Rand Paul in Chicago: Crime ‘Not a Racial Thing, It Is a Spiritual Problem’

Bill Ruthhart, Chicago Tribune, May 28, 2015

Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul brought his presidential campaign to Chicago on Wednesday, appealing to African-Americans on the South Side, entrepreneurs downtown and Republicans in the suburbs.


Paul opened his speech by referring to the “black lives matter” refrain used by protesters after the controversial deaths of African-American men at the hands of police. Paul said the phrase reminds him of the deaths of Eric Garner, who was choked to death by officers in New York, and Freddie Gray, who was fatally injured in police custody in Baltimore. But Paul said the phrase also has meaning in Chicago.

“When I hear people say, ‘Black lives matter,’ I think of Jacele Johnson, who is 4 years old and got shot this weekend just a few blocks from here,” Paul said of the Englewood girl who doctors say is swiftly recovering after being shot on the left side of her head Friday night outside a family gathering. “You may be saying to yourself, ‘Why is this white guy saying black lives matter, what does he know about crime in my neighborhood?’ Well, I’ve got crime in my neighborhood too. . . . We’ve got some kind of thing going on in our country, and we need to come to grips with it.”

Paul then talked about a horrific 2011 case in his home state. “In my little town in Kentucky, a white woman cut a baby out of another white woman.

“There is crime going on all across America. It is not a racial thing, it is a spiritual problem,” Paul said. “I think government can play a role in public safety, but I don’t think government can mend a broken spirit. Government can’t provide you salvation, government can’t save you. . . . Ultimately, salvation is something you accept yourselves.”


His stop in Chicago came a day after the release of his book “Taking a Stand,” in which he makes the case for a new, more inclusive Republican Party, proclaiming the “Republican brand sucks.”

On Wednesday, Paul sought to bring that theme to the stump.

He advocated for reclassifying nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors as part of his call to end “mass incarceration” in America.

“We’ve got to rethink the war on drugs. We’ve got to find a better way,” Paul said. “We’ve got to treat drugs as a health problem, not an incarceration problem.”

Paul also called for providing “second chances” for felons to vote and seek jobs. And he pitched a tax-cutting program for businesses in low-income areas.


Paul proposed what he called “economic freedom zones” to dramatically lower corporate and income taxes for businesses in impoverished areas while also cutting the payroll taxes of their employees. He said the program would represent a $400 million tax cut for South Side businesses and could have prevented a nearby McDonald’s from closing.


Paul, though, closed his speech on his party’s future at home, giving a blunt assessment of the GOP’s outreach efforts.

“We have to be a party that has hope and has a cheerful message that says everyone is welcome. We don’t have to change our policy, we have to change our attitude,” Paul said. “If you talk to a lot of young African-American men or women, they’ll say, ‘You’re a Republican, you don’t like me.’ It’s the same with Hispanic voters, with almost any minority you can think of. We’ve got to conquer that with a better attitude, which is so much more important than policy.”


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  • I know that Rand Paul has a big “pot head” following, but I have to suspect that Rand Paul himself uses the hippy-lettuce.

    Naive, head-in-the-clouds, cranial rectal inversion,

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      Rand Paul is half a dogmatic individualist and half a sellout to neocons. All in all, Paul is a bad egg.

      • But haven’t you read the latest news? The neocons are dancing all over Rand’s political grave today because he came this close to suggesting that the neos be held accountable for toppling Saddam Hussein and creating a power vacuum that ISIS is filling.

        That’s what is so maddening about Rand Paul. I could sorta overlook (but certainly not agree with) this racial skullduggery when it comes to Africanus Bellcurvius if he was an immigration patriot. And provided he actually remained opposed to invading the world.

        • The power vacuum was caused by the pullout of US troops.

          • Who toppled Saddam in the first place.

          • If Oogabooga had not wanted the responsibility for ensuring stability in Iraq, he should not have run for President. All Presidents inherit foreign policy problems from previous administrations. The First Shoe-Shine Boy In-Chief threw up his hands and said (reading from a teleprompter) “Dis not be bein’ my problem, gnome sayin’?”

          • LHathaway

            You make an excellent point. “Oogabooga’, ‘shoe-shine boy in-chief’ and your use of Ebonics kind of throws your impartiality out the window.

          • I never claimed to impartiality except in my old days as a scientist. There are many excellent reasons I am a regular here, but race-neutrality isn’t one of them.

          • I never made any claim to impartiality about race.

          • Alden

            Every one of us shares Michaels opinion of the Soros Ayers Pritzker Eisenberg puppet in the White House

          • Cid Campeador

            It was Bush. But ya know? Saddam was no Eagle Scout but he kept a lid on the extremists.
            Same with Khadaffi.

          • Alden

            Saddam sold oil at at a reasonable price and Kaddifi kept the Africans out of Europe

          • LHathaway

            Considering these could all be sexual euphemisms, we should be at least getting some.

          • John Smith

            Yes, but we really didn’t need to be there and Saddam kept these people in check through means they understood and respected.

          • Alden

            Who were only there because the neo cons or as some call it the ZG ordered the invasion

            If Israel wants to keep its neighbors in a state of anarchy and chaos let it

            But don’t use American taxpayer money and American WHITE MALE
            combat troops to do it
            Especially when their co religionists in America have been working hard to destroy White Americans since 1880.
            Battle cry of the

        • Jason Lewis

          The neo cons are hoping for a Bush vs Clinton part 2.

          • LHathaway

            Bush vs Clinton. . That would mean almost 30 years or something (outside of Obama) of a Bush or Clinton in the White house. That’s almost an advertisement for a third party, or for Whites to vote White. Certainly it will be a reminder.

        • American Tax Payer

          Isolationism is what Ensures the Survival of The White Race (we’ve always been a minority even at our peak, you know this). We can have Fair Trade as it does improve the lives of others and our own but it must done very carefully due to abuse of it by non-whites and the bugs and diseases it brings.

          I COMPLETELY AGREE about Sadaam Husein. It takes a crazy to keep crazies in line and he did that. Quite well in fact. As did Mubarack and Quadaffi.

          Quadaffi said to Italy, ‘pay me and I’ll make the immigrants go away’. Italy paid and overnight, well over 90% of Italy’s immigration problem disappeared overnight. Quadaffi kept his word and I respect that.

          • Tony Murphy

            And maybe that was one of the reasons the globalists wanted him gone.

      • Petronius

        All ideologies and ideologues, including libertarian ideologues, are dangerous.

    • He recently went on record as saying that the rise of ISIS was all the GOP’s fault. Never mind that the Obamalamadingdong regieme has been running US foreign policy since early 2008, five years before things got out of control in Iraq and Syria.

    • Dr. Rieux

      The toxins from Rand’s made-in-China, dime-store wig have seeped into his skull and addled his brain.

      On a side note, are most politicians fools, liars or sociopaths? How else can they continue to belch forth what they do with a straight face?

    • Tony Murphy

      Hard to know if he’s genuine. He knows he has to nod in the direction of diversity, equality and probably pay a pilgrimage to Israel as well. Otherwise he’ll disappear from the media.

  • Publius Pompilius Quietus

    “He advocated for reclassifying nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors as part of his call to end “mass incarceration” in America.”

    • David Ashton

      EXACTLY SO. Let’s “decode” THEIR messages and “deconstruct” THEIR policies once in a while. Rat Paul is helping to sink SS America.

    • And, let us not forget, all the blacks who, guilty of violent crimes, can’t always get convicted. So, prosecutors get them to plea to the less serious offenses.

  • MekongDelta69

    I was going to comment on the original site earlier, but the Chicago Tribune does NOT allow comments.
    (Again – shocking, I know.)

    [You can guess what I would have said…]

  • D.B. Cooper

    Well, Rand has failed the litmus test. He is reaching out for black votes he’ll never have, while ignoring white voters. I have to shake my head knowing that about half of you Amren readers will vote for anyone with an R after their name. A republican who “reaches out” for black votes while doing nothing to get white votes is one of many automatic disqualifiers. I’ll vote for Hillary before I vote for Rand.

    • listenupbub

      He can not win that way. Republicans HAVE to win the white vote to have a chance. That is the only way they have won. It is pointless to even try for the non-white vote.

    • John Smith

      If he was smart, he’d have done better by pandering to Hispanics.

    • Dr. Rieux

      The Reagan Democrats can be won over more effectively than blacks or Latinos, but GOP big wigs continue to ignore them. It’s not for nothing conservatives call the GOP the stupid party.

      • Alden

        The Regaen democrats are long gone The manufacturing jobs are overseas Affirmative action and employer preference has banned White men from a lot if jobs
        The only labor unions left are the public employees unions dominated by women and minorities

        Regaen had a lot to do with the demise of the Regaen democrats He signed an an amnesty act he abolished some federal civil service exams because black applicants could not read and created incentives for the move of factories overseas

    • Best to focus on White women, White labor union members, young White people. Focus on these people, and get 90% of the White electorate that way. That will be a winning strategy. Don’t pay attention to the media.

  • Susannah

    I wince every time I see a new article featuring this shameful, pandering goofball.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      He’s only a bit off script from “Bulworth” (1998). All he needs to do now is start rapping and add a black female companion.

      • Susannah

        I really got a laugh out of that; I can actually envision it. I remember that dreadful movie.

      • Alden

        Maybe he can adopt a black baby and do like the actresses do Carry them around for photo ops until they are 7 years old 50 pounds and 4 feet tall

    • jayvbellis

      Susannah, well said.

      May I suggest you or some of our spirited sisters confront him in person, get in his face about the issues of crime from a woman’s perspective.

      Rand Paul has shown he’s a physical coward, running away from an aggressive illegal alien that confronted him in Iowa.

      It would BA a complete deal killer if Rand Paul got caught on camera running away, crying or getting his arse beat by a girl.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    It was that “mass incarceration” that cut crime rates for almost two decades. It has gone back up the last three years thanks to pro-crime geeks like Rand Paul. Rand Paul would never say white lives matter.
    But his pandering is having an impact. Last poll I saw he was languishing in 7th. Paul was up near the top before he started his racist pandering.

    • Those dummies always double-down and put the grovelling-pandering machinery into overdrive. It’s fun to watch.

    • Jaggers

      And yet now you see Rubio of all people topping the polls. Truly depressing.

      • Alden

        He and Cruz are jousting for the prize that will be bestowed by King Adelson of
        dual nationality

  • Ed

    So which one of you are voting for Paul?

    • John Smith

      No longer – this is too much. Libertarianism is great, if you know when to quit with it.

      • pennawhytmn

        My sentiments EXACTLY. I am actually registered Libertarian. But the parts of Libertarianism I like, self-reliance, small government, personal freedoms, etc. are squashed by the negatives. I am all for legalizing certain recreational drugs, abortion, basically people doing what they want with their own minds and bodies. But, as with all else in government, they take some great thoughts and then go too far. Libertarianism would be far more plausible in an ALL WHITE society

        • G-Man

          That’s the key. Libertarianism only works with those capable of appreciating liberty without sliding into license. Meaning, higher IQ, European whites, for the most part.

      • Douglas Quaid

        Rand is not a libertarian, Rand is a hack. Really race realism is what caused me to question a number of my libertarian ideas. While seeing what happened in Ferguson I found myself cheering the police on whole heartedly and calling for more tear gas, rubber bullets, sound canons, and strictly enforced curfews to subdue the savages.

        Libertarianism can only work in a society that can govern itself, unfortunately blacks seem to have a bit of difficulty in the area of self governance.

    • Scott Rosen

      Is Ron running again? Otherwise, I’m voting none of the above.

  • HJ11

    Rand Paul has lost my vote. Of course crime is race related!

    • Jason Lewis

      Unfortunately I’ve been pulling for him. Out of all the candidates I think he is the least worst so far. He is pandering to people who will never like him and he doesnt even know it.

      • Jaggers

        He does have his bright spots, being the least blatant neocon (but often failing even by those metrics). That said, his liberalism on race/crime more than cancels that out.

  • Deacon Blue

    Hey so who here thinks Rand has a toupee? Pretty obvious if you ask me.
    That birds next on his cranium must be impeding logical though. Crime is not race related. And eating food is not hunger related either, Rand!

  • WR_the_realist

    Ultimately Rand Paul will get maybe an extra 10,000 black votes across the country that would normally go to Democrats. He’ll lose millions of white votes for his desire to increase immigration. And sure, for every 5 horrid crimes by blacks we can find one horrid crime by a white. That does not mean that crime is not a racial thing.

    • BernieGoetzFan

      There is a zero percent chance that 10,000 black people will vote for Rand Paul.
      He will indeed lose many white votes though – he already has if you look at how he is sliding in the polls.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I think Ann Coulter had the perfect term for Rand Paul: “lickspittle.”

  • ZB01

    Rand Paul is the son of his father, Ron Paul; however, Rand Paul is not Ron Paul.

    • Scott Rosen

      I’m not even sure they’re related. The milkman cometh.

      • Of course they’re related, and of course that apple came from that tree, and rolled a little bit downhill which the tree couldn’t do because he was a tree. Ron Paul did his fair share of pandering, but it just wasn’t as obnoxious or as obvious as his son’s. Both of them have had their life’s M.O. of trying to do a curious mashup of libertarianism with the agenda of whoever they’re trying to impress at the moment.

    • jayvbellis

      No. Rand Paul gets most all of this pandering straight from his father.

      It’s the race denying Libertarian Constitutionalist cult and you have been enabling this terrible cult for too long.

      Get help. Get out.

      We need to be collectivists, work for the collective good of our people, or our people will suffer the same terrible fate as Whites in Haiti, Algeria, Rhodesia.

      Economic Conservatism, Libertarianism is hopeless in helping our people survive all out race and culture wars.

      If some political leader doesn’t fight for the right of our people to exist, what purpose do they have?

      Did you forget that Ron Paul took the 10th anniversary of the 9-11-01 terrorist slaughter of our people in our country to explain that “we deserved it” for insulting Saudi Arabia and for interfering in Arab Muslim countries.

  • LHathaway

    I remember movie critic Roger Ebert reviewing the film ‘Clockwork Orange’. He claimed the message of the movie is that, “In a world where society is criminal, the citizen may was well be criminal, too”. I suppose that has something to do with us being here.

  • Johann Wald

    I reckon it was an outbreak of spontaneous “spirituality” that resulted in 108 deaths in Baltimore, Chicago and New York over the 3 day weekend.

  • listenupbub

    In short: don’t vote for Rand Paul. He is an idiot.

    • IstvanIN

      The perm solution he uses has soaked into his brain.

      • Heinrich


  • Augustus3709

    We’re in trouble. Democracy has become a popularity contest appealing to the lowest common denominator of the mob. Will we have an Odovacer or Theodoric or equivalent Strongman to restore order within the decadent empire?

    • Scott Rosen

      I’m voting for Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho for president.

      • Unperson

        Well, he is certainly less less hostile to white people than our current president. After eight years of Obama, a Camacho presidency would actually be an improvement. I don’t totally trust the guy on economic and agricultural issues (he’s WAY too in the pocket of the Brawndo corporation for my liking), but I still pick up much less of a “Kill Whitey” vibe from Dwayne Elizondo than I do from Barack Hussein. And that, as Martha Stewart would say, is a Good Thing.



  • disqus_Xz3UA6obwj

    Crime is a spiritual problem?? That’s absurd. I’m a life long atheist, 54 years old and never once had a problem with the law. How many of these black gang bangers are atheists? There is a two bit church on every corner in the ghetto and it seems every other black man calls himself reverend. Maybe superstition is the problem.

  • Jessica Lee

    ugh, this guy again

  • alex

    “Paul then talked about a horrific 2011 case in his home state. “In my little town in Kentucky, a white woman cut a baby out of another white woman.
    “There is crime going on all across America.”

    Jodi Arias brutally murdered her boyfriend. To paraphrase Rand Paul, ” It is not a gender thing, it is a spiritual problem,”
    Most men aren’t rapists, murderers, perpetrators of domestic violence, etc., There are female rapists. Women do commit acts of violence against male and female partners. And yet, nobody tells campaigners against rape and domestic violence that they stereotype men.

  • NoMosqueHere

    He advocated for reclassifying nonviolent felonies to misdemeanors as part of his call to end “mass incarceration” in America.

    Release all the black gangster drug felons onto the streets of American cities. Great idea Rand. Maybe a few of the gangsters will enter government job programs. But most will transition into armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism for hire, kidnapping, carjacking, burglary…etc.

    • Heinrich


  • Jason Lewis

    “In my little town in Kentucky, a white woman cut a baby out of another white woman.” Why before commenting on blacks do white people feel the need to give a example of how we’re just as bad? Sick.

    • IstvanIN

      It is the modern equivalent to what my mother would say: “but so-and-so was black and he was nice”.

      • Scott Rosen

        I know a good one.

        • American Tax Payer

          Your token is seeking protection from you from his very own. That’s all you’re good for. Protection. You’re here to plead the case of your token when what you really should be doing is helping him fix his own community rather than helping him run from it.

          • Scott Rosen

            Sorry for the confusion. Sarcam doesn’t come across so well. In fact, I do not know a good one.

          • American Tax Payer

            Sorry! And don’t feel bad. I suck at trying to be funny while writing and I suck at sarcasm too worse than anyone!

      • American Tax Payer

        My stupid mother told me, “the only difference between backs and whites is blacks have big noses and big lips.” She should be so lucky she died when I was ten. I would have loved the chance to tell her, well over thirty-five years ago, how so very wrong she was.

        And she’s from Alabama. It must’ve been the news about the “poor oppressed blacks” she saw on the news during the Selma Days. No, we’re not from Selma. Daphne, Belle Forest, that area.

    • Scott Rosen

      But white people do it too!

    • Rhialto

      Not just as bad, but much much worse! White men do not lack the impulse control that Blacks do. But when inflicting violence and death on enemies becomes necessary, White men are unmatched.

  • Heinrich


    • NoMosqueHere

      They look cute together. Maybe they discussed their hair treatments.

    • WR_the_realist

      Shaking hands with race hustler Al Sharpton? Mr. Rent-a-Mob himself? That’s the last straw for me.

      • LHathaway

        Isn’t there a photo of Jared Taylor shaking hands with Jesse Jackson?

    • American Tax Payer

      He Betrays us with his Eyes Closed…

      Bags under eyes. No sleep. Always working to find that angle that would appeal to all people. Impossible to find but never impossible to keep lookin’.. People are right; Rand is a Traitor.

    • jaye ellis

      Rand Paul looks to be “wasted” on MJ when he took this photo with Al Sharpton.

    • Unperson

      “Eyes wide shut”, as the saying goes.

  • Hilis Hatki

    I thought it was a G thang.

  • De Doc

    Rand Paul’s attempt to court and pander to these minority groups has now entered the embarrassing phase,

    • It’s beyond “embarrassing” at this point; the doof is currently disintegrating and burning up on re-entry.

  • MBlanc46

    Everybody in Rand Paul’s audience knew who’s killing blacks in Chicago: other blacks. Half of them may have an IQ south of 85, but few of them don’t know the realities of ghetto life. Does Paul really think he’s going to win their allegiance by standing in front of them and telling them things that they know are false and that he must know are false, as well? Whatever you think about Rand Paul for other reasons, this alone disqualifies him for high office.

  • Paleoconn

    Rand Paul is an immigration squish too. See the video where he’s having lunch with Rep. Steve King and chickens out when a Dreamer interrupts their lunch. King demolishes the Dreamer, btw and her law student amigo. A thing of beauty. Men like King and Sessions are what gives me some hope for the stupid party.

  • Da Troof

    I actually used to like this guy, but he has revealed himself to be a bumbling idiot.

    • John Smith

      Me too.

    • John Smith

      I did too.

    • Douglas Quaid

      I liked his dad, a lot. This guy though…not so much. Oh well, I don’t vote anyway.

  • John Smith

    I think Rand must believe drugs are already legalized and started taking them early.

  • Let me say it again: Rand Paul is a TRAITOR.

  • Rossbach

    What is the story here: a pseudo-libertarian morphs into a RINO? If the GOP base is looking to people like this for leadership, they might as well hang it up.

  • Scott Rosen

    “You may be saying to yourself, ‘Why is this white guy saying black lives matter, what does he know about crime in my neighborhood?’ Well, I’ve got crime in my neighborhood too.”

    He has Africans in his neighborhood?

  • Scott Rosen

    I’m starting to think this apple fell from an entirely different tree.

    • jaye ellis


      Ron Paul has been doing this pandering for many years – when he got smeared for the race realist comments in his early 1990s newsletter – after that, non stop pandering to Blacks, even honoring birth right US citizenship to Islamic terrorist leaders in Yemen.

  • Mahound

    I think he is only acting in this way to get kosher media off his back. If he’d end up as the Republican candidate he would start speaking to white voters. Still a disgrace though.

    • So you think a kosher sycophant would shun White voters as a vehicle to get the nomination, but would then miraculously start representing the interests of White voters after riding the “blame Whitey/poor oppressed blacks” vehicle that put him into power?

      You really need to think about the rationale involved when you write things that have no logical basis in reality. Unless you have the money and power to sway the sycophants of Conservativeville, then being stabbed in the back is what you can expect. That’s what sycophants do.

    • jaye ellis

      “I think he is only acting in this way to get kosher media off his back. ”

      Your close, but it’s not to get the Lib/Leftist/Kosher media off his back, it’s get get Rand Paul on his knees and he has been down on his knees kissing *&*#@, licking boots ever since he got elected Senator from the 85% White state of Kentucky – but that needs to change!

      (#*$&# Rand Paul and the Libertarian cult!

  • Vito Powers

    From the article: “Paul proposed what he called “economic freedom zones” to dramatically lower corporate and income taxes for businesses in impoverished areas while also cutting the payroll taxes of their employees. He said the program would represent a $400 million tax cut for South Side businesses and could have prevented a nearby McDonald’s from closing.”

    Ah, yes! If it weren’t for those taxes, that “nearby McDonald’s” wouldn’t have closed. I’m quite sure their clientele had nothing to do with the decision.

    When I hear lines like “economic freedom zones”, I’m reminded of the late Supreme RINO Jack Kemp who used to babble such nonsense before Negro audiences.

    Seriously, the only guy who makes any sense on issues like immigration and trade is Donald Trump. I hope he gets into the race just to shake things up.

    • Ferguson was such an “economic freedom zone.”

      When Jack Kemp ran for President in 1988, he averaged 5% of the vote in primaries and caucuses he actually tried to be competitive in. There’s a good acid test for Rand Paul’s future.

    • jaye ellis

      “When I hear lines like “economic freedom zones”, I’m reminded of the late Supreme RINO Jack Kemp who used to babble such nonsense before Negro audiences.”

      You are correct. Rand Paul is getting close to being a Jack Kemp clone.

    • Alden

      The benefits of economic free zones all go to Indian Asian Arab etc crooked immigrants
      Why do you think every ghetto store is owned by them?

      It’s us the White taxpayers who essentially give the stores to crooked non White immigrants
      via all the tax exemptions never paid SBA loans EBT fraud etc

  • Jack Burton

    His black pandering has officially killed him politically, rather than him thinking it’s the way he’ll win.

    So let’s reduce incarceration by reducing the punishment. We could also reduce statistical crime by not criminalizing it, LOL. What a moron he is.

    • jaye ellis

      Rand Paul is doing exactly what Jack Kemp did when he ran for President and won almost nothing.

      He was rewarded with getting the Vice President nomination under Bob Dole – Bob Dole’s wife Libby Dole was apparently the main power that did this, socialite political wives like Libby Dole, John McCain’s blonde $ millionaire Hollywood premiere wife was also a terrible force in preventing McCain from using the Jeremiah Wright cult as a winning issue.

  • notaliberal

    “If you talk to a lot of young African-American men or women, they’ll say, ‘You’re a Republican, you don’t like me. It’s the same with Hispanic voters….”

    First off, this is not true as Republicans have pandered and made numerous attempts to ingratiate themselves with blacks and browns over the last 25 years. Secondly, the Democrats have become implacably hostile towards the white majority under Obongo and I expect that trend to continue since the die is now cast.

    Just when I want to like Rand Paul he does stupid things like this, but at least he’s now exposed himself as a left wing Democrat and Obama lite on social issues and know who not to vote for if it’s even worth a racially conscious white person voting.

    • Spikeygrrl

      “…Republicans have pandered and made numerous attempts to ingratiate themselves with blacks and browns over the last 25 years…”

      They have. But did any of it WORK? Of course not!

  • Hilis Hatki

    The great American democracy experiment is over, it failed due to contamination.

  • Snazzy Snook

    This dude is an idiot, just like his father ..

    • jaye ellis

      Well said.

      But Ron Paul cult members here and other places will insist that Ron Paul wasn’t this bad – the cite RP’s early 1990s newsletter that was critical of Black criminals, Black rioters in the Rodney King LW riots.

      When confronted with this “Terrible RACIST” comments (smear started by New Republic Magazine publisher Marty Peretz – homosexual, Lib Dem, but 110% pro Israeli war hawk) Ron Paul did a St. Peter and denied he wrote, or even read his own politically incorrect RACIST newsletter.

      Ron Paul has subsequently spent the last 10 years insisting he worships Martin Luther King Jr as a saint and anyway, racial, immigration problems are all caused by something to do with the Federal Reserve and “hard money”.

      What a#(*$(#@!

      I wonder if Constantinople had race denying Constitutionalist, Libertarian types like Ron Paul and Rand Paul in the final days when the Muslim Turk hordes with sacking the city, raping all the women, girls and yes boys?

      • WJaMrenfan

        I think you guys are a bit too hard on Ron Paul, who I supported. He said a lot of good things and was consistently against foreign adventures.

        Yes, when attacked by the usual suspects he tried to disavow some of his more heretical statements, e.g. that probably only about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions. But the guy was an elected official, and you know what happened to Trent Lott.

        Rand is more problematic. I cringe at a lot of the stuff he says but not all. The drug war is a disaster for everyone. Getting rid of it would cut a huge gang and terror funding source and lower crime. Tax the stuff like booze.

        And the Republican brand DOES suck. I don’t think blacks or Hispanics will ever vote for Republicans, even if they support easing up on the drug war. A Republican party that does that, and also takes on immigration, affirmative action, ends foreign wars and weaves in the environmental aspects and limited lower cost government could appeal to white people young and old.

        • jayvbellis

          If the alternative is Coleman Young, Marion Barry, David Dinkins, Tom Bradley – black pols who let Black mobs riot and loot, yes Hispanics, Asian merchants everyone else will vote GOP, vote the anti Black criminal candidate.

  • jaye ellis

    I know this sounds like a waste of time but please:

    Make the calls and e-mails to Rand Paul’s staff and tell them how upset you are that Rand Paul is pandering, being insane on crime, drugs, immigration.

    Use *67 to block your phone number and you can let the staff think you live in Kentucky.

    Be polite, but be firm.

    Here are some staff contacts in Washington:

    Contact his staff members by name:

    Chief of Staff: William Henderson
    Scheduler: Jessica Jelgerhuis
    Legis. Dir.: John Gray
    Communications Advisor: Sergio Gor
    Veteran Affairs LA: Brett King
    Military LA: Brett King
    Child/Family Issues LA: Natalie Burkhalter
    Health LA: Natalie Burkhalter
    Financial Services LA: John Gray
    Foreign Policy LA: Brandon Brooker
    Education LA: Natalie Burkhalter
    Agriculture LA: Carolyn Moffa
    Telecomm LA: Luke Mroz
    Elections LA: Billy Easley
    Energy LA: Paige Agostin
    Environment LA: Paige Agostin
    Firearms LA: Brian Darling
    Judiciary LA: Billy Easley
    Tax LA: John Gray
    Transportation LA: Brett King
    Trade LA: John Gray
    Commerce LA: Luke Mroz
    Labor LA: Natalie Burkhalter
    Budget LA: John Gray
    Arts/Humanities LA: Natalie Burkhalter
    Civil Rights LA: Billy Easley
    Government Affairs LA: Brandon Brooker
    Housing LA: John Gray
    Medicare/Medicaid LA: Natalie Burkhalter
    Appropriations LA: Various
    Science/Technology LA: Billy Easley
    Social Security LA: John Gray
    Space – NASA LA: Billy Easley
    Pensions LA: John Gray
    Animal Welfare LA: Carolyn Moffa
    Women’s Issues LA: Billy Easley
    Native American Affairs LA: None
    Immigration LA: Brandon Brooker
    Homeland Security LA: Brandon Brooker
    Sys. Admin.: None
    Press Secy.: Eleanor May
    Dep. State Dir.: Rachel McCubbin
    State Dir.: Jim Milliman
    Staff Contact: Eleanor May
    Director of Broadcast Media: Jillian Lane
    Washington Office Information:
    Room: 124 Russell Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    Phone: (202) 224-4343

    • Spikeygrrl

      Why are so many of his people in LA but the phone number is DC area code?

    • American Tax Payer

      You don’t have to pretend to be from KY. Paul is a Senator and that makes him a “Representative of America”. He gets to vote on Federal Law so he has to answer to all Americans.

  • Douglas Quaid

    There are few things that are more disgusting to watch than a man groveling and boot licking. Ron Paul was herculean in his opposition to the establishment, Rand is an embarrassment.

  • HJ11

    In saying crime is not a racial thing, Rand Paul said the equivalent of: “There’s no genetic reason why a race horse is faster than a plow horse. Why, they both bleed red blood. There are no breeds of horses, there is only the Horse Breed.” His denial of race is just plain stupid and he should know better.

  • Except now, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are both running as fast as they can away from Bill Clinton’s polices as President on not only violent crime, but also his opposition to gay “marriage,” DADT. I’m wondering how much longer HRC can get away with this forked tongue game of hers, running way from her husband while pretending to be the next coming of her husband at the same time.

    • Exuberant Auditor

      She might get away with the more liberal stances on the gay things given the opinion shift that occured since Clinton on those issues, but I still think running her mouth on prison population and disparate will not gain her any more popularity. And if she keeps doing it, she’ll sink in the polls. Which I hope will happen.

      • You’re right about the first part. All the gay donors and bundlers to Democrats, the party, and their candidates, won’t care about what HRC or BC did in the 1990s, they only care about what they’re doing now and going to do. While I also think it’s true that she’s going to hurt herself with her pandering to the black undertow, the problem is that almost all of the Republicans are doing the same kind of pandering — Rand Paul might be doing it the worst, but there are many more coming up behind him.

    • Alden

      She will be our next Pres I’m sure if it

  • Paul said. “If you talk to a lot of young African-American men or women, they’ll say, ‘You’re a Republican, you don’t like me.’

    No, they got it wrong. It is, “You are black, so I know you don’t like me, and I have good reason to despise you.”

  • Another thing Curly Rand DeRita doesn’t get is that blacks vote 99% Democrat because Democrats are the welfare party, the party that can offer more welfare than the Republicans. You won’t get the black vote unless you can promise more gibs than the Democrats, and that’s about as futile as trying to win a urinating match with a drunk. Rand Paul is nowhere near ready to get into a urinating contest with the drunkard Democrats over who can offer more gibs.

    • jayvbellis

      The Black strategy is to force both parties to pander to them. The Rand Paul, Paul Ryans, Jack Kemp’s never win anything from Black voters, but what they do win is that they are allowed to stay in the game, they get to be invited to David Axelrod’s political think tank in a Chicago, they get to speak to college students (without getting shouted down).

      This is called “mainstream acceptance” – we’re marginalized, outside the mainstream, forced to attend maybe one Amren conference a year.

      We have to change the “facts on the ground” where Whites who betray us face personal pain and discomfort.

      And don’t fall down in to gun violence, fantasies. Use weapons that are practical, loud music, shouting them down, getting the traitors friends and family to disown them.

  • rentslave

    In 1977,I saw the cops pound the hell out of a black guy in Covington,Kentucky.Perhaps that’s why their crime rate is low there.

  • Alden

    S South side blacks and White Republicab suburbanites whose Grandparents fled Chicago and who are now fleeing section 8 apartments planted in their towns

    Such a coalition sure to win

  • Alden

    I’m a great fan and donor to occidental dissent
    IQ isn’t everything as some think especially when it is used against us