Posted on October 1, 2015

Film Crew Robbed, Catches Crime on Camera

KTRK, October 1, 2015

A film production crew was robbed at gunpoint at perhaps the most ironic time.

The bad guy was bold, but not too smart. His armed robbery was caught on the very same camera he was trying to take. And now, the filmmaker wants all of Houston to see the bad guy’s face.

As he worked on his latest client project–a real estate pitch on why Houston is a great place to live–Zach Jankovic’s camera caught a side of Houston that’s not pretty.


At the “We Love Houston” sign along Interstate 10, Jankovic’s  crew set up two high-end cameras, and a GoPro for some behind-the-scenes footage.

And then . . .

“He walked up to them and did one of these,” Jankovic said, putting his finger up to his mouth,  “and pulled the gun out of his pants and showed them the gun.


The GoPro still taking photos every five seconds, captured a snapshot of the armed robber’s face, and even his sagging pants and boxers while he ran away.