U.S. Schools Expelled 8,000 Chinese Students

Liyan Qi, Wall Street Journal, May 29, 2015

As tens of thousands of Chinese students prepare to study in the U.S., they might reflect on the experience of some of those who went before them. According to an estimate by a U.S. education company, some 8,000 Chinese students were expelled from American universities last year alone–and the main reasons were poor grades and cheating.

The estimate by WholeRen Education, a U.S. company that caters to Chinese students, was based on official U.S. data and a survey of 1,657 students expelled from American universities last year. More than 80% of these students were expelled because of poor academic performance or dishonesty, the company said.

The company surveyed students about their U.S. study experience a year earlier but didn’t make any estimate for expulsions.


Stacked up against the huge numbers of Chinese students who go to American universities every year, the failure rate isn’t so bad, WholeRen said, though it does suggest a change in the once-shining image of students from China.

“Chinese students used to be considered top-notch but over the past five years their image has changed completely–wealthy kids who cheat,” said Chen Hang, chief development officer at WholeRen, which is based in Pittsburgh, Pa.


Last year alone, 459,800 students went overseas to study, according to China’s Ministry of Education. Most financed their studies on their own or had scholarships from a U.S. university. Only 4.6% of them were sponsored by the Chinese government.

Students from China account for nearly one-third of all international students in the U.S., taking the single largest share, according to a March report by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Financially strained public universities are aggressively recruiting students from abroad.

{snip} More than half of the Chinese students expelled were from top 100 U.S. universities, the survey found. Cheating at exams, plagiarism and finding other students to write papers for them were frequently cited as the specific causes of expulsion, the survey showed.

In a commentary based on the survey, the state-run Guangming Daily said that the fact that thousands of students were expelled was not surprising given the large numbers of students in the U.S. It added that different education standards and different attitudes toward unacceptable behavior were partly to blame.


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  • Oil Can Harry

    The “model minority” sure cheats a lot.
    That’s why I question the claim that Orientals are smarter than whites. Meanwhile white men (and a few white women) are responsible for almost all inventions and advances in science and medicine.

    • propagandaoftruth

      At least they care enough to cheat – see the first story regarding the success of Marxist-progressive education up in whitopia.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Asians often cheat due to parental pressure. Black ‘students’ can’t be pressured by their daddies since they’ve never met them.

        • Social pressure is part of the issue, but I think it’s deeper than that. Blacks and asians both cheat a lot and it’s essentially because they don’t appreciate the value of honesty at the same level as white people. Blacks cheat a lot but it’s in stupid and petty ways; they can’t be bothered to go through all the trouble asians go through.

          True story: a black guy in one of my recent college classes got caught cheating because he forgot to replace the other person’s name with his own name (it was a Word document).

          • Alucard_the_last

            Not only and I not surprised but I would have expected this. I’m sure it didn’t fail because that would have been ‘racist’.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            I had a black guy steal my Calculus homework, erase my name, and turn it in as his own work. He got caught because we weren’t in the same math class, but the black guy was too stupid to know it. I had Calculus, and he had basic arithmetic. He just assumed that all math classes were the same, and all homework was the same. The arithmetic professor noticed it was calculus and showed it to the other calculus professors. My Professor recognized my handwriting.


          • yodaddy51

            Oh listen to this .My sister was in Nursing school and a test came up the instructor told everyone to bring a photo ID. One Black girl was called to the front and told that the ID she turned in wasn’t her. Well she says that was her cousin, and she brought it cause they look alike!!

          • Dr. Rieux

            Emptying bed pans is the only job a person that dumb should be doing in medicine.

        • Fathercoughlin

          Negroes cheat too. When the Chinese have to take the SAT they have someone else do it for them. When the negro child must face the PAT(paternity )test,he will often have his boy Rufus take da test. “Ah done fail dat test,thank da Lawd”

          • yodaddy51

            Put a pencil and paper in front of a Negro and smoke will start coming out his ears

    • Jason Lewis

      I think it’s their more civilized behavior and lack of blaming their failures on YT like other groups that make them a model minority.

      • Bossman

        Their wise men of old told them to be quiet while they deceive and plan.

        • Nobody had to teach me that; I learned it all the hard way.

          When in doubt, remain quiet and listen.

          The fellow who can keep a secret is a dangerous, unpredictable man. Since you haven’t any idea what he knows, you also don’t know what he’ll do.

          Even the most predatory of birds, the shrike can sing.

          Chance favors the prepared mind.

          Do not be quick to reveal judgement. Hidden judgement is often more potent. It can guide reactions whose effects are felt only when too late to divert them.

          • John Smith

            I think you probably learned it the hard way, however.

          • Hiding one’s real self is mandatory in prison, or even in everyday life. I never talked about Croatia when I was locked up. We talked about car-builds.

          • Reynardine

            I hear bits and pieces of the whole Croatia thing, but would you be willing to tell me the whole story?

          • No. There’s no whole story. It’s not a movie. I’m sorry.

          • Reynardine

            I guess I’m just interested in what prompted you to go there in the first place.

          • I was always anti-Communist. My ex-father loved me enough to have me read “Animal Farm” and “1984”. I hate communists and honestly want to kill them. All of them. With my tomahawk. They’re evil. My best friend here has a bumper sticker on his truck that says “I Kill Communists”. He did, too, in Vietnam.

            I hate communists too. They don’t even deserve death. They’re worse than living dog-$#!&. I scalped one and then kicked him across the floor. Communists are people unworthy of life.

            They think we are, so why not?

          • I believe each nation has the right to be free.

          • When opposed by stronger enemies, convince everyone, including yourself that you have accepted defeat, using it as a cover to gain time. Negotiation, delay and seeming retreat, coupled with patiently waiting until the enemy is vulnerable will often win one an otherwise impossible victory.

            –Tokugawa Ieyasu

          • John Smith

            Give it a try.

        • Jason Lewis

          I do see America falling in the next 20 years or so. China will fill the void.

          • John Smith

            Self-inflicted wound.

        • Reynardine

          Too bad Latinos don’t have any wisdom to them. A horde of rat greaseritos too dumb to sustain a civilization in a area with two growing seasons.

          • Bossman

            Latin America is still an attractive virgin who is still learning about herself. She is becoming very attractive to the hordes of East Asia, South Asia and Black Africa plus many older Europeans looking for younger wives.

          • There are plenty of Japanese in Brazil. The problem with Latin America is – even in white countries like Argentina – a dearth of responsible government. Chile seems to be doing pretty well, however. I’d like to take a long fishing trip there during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter.

          • Blackfish

            So true. “Populists” have driven resource rich countries like Venezuela and Argentina into hellholes for entrepreneurs and professionals.

      • George Moriarty

        Yes, some are charming, helpful and polite.
        Many are also very arrogant and generally obnoxious.
        Cheating at university, immigration or real estate ownership laws is all part of the course.
        Also, they are starting to blame some of their failures on whitey, they are making a big issue of the so called “bamboo curtain” which allegedly restricts their advancement in Australia. (Just who’s country is it!)
        Unfortunately also, that particular minority is no longer a minority here in many parts of Sydney.

        • a1781054

          Are Australian liberals as dumb as Canadian liberals? I’m getting the impression Australia is cracking down on immigration a bit.

          • George Moriarty

            They are as dumb as Canadian liberals and likewise they probably have a job in a university and belong to the Greens.
            There are hints of a crackdown on immigration problems here but it will all be too little too late and as always subject to well funded court challenges and also a telling-off by the UNHCR.

          • I lived in Sydney in 1997-98 and if anything Political Correctness was worse there than in the United States at the time.

    • corvinus

      That’s why I question the claim that Orientals are smarter than whites.

      Yeah, if they don’t cheat on IQ tests as well I’d be very much surprised.

      Then there’s the (dot) Indian domination of the spelling bees. I’ve been very suspicious about that one too.

      • Nothing suspicious about all the spelling and geography and other bees they win. It’s because spelling and geography bees are only important if you’re about 12 years old. It’s mostly empty calorie knowledge that is useless to people actually trying to make a living. I could spell “antidisestablishmentarianism” when I was 12; today, so what? I’m not any better off at 38 because I could spell that word at 12.

        • a1781054

          Wow, antidisestablishmentarianism is a real word. Although my Chrome spellchecker says it is spelled wrong.

        • John Smith

          Geography can be useful, enough to make a career of, unlike spelling.

          • I remember that after the death of OBL, that a UCLA geography professor and his class calculated that there was an 89% probability that OBL was hiding out in Abbottabad, Pakistan, which is precisely where he was.

          • corvinus

            It’ll be interesting to see how many of those Indian boys actually become geographers.

          • yodaddy51

            Who pays geographers?

          • corvinus

            They are commonly hired for data analysis such as Geographic Information Systems.

      • listenupbub

        Nobody else cares about spelling bees. There apparently are a few Indians who are obsessed.

        • John Smith

          I looked at the words spelled this year and many were extremely esoteric and often of recent foreign origin. 99.9% of people will never encounter them.

          • listenupbub

            It is so pointless that I have a hard time understanding why anyone would waste so much effort on it. Nobody cared about spelling bees in my school, that’s for sure.

            Maybe there is something about the emotional and mental makeup of their race that is just different.

          • American Tax Payer

            We had spelling bees and the kids were all white. We cared, we loved it and I won!

          • John Smith

            I never heard about them either, so I think it’s just a small percentage of students who actually participate.

          • Jonathan Vere

            There are lists available for spelling bee contestants to study from. For some reason Indians in particular have taken to this. You are right: many of the words are “extremely esoteric” and indeed will not be encountered by “99.9% of people.” Many of the words, for instance, are technical terms that only a person in that field would normally encounter. My daughter was an avid reader and a terrific speller. One year she got involved in the spelling bee and advanced through several rounds, to the district level, at which point it became apparent that “spelling bee” could just as well be a separate subject. It had little to do with spelling ability based upon any deep level of reading, and at the top level, everything to do with how much time you spent studying the lists. Simply put, it boiled down to rote memorization. Our bubble had burst and that was the last year my daughter participated.

        • Olorin

          I’d rather have kids obsessed with orthography than kids obsessed with rap, rape, blunts, and bling.

        • LeonNJ

          I never did well in spelling bees. I have a stutter and back then I would repeat a letter too many times.

        • We had spelling bees at my schools and I participated, but it was just something we did for the fun of it. The idea of spending long, hard hours memorizing obscure, multi-syllable words is a bizarre one to me.

          • I deliberately misspelled a word in the first round, because I didn’t want to be bothered. My fifth grade teacher knew I wasn’t stupid, and gave me a dirty look.

        • Katherine McChesney

          I knew Gena Treadaway, the Spelling Bee champion in the mid 60’s. Back then it was a HUGE deal. It was in the headlines of many news papers.

      • Speedy Steve

        Home schoolers feature strongly in spelling bees as well.

      • India has so many major local languages that English has become a default common tongue, much the way French is in west Africa. In spite of the awkward colonial baggage English carries there, it’s no real surprise that lots of them study English.

    • phillyguy

      Harry, I keep on telling people here that the Asians are a bigger threat to us in this country than the blacks and the Browns combined.

      • Bossman

        I’m sure that people in the CIA would agree with you.

    • Chip Carver

      The former head of Sony put out a book years ago that raised quite a ruckus, and one of the things he stated was that Asians are definitely less inventive and creative than Whites. One of the heads of the S. Korean govt. stated a few years back that Asians have a creative deficit in comparison with Westerners. All it really boils down to is that Whites and Asians are wired differently. As a Brit once put it, Asians seem to be incapable of self-stimulation. Put something in front of them and they’ll study it for hours, while most Whites seem to have restless minds – but are also able to dream things up without external stimuli and they become super-focused and even more imaginative when they lock onto an idea that “grabs them”. Hence the high level of creativity. However, Whites need to get rid of the chains imposed by the string pullers if they wish to scale the heights again. Eventually Asians would surpass Whites through sheer numbers at some point if things continue along the same path (doubtful, but possible). It’s also worth noting that Asians have had millions of students cramming, memorizing, you name it, for decades, yet in terms of true breakthroughs that alter the landscape in so many areas, those hated Whites have done more. Food for thought. Yes, we all know the anti-whites will chime in by quoting the numbers of junk papers and worthless and rip-off patents that come out of Asia.

      • listenupbub

        Great comment.

        As a hard science guy from undergrad, I do not know to what extent that is true. A lot of science is straightforward.

        But it is easy to pursue dead ends in science- a Chinese guy I knew in a lab spent a year on a computational model that a Jewish lady in the lab shot down very cruelly for being practically useless. He was sweating bullets.

        I expect Asians in Asia feel a little inferior with regards to the lameness of their cultures – there is just not much going on besides people working. Compared to them, the West looks beautiful and exciting and happy, even while we complain about our culture’s destruction.

        • One of the undergrad lab assistants I worked with during summers (also as an undergrad lab assistant) disproved some poor gal’s doctoral dissertation. Fortunately, she had already left. My only brush with peril in that respect was computer modeling of UV spectra of ferroelectric thin films. We couldn’t get the model to work, and the poor South African grad student was alternately tearing his hair out and about to throttle me. We finally discovered that the assumptions were wrong, and then everything worked perfectly, to our mutual relief. I happily went back to building gadgets for the research group.

      • Albert

        I think Asians could benefit from backing off of the rote (memorization) learning system and putting more emphasis in creative- problem solving skills. It would also help to do away with having to remember characters for words. A great deal of their time is spent just learning how to read in their own language.

      • Spaniard in LA

        Put something in front of a black and he’ll steal it

      • evilsandmich

        A buddy of mine has had the opportunity to teach in East Asia and the kids, at least, are more than willing to own up to the fact that they lack creativity. It’s something that they’d like to overcome, but I think it’d be like me beating my brain to tell it to get smarter.

    • Zimriel

      I’m willing to entertain the notion that Orientals *were* smarter than Occidentals *were*: on account of gunpowder, the printing-press, wood-pulp paper, silk, and other genuine innovations from that half of the Old World.

      But thousands of years of imperial rule and mandarinism have consistently rewarded the taking of tests and punished independent thought. As a result the Han Chinese – and that’s who were affected by this, not the Koreans, Viets, or even the south Chinese – have been warped. It’ll likely take another thousand years to unwarp them.

      • BleedALot

        It can be argued that lot of the “inventions” credited to the Chinese evolved independently in Europe (and the Middle East). A cottage industry has arisen among the enemies of the West with the Chinese being credited with all kinds of things they didn’t do or invent, along with things that they did in fact invent.

        • Zimriel

          The “cottage industry” does exist…

          … and I’m not even sure it’s cottage. Gavin “1434” Menzies is one prominent villain in this. I think China’s government is paying Menzies off (and his publisher off). If not, then I’d dearly love to know *who* is paying him off; because it’s certainly not me or anyone else here.

          But I’ll stand by my comment in defence of (pre)Chinese culture and science up to the Qin forcible unification 200ish BCE. I think the evidence for Chinese achievement up to that point is conclusive. I’ll also continue to say kind words about the Tang dynasty (in particular). I wish that the Tang had beat the Muslims at Talas, and that An Lushan hadn’t turned back and wrought that havoc he wrought.

    • listenupbub

      I don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter to our cause.

      Very many Asians do fine enough science research. Your big TV’s and computer were put together by Asian engineers and workers, using research done by Asians and whites.

      • John Smith

        A lot have also been caught falsifying research.

        • As a chemist in the microelectronics industry, I never did that. The whole deal was results-oriented. I worked for a small R&D company, and the only thing that mattered was that what we did worked. The whole point to engineering is that the product actually works. Anyone willing to falsify research is better off doing something else.

      • American Tax Payer

        Why are you defending the ones who have every intention of ruling over you?

      • Speedy Steve

        Flat screen TVs were invented at SAIC in Tysons Corner VA. The fact that they are now assembled by drudge robotniks in Shanghai earning $10 a day is of no consequence.

    • Ultimate187

      For the vast majority of its history China didn’t have the financial means or political stability to carry out research. All of that came relatively recently.

    • Alucard_the_last

      Facts are facts, whites created most of the worlds inventions. I have never know another race that manage to create medicine. Granted, the Japanese are making robots but they are doing so due to OUR technology. WE invented the computer and the internet they the world benefits from.

    • Michael Robert Ryan

      One plausible hypothesis is that, while northeast Asians have a higher mean I.Q., they have a narrower distribution curve. This would mean that, even though whites have a lower mean I.Q., we have more geniuses and hence more inventions and advances to our credit.

    • Light from the East

      I can provide an insightful perspective about the “smartness” of Asians. When we read all of data of race realism, Asians’ IQ is slightly higher (5%) than Whites’. But remember, the IQ is measured by tests. This only measures some specific ability of a person and I am sure it cannot measure the ability to think outside of box since the test must be designed in a specific way. Asians tend to do better when given a scope of subject but lack some passion and motivation to move out the comfort zone. White people, on the other hand, don’t think academic achievement is the only way to success, putting efforts to all kinds of aspects of lives. Creativity is the sudden outward constructive expression from all kinds of experience and knowledge you learn throughout your life. That is the reason why Asians have high IQ but lack ability to expand and discover the knowledge from lives. White people’s bell curve distribution and more balanced life experience are the key to inventions and advances in science and medicine.

      Those kids who cheat are sent to the US by their parents because their wealthy parents believe their kids can receive better education from the top 100 US university of the university ranking report (Of course they can’t enter Peking or Tsinghua due to their poor high school grades). They entered the US university by “donation”. However, those kids were not interested and did not focus on “study” and they don’t have other useful ability at all. The result of being expelled is anticipated.

      I used to pursuit academic success just like other Asians. A year ago, I studied race realism and I found it really changed my life. Because I am willing to face the potential disadvantage of my race, now I can manage to improve it. Somehow I found a way to improve my ability to create and innovate and I am no longer living in the fear of meaningless test score comparison. Thanks, Mr. Taylor. You not only help white people to strengthen the confidence but also help me to discover the new path of life.

  • phorning

    “It added that different education standards and different attitudes toward unacceptable behavior were partly to blame.”

    Why are we surprised that a society with no respect for international copyright laws, produces students with no hesitation to cheat.

  • It’s probably a function of all the cheating they did in high school to get into college, and college exposed them for what they really were. Therefore, some tried to cheat some more, but some didn’t even bother.

  • MekongDelta69

    And I should care because???…

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      They didn’t expel twice or three times that amount.

      …and they let them in here to begin with, which prevented a white person who was more capable from getting a higher education.


    • John Smith

      More seats that should’ve gone to whites, but never will be allowed to do so.

      • JohnEngelman

        Are you in favor of affirmative action? Do you advocate preferential treatment for whites?

        • The Worlds Scapegoat


        • John Smith

          We’re the majority, thus should the lion’s share go, especially if the standards are kept high.

    • Olorin

      All those tax diversdollars spent pandering to them, all the TA and RA jobs taken up by them for Die-versity’s sake, the waste of our own children’s opportunities, the fact that for every one expelled, another ten or more did the same thing and got away with it, the fact that Silicon Valley will fire more qualified and smarter and more honest white engineers and hire these as H1Bs–need I go on?

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Cueing the Asian’s excuse man.

    Where is he?

    • Zimriel

      If you’re referring to me, I posted a few comments up above . . .

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        NO, not you.

  • Hilis Hatki

    They only give pencils to the ones in the front of the assault wave. When they go down the ones in the back pick up the pencils and press on.

  • dd121

    This is a red herring as far as my white agenda is concerned.

    • American Tax Payer

      What do you mean? You see no threat to the White Race with the Asian Invasion?

      • dd121

        The more immediate threat are the 10s of millions coming in from the south. I’m not ignoring your point, though.

        • American Tax Payer

          They’re numerous but far less than the asians and, they’re not very bright. Asians are much smarter than blacks and hispanics combined and that’s why I say we need to deal with them first.

          • Race Heretic

            Asians don’t increase crime, destroy neighborhoods, bottom out property values, consume welfare resources, and endanger schools. Blacks do and so do Mestizos to a lesser extent. Asians DO drive up property prices for whites and outcompete them for jobs and schooling – so they are a problem as well, but absolutely nothing compared to blacks and mestizos, especially in present quantity.

          • JohnEngelman

            What’s wrong with competition? American society is based on competition. Have whites lost confidence in themselves?

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            What you call competition is actually called Subversion and Sabotage.

          • BeckySunnybrook

            Look at what’s happened to Vancouver (British Columbia is hardly the “Tweed Curtain” anymore), Northern Virginia, Berkeley/East Bay Area. Someone here said the same thing is happening in Sydney. A takeover more effective than conquest by war.

          • Bossman

            The average American hardly ever see an East Asian. That is because the government way back in the past had wisely passed a law call the “Asian Exclusion Act” which kept the hordes of East Asia and South Asia away from the USA. Had that not happened, every other face in the USA would now be Asian and the USA would now be a completely different kind of country. Maybe even a non-white country.

          • I see one of them every morning.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            “Asians don’t increase crime, destroy neighborhoods, bottom out property values, consume welfare resources, and endanger schools….”

            You need to wake up and wipe the sleepy dust out of your eyes. There are many Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Cambodian, Laotian, and other Asian gangs who increase crime, destroy neighborhoods, bottom property values, and consume welfare resources. They also hate whites as much as Blacks and Mexicans. I went to High School and College with a lot of Asians. I know exactly how they feel about whites. Get rid of welfare and affirmative action, and Asians will be no better off in this country than they were in their own country.


          • pcmustgo

            I knew some that hated Whites too… and were Frigid, Pushy DragonLadies

          • American Tax Payer

            The smarter the enemy, the deadlier.

            Asians are slick, very slick. They are a HUGE Welfare Consumer and yes, the property values plummeted of those once Beautiful, BUILT BY WHITE MEN, Victorian Houses and Buildings they turned into “chinatowns”. And they are ripe with fraud and abuse and slavery and drugs and every other crime you can imagine.

            They hide it well and those not involved, generally don’t rat. Out of Billions from that race, there is nowheres near enough good ones to say they’re not as bad blacks.

            Blacks are like the criminally insane. You can control them but you can’t control asians. They’re robotic in nature yes but they’re not dumb. Deal with your strongest opponent first for it not, they will get the upper hand and then you end up with twice the work when winning back your country.

          • Bossman

            I don’t see so-called Hispanics as a threat. The ones entering without inspection are like 90% Indian. Such humble and simple people just want to clean toilets and cut grass and be away from the spotlight. But the hordes of East Asia are a completely different situation. When their numbers reach a critical mass, they will demand that they be represented in all aspect of American life. It would mean that every time you turn on your TV, a lot of vapid East Asian faces would be seen everywhere and that would change American identity.

          • American Tax Payer

            WHERE, have you been? They’re already represented everywhere and in many places, over-represented. And yes, of course their intention is to wipe us out and claim our civilization as their own. The “history” books will give all credit to them. That’s been their intention since England tried to bring civilization to them.

            I am not going to share my country with non-whites no matter who they are. That is impossible to do. They will grow in number and gradually eat the natives out. I’m tellin’ ya, the hispanics will not give us land or any form of welfare like we’ve always given to the Indians and they damn sure won’t give us food or jobs.

      • JohnEngelman

        They perform and behave well, better than most whites.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          Not all people with white skin are “white.” Present company included.


        • American Tax Payer

          I asked you over seven years ago, Why do Asians Flock to The West?

          Why do they learn about Western Civilization?

          Why do they have a history of stealing secrets?

          Why do they believe in, scientifically proven false, superstitions?

          Why are they so cruel to animals?

          Why do they love slavery so much?

          I admit, I can’t remember my exact questions back then but the ones above are in line. It was under SS.

          Ah, “behave well” and “crime”. I reckon I’d be wasting my time were I to give you F.B.I. Stats. Anyway, the asians hide it well. They’re naturals at crime (mostly slavery and financial) like whites are natural at caretaking. White People have a very natural instinct to take care of animals, water, air, land and people (not deliberate users).

          The East and The West are Completely Diametrical. In Ethics, Morals, Creativity, Religion and Politics.

          Can I ask you, Why do you go out of your way to seek out a website for White People when you prefer asians? You were here before me and for as long as I’ve “known” you, you’ve always been an asian lover yet, you’re here. Why?

          • JohnEngelman

            Q. Why do Asians Flock to The West?

            A. The same reasons Europeans “flocked” to the United States: for a higher standard of living.

            Q. Why do they learn about Western Civilization?

            A. The same reason you should learn about their civilization.

            Q. Why do they have a history of stealing secrets?

            A. Some of them might have such a “history.” Mainly, they are interested in learning from us. We should be interested in learning from them. Civilizations advance faster when they learn from each other. We learned Arabic numbers from the Arabs. They learned them from India. The Arabs did invent algebra. We learned that from them. Paper, the compass, and many other inventions originated from China.

            Q. Why do they believe in, scientifically proven false, superstitions?

            A. Like what? They probably wonder why so many Americans believe in the literal truth of the Genesis Creation Story.

            Q. Why are they so cruel to animals?

            A. The great majority of them are not cruel to animals. We eat more meat than they do. The animals we eat are often raised in inhumane conditions.

            Q. Why do they love slavery so much?

            A. Again, they do not. Slavery was never an important institution in China, Korea, or Japan. It was in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. It was revived by European settlers in the Americas.

            You: I admit, I can’t remember my exact questions back then but the ones above are in line. It was under SS.Ah, “behave well” and “crime”. I reckon I’d be wasting my time were I to give you F.B.I. Stats.

            Me: According to The Color of Crime, “Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.”

            You: Anyway, the asians hide it well. They’re naturals at crime (mostly slavery and financial) like whites are natural at caretaking.

            Me: Says you.

            You: White People have a very natural instinct to take care of animals, water, air, land and people (not deliberate users).

            Me: In the United States liberals like me are more concerned with these issues than are conservatives.

            You: The East and The West are Completely Diametrical. In Ethics, Morals, Creativity, Religion and Politics.

            Me: Democracy works well in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. I am confident it will work well in North Korea, and in mainland China. Christianity is spreading in China. It is widespread in South Korea.

            You: Can I ask you, Why do you go out of your way to seek out a website for White People when you prefer asians? You were here before me and for as long as I’ve “known” you, you’ve always been an asian lover yet, you’re here. Why?

            Me: On many occasions I have explained why I admire Orientals and their culture. If you still do not understand, there is little else I can say. I am neither a white nationalist, nor a white supremacist. I am a convinced race realist. I also enjoy political arguments, as long as they remain civil. Thank you for these questions. I have enjoyed answering them.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            I figure you, Engleman, will have this post deleted, but I will post it anyways. This quote reminds me of you. There is no use in debating with you.

            The more I debated with them the more familiar I became with their
            argumentative tactics. At the outset they counted upon the stupidity of
            their opponents, but when they got so entangled that they could not find
            a way out they played the trick of acting as innocent simpletons. Should
            they fail, in spite of their tricks of logic, they acted as if they
            could not understand the counter arguments and bolted away to another
            field of discussion. They would lay down truisms and platitudes; and, if
            you accepted these, then they were applied to other problems and matters
            of an essentially different nature from the original theme. If you faced
            them with this point they would escape again, and you could not bring
            them to make any precise statement. Whenever one tried to get a firm
            grip on any of these apostles one’s hand grasped only jelly and slime
            which slipped through the fingers and combined again into a solid mass a
            moment afterwards. If your adversary felt forced to give in to your
            argument, on account of the observers present, and if you then thought
            that at last you had gained ground, a surprise was in store for you on
            the following day. The *** would be utterly oblivious to what had
            happened the day before, and he would start once again by repeating his
            former absurdities, as if nothing had happened. Should you become
            indignant and remind him of yesterday’s defeat, he pretended
            astonishment and could not remember anything, except that on the
            previous day he had proved that his statements were correct. Sometimes I
            was dumbfounded. I do not know what amazed me the more–the abundance of
            their verbiage or the artful way in which they dressed up their
            falsehoods. I gradually came to hate them.

            Yet all this had its good side; because the more I came to know the
            individual leaders, or at least the propagandists, of Social Democracy,
            my love for my own people increased correspondingly. Considering the
            Satanic skill which these evil counsellors displayed, how could their
            unfortunate victims be blamed? Indeed, I found it extremely difficult
            myself to be a match for the dialectical perfidy of that race. How
            futile it was to try to win over such people with argument, seeing that
            their very mouths distorted the truth, disowning the very words they had
            just used and adopting them again a few moments afterwards to serve
            their own ends in the argument! No. The more I came to know the ***, the
            easier it was to excuse the workers.”

          • JohnEngelman

            There is no use debating with me if you desire victory. I defeated you easily. I responded to your arguments calmly, politely, and decisively.

            I am not surprised that you quoted a long passage from Mein Kampf. That passage comes from Volume I, Chapter II, “Years of Study and Suffering.” I have a different translation, published by Reynal & Hitchcock in 1940.

            I read that edition from cover to cover out of curiosity. You it seems read Mein Kampf for instruction and inspiration.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            See my previous post. It describes you perfectly again. You just proved my point.

            You are a sociopath and sycophant. Taylor is nothing more than one of your people’s puppets just like Duke and Black.


  • Magician


    • listenupbub


      • JohnEngelman

        Stacked up against the huge numbers of Chinese students who go to American universities every year, the failure rate isn’t so bad.

        – Liyan Qi, Wall Street Journal, May 29, 2015

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          If you, Engleman, love Asians so much why don’t you move over there? Why are you still here? Is it because even though you hate whites you subconsciously know that an Asian can never match up to a white man.

          I am serious Engleman. And don’t have my post deleted.

          • They will not mug him.

            I was asked to do an un-solicited chemistry teaching job in Tienjin, China last year. I had to explain that I am an ex-con, and that one evaporated.

  • American Tax Payer

    Asian writer writing for an “American” newspaper about an Asian business owner in America that helps Asians. Feel the Love…

  • listenupbub

    “It added that different education standards and different attitudes toward unacceptable behavior were partly to blame.”

    This sounds like a perfect description of my experiences. There is simply not a belief among Asians that it is bad to “work together” on tests. The same is true for blacks, actually, oftentimes.

    This is probably a function of the obsession with achievement and awards that Asian culture has. The kids independently realize that there is no way that they can ALL get A’s independently and please their parents, and some will in fact get bad grades if the standards are high, and this is a very scary, no-win scenario, so they band together as a group to help and protect each other as much as possible through the challenge of school. Humans are social: when we have insurmountable challenges, we organize with others to beat them.

    Conclusion: it is not due to evil and deceitfulness. It is due to their unrealistic social expectations.

  • LeonNJ

    I just started to watch The Sopranos and the first episode for the second season shows some Asian student (doesn’t look Chinese, but so what) taking Christopher’s accounting exam or whatever it was for him. Even HBO gets things accurate once in awhile.

  • Ultimate187

    1657 expelled out of 459800 students is only 0.3%. The absolute numbers make the problem look worse than it really is.

    • JohnEngelman

      Before this lowers my esteem for Chinese students studying in the United States I would like to know how the percentage of Chinese students being expelled compares with the percentage of white students being expelled.

      • Bossman

        These Chinese are foreigners and are guests in the country so their behavior should be better.

        • JohnEngelman

          I agree.

          I wonder how American students behave in other countries.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            “I wonder how American students behave in other countries.”

          • I got drunk a lot in other countries, but then I did that here back in the day.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am fortunate in that I got through high school and college without having much to do with alcohol.

            Since college I think patronizing bars and talking to the regulars has improved my personality. By nature I am an extreme introvert. Alcohol increases the enjoyment I get from the presence of others.

            I do not recommend drinking to everyone. Some people become belligerent and start fights.

          • I didn’t get into “fights” per se. Tim Mills, a mining engineering student and I used to have “fights” with the fire hoses at UNSW Sydney when we were drunk. I miss him. The only “fight” I was involved in Down Under involved some guys beating the holy, howling hell out of me in 1998 because of the Croatian “checkerboard” insignia on my BDU jacket. I reckon they were Serbs. I needed a lot of help getting home after that, as they kicked me once I was down. I gouged the eyes out of one of them, and did one of the others a real treat a month later. I still have his wristwatch.

  • JackKrak

    What’s the big fuss? I’m sure China sets aside lots of place at their best universities for foreign students, especially in technological and mechanical fields closely associated with their defense, aeronautical, aerospace and manufacturing industries. And if talented, capable Chinese students can’t get into these programs as a result, well, that’s the just the price to be paid for providing the Chinese students who do get in with a wonderful, diverse learning environment.

    You see, it’s laughable when we turn it around but official policy and standard practice here.

  • M.A

    Those 8,000 who were expelled must have caught in the most blatant cheating, giving the authorities no choice but to expel. Very much a last resort for people who would expel a White male at the drop of a hat.
    I’m certain that several thousand more cases were overlooked. a blind eye turned and every other cliche for inaction you wish to name.
    Those tuition fees have to keep rolling in.

  • BeckySunnybrook

    There is a reason everyone wants to come to the our countries, towns, neighborhoods. We have a good mix of innate qualities (creativity, honesty, altruism, the willingness to question things).
    We need more solidarity, though; but our history (e.g., the religious wars, Civil War, WWI, WWII, even the Hatfields and McCoys) makes me wonder if that solidarity will ever happen. Our individualism and altruism are both our strength and Achilles heel.
    Heightened awareness of what is happening, and a refusal to accept it with a smile, could help – at least to relieve the discomfort of cognitive dissonance.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    If Chinese (Asians) are so much smarter than whites (Americans), why do they come to white countries to learn? Do they have a shortage of Universities? If that is so and they are so smart, why don’t they build more Universities? Do they have a shortage of teachers? If that is so and they are so smart, why don’t they create more teachers?

    The claims of Asian superiority are never based on tangible facts.

    Wouldn’t smarter people create a better education system? Wouldn’t inferior people want to attend schools created by superior people? What schools do people want to go to, where are they located, and who created these schools?

    How well did Asians do in the USA before affirmative action? The Chinese have been here since the mid 1800’s when they helped build the Railroads. Other Asians were also here. Filipinos came here after the US defeated Spain in 1898. The Japanese were here since 1868. All these Asians people who are suppose to be superior to whites never made a significant contribution to science until after affirmative action took hold. There may have been a few, but not a significant amount. The Japanese had some scientific innovation in their own country.


    • Ultimate187

      Many go abroad because there aren’t enough university seats available in their home countries. Demand is greater than the supply. American institutions market themselves heavily in countries like China because students pay significant amounts of money for the opportunity to study here.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        “I have no idea where you got that notion from.”

        From reading posts on Amren worshiping Asian superiority.


  • Roninf9

    Chinese students should be going to school in China.

    • Provided they are paying full tuition, I regard foreign exchange students as a net gain for US universities. If this means these institutions have more students, they will build more classrooms and lecture halls. Two friends from Japan both studied here: Dr. Kojima did his PhD in Buffalo, NY, and Mayumi Ueno got her MS in Louisville, KY. They each went back to Tokyo and their families when they were done.

  • Realist

    I’d be leery about anything I read in the WSJ.

    • WSJ is considerably better than most US newspapers. It’s the only one I will bother reading at all.

      • Realist

        “WSJ is considerably better than most US newspapers.”
        A ringing endorsement.
        The WSJ is a hegemonic warmonger rag. It promotes any/all immigration.

  • How many were expelled for poor English speaking skills?

  • My old gun show partner was Jewish. He was completely honest.

  • Speedy Steve

    This is the 8th grade exam from Bullitt County, KY in 1912.
    See how well you do. Caution: there is some spelling involved.

    • Jack Burton

      The average American adult isn’t even smarter than a 5th grader, hence the popularity of the TV show.

  • JohnnyMangoes

    The entire premise of white racism is that if non-whites do something, it’s because of their race. If whites do something, it’s just because of their individual personalities.

    • On the other hand, the entire premise of anti-white racism is that we do things because of “white privilege” and because we’re conspiring to nuke, rape, enslave and oppress nonwhites.

      • JohnnyMangoes

        Would you change places with a non-white?

        If not, why?

        • Well, I’m 3/16 Injun (feathers, not dots), but I have fair skin, brown hair and eyes that are slowly turning from a dead grey color to blue. I hope the dark gold streaks in my irises remain. I “pass” for Scots-Irish, but I only have to shave about twice a week. I married a Japanese gal, so our daughter is mainly non-white. Ariadne looks so much like me that Sayaka and I joke about wondering who her mother was.

          I am very comfortable being what I am. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone: not a chance. My best friend from high school makes $84,000 a year, but he’s unhappy. He says he envies me, and I’m a convicted federal felon on the Terrorist Watch List. I’m even comfortable with that.

          A fellow must simply play the cards he’s dealt. The painters here painted the windows shut, and now they can not be opened, so I’ll have to get up on a ladder with my box-cutter. I am terrified of heights, but I’ll cowboy-up and do it. Somebody has to.

          If I could change places with a rich Chinese businessman, I wouldn’t because he would have different problems that I’m not used to dealing with. Work would probably be a real headache.

          Your answer is no, but… and there’s your long-winded explanation.

          • JohnnyMangoes

            Well, not everyone is born with the luck of being white (even in appearance).

            I am “white enough” to avoid the abuse that many of my friends suffer.

            I had a wake up call when I realized I would be treated differently had I looked more asian like many Eurasians.

            Luckily for you your daughter is in a position of privilege but maybe if you had a son, you would feel differently.

          • I never abused East Asians. I went to college in Santa Cruz, California. Race relations between whites and East Asians were fine. We never had racial discussions, but studied and played a lot of wargames together. Race wasn’t an issue. We used to play a lot of “Squad Leader”, and we used a broken guitar string the Grateful Dead gave me as a line of sight ruler.

            I am responsible only for those things I have personally done.

            If we have a son, he would probably join the Japanese navy: (MSDF today).

  • Magician

    If there is a positive aspect to this, at least our schools aren’t afraid to force non-white people to leave the institution, if they don’t respect the rules of the institution and treat others with fairness. The only way foreign pupils will be allowed to be part of the institution, is if they respect the institution, other students and the rules of the institution.

    Senor Obongo, and anyone else around him, should learn and try to do the same. ( Nordic countries are determined to bring the worst kind of non-white people around the world to their beautiful countries nowadays! )

  • Susan

    This same behavior is how blacks get college degrees. They’re rarely expelled.

  • evilsandmich

    It’s worth pointing out that the cream of the student crop in China goes to Chinese universities and due to the lack of seats at those institutions other people who desire a college education have to go elsewhere. Yeah there’s a fair amount of STEM students, but there’s also more than a fair amount of business school grads who are just punching their card.