Stark Reaction to #WhiteLivesMatter Flyers at Forum

Jarret Liotta, Westport News, May 18, 2015

The “#White Lives Matter” flyers scattered anonymously in the middle of the night on local properties over the last week failed to achieve their apparent goal, Westporters told a forum called on the racially charged messages Sunday.

About 100 people turned out at the forum organized by TEAM Westport at the Westport Library for a candid discussion about the flyers and the broader context of racial and diversity issues that have arisen nationally during the last months.

“To me it was pretty clear that these were not an innocuous prank,” said Westport News columnist and 06880 blogger Dan Woog, who helped guide the discussion. “This was definitely a racist flyer.”

Woog explained that similar flyers scattered in Milford last month had links to racist websites. “It was very clear that this was done by the same people,” he said of the flyers that have been tossed into driveways around town in plastic bags weighted down by stones on at least two separate evenings. Similar flyers were distributed in a Fairfield neighborhood as well.


Andrew Tartaglia of Milford, however, voiced a different view. “I’m not sure I understand the racially charged motive,” he said, rhetorically asking if the flyers had referenced Hispanic lives or Jewish lives, would a similar public forum have been convened.

“Was anybody invited here to educate us about the Constitution (and) freedom of speech?” he said. “To me it was a simple statement. No one was threatened.”

“The problem with it is it’s scary and it’s hard to name why,” explained Beth Negron of Fairfield, who has black relatives. “There’s a fear there of white supremacists (and) I’m not sure I can give you a logical reason.”


“The default position in our culture is that white lives matter,” said the Rev. Alison Patton of Saugatuck Congregational Church, who helped lead the discussion. “It doesn’t need to be restated.”


Police Chief Dale Call, a Westport native, explained that no law had been broken with distribution of the flyers, but that at least one resident had expressed concern.

“What’s most concerning to them is (someone) coming out in the middle of the night . . . Why my driveway? Am I being targeted with these?” he said.

“Why would the time matter?” said Tartaglia, claiming he didn’t understand why people were upset.

Tartaglia said that in December on the Post Road bridge there were demonstrators waving signs that said “Black Lives Matter,” but it didn’t draw concern from the community.

“I don’t remember this media frenzy,” he said. “Is this fair and balanced?”


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  • TrueNorthFree

    The simple fact of stating that white lives matter seems to be a revolutionary act that takes courage and fortitude these days. Geez, fellow whites, I think we have a big job ahead of us…

    • DaveMed

      I suppose that it would be nice if it could be achieved without distributing flyers on people’s properties like coupon spam, but you have a point.

      • John Smith

        That’s the only way the message can get noticed, since no MSM outlet will run this message.

  • MekongDelta69

    “I don’t remember this media frenzy,” [Tartaglia] said. “Is this fair and balanced?”

    NO – It’s not supposed to be ‘fair and balanced.’

    • Who Me?

      Mr. Tartaglia has expressed thoughts contrary to the approved narrative. Off to the re-education camp with him.

      • bilderbuster

        Make him the Commandant!

      • carriewhite64

        Time for a touch-up visit at the brainwash facility.

  • Tannenbaum

    There’s a fear there of white supremacists (and) I’m not sure I can give you a logical reason.

    And that’s our PR problem in a nutshell. The governmedia have conditioned the general White public to a knee-jerk reaction of horror every time Whites are mentioned in any way favorably. It’s an emotional conditioning, not a logical one, which is why none of our logic is going to make it go away.

    Unless we can learn to use the propaganda tools of the enemy, we will go on losing.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Maybe we can go with “Irish-American Lives Matter.” Gotta start somewhere.

      • stonepillow

        I like this!

    • kikz2

      that one cracked me up….. it’s scary!!!! ahahahhaa!

    • Oldcorporal

      And also, if it comes to that, start practicing armed resistance to this. My personal feeling is that a second American Revolution is sorely needed.

    • wretchedwhiterabbit

      Any time any person voices a pro-White opinion, they are called “White supremacist”, “NaziwhowantstokillsixmillionJews”, or “racist”. Antiracist is a code word for antiWhite.

      • TrueNorthFree

        Watch Angelo John Gage talk about this on his Youtube videos. He says we whites must “seed the memes” and I agree.

    • evilsandmich

      Whites are the only ones not allowed to think about their race. You talk to peoples of other races and the idea of self correcting their racial identity doesn’t even enter into their mind, and excepting those in leadership positions who want to beat whites (ie all of them) no one cares if whites do it as well , except for other whites. That would mean accepting that whites in New York and West Virginia have common interests, heaven forbid.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        Those elite whites would simply die if they didn’t have us hillbillies to insult and mock! It’s funny how they’ve still never managed to figure out that we don’t care what they think. You’d think COLLEGE EDUCATED GENIUSES would pick up on that fact eventually…lol.

        • Spikeygrrl

          US hilbillies?! Speak for yourself, sir or madam, NOT for me.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            I was speaking for myself. But that’s how they view anyone who isn’t up to their (ever changing) standards. It’s easier to dismiss people as trash, or stupid, than it is to listen to them. I am from Appalachia and being called a hillbilly doesn’t bother me, it’s like being called “racist”. I just say “yeah, so?” and keep on keepin’ on. I didn’t mean to call anyone else here a hillbilly though, so my apologies.

          • What’s wrong with hillbillies, exactly?

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            I have no idea. Must be residual brainwashing, because some whites aren’t the “correct” kind of whites. I’ve never felt it necessary to denigrate anyone in a lower class, as long as they’re not criminals. Being poor and rural is a surefire way to be marginalized. Blacks cry about it, but they have entire groups working to uplift THEM, yet what do you hear about poor white hillbillies? Nothing but scorn, derision and hatred. Oh and lots of “Hurr is your dad also your brother?” and “are those false teeth?” kind of stuff.

            I’ve never apologized or felt ashamed for my heritage and never will. SJWs, noodle-armed hipsters, feminists, whoever…go to the mines and show us how it’s done! I’d pay good money to see that.

          • Lexonaut

            You tell ’em, M$c. None of us is responsible for the conditions into which we were born. All of us are responsible for what we do about it if those conditions were poor.

          • I’ve lived in several major cities and took a massive hit to my income potential to live out in the sticks in a Southern state famous for its moonshine and “hillbillies.” As different as I am from the locals in dress and speech, we still have more in common than I ever did with my urban counterparts. There’s a certain saltiness, a refreshing honesty that brooks no foolishness, that one can only find among those who dare to notice what polite society is too callow and spineless to notice out loud.

            I adore this place and the people who inhabit it, and hope to live out the rest of my days here. Honesty is a rare thing these days.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            I’m so glad to hear that. They generally are good, decent people who will give you the shirt off their back and once they accept you, you’re set. You definitely have your priorities straight!

          • Can you imagine the reality show possibilities? Toss a collection of urban limp-wristed SWPLs and Gawker contributors into a West Virginny coal mine with some 100-year-old equipment and a few Go-Pro cameras and see who makes it out alive.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            Spoiler….none of them!

          • 3G4Me

            Don’t ever apologize for what you are. Most of us only wish we had your roots, and your solid place in this nation’s fabric. (Not to mention a wonderful place to wait out the collapse.) I have a wonderful acquaintance from West Virginia, and I’m ready to beg her to take my family back to her grandparents’ farm come the crisis.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            There’s a reason it’s called “Almost Heaven”!

          • Ron Cheaters

            A hillbilly is a mountain goat.. I prefer HillWilliam.

          • Exactly. This is not a “hillbilly” or “redneck” website. Jared Taylor looks and acts the furthest from those stereotypes. I think Mangosteen has been way too conditioned by our enemies.

        • Dr. Rieux

          Here’s the problem: They’re not educated; thgry’re only schooled. Four years of college now, especially for anyone majoring in the humanities or social sciences isn’t an education; it’s an indoctrination. IOW college no longer teaches you how to think but what to think.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            Oh I know that, but they don’t!

          • Manxman

            “college no longer teaches you how to think but what to think”.

            Well put.

        • Katherine McChesney

          “hillbillies”. You may be but not I and neither are the rest of Southern White realists.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            I never called you one. But I’m not ashamed to be a hillbilly and certainly don’t allow elitist scum to try and shame me. That’s all I was saying.

          • Katherine McChesney

            The term ‘hillbilly’ is an insult to Southerners.

          • Not to this Southerner, it isn’t. Speak for yourself.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            How about “Mountain William”?

    • Bo_Sears

      The number one way to speak in an authentic way is to begin with naming and labeling. Not whining, but attacking back at speakers and writers for challenging your right to name & label yourself. I know this is a toughie, but untangling the diverse white American knot that has us trapped can be transformed into a new diverse white tribal platform.

      Being authentic and centered are difficult but they are essential, and you have only one right that is not denied (though mocked) which is your right to name and label you, your family, and your demographic.

      • Indeed. Even saying something as simple as “I’m proud of being white. I’m proud of our heritage, accomplishments, achievements, explorations, and societies. And nothing you can ever say or do will change that.” is enough to send a multicultist into a frothing rage.

        Let them rage. They have no say in the destiny of our people. Why should we care what they think about us? I surely do not.

        • 3G4Me

          Precisely. To their every SJW meme or taunt, simply say and demonstrate that you do not care. Repeat: ” I don’t care.” Said unemotionally, it’s devastating to their sense of social hierarchy.

    • LHathaway

      lol, they will continue to go on lying and we will continue to go on losing.

      • Dr. Rieux

        I wish you could see all the down votes you now have.

    • You don’t have the propaganda power of Hollywood and the Main Stream Media. You can only work to DEFUSE and UNDO the propaganda. Logic might help. Or maybe some propaganda that can go viral and propagate itself without advertising funds. Probably then it would be stopped by hate speech watch, on facebook, YouTube, …

      • Simply living as someone who is unapologetically white, unafraid to notice inconvenient hate-facts out loud, and still manages to be civil and polite is often enough. I’ve had many rewarding conversations about race with people who, quite simply, never before thought it possible to be pro-white and also educated, intelligent, and kind.

        • 3G4Me

          Again, well said. I spoke with a German woman a few months ago who felt she had to somehow apologize for her ancestry. After reminding her of her people’s stunning cultural heritage, I also used the analogy that loving one’s own children most doesn’t automatically infer wanting to slaughter all others. She admitted she’d never really considered that.

          Be unapologetically White without using current ethnic slurs and you’ll drive the SJWs and dusky hordes nuts while educating a number of brainwashed Whites. Don’t try logic, though – you cannot reason someone out of an opinion they did not reason themselves into. Use rhetoric – much more effective against emotion-driven tirades.

          • Lexonaut

            Excellent post.

    • Spikeygrrl

      “Governmedia.” I LOVE IT!

  • ZenSouth

    “There’s a fear there of white supremacists (and) I’m not sure I can give you a logical reason.”

    These people are swayed by emotions first and foremost. The above quote says it all, they can’t give you a logical reason for their actions. They do not use logic or common sense instead they are swayed by what makes them feel good.

    • Sick of it

      “They do not use logic or common sense instead they are swayed by what makes them feel good.”

      A common trait amongst low IQ populations.

      • Jaggers

        Agreed, but the people in Westport are not low IQ, they’re just deluded, wealthy knee-jerk leftists. I can tell you this from first hand knowledge, and actually being personally familiar with one individual quoted in the article. They’re just consumers and propagators of Cultural Marxist propaganda, and they’re totally unused to actually defending themselves (from this awesome Tartaglia lady!)

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        They think they’re so much smarter than everyone else, yet they’re easily manipulated. The manipulators cozen them with flattery and play on their vanity.

        • These types are always first against the wall when their Glorious Revolution succeeds, too. I believe Lenin (or was it Stalin?) called them “useful idiots.”

          • Lexonaut

            And I’ve come to realize why. It’s because they’ve shown themselves willing to betray their own people for purely ideological reasons This makes them the most dangerous group of all, as in …

            “Wait a minute. Nobody pushed harder for this revolution than I, but now you’re going too far. This is not what we had agreed on. I insist that you stop.”

      • Dr. Rieux

        And among many women, sadly, and most “progressives”.

        • Sick of it

          Women and men think differently – It’s perfectly natural. The enemy has been manipulating them for over one hundred years.

    • John Smith

      It’s why they’re liberals.

    • LHathaway

      Those aren’t emotions. That is lying. No one fears anything other than blacks or leftist outing or re-education. That’s why these Whites are saying the insane things they are saying and why they believe the nonsense they believe. They are afraid to do anything else. They truly believe these are their own opinions, too. They would never imagine fear has driven them to where they are. I say that and I don’t mean to suggest fear should pull us or the country in the opposite direction or that we should eventually use it ourselves.

    • Lexonaut

      ” They do not use logic or common sense instead they are swayed by what makes them feel good.”

      And what makes them feel good is telling you what to do while exempting themselves from having to do the same things. Their reasons count. Yours don’t.

  • Susannah

    Reverend Alison Patton is clearly behind the times if she believes that “White lives matter” is the default position of our culture. We’ve been moving beyond that for several decades now. “Down with Whitey” is currently far more apropos, and the explicit position of our government, many institutions, the media, and a very large segment of our population.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      Reverend in the Congregational Church. A hotbed of villainous scum that have been stirring turds since before the Civil War. Any “church” with a woman Reverend is a church that I would never set foot in. Guaranteed “social justice” preaching and negro-worship. No thanks.

    • ricpic

      I’ll bet she doesn’t believe for a minute that “white lives matter is the default position in our culture.” In fact I’m sure she’d immediately attack the fact that white neighborhoods are safe and peaceful as an example of “white privilege,” not the inevitable result of white lawfulness and restraint. I’ll further bet she passionately pursues injecting the vibrant ones into any redoubt where whites live in peace.

  • Oldcorporal

    Why is it “racist” to say that “White lives matter,” but not “racist” to say that “Black lives matter”? We all know the reason for that. Any attempt by White Americans to stand up for OUR rights, puts fear into the hearts of the dark skins who are trying to take over this country. I guess we’re expected to just be quiet and intimidated, and meekly hand over everything to them. I still predict, although some on here disagree, that there is an explosion coming when White Americans finally get enough of this. Some believe we’ve all been “neutered” and “brainwashed” into assisting in our own execution, but I’m not so sure.

    • Cindy

      Yes, there will be an explosion. I’m certain Whites will stand up for themselves. The only question is when. When we’re at 30% of population, 25%? We’re hurting as a group, but Whites won’t stand up until they feel the pain as individuals. And when they finally do, it’s gonna get ugly.

      • We have never, in our entire history as a people, needed to be the majority population to control a territory. In fact, we excel at dominating large swathes of land and people with incredibly inferior numbers. The trope that all is lost because we’re becoming outnumbered by black and brown low-IQ hordes is simply absurd.

        Have we lost our government? Almost certainly. But have we lost this land? Not even close.

        • Lexonaut

          Very well put. I just hope a major bloodbath can be avoided.

        • Cindy

          I agree. And becoming a minority is necessary, it will help us let go of our altruism towards foreign races.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      I hope you’re right.

      • JohnnyMangoes

        I’m not Jewish if that’s what you’re implying. And I think “Stein” is the correct spelling. It’s German, after all.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          I wasn’t implying anything?

          • 3G4Me

            Ignore the mainly-aggrieved mulatto. He’s just looking to pick a fight with a White.

          • Lexonaut

            He can pick a fight with me anytime. However, he rarely does so I usually have to fly and fight as someone’s wingman. Otherwise I’d get no action at all to speak of.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Many are, alas…but not all.

    • carriewhite64

      Yes, I would like to think that any hint that white people may be developing a racial awareness and unity frightens minorities and their liberal handlers. We need to exploit that fear at every level.

    • The people most stridently insisting we’ve been neutered into helplessness sound scared to me. That, or they’re working overtime to demoralize us in hopes we’ll believe them and give up before the first shot is fired. The truth is that whites everywhere are waking up, angry, armed, and on edge.

      It seems prudent to ignore the hysterical Tokyo Rose types among us. They are not friends of ours, whether they realize it or not.

  • HJ11

    The “leaders” in Westport are White hating scumbags. WHITE LIVES MATTER–MORE!

    • Dr. Rieux

      Since whites are the ones who have invented most of what makes life so pleasant and who foot most of the taxes, I would have to stay that you are correct. If all the blacks suddenly disappeared, though there might be some minor inconveniences,life would go on quite normally, if not better?

      (All snark aside, someone please tell me of a single earth-changing contribution ever made by any black.)

      • ricpic

        More than anything else the sudden disappearance of blacks would mean the revival of almost every dying city in the northeast and midwest. The great black migration out of the South in the pre and post WW II period was far and away the most devastating blow that befell urban America . Most Americans don’t like city living and that’s fine, but for those who do there would be livable civil cities again, with all of the advantages of city life, especially to young ambitious inventive and artistic types, and the feral creatures GONE.

  • HJ11

    We have lots of self-hating Weak seeds among Whites. Some may just be brainwashed into self-hate and can be deprogrammed, but others are lost causes. Don’t be less White because some may not like you as a result. Be White in all ways, always! It is your life and this planet is yours as much as it is anyone elses. Don’t be less than you can be and don’t hide your Whitenes. Also, stop practicing universal ethics. Ask of everything: Is this good for me and my fellow Whites? If it isn’t it is evil. Period.

    • TrueNorthFree

      I was one of those who spontaneous de-programmed thanks to RedIce radio internet podcasts. And then Rotherham happened and I woke up.
      I do believe that many brainwashed self-loathing whites can be awakened. I was watching Angelo John Gage videos today and he says we must “seed the memes”. I like that.
      Gotta go seed some memes now. See ya later!

      • HJ11

        Good! Keep up the good work. My own deprogramming came about when I learned a little about evolution and how we Whites came into existence and how we can go out of existence if we miscegenate, but how we can move ever higher if we remain “Pure” White and breed only White and stop all gene flow that pollutes our genotype.

        • Spikeygrrl

          I deprogrammed in prison. Even if you go in as an integrationist, you’re gonna come out as a racial relist.

          • Manxman

            I cured myself after a few years with a black girlfriend living in the inner cities and training as a social worker. I really needed a strong dose of reality but it eventually worked.

          • Spikeygrrl

            I am so glad for you! Whatever it takes, yanno?

        • Katherine McChesney

          Evolution is a hoax meant for godless people to think they are gods themselves.

          • HJ11

            Please tell me you’re not White.

          • Lexonaut

            Is dog breeding a reality?

      • Dr. Rieux

        What deprogrammed me, decades ago, was independently noting the correlation between the levels of violent crime in a city and the comparative size of its black population.

  • AmericanCitizen

    “The default position in our culture is that white lives matter. . .”

    Has this person watched a television newscast or read a newspaper or a mainstream media website in the last 5 years?

    • LHathaway

      Please allow me to correct your statement. ‘Has this person read a newspaper or a mainstream website or watched television since television was invented’. Fixed.

  • Jason Lewis

    99% of those offended were white people.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Very few blacks live in Westport (maybe 300 out of 26,000).

      • carriewhite64

        Thus the minority worship.

  • Biff_Maliboo


  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Any excuse to keep the narrative going. It’s coming to the point (is already?) where it isn’t WHAT you say that’s the issue, but they way you said it. Every day someone, somewhere is offended, or disrespected, or has their feeling hurts. And it makes no difference whether or not it’s true.

    • Dr. Rieux

      The narrative will collapse. Societies grown dependent on lies don’t last long thereafter. Maintaining the narrative requires squandering ever more resources on it. It didn’t work for the USSR. It is no longer working for the USSA.

  • how about this

    “The default position in our culture is that white lives matter,” said the Rev. Alison Patton of Saugatuck Congregational Church, who helped lead the discussion.”

    If I saw this man in person I would like to refer to something Jared Taylor said and ask him when the last time was that he heard White people as a group referred to by anyone in anything other than a derisive or hostile tone.

    “The problem with it is it’s scary and it’s hard to name why,” explained Beth Negron of Fairfield, who has black relatives. “There’s a fear there of white supremacists (and) I’m not sure I can give you a logical reason.”

    It’s because regardless of how old you are, you’re still not a grown-up and you still blame the bogeyman for your problems.

  • John Smith

    “There’s a fear there of white supremacists (and) I’m not sure I can give you a logical reason.”

    IOW, liberal whites don’t know why this bothers them, just that anything in favor, or even non-critical, of whites does.

    • Whites, baaaaaaaaad. Non-whites, gooooooood. *munches grass contentedly*

      • Lexonaut

        ” *munches grass contentedly* ”

        That’s a good one. Is using it royalty-free?

        • Always.

          • Lexonaut

            Thank you, I just used it at Mediaite, not taking credit but also not giving your forum name.

  • HJ11

    I ONLY care about White lives. I don’t care at all about non-White lives. Their genes are competing with my White genes and any Whites who help non-Whites spread their genes (by feeding them or helping them survive to breed, for example) more than our White genes are mentally ill scumbags.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Maybe it was vandals …. or Cossacks.

  • HJ11

    The newspaper articles coming out of Wesport are formulaic. We see this in almost every incident where Whites express themselves as Whites and often by distributing fliers. The newspaper goes out and finds some low I.Q. self-hating White who says they are offended by the pro-White fliers. The newspaper may interview many Whites until they find the one who gives them that quote and then that’s the one they use, because that’s the one they were looking for.

    • Dr. Rieux

      Formulaic, you say? Of course. Have you seen what comes out of J schools?

      To write accurately you only need to answer who,what,where and when, and if you really want to be thorough, how and why. Everything learned beyond that is just more indoctrination.

  • WR_the_realist

    It’s now official. White Live’s Don’t Matter, and woe to anyone who thinks they do.

  • Mr. L

    What the heck is wrong with white liberals?

  • dd121

    Dear lefties, that wasn’t meant to be anti left or blacks. Shut up.

  • Bo_Sears

    Because the political environment has been so poisoned by the haters, Resisting Defamation urges people to think of clever ways to make the point sharper. This kind of thinking is more effective, but most of the diverse white Americans like to be more forthright than effective. Nevertheless, an alternative phrase to #White Lives Matter which will disappear in the foam, consider one saying

    #White Lives Don’t Matter
    (New York Times, Washington Post)

    Of course, it is sarcastic, but it offers a different way of looking at things. There are a lot of ways to change vocabulary and presentation to punch through the fog of hate.

  • daddio

    Did they think there would not be a reaction to BLM? I guess they never studied physics?

  • Sue

    What exactly is the fear here? The minorities are all brighter, more diligent, cultured etc. White supremacy would be way over matched, right?

  • HJ11

    They fear Whites are going to organize AS Whites. And, if that happens, the haters of Whites will know real fear. So, the haters of Whites try to keep Whites fragmented and one of the ways they do it is to have White shills stand up for everything that is anti-White.

  • “Disturbing” because it reminds people demographic genocide is incomplete?

  • curri

    Selectman Avi Kaner said he liked driving over the bridge in the summer and seeing the demonstrators there, “even if I disagree with them … Bravo to them for doing that.”

    “The difference is this was thrown in people’s driveways,” he said. “At least one resident called the police.

    I think the First Amendment still allows you to drop advertising or political material in someone’s driveway. The police chief said no law was broken. That means this is all cultural marxist hysteria/moral panic.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      “Avi Kaner”. Need I say more? Another civilization-wrecking parasite that has been attached to the European host since time immemorial. Every. Single. Time.

      • Not allowed to notice, old chap. He’s probably just German. Go back to sleep.

    • Yancy Derringer

      I paused at “weighted down by stones…on two separate evenings.” I suppose that’s to bring to mind instances of stones carrying racist warnings being thrown through living room windows in the evening while the minority family’s watching TV.

      I get advertising tossed onto my driveway — the plastic bags are weighted with a few pebbles.

  • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

    Ugh, I see the Congregational Church is still around, and still up to it’s old tricks.

    • ZenSouth

      Dr. Kevin MacDonald has a good presentation on this with the London Forum on youtube. His presentation is on pathological altruism and he goes into detail on how some of this in the west steams from the Puritan mindset.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        I’ll check it out, thanks!

  • superlloyd

    ‘“The default position in our culture is that white lives matter,” said the Rev. Alison Patton,’

    Another traitor voices it’s unwanted opinion.

    • Dr. Rieux

      I would never attend a church with a female minister.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Wherever there is a female minister trouble begins.

  • A Freespeechzone

    You can bet that the ONLY ‘black lives that matter’ in that community are the maids and menial workers there.

    Maybe to show they are not racist, there should be low income housing in that area…

    Obama want to force ‘diversity’ on us–why not them?

  • Who Me?

    Colin Flaherty, author of “White Girl Bleed A Lot” and “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry” in a 2 hour interview with Tommy Sotomayor LIVE. May 14, 2015. Full video here. You guys might like this, I know you all know Colin Flaherty (or it’s time you did!).
    About the first five minutes are just yakking about general stuff, then the real interview starts.


    • Mr. Flaherty is a national treasure. Thanks for the link.

  • Vito Powers

    Frankly, I think this #WhiteLivesMatters message in a plastic bag is a hoax with the purpose of initiating a “let’s have a conversation about race”, “boo hoo about the Negroes”, etc.

    Of course, Westport with their paltry 1.2% Negro population had to stage a guilt trip forum that really amounts to nothing.

    It’s time for blunt talk about race relations in America. To Negroes, there are only two races, them and everyone else. It’s past time to call them out on their behaviors and hypocrisies.

    • Lexonaut

      “It’s time for blunt talk about race relations in America.”

      I believe that conversation will begin in December, after it has gotten too cold for rioting.

  • TL2014

    Default position is that white lives matter?”

    Ha. Ha. Ha.


    Go Tartaglio!

  • LHathaway

    The amusing things is these flyers were sent out by White supremacists who are working for those who owe an allegiance to hate watch, if they are not themselves truly working to monitor or control ‘hate’.

    I’m glad the flyers went out, anyway.

  • Rob

    I am waiting for the flyers of muslims lives matter.

  • Pragmatia

    “The problem with it is it’s scary and it’s hard to name why,”

    “There’s a fear there of white supremacists (and) I’m not sure I can give you a logical reason.”

    The reason is that your socially conditioned programming is being prodded by cues that evoke an emotional reaction that your logical self cannot reconcile with what it knows would be a reasonable response.

  • #BlackLivesMatter people are the ones that riot, loot, and burn. So they are a reason for concern. It would be extremely dangerous to wear, in the midst of the #BlackLivesMatter crowd, a “I am Darren Wilson” T-Shirt.

  • Rob

    If there were no white people, would the other races still be alive? NOPE!!!!

    • Oh, they might be alive. They’d be living in huts and rooting around for grubs and putting bones through their noses and eating each other, but they’d be alive. Technically.

  • Rodney S

    White people can’t even reaffirm their own existence without it being called racist. Just the fact that these idiots held a forum on the flyer is absurd. Also, I’m sure the Russians and Chinese laugh their asses off when they read this crap.

    • Then perhaps it’s time to laugh off the “racist” label, or even reclaim it. “Yes, we’re racist. So what are you going to do about it?” I cannot for the life of me imagine being afraid of a word.

  • rebelcelt

    “The default position in our culture is that white lives matter,” said the Rev. Alison Patton of Saugatuck Congregational Church, who helped lead the discussion. “It doesn’t need to be restated.”

    Congragational Church….pretty well sums it up. A self hater. Super liberal. They pride themselves as not having a creed. A religion without a creed! That is about as soulless and meaninglessness as possible. It is hard to believe that they are descendents from the Pilgrims.The lady 4 doors down is the only Congragationalist I ever met . She is a bitter hate filled liberal. Thank God she stays inside and lives with her own vileness…..also a self hater.

    • liberty4x4

      The assumption that it is the default position is exactly why it needs to be restated. Many whites (especially liberals/progressives) have forgotten that their lives matter and in the current political climate the default is to weaponize shame and blame onto whites for every perceived unpleasant occurrence in society today. We are being socially engineered to despise ourselves so other groups can acquire victory and power at our expense.

      • rebelcelt

        Well stated. At least it seems like more Whites are waking up. Some are hopeless, but, the scales are falling off more and more. But, it is not happening fast enough.

  • Earl Turner

    Something tells me that we are only hearing from a small portion of the local population, carefully screened for the correct State-approved reaction.

  • Dr. Rieux

    So a flyer that says that white lives matter is racist???

    Please bring on the race war now. The country is no longer worth keeping together. We cannot even have a civil discussion. It is time for a divorce.

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    Andrew Tartaglia is my hero.

  • Lexonaut

    ““The default position in our culture is that white lives matter,” said the Rev. Alison Patton of Saugatuck Congregational Church, who helped lead the discussion. “It doesn’t need to be restated.”

    Let’s see … Saying that white lives matter doesn’t need to be restated …

    That’s odd, when I read the first amendment I find nothing about need, nor do the various related court rulings require it.

  • Manxman

    ““The problem with it is it’s scary and it’s hard to name why,” explained Beth Negron of Fairfield, who has black relatives. “There’s a fear there of white supremacists (and) I’m not sure I can give you a logical reason.”

    There is no logic to it. Truth is a lot of White people are gullible naive hypocrites

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Amazing, no? Brainwashed White people are shocked and confused and disturbed that flyers are being passed out in the middle of the night stating that their own White lives and the lives of their White children matter. Ooooh scary!

  • slobotnavich

    Well, in a sense noting that white lives matter is indeed a rather strange exclamation,since I know of nobody saying that that white lives don’t matter. Of course, the inference that we’re all supposed to take away from this inane statement is that there are people loudly proclaiming that black lives don’t matter. This is equally untrue and ridiculous, since even the most ignorant and racist redneck would never say such a thing. This is a common leftist tactic intended to imply that whites routinely say (or imply) that black lives don’t matter. Nobody, whatever his politics or racial attitudes, makes such inane utterances. Just the old straw-man Leftist argument all over again.

    • mikey7777

      #blacklivesdontmatter,oh well

      • slobotnavich

        All lives matter.

  • “The problem with it is it’s scary and it’s hard to name why,” explained Beth Negron of Fairfield, who has black relatives. “There’s a fear there of white supremacists (and) I’m not sure I can give you a logical reason.”

    That pretty much sums up the liberal mentality in one statement. It is “racist” for Whites to say this, but not blacks; it is scary, but they can’t say why; they are afraid of White supremacist but don’t know why, either. Of course, this person is White, too, and has black relatives. No wonder she is so screwed up. (Her last name is “Negron”? Is that real? You can’t make that up!)

  • Asouthernpartisan

    I wonder what they consider racist websites?