Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is behind a controversial proposal to grant amnesty to more than 1 million people with open warrants for low-level offenses.

But some experts worry it could cause crime to skyrocket.

First he called for reduced penalties for smoking marijuana. Now, Bratton wants to explore granting amnesty to 1.2 million city residents with open warrants for low-level offenses, people who run the risk of being arrested for failing to resolve tickets for drinking in public, disorderly conduct and the like, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported Monday.

There is one statistic that shows the magnitude of the problem. Last year, of the hundreds of thousands of tickets that were given out for low-level offenses, fully 40 percent of the people either skipped the proceedings or didn’t show up, Kramer reported.

Several members of the City Council, concerned with police-community relations, said amnesty is an idea that should be looked at seriously. Council Public Safety Chair Vanessa Gibson said she favors doing something to eliminate a backlog that includes some summonses a decade old.




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  • Ordinarily I wouldn’t have much of a problem. It’s just that the phrase “low level offense” is subject to a lot of interpretation.

    • Low level offense=What they managed to get a conviction on.

    • johningermany

      straight on the screen, gay in real life. Please get rid of this picture, newsmax. It makes me sick.

    • Light from the East

      Theft is considered low level offense by the police definition and the police department does not take too much efforts dealing with this. So being a professional thief living on welfare cannot be punished? Then I think we don’t have a reason to work for income.

  • MekongDelta69

    But some experts worry it could cause crime to skyrocket.

    Could?! Seriously?!

    Best of luck with deBlackio…

  • Luca D.

    Liberal logic at work. Reward failure and punish success.

    • Petronius

      Also some Liberal anarcho-tyranny at work here.

    • Augustus3709

      It may be more sinister than that.

      They are intentionally holding down White people who could displace and replace them in their cushy overpaid jobs.

  • The 40% non-compliance is a third-world attribute that simply cannot be fixed.
    It is a blatant disregard for Western civilization. I understand law enforcement’s reluctance to push ahead. In the end, nothing will be achieved.

    • George Moriarty

      All part of our degeneration into a 3rd world culture and society. Let them off their low level traffic penalties or drunk and disorderly and you will certainly see the same leniency being extended to food and hygiene standards, trade qualifications and school attendance to name just a few examples.

      • DonReynolds

        Do away with the Rule of Law and there is no Natural Stopping Place.
        This is how the war will start in this country, between those who want the own law enforced (black) and those who want the old law enforced (white).

        • Raymond Kidwell

          This is why I’m looking to create my own secret society/diaspora community. The biggest problem I face in life is that most people I deal with are incompetent/criminals and there is no rule of law. Police, FBI, Department of Justice, Department of Labor etc. I have dealt with them all. They are unconcerned with major offences that they themselves call “top priorities”. Even when there are multiple witnesses, physical evidence etc. they seem to totally ignore major crimes (unless a rich person, Jew, relative of an officer etc. is a victim). This makes it hard for anything to function right. If you take your car to the mechanic for an oil change he might just replace your engine and charge you $5,000. You can’t report it to anybody because the police/government doesn’t care. The only thing you can do is shoot him/break his legs. Then things descind into anarchy. This is why mexico and now most of the United States is full of shootings, stabbings etc. and look like a war zone. It goes directly back to the police and government not enforcing the law which means you can either be a victim or take justice into your own hands. so we have degraded into viking times in many neighborhoods. Even relatively low I.Q., criminally inclined people will behave rather peaceably when there is rule of law. The massive shootouts are a direct result of a FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP. This chaos is coming from the top down.

          Oddly whenever I watch PBS they always brag that the U.S. has rule of law which attracts business and gives us a competitive advantage. I wonder if they are living in the same U.S. I am. Drive by shootings are pretty normal here. As well when they talk about whites controlling everything. we have a black mayor in this city, a black president of the country,etc. I guess it all depends on your perspective.

          But I don’t believe whites will riot in the streets (not many). People seem mostly too dumbed down to care. The problem is the poor bear the brunt of all these problems (for now at least) while people with money can live in safe neighborhoods that have a real police department, fairly competent and compliant businesses etc. Yes the disease is infected them occasionally but its still relatively stable and prosperous.

          Besides that rich white people seldom feel the anti-white marxism. Maybe that’s why Amren writers actually believe the world is against minorities. If white people were no longer allowed into harvard, if you couldn’t get a tax exemption if you are white (but can get it for not being white) the government refused to buy anything from white people, it was made illegal for white males to be CEOs etc. then whites at the top would be experiencing the equivalent of what working class whites go through. I mean if it was virtually illegal for a white male to be successful, have a job, go to school, run a business etc. at the top, then that would be roughly what is going on at the bottom.

          Take starting a business. Poor people must go through the SBA. They don’t have resources to fund themselves. Millions of people get funded. Nearly every street corner is a business started by a low income immigrant through an SBA loan (or a black etc.). Yet white males are discriminated against. This is not a small thing, but the difference between living under a bridge and achieving the American dream. If you are a white male, you aren’t allowed having this. The best you can do is sue the SBA for discrimination, which has been done many times before (successfully).

          We can’t get welfare even when we qualify for it due to massive discrimination in the system. We are often blocked from going to college period due to our race or gender (not just given less preference or kept out of the best schools, but now allowed to go to school at all). We get physically attacked and gunned down, while police do nothing. If we mutter something “racist” we might be threatened and told we’ll lose what little we have for expressing an independent thought. If we are smarter or work harder than average we’re told that our success is the result of “racism” and that we don’t deserve what little we have. We are forced to go to schools or work at businesses that give speeches on an almost daily basis telling us that whites are scum and “white males are the problem”.

          I think this would all end pretty quickly if rich whites we subjected to the same experiences. I think they are in denial about how hostile it really is for lower class whites, and many of them really don’t care. They actually believe this narrative that minorities fail due to racism and whites controlling everything. In reality minorities are given piles of resources and most of them are still too dumb to use them, while a huge hostility exists against any low or middle class white male. Despite overwhelming oppression, white males from the bottom still over perform.

          This happened historically with Jews. Despite massive discrimination against Jews in top schools (like Harvard) they still scored higher on tests and were over represented at the top (but were under represented when adjusting for scores). So the natural progression of this is that non-jewish whites will need to organize and evolve in a dispora similar to how Jews have adapted to the racism and hostile environments. That’s basically what I’m looking to do myself- form a civilized diaspora community among the chaos of “others” out there.

          As the noose tightens around lower class/working class people you just see a rise in membership in gangs or similar organizations where people feel protected from the crime and lawlessness around them and also see some economic opportunity. Most people join these groups just based on that simple factor: the streets aren’t safe (or prisons) so they affiliate for safety and secondly there’s no opportunity for them no matter how smart they are or how hard they work, so they join the gang for that. So the natural result of this is among all races you will see more gangs/mafias. Eventually, like in Mexico, the gangs start to become stronger than the government.

          Our leaders are hanging a noose around their own neck and also making conditions miserable for regular people as well. I can only conclude that they are morons. We have a brain drain. No amount of argument or literature will persuade someone who is illiterate and too dumb to lead. So naturally I just look to have my own enclave of rational people who are capable of enforcing simple rules and laws within the group.

          • DonReynolds

            Whites are not going to riot. No one can remember when they did. Why would they act like Negroes? Anyone waiting for whites to riot is going to have a long wait. Whites have their own methods for dealing for injustice and threats and it does not include looting Walgreens or throwing rocks and bottles at the police.
            Even during the worse days of WWII, there was no rioting by whites…..not in Germany, or France, or England. The closest thing you will find is labor union strikes and unrest and I have not seen that in decades.
            The main advantage the USA had for most of my life was protection of private property. That is what made it practical to do business in this country. The next main advantage the USA had over so many other places was a fairly honest bureaucracy. Cops here would arrest you if you tried to bribe them. In Mexico, and many other places, they expect (or demand) bribes. That difference was more a reflection of the mores of the people of this country. Americans are basically honest people and they are anxious when things are not honest.

  • Dave West

    Hey modern day low-crime NYC, remember me? I’m the crime infested NYC of the 70’s and 80’s! I’ll be paying a permanent visit very, very soon!

    • SentryattheGate

      I remember those days when muggings were rampant in NY, the murders numbered in the thousands, and tourists were scared off! Mayor Guiliani had police knuckle down on minor crimes, using the logic that minor criminals, w/o punishment, escalate in the level of their crimes. And it worked! I agree w/ Question Diversity; ‘low level offense is a matter of interpretation’.

      • Yeah, but that was before the “community organizer” got into the White House, and the US and New York City became dominated by Cultural Marxists.

      • GAWZ

        Ah yes; the pre-digital camera/satellite uplink days.

      • MBlanc46

        It doesn’t matter if the level is low, it’s an offense. If they want to eliminate low-level offenses, that’s up to them, but to keep them on the books and not enforce them is subversive of civilization.

    • GAWZ

      If they are low crime then why the amnesty?

      • Dave West

        Compared to other large cities.

    • DonReynolds

      What they call “low level crime” in NYC could get you a decade of prison time in a Red State……your ear chewed off by the K-9 doggie, and very possibly beat half to death by the deputies.

      • Recently in my small Southern town, a dusky fellow from a nearby Africanized city was pulled over while speeding down the main highway around noon. When they found a large assortment of drugs in his car, he tried to run. When the ambulance finally came to take him to the county jail, it was well after dark. What happened to him in those hours between lunchtime and his removal to the slammer remains a mystery. But it’s a certainty that his friends and associates will think twice before trying the same stunt here.

  • Simonetta

    This is long overdue. The entire mentality of escalating low-level mis-behavior and lifestyle ‘offenses’ like using and trading in minor intoxicants into real crimes requiring arrest, detention, and permanent NCIC paper-trail is absurd. It rarely discourages people from impromptu bad behavior and makes no difference at all in reducing ‘crimes that are not crimes’, like consensual private sex to intoxication preferences.
    There needs to be a whole new way of dealing with minor misbehaviors and a complete removal of lifestyle crimes from the entire criminal justice system.
    And a removal of all NCIC criminal records for any non-violent crime for anyone who manages to go three years after their prison/parole period without being arrested. And a complete purging of all the drug arrests of everyone for the past 40 years.
    Time for a jubilee. Way overdue.

    • George Moriarty

      If you are serious I disagree completely. We need to get tough on the minor offences, especially while the offenders are young and this will stop the major offences along the way. We need to get tough on all crime. Singapore has been an excellent example. I also understand they are pretty tough on crime in Saudi Arabia. The government there is advertising for executioners. Duties include amputating hands from thieves and beheadings for those who consume alcohol or criticise Islam. Drastic yes, but at least they don’t pussy-foot around with criminals who break their laws and neither should we.

    • How long have you been on this website? Let us educate you. Police in New York, or any other big city, don’t have time for low level crimes. It is merely a way to control the violent black and brown criminal element. You can’t always get convictions on the big stuff, so you get them on the small stuff. And, until now, it has worked! Be very suspicious when blacks and liberals oppose something: Ninety-nine times out of a hundred it was something worthwhile.

    • Who Me?

      If a charge warrants a few days or weeks in the local jail, lock them up immediately and keep them there the required amount of time. Immediate and absolute punishment is the only way certain protected classes learn.
      You advocate permanent removal of criminal records for non-violent crimes after 3 years, I would say after 5-7 years. After that period of time, the criminal has either re-offended (same crime or other) reformed or died.
      On the other hand, re-institute harsher penalties for violent crimes, up to and including the liberally applied death penalty.

      • One has to be arraigned within 72 hours of the original arrest. What these dirt-bags are doing is refusing to pay tickets or do their community service. My last ticket saw no arrest, no fine or court costs, only 24 hours of community service, picking up trash along I-25 in town. I was guilty of “improper use of a communications device” for saying something someone didn’t like. I really liked the folks I was stuck working with, so it wasn’t a big deal. One of the neighbors looked after Ariadne while I was out.

        Getting this stuff fixed is easy: just do your bit.

    • MBlanc46

      That might be true. But it’s not what they’re doing. They’re still offenses. They’re just not going to be enforced. Worst of both worlds.

  • Brady

    Low level offenses, if they’re not dealt with, run the risk of escalating into something worse. Plenty of murders start out as fistfights.

    • Who Me?

      It is not murder if someone gets hit too hard in a fistfight and later dies. It is usually manslaughter.

      • ghettovalley

        In the black community fights are a little different. It’s likely that one or more participants will produce a knife and stab someone, or possibly pull out a handgun and open fire indiscriminately, hitting an innocent bystander or perhaps a child or two. If you give them an inch they take a mile, as the saying goes. Not prosecuting them for minor crimes will almost certainly lead to them committing more serious ones.

  • superlloyd

    No doubt this comes from De Blasio who wants to regain credit with those blacks who gathered to criticise him At the Abyssinian church a couple of days ago. Why is the left so dumb? Increased crime will severely undercut their support. Duh.

    • They aren’t dumb. They’re traitors, suicidal, or both.

      • Ohmy!

        These liberals have zero common sense. The loonies are running the country.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Last year, of the hundreds of thousands of tickets that were given out for low-level offenses, fully 40 percent of the people either skipped the proceedings or didn’t show up, Kramer reported.

    So the answer is amnesty? Good way to create respect for American law.

    Why have police at all in NY City? I think DeBlasio should disband the police dept.

    Let anarchy, chaos and violence reign. Let it be as it was in the days of Dinkins: the streets were pigsties, crime levels were astronomical, Grand Central Terminal was a “giant flophouse,” the subways were garbage filled and covered with graffiti and ridership plummeted and the squeegee army was out in force

    Cops in NY City can join the Baltimore police looking for new departments.

  • GAWZ

    Why not? Issuing tickets is to create revenue for the State, not discourage someone from sneaking a beer while sitting in the park or jaywalking across the alley. Let’s say that no one drank in public or ever exceeded the speed limit, etc. The ‘powers that be’ would have to create new laws with similar sanctions to make up for lost revenue. Walking the wrong way down a one way sidewalk or failure to come to a complete stop before proceeding onto a crosswalk.

    • Maybe they can just raise taxes on working white people to compensate for the lost revenue by the non-collectable judgements and fines?

  • InAFreeCountry

    So many people didn’t show up for court, so why bother? That’s their attitude? How about they pay back the fines to the ones that DID show up, then.

  • LHathaway

    If Hispanics can be given Amnesty then surely black minor criminals can be given it too. Preferably let out in Hispanic neighborhoods. With these two groups given Amnesty then surely Whites are eligible for a much-needed sanctuary.

    • DonReynolds

      There is no gratitude for amnesty, particularly if it is demanded.
      The only sanctuary Whites are going to ever get are the ones they create by sanitizing a place at bayonet point and keeping the filth out of it. Yes, I know…..not really a sanctuary…..just a liberated zone.

      • LHathaway

        Liberated zone. I like the sound of that.

    • HE2

      If Hispanics can be given Amnesty then surely black minor criminals can
      be given it too. Preferably let out in Hispanic neighborhoods.

      Problem is, LHathaway, thanks to freeways and urban to suburban light rail systems, mestizos, asians, blacks have easy access to our stable, tax paying, >95% White suburbs.
      As a result, upscale S.F. East Bay areas with negligible crime stats are presently being terrorized by
      Concord, Richmond and Oakland Asian, black, and mestizo crews systematically conducting home invasions,
      burglaries, front porch parcel thefts, car thefts, vandalization, “shoulder surfing” ATM robberies, purse snatching, etc.
      Gratefully, we are highly vigilant with organized n’hood watch
      groups. Within minutes of reported activity, our much respected police are summoned,
      notification with descriptions are posted on our town’s Patch forum.
      uptick in crime is a recent development, disturbing, but apparently necessary to awaken
      us from complacency to heightened home security, stronger locks, placement of strategically located home CCTVs, and watchful alert.
      Within the last few months, a couple returning from a concert stopped at a red light in Walnut Creek, the wife driving their late model Mercedes, the husband in the passenger seat.
      A carload of mestizo Concord-ites, possibly intent on jacking the couple’s vehicle pulled up alongside, opened fire, killing the woman driver. The criminals sped away as quickly as possible. I do not know if they were apprehended or not.

      • LHathaway

        ‘Shoulder surfing’ – you got a laugh out of me on that one.

  • DonReynolds

    Yet another Obama maniac. Cannot change the law, but they can ignore it.
    Stop enforcing the law and there will be no law.
    Warning Liberals…..You will miss it.

  • MBlanc46

    Are they just giving up enforcing the law against black people (and others who may profit from the amnesty).

  • Hammerheart

    This will initiate a fall into lawlessness. People get what they vote for.

  • Ella

    How many of these low-level offenders will kill Americans by DUI’s? Are we so desperate to recruit petty criminals for citizenry with 320 million and counting????????

  • Vito Powers

    From the article: “Council Public Safety Chair Vanessa Gibson said she favors doing something to eliminate a backlog that includes some summonses a decade old.”

    What a surprise! Council Public Safety Chair Vanessa Gibson be a woman of color ie Negro.

    If the 40% don’t turn up in court for committing low-level crimes, should we think they’ll show up for court appearances for committing even bigger offenses?

    Another cave-in to the Negro tribe.

    • Lexonaut

      “If the 40% don’t turn up in court for committing low-level crimes,
      should we think they’ll show up for court appearances for committing
      even bigger offenses?”

      Of course we should. They’re good people, one and all, turning their lives around. It’s we who are the bad guys, holding court and putting them in prison, all to keep them from working.

      • Major offenses generally require pre-trial detainment, or else a bond being posted. In NYC, that would be Riker’s Island, which I understand is quite unpleasant even by jail standards. The worst I can say about the county jail in Colorado Springs is that the food is terrible, and that the city bus does not run past it on Sundays, which means if one is released on a Sunday, one is stuck hitch-hiking home. Another inmate and his wife gave me a ride the last time; I was lucky. The fact that I look harmless doubtless helped.

        • Lexonaut

          I’ve only seen Riker’s on TV but it seems fairly clear that it’s a zoo. That said, a propliner taking off from La Guardia crashed on Riker’s Island in the late 50s. Inmates were released from the jail to help with the rescue effort, and nobody tried to escape that I can recall.

          • I read about that one. Some of the more heroic inmates who rescued the passengers were rewarded by having their charges dismissed. Jail is just a slice of Americana. Unfortunately, we are importing less and less functional people as immigrants, while subsidizing their fecundity.

          • Lexonaut

            Section 8 is indeed a problem. However, while it’s mandated federally it’s administered locally and there are ways of fighting back.

            I may have the details wrong but about a year ago one of the Chicago Gold Coast luxury buildings had a problem with too many blacks qualifying for the Section 8 housing. What the developers did was to lobby their alderman to help get the income subsidy changed from three times average local apartment rental to two times. That was enough to completely change the character of the mix of Section 8 tenants in the building. Would this kind of thing always work? I dunno.

    • ghettovalley

      She’s pretty ugly. Why do black women straighten and dye their hair like that? Black women sure do seem desperate to look like white women. And black men seem very desperate to date one, even if she is obese. Understandable, I suppose, as most white women are feminine and beautiful, and black women…. Well, not so much.

    • DonReynolds

      In this country, we do not just forget the offense if you can evade capture long enough or flee to another state. If you robbed a bank and you are caught years later, you do not get to keep the money. We need to keep offenses on the books and enforce them when we apprehend them, no matter how long it takes. We get the same arguments regarding illegal aliens. They think if they can avoid being deported long enough they become instant citizens. That is not what the law requires.

  • Augustus3709

    They were supposed to integrate with us, not us with them.

  • Lexonaut

    I will never set foot again in NYC, the city of my birth.

    It was bad enough in the late 80s when my wife and I had a software consulting business there before Giuliani had been elected mayor. After watching 30,000 people march down Broadway last November, led by the Oakland NBPP, and given the news in this article, the city is finished.

    I’m not afraid but I”m also not stupid. NYC is about to become part of Africa and I won’t miss it.

    • My aunt and uncle live on Long Island, and I haven’t been out to visit them in over 20 years. I have no interest in doing so.

      • Rob

        I went there 2 years ago and it is still whitopia in most places, but Manhattan is a different story. However the white kids in Long Island and also in white cities like Boston and other closeby cities all act black and dress up like whiggers and talk like them. The worst of all these same kids also listen to negroid music.

  • Who Me?

    Does rioting and mob violence come under “disorderly conduct” aka a low level offence?
    (We already know that jumping up and down on the roof of a car screaming “burn this b*tch down” is not a chargeable offence of any kind.)

  • Rob

    In my city a lot of negroes have come here from other parts of the country and the world. The bus is filled with them and so is the little community college I teach. Everywhere I look, I see those disgusting black faces. I think it is only going to get worse.

  • ghettovalley

    I agree, but they shouldn’t be consuming them in public, walking down the street. That should most certainly be a crime. Do you want your kids to see some bum drinking beer on the street out of a paper bag, or openly smoking a crack pipe?

  • Low level ticketing should be ended. Street Urinating, or fare beaters must be tolerated, smoking bans can be lifted. But violent behavior should be ticketed. Laws against murder must be enforced by jail time. New ideas are needed by concerned citizens.

    • Vito Powers

      Yes, but there must be strict compliance with pooper scooper laws. Negroes aren’t very housebroken when it comes to bodily functions.

  • GAWZ

    Fines were originally intended to discourage bad behavior. The concept has devolved into nothing more than another form of taxation. A cop that does not write tickets is not going to be a cop for very long.

    • Absolutely correct, but this form of taxation is relatively easy to avoid, if one is smart enough to behave one’s self. It is thus a tax for idiots, rather like the lottery, which is basically a special tax on people who are bad at math.

  • The Skeptic

    Broken Windows policy in reverse?

  • Not collecting the fines on these petty offenses is going to hurt the city budget. If we assume $100 each, that means the city is going to be short $120 million.

  • ElComadreja

    Why shouldn’t they skip? They’re probably illegal aliens with several aliases or blacks that just don’t care..

  • Walter Goerlitz

    Democratically controlled since 1967 and yet Utopia has not arrived. Keep Police out of these areas and let the people manage themselves. In a few years there will be less problems.

    • Rob

      Then they will say that whites are racist for not stopping the crimes there.

      • Walter Goerlitz

        They started that claim already in Baltimore.

  • ghettovalley

    For some reason I find this even more disgusting, that it is actual human hair.