Posted on May 26, 2015

Myanmar President Signs Off on Contested Population Law

Aye Aye Win, Yahoo! News, May 23, 2015

Myanmar’s president has signed off on a law requiring some mothers to space their children three years apart despite objections by a visiting senior U.S. diplomat and rights activists, who worry it could be used not only to repress women, but also religious and ethnic minorities.

The Population Control Health Care Bill–drafted under pressure from hard-line Buddhist monks with a staunchly anti-Muslim agenda–was passed by parliamentarians last month.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said he warned Myanmar leaders during face-to-face talks last week about the dangers of the bill. On Saturday, hours after the diplomat left, state-run media announced President Thein Sein had signed it into law.

As predominantly Buddhist Myanmar started moving from dictatorship to democracy four years ago, newfound freedoms of expression lifted the lid on deep-seeded hatred for minority Muslims–including Rohingya Muslims now arriving on Southeast Asian shores in crowded, rickety boats.


The population law–which carries no punitive measures–gives regional authorities the power to implement birth-spacing guidelines in areas with high rates of population growth.

Though the government says the law is aimed at bringing down maternal and infant mortality rates, activists argue that it steps on women’s reproductive rights and can be used to suppress the growth of marginalized groups.

Hard-line Buddhists have repeatedly warned that Muslims, with their high birthrates, could take over the country of 50 million even though they currently represent less than 10 percent of the population.