Myanmar President Signs Off on Contested Population Law

Aye Aye Win, Yahoo! News, May 23, 2015

Myanmar’s president has signed off on a law requiring some mothers to space their children three years apart despite objections by a visiting senior U.S. diplomat and rights activists, who worry it could be used not only to repress women, but also religious and ethnic minorities.

The Population Control Health Care Bill–drafted under pressure from hard-line Buddhist monks with a staunchly anti-Muslim agenda–was passed by parliamentarians last month.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said he warned Myanmar leaders during face-to-face talks last week about the dangers of the bill. On Saturday, hours after the diplomat left, state-run media announced President Thein Sein had signed it into law.

As predominantly Buddhist Myanmar started moving from dictatorship to democracy four years ago, newfound freedoms of expression lifted the lid on deep-seeded hatred for minority Muslims–including Rohingya Muslims now arriving on Southeast Asian shores in crowded, rickety boats.


The population law–which carries no punitive measures–gives regional authorities the power to implement birth-spacing guidelines in areas with high rates of population growth.

Though the government says the law is aimed at bringing down maternal and infant mortality rates, activists argue that it steps on women’s reproductive rights and can be used to suppress the growth of marginalized groups.

Hard-line Buddhists have repeatedly warned that Muslims, with their high birthrates, could take over the country of 50 million even though they currently represent less than 10 percent of the population.


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  • superlloyd

    Farsighted action by Myanmar against the muslim fifth columnists. It’s great that they gave the finger to the screaming libtard US idiot envoy, too.

    • propagandaoftruth

      God bless hard line anti-Muslim Buddhist Monks.

      Namaste and amen.

    • Light from the East

      Somehow the mindset of a developing Myanmar is way better than that of a developed USA. Things really have changed.

  • Easyrhino

    Is there not one country on planet Earth where the United States Fed-Gov can not intervene with that country’s internal affairs and simply mind their own damn business?

    • Chip Carver

      The folks who actually run the US really do think they will eventually run the entire planet. They won’t, but they are going to wreak unparalleled havoc as they give it another try. They always overreach.

      • John Smith

        The more they screw things up, the more it proves to them that they are needed to “fix things.”

      • LeonNJ

        Soon enough the U.S. will tell that conservative Buddhist country to accept gay marriage and teach sex education to 5 year olds.

    • WR_the_realist

      Both parties believe that America is world cop. The one federal politician in recent memory who rejects this policy, Ron Paul, was hated by his own party. (And of course despised by the Democrats as well.)

      • jayvbellis

        Please do not promote the tired old, race denying or worse anti White Ron Paul, Rand Paul cult here in Amren.

        Rand Paul was judged the rock bottom worst,a White traitor of the year for 2013.

        Ron Paul has been pedaling race denying, libertarian a Constitutionalist fundamentalism for at least 32 years when he RP ran for US President on the Libertarian party ticket in 1988. He won 0%.

        Ron Paul has never won a single state white race or GOP presidential primary, he has consistently backed down and the mere mention of being called “racist”, he’s not a leader of our people, he hasn’t been fighting for our right to even exist in North America.

        Please do not promote this terrible RP cult here.

        The Buddhists in Myanmar are doing just fine resisting the worst Bangladeshian Islamic boat people invasions. They do not need to be bothered by RP cult UN conspiracy theory nonsense.

        • WR_the_realist

          Ron Paul is not anti-white. He doesn’t favor affirmative action. Every politician will back down at the mere mention of being called racist. Ron Paul got a C on immigration from NumbersUSA, not good, but no worse than 80% of the politicians in both parties.

          I don’t understand why there is more enmity towards Ron Paul here than there is of 95% of our other politicians.

          • jayvbellis

            The reason there s enmity to Ron Paul and Rand Paul here is that both pretend to be “our leaders” their cult supporters are exclusively White Americans who should be working for strong young leaders, fighters who really are on our side. Instead they waste their lives on endless Ron and Rand Paul presidential crusades that never win anything.

            What kind of healthy White man wastes 30 years putting most all hist time and $ his hopes for our race in a White fighter that never won a boxing Mach in 30 years?

            We now have so many excellent White boxers (Russian, Ukrainian, German, British) who are competitive in boxing, who actually compete to win and win championships.

            None are tired old men like Ron Paul who whine and cry that they aren’t racist and that they worship Martin Luther King Jr. Rosa Parks and push insane, racial suicide nonsense that most all the Blacks in US prisons are political prisoners, victims of systematic Racism, the war on drugs.

            Just look at health nationalistic countries like japan and Israel, there are simply no race denying Libertarian, Constitutionalist loons like Ron Paul and Rand Paul there. None zero. Japan and Israel do not tolerate traitors and idiots. Why do you?

            If you want to embrace always losing, please become a Chicago a Cubs baseball fan. Just get out of American politics.

          • jayvbellis

            And one more thing.

            You and those like you have to get out of any and all individualistic cults, the worst being Libertarianism.

            We have live or (mostly) die collective interests as White Indo Europeans. The masses , mobs of the 3rd world non Whites will not leave you, us alone to do our own thing.

            Look what happens to Whites in Haiti, Algeria, Rhodesia or any of our collapsed all black cities like Memphis, Baltimore, Selma or East St. Louis . Do you think the non White masses cared that some remaining Whites read a lot of Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand or Austrian School of economics?

            If our people are to even exist in North America or really anywhere outside of Russia, we have to start thinking and acting as “We/us” not as me, me, me.

            United we stand, divided and alone we fall. That’s the choice.

            And take a look at the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginzberg and that “Wise Latina” and any and all future Lib anti White appointees do not care about the original intent of the Constitution.

            Rhodesia/Zimbabwe supposedly had a decent constitution , lot of good it did the Whites there.

  • He should draw a cartoon of Mohammed, then the world would really hate him.

  • WR_the_realist

    Hard-line Buddhists have repeatedly warned that Muslims, with their high
    birthrates, could take over the country of 50 million even though they
    currently represent less than 10 percent of the population.

    The hard line Buddhists are right. It takes remarkably little time for 10% of the population to become 25% of the population and then 60% of the population. Consider Hispanics in California.

  • Lady Texas

    Libtard imperialism at work…..

  • Jason Lewis

    Their neighbor Thailand is enjoying Islamic diversity as well.

    • John Smith


    • John Smith

      Especially the decapitated children in the southern provinces.

      • I couldn’t help but notice that her underpants are bloody and one of her legs is tied. Nice of the Muzzies, that. I’ll have to “thank” them for that someday.

        • John Smith

          Old enough to marry the “Prophet,” no doubt.

  • DevilDocNowCiv

    Another amazing success story for Islam-they manage to turn Buddhist populations into rampaging, violent mobs.

  • John Smith

    I can’t see a single thing wrong with this and many benefits, including higher intelligence and better educational outcomes, as well as better nutrition for the children. Blowing out hordes of low-intelligence, malnourished children has been a proven winner only for mullahs and leftist pols.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Funny how ultimately similar are Islamism and Marxism-progressivism.

      2 distinctions, I guess.

      1. For Marxist-progressives, the gubbamint is God because there is no God while for Islamists gubbamint is church.

      2. The Islamists are much less squeamish than the Mp’s. Whereas the Mp’s cannot admit to the genocide of the capable and couch it in the duckspeak of diversity, the Islamists abandon kitman BS when in power and make no excuses for mass murder and genocide.

      • Lexonaut

        “The Islamists are much less squeamish than the Mp’s.”

        Not only that, they use reactions of horror and revulsion as a weapon — the ultimate in terrorism. This is why the delight in using human shields.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Marxism-Leninism and Marxism-Maoism had legions of “hard men” to do their murdering, so are really close to Islamism.

          Marxist-progressives are collectively what I call “dire eloi” – weak people possessed of enough brains to deceive themselves and enough ax-grinding messianism to detest those who refuse to be deceived. Together they roar and pursue totalitarian goodist repression of all badist thought, but individually they are pathetic moral weaklings incapable of ordering hard men to commit mass murder.

          They mass murder through benevolent seeming social programs and foolish “good” intentions.

          • Lexonaut

            “… weak people possessed of enough brains to deceive themselves and enough ax-grinding messianism to detest those who refuse to be deceived.”

            I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying at Mediaite recently about those folks, which is this …

            In any revolution they will be the first to be put up against a wall and shot. Why? Because they’ve shown themselves to be willing to betray their own countrymen for purely ideological reasons. This makes them the highest priority target for liquidation in the inevitable second phase of the revolution, which will go like this …

            “Wait a minute. Nobody wanted this social justice revolution more than I did. Nobody worked harder than I to make it happen. However, what you’re doing now is not what I signed up for and I demand that you stop.”.

  • The reason the Rohingya Muslims are flooding into Burma from Bangladesh is that India built an impressive fence along its own border to keep those invaders out. Border fences work.

  • Who Me?

    It doesn’t take a genius to realize that with each and every Muslim woman spitting out 12 kids in 12 years can easily lead to an overpopulation of Muslims. Spacing them at 3 years apart might slow the tide a bit, and seems like a logical step in the right direction.

    • Albert

      But liberals believe its their god given right to overpopulate, suffer, languish and die. Then they’ll be up in arms about shipping supplies to the poor starving people. Libs are great about treating symptoms while ignoring the cause.

      • ZenSouth

        It’s funny how liberals used to say overpopulation was one of the contributing factors effecting”Global Warming”. Now they embrace mud peoples everywhere squatting out as many as they can.

  • ZenSouth

    Good for the “Right Thinking” Buddhist Government in Myanmar. If only we had leaders with the cojones to do this here.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Soon a person will need a tag for their “thing” and a license to operate it.

  • David Ashton

    Yet we are simultaneously told that “third world” population growth could be reduced by women’s “reproductive rights”,