Motorcycle Gangs Still Riding High

Dan Frosch and Nathan Koppel, Wall Street Journal, May 19, 2015

The biker brawl in Waco, Texas, that left nine dead and 18 others injured on Sunday served as a reminder that motorcycle gangs remain a force in the U.S., an outlaw subculture steeped in its own mythology.

The Justice Department estimates there are still more than 300 outlaw motorcycle gangs in the U.S. One of the gangs involved in the Texas melee, the Bandidos, is among the country’s largest, along with the Hells Angels. Each has more than 90 chapters and 800 members in the U.S. according to authorities.

“These guys have never gone away. I’m shocked that people are shocked that this happened,” said Carlos Canino, special agent in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Los Angeles, who was part of an undercover team that investigated the Hells Angels in the early 2000s.

“They pride themselves on living outside of society’s norms. They pride themselves on adhering to their own rules. And the currency of that subculture is violence,” Mr. Canino said.

Outlaw gangs are particularly active in the mid-Atlantic, southwest and northwest U.S., where they are still considered a “significant threat” by law enforcement, according to a 2013 gang report by the federal National Gang Intelligence Center.

But despite Sunday’s clash at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, which escalated from brass knuckles and knives into a deadly gunfight, only a small percentage of motorcycle clubs are considered outlaw gangs that engage in criminal conduct, said law enforcement experts.

Club members stressed that point after Sunday’s bloodbath, which they worry will exacerbate already tense relations with law enforcement. Some bikers said they had long been unfairly harassed by police, and they emphasized that the hard-living lifestyle immortalized in movies such as “Easy Rider” primarily was about a love of the open road, not crime and violence.


Outlaw motorcycle clubs and gangs emerged in the U.S. in the 1950s and 1960s, often formed by military veterans who struggled to readjust to society. The groups began referring to themselves as one-percenters, a reference in their case not to wealth, but to an apocryphal story where an American Motorcyclist Association president said that 99 % of bikers are law abiding citizens.

Some, though, grew into organized criminal enterprises, engaging in drug and weapon sales, extortion, and occasional violent conduct, according to law enforcement experts, who say the overall U.S. membership in such groups is impossible to quantify.


Editor’s Note: This is a list of 133 names of people charged in the Waco motorcycle gang shoot out. Names with hyperlinks lead to mugshots. Twenty-one of the names are Hispanic, and there appear to be at least one or two blacks. There is a collage of mugshots after the list of names.

William Chance Aiken
Ray Arnold Allen 
John Arnold
Ronald Atterbury
Colter Bajovich
Jeff Battey
Michael Don Baxley
Timothy Todd Bayless
Richard Benavides
Burton George Bergman
Ronnie Bishop
Mitchell Bradford
Brian Joseph Brincks
Robert Clinton Bucy
Salvador Berber Campos *
Richard Cantu, Jr.
Kenneth Robert Carlisle
Aaron Baker Carpenter
Jason L. Cavazos *
Rene Cavazos *
David Cepeda *
Nathan Champeau
Michael Chaney
Matthew Alan Clendennen
Lindell Floyd Copeland
Roy James Covey
John Franklin Craft
Bohar Lee Crump, Jr.
James Albert David, Jr.
Dalton Davis
James Michael Devoll
Jason Alan Dillard
Brian Clark Eickenhorst
Morgan Jane English
James Brent Ensey
Nate Christian Anders Farish
Matthew Ryan Folse
Juan Garcia *
Lance Alan Geneva
Mario Alberto Gonzalez, Jr. *
James Laray Gray
Nathan Clark Grindstaff
Valdemar Guajardo Jr. *
Bryan Tackitt Harper
Jim Harris
Arley Lester Harris III
Raymond Hawes
Jarron Ray Hernandez *
Michael Scott Herring
Tommy Keith Jennings
Daniel Carol Johnson
Edgar E. Kelleher
Laurence Wayne Kemp
Michael Ray Kenes
Jeremy King
Richard Martin Kreder
Cody Keith Ledbetter
Jarrod Lehman
Brian Dwight Logan
Narciso Luna, Jr.
Jonathan Michael Lopez *
Richard Olen Luther
Michael Lynch
Sandra Erler Lynch
Noble C. Mallard
Josh Logan Martin
Terry Scott Martin
David Martinez *
Eleazar Martinez *
John Anthony Martinez *
Joseph P. Matthews
Wesley A. McAlister
Dustin James McCann
Billy Jason McRee
Tom Modesto Mendez *
Rudy T. Mercado *
Marshall Mitchell
Michael Doyle Moore
Jason Jesse Moreno *
John David Moya *
Doss Barron Murphy
Robert Leon Nichols
Diego Nerio Obledo *
Dusty Alan Oehlert
Melvin Michael Pattenaude
Julie Elaine Perkins
Marcus Ryan Pilkington
Larry E. Pina  *
Jerry Lee Pollard
Jimmy Lee Pond
Kevin Gene Rash 
David Stephen Rasor
Clayton Dewayne Reed
Jacob C. Reese
Owen Lee Reeves
Rolando Reyes *
Sergio Reyes *
Kristoffer Lance Rhyne
Robert Liewellyn Robertson   100
Boyce Ray Rockett
Craig E. Rodahl
George Earl Rogers
Jorge Daniel Salinas
Bobby Joe Samford
Timothy Shayne Satterwhite
Trey Alston Short
Jimmy Dan Smith
Seth A. Smith
Kyle Smith
Jimmy Dayton Spencer
Christopher M. Stainton
Blake Scott Taylor
Michael Glenn Thomas
Christian Valencia   *
Jose Andrew Valle
Royce R. Vanvleck
John Phillip Vensel
Justin Nash Waddington
Glenn Allen Walker
Steven Walker
Ronald Warren
Reginald Weathers
Ester Sandy Weaver
Walter Thomas Weaver
Mark Allen White
John Samuel Wiley
Jacob Ryan Wilson 
John Robert Wilson
Ricky Wayne Wycough
Lawrence Raymond Yager
Gage Andrew Yarborough


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  • One of the very few blacks involved is a former San Antonio cop.

    • ElComadreja

      Blacks were always barred from all the major clubs. I’ll bet he’s not a Bandido.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        But he was a former cop. That is what is important.

        When I rode my motorcycle (KLR650), I had a few run-ins with a “biker” thugs that turned out to be cops when things escalated (I puled a gun). Cops don’t wear bullet proof vest when they pretend to be bikers. A lot of cops like to be weekend biker thugs, get drunk, and push people around.


      • drunkbobby

        Cops are even more barred than blacks from 1℅er clubs. The whole thing seems hinky.

  • Luca D.

    I was wondering when someone would notice that there was a racial component involved. MC gangs are much like prison gangs with their racial memberships and rivalries.

    • Speedy Steve

      White people will stay away from Myrtle Beach in droves due to the unwelcome presence of negro motorcycle clubs.

  • Chip Carver

    The media made it seem as if all the bikers were White, but there were a bunch of mestizos in the mix – here’s some closeups: http://www.bigcountryhomepage – dot -com/story/d/story/names-and-mugshots-of-bikers-arrested-in-waco/31798/GWW_wTYgBEmuz1wxjpp7qA

    • Jason Lewis

      Zimmerman effect. People turn white when it is politically effective.

    • Lexonaut

      Ultimately it was a Tex-Mex business territory dispute.

    • Light from the East

      That’s the liberal’s magic to turn Mestizos into Whites. Too bad now Mestizos start to enjoy white privilege.

  • Cheri Rodriguez

    Okay, now where are the names and pictures of the nine dead?

  • TomIron361

    Seems like the media is having a field day with this for some reason. I wonder what it could be?

    • Dr. Rieux

      The MSM is trying to gin things up. But as in the order USSR and Eastern bloc countries, most with more than half a brain can see they’re being peddled nonsense . In short, it’s not working.

      • John Smith

        Many do, indeed, have around half-a-brain, which is why this crap actually works.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        I think the people in the eastern bloc had more common sense than Americans.


    • Speedy Steve

      The military operation Jade Helm is probably a major cause.

  • Dr. Rieux

    But motor cycle gangs don’t try to burn down cities, and if they ever tried to, their criminal actions wouldn’t receive the support of the White House and elected officials. Contrast how whites in general condemn the actions of white criminals versus how blacks of all social strata pretty uniformly applaud the misdeeds of black criminals.

    The desperation of the MSM to distract the public from the widespread black criminality in Ferguson, Baltimore and the country at large is truly amazing.

    • newscomments70

      I hate white criminals, but yes, the MSM is acting in desperation right now. They are failing though. They tried to inflate the current rioters as “civil rights protestors”, but it had the opposite effect. They would have been better off if they ignored the riots. The MSM bolstered race realism.

      • Dr. Rieux

        In Ferguson blacks are dedicating utting a plaque to memorialize gentle giant Michael Brown. Not in one hundred years would whites put up a plaque to memorialize a criminal.

        No whites gave public approbation to what the bikers did. Blacks (and too many whites) were tripping over each other to be first in line to applaud the criminals of Baltimore and Ferguson.

        Someone tell me again how race is just a social construct. I need a good laugh.

        • Lexonaut

          These days I always respond with something to the effect that the periodic table is also just a social construct but is quite useful nevertheless.

    • JoeJoe

      But motor cycle gangs don’t try to burn down cities????? But, But….

      Yeah but, let’s not compare rioters and looters (which are a one time thing) to a large
      on-going criminal enterprise which plays a key role in methamphetamine and
      marijuana trafficking throughout the region. The FBI says they’re involved in
      “cross-border drug smuggling as well as domestic drug trafficking, prostitution,
      human trafficking and other criminal enterprises.” Which is more destructive to
      a community? How many people are destroyed by the meth and drug smuggling and
      prostitution and human trafficking? But they’re white, so that doesn’t matter to
      you, does it?

      • newscomments70

        Hispanic and black gangs control most of the drug trade.

    • newscomments70

      An addendum to my previous comment…MSM is now pushing a new Charles Manson movie on us. Instead of creating blatant fiction, which most of us reject, they are resorting to propagandizing white crime that happened 50 years ago.

      • ElComadreja

        Nine dead is nothing compared to what blacks do every day of the week.

  • José Vasconcelos

    Most Negro crotch rocket thug types have simply been too busy preparing to invade Myrtle Beach to get involved in Waco, TX distractions.

    • Speedy Steve

      Thank you for noticing — you racist!

  • pcmustgo

    I’ve heard the Hell’s Angels diversified… do you think Whites, Blacks and Hispanics are all in the same gang or ride separately? Remember in NYC that Afro-Hispanic Dominican motorcycle gang that terrorized NYC roads and attacked an Asian couple on the West Side Highway a year or so back… beat the husband unconscious..

    • Spaniard in LA

      From what I know the Hell’s Angels are 100% white with maybe a couple of half White half Hispanic members. I do know that Blacks are not accepted. Now, the Mongols MC are a mix of White and Hispanics. The Mongols also do not allow blacks into their club. Several years ago a couple of members of the Mongols were arrested for hate crimes towards blacks.

      • Speedy Steve

        Poor negroes. Nobody wants them in their motorcycle clubs. Maybe if there was a Chinese “motorcycle club,” they’d accept die-versity.

        • newscomments70

          I saw a motorcycle club recently in CA…whites and filipinos. Still no blacks.

      • newscomments70

        I once saw a Hells Angel who looked very amerind. It was on an airplane. He was actually polite and well-spoken. I expected a hells angel to be unruly.

        • My best friend in federal prison was a Bandidos member. Lawrence was one hell of a sweet guy. He had made custom neon lights for a living on the outside: perfectly normal work.

    • Alex Williamson

      They have Bandidos in San Antonio and many if not most of them are Hispanic, at least around there.The Cossacks looked 100% white as far as I could see.

    • ElComadreja

      No blacks in Hell’s Angels or Bandidos, Outlaws and Pagans. Those are the big four clubs and blacks aren’t well thought of.

      • No non-whites in Sons of Silence, either, and one has to drive a Harley-Davidson. They did like my wartime BMW combination bike, and yes, I always wore the appropriate wartime helmet. They thought my choice of a spouse was a bit odd, but I explained that I was just showing good Axis solidarity.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    My local newspaper ran a block of mugshots like that in full-color, small enough so that they all looked white and not so large that you could see that many of them were Hispanic. The names of the perpetrators were not listed. I wonder why…

    • newscomments70

      It’s amazing how childish liberal media is. It reminds me of being in 2nd grade. One day, a little girl forged a parental note to the teacher. It was written in crayon…everyone laughed when we found out.

  • Martel

    Both the Hells Angels and Bandidos apparently have “over 800 members” nationally. In comparison, the Bloods, Crips and Gangster Disciples all have over 20.000 members.

    • Reynardine

      Seems fair. One Hell’s Angel is approximately worth 25 Bloods in a fight anyway.

    • Spaniard in LA

      Yes but the Hell’s Angels are far more organized.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        HA has more law enforcement on their side. That is why they get away with more crime than any other group besides the hooked-nose mafia.


    • newscomments70

      There are about 1 million active gang members in the US, most non-white. 800 is pretty insignficant compared to that.

  • Lexonaut

    “They pride themselves on living outside of society’s norms. They pride themselves on adhering to their own rules” …

    And they don’t loot and burn their own neighborhoods, nor do they beat civilians to death with hammers.

  • Speedy Steve

    Richard Cantu? I thought he worked for ABC News.

    And how about all those White hispanics? These meth pushers need some serious diversity.

  • Kyle Asher

    I know this much, not one of the blacks arrested were members of the banditos. That’s against the rules.

  • IstvanIN

    This, for once, seems like the cops administering a mass execution. Sort of like when the revolutionaries in Cuba, the Russian Empire, China, Cambodia, etc. got rid of the “undesirables”.

    • Exuberant Auditor

      Well, they are undesirable. I wouldn’t bat an eye before opening fire on any of those.

      • IstvanIN

        Unless they have committed a crime and have resisted arrest do the cops really have the justification to use automatic weapons to mow down a bunch of brawling bikers? Maybe for the one man who was holding a gun but what about the others who were killed? The police should not be judge, jury and executioner unless absolutely necessary. There are too many of these senseless killings by cops, such as when they break into the wrong address and gun down an innocent resident or even dog because they thought it was some sort of meth lab. “Ooops, sorry Mrs. Smith for killing your husband but we thought this was 66 Pine St.”

        It seemed as if the police had a pretty easy time arresting these men. Nothing at all like a black brawl/riot. This may have been overkill.

    • newscomments70

      Many white conservatives would relish the thought (except for limp wristed neo cons). White liberals would scream nazi though. Black and hispanic communites have too much solidarity with their own criminals to seriously hurt them. The majority support them as “freedom fighters”.

  • Nimadan

    The difference between Baltimore and Waco is that in Waco the cops
    didn’t sit around while criminals burned the city down.

    In Waco, the cops attacked immediately, with overwhelming force, and
    mowed down everyone who didn’t instantly submit. It is not clear at this
    point how many of the fatalities were caused by police gunfire. In fact,
    it is not clear that ALL of the fatalities were not caused by police fire.

    The double-standard in policing in the US is that cops kill Whites
    and Hispanics far more often than blacks and for far less reason.

    • Tully

      Whites have no political representation in government nor does the government fear us burning their precious cities down.

      But it also shows the cops are no friends of whites. They will drop the hammer on us without hesitation. This showed in Waco were most 8 of the 9 killed were Cossacks. Such lopsided killings point to ether a ambush by the other gangs or a targeted mass killing by the police.

      I do get a good laugh how the MSM makes these gangs look bigger than MS-13, the Bloods and Crips. The MC are really small potatoes compared to the minority gangs that can number over a 100,000 in a city like Los Angeles.

      • Nimadan

        Excellent points.

  • Jake Frizzell

    Reports are now coming out that a gun fight broke out between the Waco police and the bikers AFTER the Waco police began firing indiscriminately into a crowd of bikers who were fighting OUTSIDE of the restaurant.

  • TCA

    The Bandidos (?) have 90 ‘chapters’ with a whopping 9 fat, bald White men per chapter.

  • Asouthernpartisan

    There were several mistakes made in this situation. First off the management of Twin Peaks should not have hosted this event considering that they seemed to be aware that the Bandidos and other groups were meeting to discuss territory. The difference is that the Bandidos don’t let just anyone wear their patch you have to earn it. Clubs like the Cossacks and scimitars are trying to build their membership and will let just about anyone in. In the Bandidos you run across a few Latinos but I’ve never heard of a black Bandido.. Eight of the dead were.Cossacks and I’ll bet a large majority of those arrested.

    Secondly cops have a special disdain for outlaw bikers and to a certain extent bikers in general. They should have posted snipers and not had an immediate presence within close proximity to the gathering. Their mission should have been to protect the other businesses and non biker patrons.They could have moved in quickly if things got too far out of control..Cops and bikers don’t mix. I;m betting that the majority of the dead were killed by cops and the majority of the wounded with gun shot wounds from police crossfire.

    Don’t expect the ballistic evidence to ever be made public. These groups are like mini mafias. But unlike the well organized and . disciplined Godfather style gangsters who used to leave cops alone anyone with a badge and a gun could be fair game. I’m thinking that there are some realty tough times ahead for law enforcement in this state.

  • InitialSegment

    For whites, a white thug is a thug. For blacks, a black thug is black.

  • Hammerheart

    Half of these ‘white racist bikers’ are mestizos. Everyone remember how white George Zimmerman turned out to really be?

    More petty lies from the liberal media. A desperate attempt to save a collasping narrative.

  • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

    “Some bikers said they had long been unfairly harassed by police, and
    they emphasized that the hard-living lifestyle immortalized in movies
    such as “Easy Rider” primarily was about a love of the open road, not
    crime and violence.”

    Wrong; Easy Rider is about the inherent problems of drug culture. Even the short book that goes with the special edition of the film says this.

    Also, the president of the American Motorcycle Association never made a statement concerning a 99% claim. This is an urban myth. Anyone may go to the AMA’s history on this issue and read the facts.

    This article also fails to discuss the actual causes of the “war.” I heard it on NPR (hit randomly while channel surfing) through an interview with an expert on the history of motorcycle gangs. He said it had to do with the contest between the Bandidos claims of ownership to the right to display “Texas” as the bottom “rocker” patch on their jackets. They forbade any one and any other gang from this display. The Mongols inadvertently decided not to respect that “territory.” Outlaw gangs are very much like the military when it comes to the “uniform” and notions of “stolen glory.” The other issue mentioned was the fact that many of these guys are meth addicts.

    That NPR interview jives with everything I’ve ever learned about the world of mc gangs. (I was an AMA competition member in California for many years earlier in my life and later when I took part in professional activities (as a volunteer) that took me close to the activities of motorcycle gangs, namely the Hell’s Angels in the San Francisco Bay region).

    • It was drugs that got the Sons of Silence into so much trouble here in Colorado in 1999-2000. They would have been left completely alone if not for methamphetamines. A whole lot of them got some serious fed time, and even the member who ratted them out didn’t get much of a break.

      • Whiteplight sees the Emperor N

        It’s too bad these guys seem to always do this because they could be a great asset. I know you know what I mean.

  • GAWZ

    That someone would acquiesce to the fact that they are eventually going to have to do prison time in order to wear a patch. Amazing.

  • Rob

    So this white trash MC gang had negroes and Hispanics. I guess the DIE-versity bug bit them.

  • That’s not starch that makes the sheets so stiff.