campus play nicely into our hands. These trends will continue. While the likelihood of race war still seems fairly remote, as the economy declines tensions will grow because of competition for remaining jobs. Ultimately, Whites will rise. In this we must place our hopes.

Assessment and Recommendations

The cornerstone of our efforts must continue to be the denial of education to Negroes. All depends on this. It is true that we cannot keep the few able darkies from advancing, and that if we tried too obviously to do so we might turn the public against us. However, we have been successful in keeping the great majority of Negroes at a very low level of schooling. This has proved sufficient.

The trends are encouraging. News reports indicate that 93% of students in Detroit, which is of course an almost entirely Negro city, can barely read or can’t read at all, and the Department of Education reports that overall illiteracy in America is at 14%, the illiterates being chiefly Negro.

To the surprise of many of our members, the signs are that we will have no trouble maintaining and even deepening the scholastic disparity. You will remember that the election of a mulatto President aroused alarm in many of our Klizzards who feared that Obama would undo all our work of recent decades. I confess that I too expected the worst. Thanks to God on High, this has not occurred. Instead he contributes to the furtherance of our programs. Hallelujah! A third term would be desirable, but is of course highly unlikely.

You will remember the grim days after Brown vs. the School Board when it seemed very possible that Northern schools would produce such a flow of educated Negros that our arguments would be discredited. It has proved to be a false alarm. In preparation for writing this analysis I examined the schools for Negroes in the North, and was pleased to find them uniformly terrible–for example in Newark, Camden, Trenton, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, Gary, Flint, and many other Northern cities.

It is true that Catholic schools in urban regions have been disturbingly successful in teaching Negro children. Fortunately, Catholics are in bad odor among liberal race-traitors who will–and do–oppose any policy of Catholic provenance. In general, the political attitudes of our Liberal enemies are such that they will do nothing to change racial policies in the schools. We need fear nothing from this quarter.

It is virtually assured that the race-traitors will concern themselves only with what I think of as political trinkets and gewgaws, such as the Confederate flag. This latter satisfied them, infuriated many Whites, and kept the traitors from focusing on anything to encourage Negroes to get above themselves.

You will remember what the Exalted Luminous Klagon of Illinois said: “If Negroes and their allies among the white race-traitors internalize the belief in the inferiority of the Negro Race, they will do our work for us.” This has proved true to an astonishing degree. As usual, the race-traitors disguise the failings of our Africans instead of trying to correct them which, as the Illinois Klagon pointed out, they do not believe possible. The belief by White liberals in the inferiority of the Negro must be maintained. Fortunately, this has not proved difficult.

In regard to Obama, he is doing much to aid us. A few examples, seemingly minor but potent in their cumulative effect:

First, he has instructed the Justice Depart to use the phrase “justice-involved youth” instead of “juvenile delinquent.” This intensifies the perception that he is a Negro sleeking to disguise the criminality of fellow Africans. We must encourage this approach as it will prevent any actual solution to the chaos in the Negro ghetto.

Second, he wants early release of Negro criminals; the resulting crime wave will work to our advantage, and the policy itself will make it clear to Whites that he is an African president working to benefit African malefactors.

Third, he urges the schools to stop expelling Negro trouble-makers; This will spur Whites to abandon schools with a preponderance of Negros, thus bringing back segregation by stealth, as it were. This resegregation is in fact already extensive and proceeds apace. We need only wait.

On another front, the establishment of departments of Black Studies in the universities has paid off beyond our expectations. I believe that we erred in opposing them. These departments now exist on almost all campuses. The immediate advantage is that they emphasize the difference between the races (as does thee phrase “African-American”) and, in the Negro, encourage the blessed sense of victimhood. Perhaps more important in the long run is that, by their lack of content, Black Studies produce uneducated Negros carrying meaningless college degrees. This supports the suspicion among Whites that Negro graduates of universities are of low intelligence. By encouraging the use of Black English, we further this goal.

A recommendation: The membership should use the social media, under differing identities, to urge the acceptance of Ebonics as a foreign language, the imposition of lighter sentences for violent crime, an increase in the scope and amount of welfare payments (particularly to single mothers), and to promote highly visible forms of affirmative action. This last, for example, will cause Whites to shun Negro doctors and attorneys as Whites will come to regard all with suspicion.

Current effects achieved by affirmative action: Here again the news is good, or reasonably so. While it is disappointing to see so many Negroes in federal jobs, on examination things are actually favorable. Resentment of affirmative action among Whites is high. In my conversations with White employees in Washington I have encountered almost universal dissatisfaction with the level of competence of Negroes. My impression–it is no more than this, but based on much experience–is that the affirmative-action Negroes, knowing that they are held in contempt, respond with resentment of their own and less desire to perform. This adds to the deepening racial hostility and is to be fostered by any means possible.

The membership needs to understand that, counterintuitive though it be, affirmative action is important to our Sacred Cause. If competent Negroes only were hired, their White colleagues would come to respect them and, probably, become sympathetic to Negroes in general. However, there is little danger o this.

Next topic: A potentially fertile line of inquiry is the incitement of urban riots. I have my doubts as to its practicality, as any hint of our complicity would attract the attention of the FBI, but the payoff almost justifies the risk. As the Anointed Perfervid Klingon of Idaho so convincingly argued in the last meeting of the Grand National Klavern, the burning and looting when covered in detail by television do wonders to persuade Whites of their racial peril. Fear intensifies hostility, and is much to be encouraged.

On a more general note I would like to comment on our prospects in the long term as they appear from Washington. Several points:

First, and most gratifying, the liberal race-traitors cannot afford to espouse policies that might aid the Negro. Consider: If they suggested discipline in Negro schools, they would be attacked by their fellows as racist. The disorder consequent to uncontrolled misbehavior ensures academic failure for all African “students.” We could never have accomplished this ourselves. Similarly, replacing incompetent teachers would both arouse cries of racism and lose the Democrats the support of the teachers unions. They will not risk political discomfiture to help the Negro.

It is important to understand that White liberal race-traitors who promote “racial justice” do not themselves believe in it. They live in White enclaves, gated communities, White suburbs too far out to be reached by Negroes or in White urban neighborhoods (in Washington, upper Connecticut Avenue and Montgomery county, Maryland for example.) They would never consider sending their children to the Negro schools of Washington. Unconsciously, they are with us in spirit, while consciously regarding us with horror. On this much depends.

Further, they believe as deeply as we in the incapacity of the Negro. This is apparent in their lack of expectation that the Negro might ever succeed at anything on his own. They now regard affirmative action as a lifelong entitlement, not an initial opportunity. Recognizing that our darker brethren cannot advance on their merits, they punish anyone who makes the observation, and they lower standards for anything requiring intelligence. They say the problem is oppression, but they know. In their hearts, they are with us. Their behavior betrays this beyond mistaking.

In service to our Holy Cause of Racial Purification, I am


Accepted Klizzard of the First Degree, Order of the Burning Cross, and Knight of the Invisible Empire