Posted on November 19, 2015

Famous Harvard Professor Rips into ‘Tyrannical’ Student Protesters, Saying They Want ‘Superficial Diversity’

Abby Jackson, Yahoo! Finance, November 17, 2015

High-profile incidents of racial discrimination at the University of Missouri have spurred students across the US to protest racism on their own campuses.

And while many civil libertarians have lauded their actions, Alan Dershowitz, a prominent Harvard Law School professor, has ripped into these students for what he argues are hypocritical demands.

“The last thing these students want is diversity,” Dershowitz told Business Insider.

“They may want superficial diversity, because for them diversity is a code word for ‘more of us.’ They don’t want more conservatives, they don’t want more white students, they don’t want more heterosexuals.”

Dershowitz, a leading proponent of civil liberties and a defense attorney who advised on the O.J. Simpson murder trial and a number of other celebrity cases, was commenting on what he calls a dangerous trend of “tyrannical students” on college campuses.


“I think the most important thing to point out is the double standard and the hypocrisy,” Dershowitz said. “These are students who want safe spaces for themselves but not for others. They’re prepared to spit on people going out of lectures.”

Dershowitz is referring to an incident after a free-speech conference at Yale earlier this month, where several attendees were spat on and called racists, people who went to the conference told Yale Daily News. {snip}