Baltimore Police, City and Community Concerned over Surge in Violence

Justin George, Baltimore Sun, May 18, 2015

Across from a CVS drugstore in West Baltimore that remains shuttered and charred from last month’s riots, two high-top tennis shoes remained on the sidewalk Monday, surrounded by police detectives and crime tape.

It was the scene of the city’s 164th nonfatal shooting this year.

While police and city officials deal with continued fallout from the death of Freddie Gray, they also are confronting escalating violence. Homicides are up nearly 40 percent compared with the same time last year, while nonfatal shootings are up 60 percent.

Most of the homicides have occurred in the Police Department’s Western District, where Gray was arrested. {snip}

On Monday, minutes after reports of the shooting near CVS, two of the department’s highest-ranking officers arrived at North and Pennsylvania avenues to look over the crime scene. Their presence underscored concern about the uptick in violence. Recent incidents have included five people wounded in an East Baltimore shooting Saturday and two homicides Sunday.

“This is equally as unacceptable to the people here as it is to us,” said Deputy Commissioner Kevin Davis as customers popped into carryouts and basement shops around him.

“Definitely, some people in the community are just as frustrated,” added Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere.

As he spoke, a man rode by on his bike, calling out to police: “All day, every day, we will fight for Freddie Gray.”

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said detectives are working to arrest suspects and that police “have to keep adjusting our tactics to stay ahead of the violent repeat offenders that are causing this violence.”

“What we’ve seen over the past few weeks will not be tolerated,” she said. “I want to assure the community that every available resource will be utilized to make our community safer.”

Rawlings-Blake also downplayed concerns expressed by some Baltimore officers that members of the force are hesitant to make arrests after prosecutors brought charges in the Gray case, and that criminals might take advantage.

“People have said, ‘Well, it’s because morale is down,’ or, ‘It’s because the officers were charged,'” Rawlings-Blake said of the violence. “We don’t know that, and we have to follow the information that we’re getting through those investigations, and that is what the Police Department is doing.”


Among the 34 people killed in the past 30 days in Baltimore was Tahlil Yasin, 39, who was shot Thursday in the 2100 block of Edmondson Ave.

Nathan Thomas, 38, grew up with Yasin and said his cousin was funny and loyal but looked to the streets for opportunity.

“He was making a lot of bad decisions, he was living a lifestyle that was not conducive to positive growth,” Thomas said. “He was caught up in the lifestyle I used to be caught up in years ago. I just made a conscious decision to stop taking from the community.”


“It’s a lack of respect for human life, and specifically, a lot of folk may not want to admit it, but for a lot of youths–a lot of black youths–they look at one another as the enemy,” Thomas said. The violence “just shows to the majority of us that black lives don’t matter.”


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  • It’s the Ferguson Effect, or so it has been called around here. It was first noticed after the Cincinnati riots of 2001, that for around two years after the riots, a combination of an amped up black undertow and trigger shy cops will mean that black crime will be higher than usual.

    • Good point. I like “Ferguson effect.” That needs to be used by conservatives. After all, liberals are always so good at changing the language, why not conservatives?

  • MekongDelta69

    “No money to be extorted here. Move along. Nothing to see here.”

  • DaveMed

    “The violence ‘just shows to the majority of us that black lives don’t matter.'”

    Always the victims. Always externalize the blame.

    • Dr. Rieux

      Introspection is a white (and Asian) thing.

  • Luca D.

    Liberal politicians and a minority population = the descent of civilization.

    This scenario is being played out in city after city and liberals insist that if only they had more money the problem could be solved.

    • S. Haugen

      why not solve it by putting a slug through the head of liberals, starting with the biggest fuckhead of them all Hillary Clinton?

      • Spikeygrrl

        Ummmm… did you forget about Bathhouse Barry? Compared to him, Hellary is an amateur.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    “……he was living a lifestyle that was not conducive to positive growth”. Now that man has a future in politics.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Citizens getting robbed and stripped by diversity, didn’t bother you, Baltimore? Some of you people here on Amren may have forgotten, but I didn’t.

    • TruthBeTold

      I have a file of these incidents. They’re so common it’s difficult to remember them all.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Buy Colin Flaherty’s books. He catalogs nationwide incidents exhaustively, often complete with links to live amateur video at the scenes. No matter how aware you think you are, his material will knock you flat.

        Full disclosure: I have no personal or professional relationship with Mr. Flaherty. I am simply an admirer of his eye-opening work.

        • I think I will buy some of his books, and donate them to my local public library.

  • Don Eladio


  • Dave West

    A do-nothing negress mayor + blacks given a “space to destroy” + riot + looting + incompetent black AG caving to mob rule + large black population + irrational hate for cops + entitlements + media showing blacks as victims + Odumbo

    = EQUALS = ………………………………………

    A 40% rise in crime, I saw that one coming from 1000 miles away!

    • Light from the East

      And liberals want to persuade everybody we will be better off without the police. 2015 crime report of New York is going to prove their ridiculous logic.

  • superlloyd

    Going soft on the undertow only emboldens the criminals who comprise a large part of their feckless, amoral members hence these figures. Good job, black run Baltimore PD.

    • Dave West

      Libtards will figure that one out after the Cleveland Browns win 5 consecutive Super Bowls!

  • Jason Lewis

    Homicides up 40% and non-fatal shootings up 60%. Sounds like they’re taking care of the problems themselves.

    • ejXinMI

      I hope the ‘good works’ continue.

    • sl

      Except they breed so much it barely makes a dent. And they bring that violence to white areas with assault, rapes, robberies and murders.

    • Nah, that was only because the homicide rate in Baltimore was so low last year that it was bound to go up. (Yeah, and if you believe that, I will tell you another…)

  • I agree; the black undertow in Bodymore needs to fry in its own oil.

    Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said detectives are working to arrest suspects and that police “have to keep adjusting our tactics to stay ahead of the violent repeat offenders that are causing this violence.”

    I hope the detectives are taking their good ole sweet time.

    What all these hands up don’t shoot and black lives matter dweebs don’t realize is that homicide police work isn’t magic, you don’t get credible leads and probable cause evidence from a tree. Big city homicide detectives and the street beat level cops in the same department have to have information and intelligence to be able to triangulate their way to a suspect. And getting that info and intel is often not pretty. Plain words, if the other side hobbles the cops to the extent they truly want, they won’t be able to solve black urban homicide cases even if they wanted to.

    • pennawhytmn

      And hopefully the “problem” continues to be fed and is compounded. Failure to solve these homicides is a blessing for those who choose not to live in that environment. They will continue to kill one another until they actually are caught. The longer they get away with these crimes, the more they will commit, and the longer it is until we the taxpayers have to pay to cage them. We need the police handcuffed even further to allow the zoo to resemble, as much as possible, the jungle that these creatures are native to. Outside observers need more and more evidence as to what Black existence truly is.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    From BaltimoreCBSLocal:

    William Scipio heads Sandtown’s Resident Action Committee–an area once at the heart of April’s unrest.

    Ileto: “When was the last time you’ve personally seen an officer in Sandtown?”

    Scipio (author of article): “Since the riots.”

    I’m trying to care.


    Re-route all calls for police from Scipio’s district to Rawlings-Blake’s office.

    • Alexandra1973

      You owe me a new monitor!

    • Thanks, Bon. I saved that one.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        They’re actually gifs. Go here to see them in action:

        mrwgifs com/windows-is-attempting-to-give-a-damn-gif/

        s236 photobucket com/user/jrgdds/media/Ohio%20State/Give-a-damn-o-meter gif html

  • Somewhat OT

    Two big stories broke locally yesterday that AR covered in their initial manifestations:

    First, a St. Louis County grand jury returned a slew of indictments against 20-year old Jeffrey Williams for his having shot two cops during a Ferguson rally that took place in reaction to Ferguson PD Chief Thomas Jackson resigning, though the two cops he shot were not Ferguson PD, they were from other St. Louis County agencies there to make sure that the protest didn’t turn into a riot. Williams was not indicted for the special crime of first degree assault on a cop or law enforcement or peace officer, because the grand jury didn’t think that there was enough of a puncher’s chance that the petit jury could be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Williams knew he was shooting at cops and deliberately did so. However, even with the charges he’s facing, there are enough to keep him in state prison for quite a long time, and considering who the St. Louis County Circuit Attorney is, his life and family history, one that the whole world knows by now, he’s going to see to it that Williams gets the max on the charges the GJ did issue.

    Second, a joint task force between St. Louis City Circuit Attorney’s office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Eastern Missouri announced that the as yet and hopefully never identified SLPD Officer will not be charged with anything for his role of ending the life of one VonDerrit “Droop” Myers Jr., St. Sandwich of Ham, in the Shaw neighborhood back in October. One thing that the official report indicated that cleared up something I thought all along but turned out to be wrong is that I thought that Myers aimed his (“–“) gun at the cop, pulled the trigger, but the gun jammed and this saved the cop’s life, then the cop returned the favor. Actually, the truth was that Myers shot first and did get off a good shot that missed the cop, there were several back and forth rounds that ended when the cop hit Myers. Anyway, nothing ever became that one in life like the leaving of it, and yes, Earl, I know I’m stealing your line.

  • journey

    What’s the problem? Blacks behaving as usual when left on their own. But be sure to keep the eternal handouts coming otherwise that would be racist.

    • S. Haugen

      LOL well written. Yes and do not turn your head when you pass these dogs. and wellfare is good otherwise you have another riot.

    • Dr. Rieux

      Not paying Shanaynay to pop out 8 to 10 sprogs, each sired by a different sperm donor is a microaggression.

      • Alden

        Donor implies some thought and intention. I prefer the term squirter.

  • TruthBeTold

    Racist white people just don’t want to spend the money needed to solve these problems.

    What else could it possible be?

    • S. Haugen

      Do you feel special? We hve the same problem in Norway where i am from, Sweden, Denmark etc. etc. negros and arabs fight over to have the lowest IQ score adn kill, rape and maim the most whites. When are we gonna kill the sub-humans and their friends the democ(rats)?

      • HamletsGhost

        I thought it had already started with Breivik.

    • A Freespeechzone

      It’s money wasted.

  • InAFreeCountry

    They are simply taking advantage of their safe space to destroy.

    • John Smith

      Acting out their aggressions against “white privilege.”

  • WR_the_realist

    Somebody explain slowly and carefully to me why I should care more about black lives than black people do themselves.

    • Alexandra1973

      It’s the least you can do to show how contrite and sorrowful you are for enslaving their however-many-great-grandparents.

      A little groveling wouldn’t hurt either.

  • MBlanc46

    We whites should just stop paying to police black neighborhoods. If they think that the cops are so bad, let them do without them.

  • RonanTheLibtardian

    Oh, they’re just silly “teens”.

    • Jim Kental

      Good one!!!!!

  • Hilis Hatki

    People better have a surge protector.

  • Jim Kental

    This just shows the stupidity and insanity of blacks. I say let all the police withdraw from all black areas……. this way their numbers will dwindle quickly….. and believe me, they will.

    • 4321realist

      I agree.

    • ElComadreja

      Keep the fire department and ambulance services out of there too.

  • Exuberant Auditor

    Good! I hope crime soars even more. That’ll teach em to turn against their cops. Enjoy human nature in its entire ugliness explode in your face when a strong third-party authority is absent. And not just any human nature, but the Negro one–the lowest-IQ and most prone to that behavior. I hope you kill each other off and keep enforcing your own justice in neverending vendettas without the police interfering. That might have just been the final solution to the Negro problem all along right there under our noses.

  • Dr. Rieux

    Incredible. They can’t see the direct link between their thuggery and general dysfunction and the violence and rising crime of the cities in which they live. Just incredible.

    One of the biggest critici sms about the bad old days, ‘fore da cibil righ’s moo’ment, was that blacks were witless,gullible, wide-eyed creatures, unable to see cause and effect. Very little that I have seen over the last forty years have convinced me that “dose rayciss” were wrong.

    • 4321realist

      Yes, and almost everything they said about blacks was right.

      I used to avoid blaming genetics until it became so obvious that they do as they do, because they’re made that way, but not any more. It’s silly to ignore the obvious.

      • Alden

        When I was in high school I found a few books in the public library written by KKK types and one man who was a well known anti black writer.
        Everything they wrote about blacks was far milder than what racially aware Whites say today. Of course those books must have been written before the civil rights movement when the blacks were still under control both in the south and the northern cities.

  • 4321realist

    Here’s a good example of a black-run government that just doesn’t understand how to maintain law and order, just like all the others in the world.

    And we’re seeing the beginning of another Detroit, New Orleans or Chicago in the making right now.

    And not one of these black incompetents understands what it is they’re doing wrong. And when the crime and chaos increases, this black mayor and police chief will whine about not having enough money, or blame someone or something else for the ills they created themselves.

    They’re children in adult bodies with childish brains. They offer excellent examples of why blacks never got out of their primitive existence in Africa for many thousands of years.

    • Dr. Rieux

      No. They’re not children in adult bodies. They’re an entirely different subspecies characterized by low intelligence, poor self-control and little concept about future planning. We see how differences in appearances and in behavior characterize different breeds of dogs. We need to recognize the same is true with different breeds of humans.

  • Hammerheart


    *proceeds to burn down neighborhood and loot shoe stores*

    They really are the dead end of homo sapien evolution.

    • Dr. Rieux

      Don’t you mean Homo Erectus?

      (That would explain a lot of their muh-dicking)

  • KenelmDigby

    All blacks care about – in terms of murder, at least – is that if a White happens to have taken the life of a black. That’s all that matters to them. They couldn’t care less about the circumstances of the death, the motives, the situation etc, all they care about is the deeply tribal instinct of ‘one of their own’ being killed by ‘the other’ – in this case whitey.
    As is well known, blacks always have had and always will have sky-high rates of killing each other. As a corollary, these deaths don’t matter a damn to the ‘black community’ since the hated racial alien has not perpetrated them.
    Everything about blacks, in the USA at least, is determined by their disagreeableness compared to the other races that they happen to live in proximity to.

    • Cid Campeador

      When so called Black Leaders decry the Black on Black murder they always seems to emphasize the “each other” part. It almost seems as though they are giving their subtle approval vis a vis killing White people.

  • B.E.L.

    You reap what you sow.

  • John Smith

    Blacks ARE the enemy, of themselves and every other race.

  • Lexonaut

    Pull all white cops out of all minority communities, nationwide. Vote all white decision makers out of office in all minority communities, nationwide.

    Then walk away.

    • Cid Campeador

      Well stated. We’ve been validating the “Definition of Insanity” for at more than half a century.

      • Alden

        Who cares about so called decent blacks. When they care about me and mine and give up their affirmative action jobs maybe I’ll care about them.

        I don’t mean to be snippy but you must watch Fox news.

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Africa does not want them. Many in Africa have no respect for black Americans whom they refer to as “slave babies”. We should emphasize the “babies” part since so few of them seem to want to grow the he|| up. Without the white infrastructure they hate so much, black Americans would not return to farming. They’d simply starve to death.

        I’ve heard this “Back to Africa” call for decades and while I can appreciate the sentiment, it can’t be done. These people are Americans, many generations of them. And like any other American, they have to find their own way. The entire problem for them has been the government coddling that inhibits their natural progress.

        The nation has been giving away fish, bread and circuses to blacks for decades and all it has proven is that if nobody teaches them to fish, they won’t.

    • Spikeygrrl

      And walk away from the formerly magnificent hotbeds of entrepreneurialism, education, and high culture that WE built? Leave that glorious heritage to the subhumans while we go slinking off to the exurbs and rural areas where the only “culture” available is AGRIculture???


      • Lexonaut

        The cities are a lost cause anyway. You can have ghettos with riots, or you can have ghettos without riots. I prefer the latter.

        • Spikeygrrl

          Suit yourself. I prefer not to give up on the pinnacle of (White) Western Civilzation in favor of grubbing in pig- or chicken-schlitz with a sharp stick in order to feed my family. That’s THEIR pinnacle of civilization, not mine.

          • Lexonaut

            We’ll just build new cities. They can even be built in the old styles. There are architects working at the theme parks companies and in Las Vegas who are extremely good at this stuff and can teach it to others.

            The important thing is to abandon blacks in place. It will be much easier to deal with the ones who try to follow us than it will to try to retake the cities and get rid of them.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Again: Suit yourself. But I see no benefit in centuries of re-creation when, under your schema, subhumans would have rock-solid proof that that they can chase us out of what WE have built and rebuilt and rebuilt, over and over and over again.

            There IS a solution … a place where (White) Western Civilzation can thrive and the subhumans CANNOT follow us! … but we’re not quite technologically up to it yet. I hope the grandchildren of my grandchildren will live to both see it and BE it.

          • The problem is HUD’s Section Eight, which means that our tax money is used to implant these violent goons in whatever nice, new neighborhoods we create.

    • Alden

      But they always follow Whites. the solution is to confine them after we separate from them.

      • Lexonaut

        That cannot be sold in the current political environment. My proposal might actually stand a chance of implementation. If it did it would provide most of the benefits at very low cost. I realized the other day that what we need in the short/medium term is autonomous zones — like the Navajo Nation.

  • Cid Campeador

    Apparently “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t resonate with a large part of the “Bleck Commoonity”.

    • GAWZ

      “Black Lives Matter” is the latest term for “You gib me”.

  • Spikeygrrl

    “…two high-top tennis shoes remained on the sidewalk…”

    And hadn’t been stolen yet? Mirabile dictu!

  • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

    Every black thug that’s killed makes me happy. It’s one less violent, evil, and stupid criminal to menace white people. It’s not a good thing to feel like this, but it’s reality. They are what they are, it will never change and good riddance.

    • pennawhytmn

      I am right with you. It isn’t good to feel like that, but it is only normal human nature to do so. And honestly I do not feel a “hatred” for them, just as I do not feel “hate” for a lion, bear, wolf, rattlesnake, or any other of mother nature’s creatures that sometimes maim or kill human beings. They are just behaving and existing as nature dictates. It is their elitist socialist handlers who I feel the hatred for. They are not doing what nature dictates, as they have the capacity to think, and understand white people, yet they use the nature of Blacks as tools for their own self interests. And although hate not being good for the soul, is the best feeling to maintain for them rather than succumbing to their narrative like a spineless coward. I can live with the hatred. I could never live with the self hatred resultant of caving into the socialist machine destroying civilization.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        I think you explained it perfectly.

    • There are some unfortunate side-effects. When these slugs turn up at emergency rooms, they can’t pay, so their thuggery drives up medical costs for everyone else. Their violence also feeds the loony left’s continuing anti-gun hysteria. Finally, they hit a lot of innocent bystanders.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        You’re right, but as long as they expire (hopefully before they reproduce) it’s a gain to society, no matter the cost. The anti-gun stuff is infuriating though.

  • Dale McNamee

    “All day, every day, we will fight for Freddy Gray ! ”

    Leave them to the thugs.. No Police, Fire, or EMS… Let the thugs provide those services…

    I’m nauseated and disgusted with these sub-animal creatures…

  • Dr. Rieux

    Blacks tschit in their own nest and then expect YT to clean it up.

    There really is nothing new under the sun.


    Let’s try for 100% on dem homocides and sheeeeit

  • Eagle1212

    The militarization of police has been around since the 1970s and it’s not changing for the better, over the years police have acted like soldiers in combat were they’re being trained to “harass and kill”, not to “protect and serve” where they stop people who are mistaken for criminals and then try to arrest them but when they resist the cops do everything they can to get them under control, even by wrestling and choke holding them, not knowing that the person ends up dead and the cops are in the national spotlight, it’s no wonder why you see these riots getting out of hand, my advice is to never confront a cop or even try to resist arrest, be polite and follow their commands or just don’t get in their way.

    • Another completely loathsome trend in American policing is their recent tendency to shoot people’s dogs. Dogs naturally bark at strangers, but it doesn’t mean they’re about to attack. I grew up with a miniature schnauzer, a breed that just loves barking. Gregor was extremely friendly. When he was done barking at someone, he’d sit next to them and want to be petted. Shooting an animal like that while serving a misdemeanor warrant doesn’t make any damned sense.

      • Alden

        Actually, well trained dogs don’t bark at strangers for more than a minute.
        The reason dogs get shot by police is that 95 percent of American dog owners don’t train their dogs and have no control over their dogs. 95 percent of dog owners think housebreaking and begging the dog to shake hands or sit up while waving a treat around is training the dog.

        If dog owners trained their dogs to obey 3 commands cops would not have to shoot dogs. Those commands are “back off” “shut up” “lie down”

        When the dogs are well trained and socialized and the owners have control of the dogs the dogs do not rush to the door when a visitor arrives barking snarling and carrying on like a lunatic. But 95 percent of dog owners have no control over the dog and allow the dog to behave like the hordes of Attila the Hun when a friend, relative, neighbor or anyone comes to the door. Even 2 delivery men trying to wrestle a 44 inch wide stove through a 36 inch wide door have to deal with some demented beast barking like a lunatic and jumping all over them. By the way jumping on people is a domination tactic it doesn’t mean the dog likes you.

        Home depot, some of the cable companies and other companies now insist that dogs be leashed before the employee enters the home simply because most dog owners cannot control the dogs. By jumping all over the employee the uncontrolled dogs interfere with the work. The owner attempts to shut the dog up and get it off the worker but the dog just disobeys the owner and keeps barking and jumping all over the worker.

        Dog owners fail to understand that not everyone, especially a plumber on a call or delivery man just does not enjoy the uncontrollable animal barking like a lunatic and jumping all over them.

        The police always tell the owner to control the dog by locking it into a bathroom or putting it on a leash. Unfortunately the dogs that get shot are the ones owned by owners who cannot control the dogs, the dogs control the owner.

        Face it dog owners, your dog controls you and you have no control over your dog. Most dog owners do not even realize that a dog can be taught to back off, shut up and sit down. But since owners let the dog control them and the household the dogs get shot when they treat the cops like they treat others who come to the house.

        Why do you think the leash laws got enacted and dogs are banned from so many beaches and parks. People got sick and tired of dogs barking snarling lunging and jumping on them because the wimp dork owners had no control over the beast.

        Most dog owners do not even realize that dogs can be trained to be civilized and polite to people who come to the house. They think the 15 minute display of jumping, lunging and barking is proper behavior.

        When the dog gets shot because the owner has no control over it the dog is dead and doesn’t suffer. But the owner mourns the death. But if the owners could control their dogs when police come to the house the dogs would not be shot.

        But most dog owners allow the dog to control them.

  • MooTieFighter

    Anyone with common sense knew this was the end result. Let the others discuss it, research it, and find other excuses. America simply can’t face reality any longer.

  • Alden

    Good news at last Burn baby burn kill baby kill