Theresa May: Economic Migrants Fleeing Across Mediterranean Should Be Returned to Africa

Rosa Prince, Telegraph, May 13, 2015

Theresa May has said economic migrants crossing the Mediterranean to seek better lives in Europe should be returned to Africa to thwart the “terrible callous trade in human beings”.

The Home Secretary suggested she wanted to remove the incentive for desperate Africans, and the people smugglers who take advantage of them, to put their lives at risk by boarding unseaworthy crafts.

Her words put her at odds with European Union officials, who have suggested that all of the thousands of people who have fled across the Mediterranean in recent weeks, often after hazardous journeys during which fellow travellers lost their lives, should be allowed to remain.

Economic migrants

Mrs May said that sent the wrong message to the people smugglers who took advantage of those seeking to better themselves.

She told Sky: “What we see is that a lot of people coming are economic migrants, but they are paying criminal gangs to transport them across Africa.

“These criminals are then putting them into vessels which they know very often are not seaworthy, where people’s lives are being put at risk.

“It’s important that the criminals aren’t able simply to say to people: ‘If you pay us money, we are going to put your lives at risk but don’t worry, you’ll get to Europe’.

“And that’s why it’s important that people picked up in the Mediterranean can be taken back to Africa.”

Mrs May denied that her suggestion was hard-hearted, saying that Britain was taking action to help those who got into difficulties while crossing the Mediterranean.

She added that those who were fleeing violence in places like Syria would be treated differently to “the majority” of those arriving, who she said were often from nations such as Nigeria and Eritrea, where their lives were not at immediate risk

Mrs May went on: “Of course we as the United Kingdom are participating in search and rescue operations, to make sure people are not dying at seat, but we need to deal with these criminal gangs, we need to deal with this terrible callous trade in human beings.

“What we’re seeing lying behind a lot of these people coming to Europe is this terrible trade in human beings.

“There are criminals who are making money, making a profit, out of people’s aspirations and doing so in a way where they know they know these people’s lives will be put at risk.

“I think that is a terrible trade and I think we need to ensure that criminals are not able to ply this business any longer.”

Anna Musgrave, of the Refugee Council, said: “Sadly, the British Government appears oblivious to the fact that the world is in the grip of the greatest refugee crisis in recent memory.

“The Home Secretary’s sweeping judgement that people arriving on Europe’s shores from some of the world’s biggest refugee producing countries are economic migrants is utterly startling.

“The Government’s choice is simple, yet historic. Will we turn our back on the world’s refugees, or will we live up to our proud tradition of offering some of the most vulnerable people in the world safety in Britain?”

How many asylum seekers does the UK accept?

Data compiled by Eurostat, the European Commission’s own statistics agency, showed Britain gave asylum protection to 14,065 people in 2014, while other large European states accepted just a few hundred each.

Britain’s intake was the fifth largest in the EU. Germany took the most at more than 47,500, followed by Sweden with 33,000, while France and Italy granted protection to about 20,600 each.

Spain, one of the more populous countries in the EU with 46 million people, gave asylum to just 1,600 asylum applicants last year and Poland–with a population of 38 million–took just 740.

Ireland took 495 while Portugal’s figure was 40, down from 135 the previous year.

Britain’s intake comprised 2,275 Eritreans, 1,650 Iranians and 1,455 Syrians. Syrians made up 37 per cent of all European asylum beneficiaries.

How many EU workers now live here?

Data from the Office for National Statistics revealed 1.95 million people born in the 27 other EU member states were working here in the first quarter of this year.

In the same period just four years ago the figure was almost half a million fewer.

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  • superlloyd

    The line should not be drawn just at economic refugees but all illegals. Let Saudi Arabia or Turkey take the muslim Syrians. They only bring their islamic intolerance and barbarism to white, Christian countries.

    • George Moriarty

      I have often wondered why the oil rich Arab countries don’t accept these African refugees especially as many are Muslim. Is the UNHCR trying to persuade the Saudis to take them in? I don’t know but somehow I doubt it.
      But the Oil rich Arab nations are more than happy to take in tens of thousands of guest workers, mainly from Egypt, Bangladesh and the Philippines. They are able to perform lots of useful work and they can be sent home at the end of their contract. I also understand that female Filipinos have to put up with dreadful sexual abuse as housemaids or hotel maids.
      In other words this is an extreme example of the double standards applied to refugee intakes. make Europe accept people they do not need and who will never fit into European society. But don’t make countries in the middle east take in these people even though they have the same religion and where workers are needed.

    • Moderate

      Why do we in the west get forced multiculturalism but Israel get to pick Jew only populations…. what is with the one way multicultralisim?

    • Zweihänder

      There are nearly 4 millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, and some thousands or more that the UNHCR wants to resettle in western countries.
      More problematic is the wave of illegal immigrants coming from sub saharan Africa and the horn of Africa.
      When this wave started last year in Italy, the “refugees” on the boats were referred by the mainstream media as mostly Syrians and Libyans, when in fact they were, and still are, exclusively black Africans.
      During the last months, they changed the story in that the “asylum seekers” were africans who escaped famine, war, pestilence and so on and so forth, and local politicians said it was a moral duty of the Europeans to save and accomodate them.
      Now in Italy some regions declined the redistribution of the boats’ people in their territory, like some nations in the EU, but as more and more people will arrive on our shores, they will probalby cave in by the pressures made by the central government, who unfortunately is made of the same ilk of politicians in the majority of western countries.

    • Light from the East

      Economic migrants? Welfare parasites and potential terrorists are more suitable for them.

  • JackKrak

    It’s a sad and bizarre commentary on our world today that saying that we shouldn’t accept boatloads of useless African “refugees” is in the least bit controversial.

    Gay marriage, chunks of Britain transformed into Islamic mini-states, Obama, press one for English…. A time traveler from a hundred years ago wouldn’t be able to believe he was on the same planet.

    • Tikkun olam.

      • John Smith

        Funny that a Tribal doctrine should become a progressive article of faith.

        • Isn’t it? Except for some reason I’m not laughing.

        • guest

          Liberal Jews who say that “tikun olam” means we need to accept floods from Africa, and pay Angel Adams to have 16 babies, and we need to disarm whites, are making a perverted farce of Jewish beliefs. You will not find any Orthodox Jews, ie, people who really understand Torah, spouting off about tikun olam. You only find liberal Reform Jews who have are the great-grand children of a generation which defined itself by rebellion against Judaism. Please don’t call tikun olam a tribal doctrine, when it is a Reform Jewish perversion, with an origin in self-hatred.

    • George Moriarty

      Yes, sadly it will soon be “Press #1 for Spanish, Press #2 for Chinese and hopefully English will still be #3.

      • antiquesunlight

        If not, “Presione uno para espanol. Presione dos para Ingles.”

    • Moderate

      I love how Israel get to pick it’s Jewish only population and the rest of the world gets this force feed multicultural social enrichment.

  • MekongDelta69

    Theresa May has said economic migrants crossing the Mediterranean to seek better lives in Europe should be returned to Africa to thwart the ‘terrible callous trade in human beings’.

    She’s half-right for the wrong reason.

    She should have said:
    “Economic migrants crossing the Mediterranean to seek better lives in Europe should be returned to Africa.” (and STOPPED the sentence right there.)

  • JohnEngelman

    Theresa May has said economic migrants crossing the Mediterranean to seek better lives in Europe should be returned to Africa to thwart the “terrible callous trade in human beings”.

    The Home Secretary suggested she wanted to remove the incentive for desperate Africans, and the people smugglers who take advantage of them, to put their lives at risk by boarding unseaworthy crafts.

    – Rosa Prince, Telegraph, May 13, 2015

    I hope she stands her ground on this.

  • NoMosqueHere

    It’s amazing how defensive even sensible whites are about the third world invasion to their countries. What Ms. May should have said — and possibly what she was thinking — is our country is white and British and we damn well intend to keep it that way.

  • Illidan Stormragge

    Europeans will have to kick their black and muslim populations out eventually.

  • Earl Turner

    If it is whites, they’ll probably order their Navy to sink the ships at sea.

    • George Moriarty

      I remember back in the Rhodesian war the Brits sent warplanes and naval vessels to the Mozambique Strait to make sure no one was breaking sanctions against the white Ian Smith government, particularly petroleum.

  • Earl Turner

    The European Spring can’t come soon enough. For Europe nor for America.

  • IstvanIN

    Rewarding bad behavior encourages bad behavior. Punishing bad behavior discourages bad behavior. Have any of our Western leaders ever raised a child or owned a dog? Or is the concept of punishment and reward completely alien?

    • Lexonaut

      “Or is the concept of punishment and reward completely alien?”

      It’s not completely alien. White Christian males are singled out for punishment all the time.

  • listenupbub

    All Africans are victims of war. They are descended from a tribe called Bantus which outcompetes all other tribes through genocide. Therefore, in Africa, they are constantly at war with each other, doing what their genetic coding demands, and they are perpetually victims of war-torn states.

    • Rob

      Their animal like coding never dies.

  • Eagle1212

    Good to hear, at least Europe knows when it comes to enforcing illegal immigration laws unlike here where our spineless politicians laws ignore our own laws and instead do nothing while illegals still continue to slither through our borders. Europe must be laughing at us by now.

  • MathMan

    And yet, yesterday the British Navy picked up hundreds of Africans in rubber boats 40 miles off the coast of Libya and took them to Italy. Had Mrs May been true to her comments they would have been dropped off on the beach in Libya. More political posturing without action.

  • IKUredux

    Screw all this crap! All of them are freaking liars. And, even those who are at risk for real, ought to stay at home and deal with their problems. Like, for example the poor fing Whites who have had to flee pretty much every urban area here in the fing United States of America. Whites in America are also fleeing persecution. Whites in America are also being forced out by urban warfare, causing them to leave their ancestral homelands.

    Whites in America who have had to flee their ancestral homes here in the United States, probably equal the same amount of people today who are fleeing Syria, and Iraq. Where is the aid for them? Who is going to take in these Whites, who have been forced to flee from urban warfare, drive by shootings, and the degradation of their neighborhoods?

    If we are going to send in soldiers anywhere, it should be to Detroit, Baltimore, Newark, etc. to make those areas safe for OUR taxpaying citizens.

  • Moderate

    Funny how most refugees are leaving from the surrounding neighbors of israhell but Israel keep promoting Jewish only population growth.

    I hope the world is enjoying this one way multiculturalism!

    While we get forced to accept diversity and cultural enrichment not so the prime minister of Israel promotes Jews only to return home!!!

    oh well that’s the price we all must pay to keep Israel in the harts of the Arab world!

    • Lexonaut

      “I hope the world is enjoying this one way multiculturalism!”

      Why do you insist that Israel make the same mistakes that the USA is making?

      • Moderate

        Israel is what controls America you are looking at the AS$ end not the Head

        • Lexonaut

          “Israel is what controls America.”

          I’ve said it before and I’ll save it again. If Jews are so good at controlling everybody else, whites would do well to learn the trick so they can use it themselves. In other words, what’s stopping you from taking back control of the country?

          • Moderate

            just look at the control of the media and foreign policy of America!

            i do not plan on taking i plan on them giving it back!

          • jayvbellis

            There are so many things holding us back.

            We have no one of us on the Supreme Court. We are basically shut out of the entire TV media except for some parts of Fox, and even there anyone who speaks for us on immigration is threatened with getting banned.

            The tops of most all tax exempt formerly White churches are now Multi cult, anti White. The new Pope is pro Muslims, pro third world liberation theology – he flys his $&@&$ private pope jet to the Italian Island getting over run by Black Muslim asylum seekers, he blesses the invaders

            Ok so there are lots of things holding us back to do the sensible things Israel does to have a safe ethno state.

            The J oligarchs’ increasing control of GOP presidential politics, couple with the Lib/tribe’s control,of our media are also huge problems.

          • Lexonaut

            I don’t share your concerns about Jews but now I understand your position.

    • jayvbellis

      This area was not always exclusively Arab or Muslim.

      Alexandria Egypt was founded by Alexander the Great.

      Egyptian queen Cleopatra was the grand daughter of one of Alexander’s White Greek Generals.

      The Apostle Paul, former Jewish rabbi Saul of Tarsus preached the new religion of Christianity to Jews and Greeks in Syria.

      White Greeks and Romans were all over the Middle East and North Africa.

      Algeria was part of the nation of France, not a colony up through 1963.

      The majority of people in French Algerian cities were White Europeans up until independence and the transfer over to Arab, Muslim majority rule. When the Arabs were given power they ethnically cleansed Algeria of Whites:

      “The Coffin or the suitcase” (some choice)

      So, you are simply in error to say that all our problems with Arabs, Muslims are the fault of Israel being forced in the middle of the Arab world.

      Stop being a p$&@@&$

      • Moderate

        latest population was a Muslim society! you trying to change a society from muslim to jew you will get invaded in the name of multiculturalism!

      • Moderate

        the area has been most recently been populated by Muslims…
        whites and Christians and Jews all had there chance there…
        but the area has evolved since Cleopatra and Alexander.
        Paul is the true founder of christianity as Jesus never asked to be worshiped Jesus never spoke of trinity!

        you need to look at a map of the surrounding Muslim nations around Israel to understand what is actually happening the pot is boiling around Israel you can try and deny, but we all see what we see!

        • jayvbellis

          Yes, I agree the area around Israeli is increasingly Muslim, getting to be exclusively Muslim. Why is this so? In 1965 a near majority of Lebanese were Maronite Christians, Lebanese Christian women some of the most beautiful women in the world! These Western women were’t forced to wear ugly burkas, stay at home and crank out 8 ugly Muslim monster babies.

          Palestinians at the time of the foundation of Israel were heavily Christian, what happened.

          Algerian coastal cities in 1960 were majority White European, why are there virtually no, zero Europeans, Pied Noir in a place that was a full on region of France for 125 years? What happened?

          The answer is the Nast Arab and other Muslims ethnically cleansed our people.

          It was:

          The Coffin or the suitcase .

          So why do you insist here that I must take the worst Muslim side and let them slaughter, ethnically cleanse, do genocide on any remaining Christians, Westerners in this area that was once a vital part of our great Western civilization?

          What more do you want to give away to these ugly, hateful 8th century savages?

          Spain (Again)
          Malmo Sweden?

          WTF is wrong with you and your kind?

          Did you get a hard on when we bombed our kinsmen the Serbs or wasted the Reagan 1980s arming the Afghhan throat cutter Jihadists against our kinsmen the Russians?

          WTF is wrong with you and your kind?

          Do you hate the likes of Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova?

          Maybe you need to get raped by the nasties Arab, Turk Muslims that are now raping girls and yes, young men in not so Merry Old England!

          $&@&$ you and all your traitorous kind.

          • Moderate

            I don’t control American congress or foreign policy to have this changed, that control is in Israels hands maybe you should direct some of these questions to Israel for some answers!

            Just look at the number of UN resolutions crushed under American VETO on the two state solution for Palestine!

            These are all orders from the American boss Israel!!

        • jayvbellis

          Muslim pots are boiling around many places not just around Israel .

          Muslim no go slums around French cities boil all the time.

          So what is your point?

          • Moderate

            Israel is in the hart of Islam!

        • jayvbellis

          “whites and Christians and Jews all had there chance there..”

          Same is being said about. Australia, Canada and our United States . Apparently we’ve blown our chances and must turn over everything to invading Muslims, as it supposedly is an irreversible fact that the future belongs to the Muslim orcs.

          “The time of man is ending, the day of the Orc is here”

  • Of course they can not treat Whites better than Blacks. That would be racist.

    So they either give White Africans them the same treatment as Blacks and Muslims, or worse.

  • JohnnyMangoes

    One thing that doesn’t make sense to me is people who travel to other countries to flee the same disaster that they created. It should be a simple answer to just go back to their own country and fix the problems, right? For example, getting an education and creating opportunities back home?

    The biggest problem with all of this is just overpopulation. People are creating children they can’t feed. No children, no problem.

    • Exuberant Auditor

      They’re fleeing because they can, they’re allowed to. So they take the easy solution. They’ll only turn to the real solutions you mentioned (you know, the ones require work, planning, and taking responsibility) once the Europeans grow enough cojones to turn every single one of them back.

    • Lexonaut

      “One thing that doesn’t make sense to me is people who travel to other countries to flee the same disaster that they created.”

      I suspect it’s a deep rooted legacy of the time in human evolution when slash and burn agriculture was the best approach. Use up an area till it has been mainly depleted, then move on and do it all over again.

    • Hilis Hatki

      How soft YOUR fields, so green…

  • Lexonaut

    “Everyone is looking for a better life including crack dealers and bank robbers.”

    Ding ding ding!