Most Democrats Think Illegal Immigrants Should Vote

Rasmussen Reports, May 29, 2015


The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that one-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (35%) now believes that illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote if they can prove they live in this country and pay taxes. Sixty percent (60%) disagree, while five percent (5%) are undecided. {snip}

Fifty-three percent (53%) of Democrats think tax-paying illegal immigrants should have the right to vote. Twenty-one percent (21%) of Republicans and 30% of voters not affiliated with either major political party agree.

The U.S. Supreme Court has just agreed to hear a case challenging how Texas sets up state legislative districts. Texas currently counts everyone in the state, including illegal immigrants, before carving up districts of proportional population size, but the challenge argues that only eligible voters should be counted because the current system creates some districts with much larger numbers of eligible voters than others.


Voters under 40 are twice as likely as their elders are to favor allowing illegal immigrants to vote, but they, too, draw the line at counting illegal immigrants when setting up legislative districts.

Eighty-three percent (83%) of Republicans think states should only count eligible voters in setting the size of legislative districts, a view shared by 65% of unaffiliated voters and 52% of Democrats.


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  • Who Me?

    Letting illegals vote? This really is insane, (although the ones who want to already DO vote anyway).
    Why do we even bother pretending this is some sort of sovereign nation?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Hey, man! You and the rest of the Amren bigots need to let the undocumented vote.

      And after my fellow progressives and I win this “voting right” our next cause will be to mail out six billion ballots so the rest of the world’s people can vote in our elections!

      Dude, it’s only fair.

      • how about this

        Think of all the employment prospects for the people who will have to translate all of our parties’ propaganda into the languages of all of the nations of the world! Just hire every third-world laborer as a translator and there will be no more poverty!

      • JackKrak

        Exactly. The people of Bolivia, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea are also affected by US policy so they should have a vote too because diversity.

      • DonReynolds

        You won’t get that far. We will all be voting with gunfire before that happens. Lead bullets are never miscounted.

      • MS Leavelle

        The hilarious thing is, if that really happened, it would lead to gay marriage being abolished. According to a Pew Research Center poll from April 2014 called “Global Views On Morality”, 59% of people worldwide consider homosexuality immoral and only 20% consider it moral. So I’m all for this idea. Leftist/SJW degenerate “values” only exist in the modern West. Everywhere else, they are despised.

        • David Ashton

          Oh well, that should hold things up for a bit. But maybe a bit of “liberal intervention” by NATO weapons will push events along, and provide an early additional stream of “refugees”.

  • Deacon Blue

    The Millenial generation – as I have note numerous times – have signed the death warrant
    of this country. Hey so why don’t we let those illegals remain CITIZENS of other countries
    and have NO ALLEGIANCE to the USA so they can vote against anything and everything
    that would be in this country’s best interest. Make sense. F8cking retards!

    • Usually Much Calmer

      They are young and have been brainwashed. Despite that, they are doing way better than Gen X, in the polls I read and anecdotal experience.

      Open the door so when they are ready they feel free to walk through it.

      • Thank you. Stop blaming the millenials! They didn’t create this mess. OUR GENERATION did! Yes, The Baby Boomers, who now hold all the top level positions in education, the government, and the media. As we would say “…leave them kids alone!”

        • I think that among white millennials, there are way many more than agree with Jared Taylor than are SJWs. It’s just that the SJWs make a lot more noise, so much so that there’s a whole YouTube channel devoted to making fun of those that do (Common Filth). Our kind of millennials won’t make noise, for obvious reasons. They have too much to lose.

          • 1Forced_Registration

            Nice link. I didn’t know about Common Filth. I think illegals ought to be able to vote — in their country of origin! I fully support their embassies making it easier for them to fill out absentee ballots to make the process easier.

            I don’t think generation X was anywhere near as bad as the millennials are with two possible exceptions. Gen X tended be much more ready to believe (idealists) that black people were really just white people with darker skin in their younger years. This was shattered quickly by busing, and anyone still hanging on to this idealism had this shattered when they started working to try to improve things in the black community. Nothing drives home the differences between the races like spending time with them. The second way is that as a group generation X tended to be more likely to believe we could reason and talk out problems rather than have to have a show of strength, In world affairs, many considered showing strength to actually be a sign of weakness. Most of them grew out of this.

            Both Gen X and Millennials tended to sign onto the idea that gay people were simply born that way, and ought to have the same rights as anyone else. Its fair to say that Gen X produced its share of SJW’s, but its more accurate to say Gen X produced more than its fair share of idealists whom quickly became cynical and disillusioned for the most part.

            Having made two treks through college, and having had to repeat some of the same classes to have them within the 5 year period that so many health care career development programs require; I can say that there is a world of difference between the level and type of indoctrination students are getting now compared to 20 years ago. Seeing some of these classes as a member of generation X really put me off with the degree of: shaming, peer pressure type indoctrination, shouting down of differing views, and a complete and total lack of diversity in ideas that was enforced by administrative sanction. I felt like Alice just stepping off into wonderland some days.

            While many of my college history classes were distorted wildly back then; the level of it is nothing compared to now. However, the biggest difference were in the soft sciences such as psychology and sociology. Sociology was always a try to grin and bare it class in the the 90’s, but having taken the same class in 2008 was truly shocking the level to which the pretense of even having a discussion about the ideas presented was off the table.

            I was actually sent before the disciplinary committee because I remarked that Tuskekee was nothing like what was being presented, and that they never intentionally infected blacks with anything in the study (which was something one of the text books for this class actually stated as fact). To which the professor remarked “Well, if they wanted to study that they didn’t have to choose blacks.” So I said “Well, they could have used Jews (she was Jewish), but that would also have been pointless as they thought there might be a difference in the immune system of blacks and the only way to find out was to run a study with blacks.” That comment cost me two trips before the disciplinary committee, and eventually I had to take my case directly to the dean before they dropped the matter. I was “creating a hostile learning environment for students.”
            I felt the entire class was a hostile environment to learning and actual discussion of anything.

    • Millennials have no real power to screw anything up, yet. They’re too young.

      They are learning well from their parents, the baby boomers.

      • WR_the_realist

        I’m from the tail end of the baby boom. (The last time whites bothered to breed in any significant numbers.) So don’t blame all of us.

        • He wasn’t! But the libs in power ARE from our generation. Get off your soap box. We are the generation that screwed this up. We need to be held accountable.

          • There’s another thing. The Baby Boomers didn’t invent this mess either. They learned from their parents, the “Greatest” Generation.

          • It was really the Jewish American Communist Party of the 1930’s and the “red diaper” babies born around that time that started it. The Greatest Generation was influenced by the horrors of the Holocaust and committed to equality for all. In addition, they felt their children should be given all the opportunities they never had. More and more of these kids went to college-to be taught by many of these Jewish Marxists, who, at the same time were taking over Hollywood. People like Joe McCarthy and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, tried to stem the tide, and did so-temporarily. (Oh if only we had people like that around today!) A poll, taken in the 1940’s, found most White Americans felt the best jobs should be given to Whites only. By the 1960’s very few still felt that way. In the meantime, the Baby Boomers, were reaching their teen years and young adulthood. A sizable portion went beyond the liberalism of their parents and started to reflect the Marxism of some of their professors. They were also influenced by Jewish agitators like Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin (in their thirties at the time and thus “red diaper” babies). This generation, at least some, went beyond liberalism and became far left radicals-The New Left. They were mostly suppressed in the 70’s and 80’s as the “Greatest Generation” reasserted itself and realized that “The blacks are getting too much” (Have you ever heard ANYONE say that recently?) But, now, in their sixties, these Boomer radicals are holding the top positions of power in our society. That is why things are so screwed up. Sorry to be so long winded, but my reply needed some explanation. Thank you for reading.

          • Rossbach

            John – I was born in 1946, the first year of the “baby-boom” generation, but I couldn’t vote until 1968, shortly after I turned 21. By that time, the foundations of mass immigration, multiculturalism, and political correctness had already been established (1964-65). Certainly, my generation could have done a lot more to reverse the damage, but it would not be accurate to say that we started it.

            Because I married late, my children are “millennials”, and they claim that generation X is much more heavily committed to multiculturalism and political correctness than they. I can’t really verify that, but I suspect that it is true.

          • I don’t have time to reply to everything you said, but, suffice to say, in 1968, we were still an overwhelming White society. Even our largest cities were run by Whites. People talk about the immigration changes in the 1960’s and act like, “presto” immigration reform and suddenly, over 17% of America is Hispanic. That is not how it happened. The very fact that policy makers had to assure people that the new law would not change the racial demographics of the country speaks volumes. And who were they explaining this to? Not the Boomers, who were just college kids or teens then, but the older generation, the WWII generation. So please don’t blame the Greatest Generation for our multicultural mess. The fault lies with their children-us. Another thing I noticed about Boomers-we are very narcissistic. Like we take credit for starting Rock and Roll! Which began in the 1950’s when we were kids! Anyway, that is all for now. We can pick this up later. Peace.

    • listenupbub

      I agree, as I am a Millennial. We have been brainwashed to an extent that is unfathomable to even my parents’ generation.

      • 1Forced_Registration

        That is one thing I agree with heavily. As a member of generation X, if they had tried to push some of stuff they routinely do now upon us — there would have been an open revolt against it. The degree of social pressure and forced acceptance of only ‘one’ idea being correct was nowhere near as strong.

        Gen X was probably far more idealistic (and I don’t mean this in a bad way or good way) in that we believed we really COULD go out and change these things now that there was nothing holding XYZ back. A lot of us truly believed that if you just scratched the skin long enough, you would find a white person underneath every black person. It wasn’t until many of us had forced busing, and later tried to work with the black community to improve things that this belief turned to cynicism. The portion of generation X that was able to avoid (by luck of where they lived) most of the effects of busing, and was able to avoid living with blacks and dealing with them for a lot longer didn’t lose as much of this idealism. Very few of them still believe these things now, but many of them will pay lip service to it.

        When I see a millennial whom has broken free of this indoctrination it is largely because the indoctrination got to such a point of ridiculousness that it triggered the “Oh really…what a crock…” response that Gen X’ers had to police coming and presenting the D.A.R.E. program to teenagers. (I’m told they largely stopped presenting it to kids beyond about 7th grade now because of this.) When the indoctrination rises to the level of pure insanity people start saying no. In this sense, social justice warriors, text book committees and the daily shout downs on sites like Mother Jones and even Facebook are working against them. Its having the opposite effect in a fair number, and I expect a great deal more are simply feeling the rage against it all build, but suffering with it in silence.

        In many ways I’m glad I was not born 20 years later. I could see myself getting in trouble far too often for truly pretty things.

    • John Smith

      They’re the first minority-majority generation, enough said.

    • WR_the_realist

      The millennial generation is a product of our public school system, which for years has been fully in the grip of the left. If you love your children, home school them.

      • Deacon Blue

        They attend parochial school. It isn’t what I attended in the 70’s and
        80’s but its still pretty much White and taught by clergy who would
        never tolerate the TNB and shines that go on in public school.

        There does not seem to be the “outreach” to evangelize the lower
        hominids in my diocese the way say…the Lutherans and Mormoms
        are out to bring third worlders into the flock.

        Sure, when I was a kid it was all Irish and Italian with a smattering
        of Germans and Poles for the most part. Now we have higher Asians
        {Korean, Japanese} & the rare Semite who came to the USA
        and can’t locate any Eastern Rite Orthodoxy here.

        While the church as a whole has a ton of Hispanics and Fillipinos?
        Most of them public school their kids. 🙂

        If pressed to guess I would opine that the parochial elementary
        school is 85% White, perhaps 10% Korean, Japanese and Chinese
        with the remainder being made up of a Hispanics and “others.”

        I have not seen any Blacks. This does not mean there are none.
        It just means I don’t see them and I do not hear of them (causing
        problems}. The school is small and there is always the threat of
        it closing down due to lack of funds but for now?

        Anyhow, kids graduating from the elementary and middle school
        are way ahead of their “peers” graduating from public school.

        My kids speak English and Korean anyhow. They are also learning
        Latin. More importantly, they are getting a solid grounding in
        ethics, civics and topics that I don’t think they cover in public schools.

        Discipline is not an issue. Neither of my kids and I doubt any of
        the pupil would dare treat faculty as the public school kids in this
        article. It just would not happen. My kids are human! 🙂

        • Nonhumans


      • Dr. Rieux

        If you love your children or value education, vote against more funding for public schools. Why not be allowed to keep your own money and to spend it on your child’s education as you see fit, instead of having it forcibly taken from you to pay for Marxist indoctrination?

  • That a majority of Democrats approve is no surprise to me.

    The bigger disappointment is that a fifth of Republicans and almost a third of independents agree. But then again, it’s really not a surprise. Because if we’re told that voting as a means to determining who determines public policy is sacrosanct, and we have to deploy National Endowment for Democracy propaganda soft power and sometimes even invade the world military hard power to make sure the rest of the world basks in such “glory,” then how can we morally refuse the franchise to people who are just missing a little bit of documentation? Colonel Sanders wants you to eat more fried chicken, not the same or less. Likewise, democracies want more voters, not the same or fewer.

    Speaking of that case out of Texas that SCOTUS said this week it would take up, Evenwel v Abbott, if SCOTUS finds for Evenwel, then it means that only people who are legally allowed to vote, registered actually to vote or not, can be counted for purposes of redistricting and apportionment. In the context of the state of Texas, counting all people on the margins helps urban Hispanics, because illegal aliens and children are counted even though they (supposedly) can’t vote. A decision for Evenwel would undo that. What nobody seems to notice, but I did, is that such a decision would also marginally hurt black power, because the black percentage of the population that is under 18 is significantly higher than that for whites. If the NAACP-LDF files amicus for Abbott, then I’ll know that they have come to the same conclusion.

    The strange part about that is that in this same poll, 66% approve of Evenwel’s side, but 35% want illegal aliens to vote. That adds up to 101%, so there has to be an overlap, a certain percentage of people who want illegal aliens to be able to vote but don’t want illegal aliens to be counted as voters for purposes of redistricting and apportionment. That just doesn’t make sense.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Your first sentence took the words right out of my mouth. Of course they do.

      Seriously, if you ever have any questions about how a Marxist-progressive thinks, feel free to ask me. You’re a smart cookie, but you’ve never been behind the curtain of my former ideological tribe, have you?

      Keep up the top notch commentary, sheepdog. Wolf’s on your side, lol.

      • You and Blue Sonic Streak and a few others here are invaluable. I’ve tried to emulate the brains of kook leftists, trying to reconstruct their “thinking” processes so I can “think” like one. With little success so far.

        Libertardians and neo-cons are a far easier row to hoe in that regard.

        • propagandaoftruth

          I sometimes hate to “go there” even for channeling purpose, but I laugh out loud when I fess up.

          I remember this crazy dream I had around the time I voted for Obama – 1st and only time. I was a pilot in some really cool post-apocalyptic world, last of the guardians of what was left. Some kind of evil robots or something from over the North Pole – great stuff.

          Well this new doctor shows up one day and injects us all with our standard vaccinations and…

          He’s in control of all of us and his purpose is to destroy us. We all know it, every one of us, but we can never talk about it. We go about our jobs, we smile and socialize, joke and bicker, but we never ever talk about it.

          In the dream I eventually break out of it, make my way to the evil Doc’s office, find some creepy green glowing thing that I realize was always there anyway.

          That, my friend, is a lot like being a Marxist/progressive White man.

          I was close to breaking when I had that dream, had no idea what it meant at the time.

          • What mystifies me about the mainstream left is their existential fear of moderate Republicans of the Bush (father and sons) mold. In most cases, they don’t win Republican primaries, and if they do, they often lose the general, and even if they win, they give the libs much of what they want.

          • propagandaoftruth

            They fear Scott Walker more actually. A disciplined conservative that destroyed them in their own “safe zone” of socialist whitopia.

            They don’t really think a Scott Walker can get the nomination, so realistically fear a RINO type (take your pick) who will steal their thunder and out-Democrat them sort of Reagan-like.

            Follow that? They don’t fear Santorum, Mr. “I took our stillborn dead baby home for our 5 kids to stare at and poke, then slept with it in our bed”, either.

            Christie Soprano? Ha ha! Perry? Looks smarter with those glasses but… The others? Jeez, who, what?

            Right now Walker is the man, I think.

          • The main problem for Scott Walker is that his accomplishments in Wisconsin don’t scale well to national politics. I wish I could take his recent Damascene conversion on immigration seriously, but I happen to think that he did it as pure sour grapes because Rubio and not he won the Sheldon Adelson primary. My spidey sense is that if Scott Walker is the nominee, he won’t even win Wisconsin versus whatever Democrat. Unless he makes enough people think he’s sincere in his immigration patriotism, for starters.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Yeah – that’s what he has to do. He’s a dark horse, so to win, he has to set himself apart. He must cut the Gordian knot, which is scary and crazy.

            But someone very talented and disciplined might be able to do it. He should open up his ideological vision, reassure old folks they won’t starve. then attack the current ideology the way Reagan did, head on and sidewise. Whatever it takes.

            Look – I think the center is the new “conservative” and I don’t mean that in a Hegelian dialectical sense. I’m not trying to jerk “conservatism”…”leftward”. Much of dependence on gubbamint is flawed, parasitical, needs overhaul, but…

            Lot of people in the “center” like a vision of an effective, minimally intrusive gubbamint that DOES stand up for the little guy, meddles here and there, but as little as possible.

            They don’t want radical change “leftward” nor “rightward”, which sounds “conservative” to me.

            It’s 2015. People die and are born and things they do change.

          • LHathaway

            Actually, Reagan was very conservative in many ways, but his influence is sometimes called the Reagan revolution. Since it is we who want change, some on the right call themselves revolutionaries of a sort. They are certainly the one’s who want change.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Yeah, but Reagan was also…

            1. a pragmatist when he had to be, and…

            2. like him or not, president of the entire country, which in a “democracy” requires compromise sometimes.

            Actually I’d like a little less compromise in some areas but…nobody gets everything he wants. Irritating, I understand, lol…

          • DonReynolds

            The Confederates were not revolutionaries, they were counter-revolutionaries. They wanted it changed BACK and felt the revolutionaries had no right to change it in the first place.
            Reagan was not a revolutionary (nor was he conservative), he was simply reversing course on very unpopular changes forced on the country by Liberals and Leftists. Majority rule has never been the case in this country.
            It is the same case today. The Marxist, egalitarian, Leftist Liberals are the revolutionaries and they are the ones destroying the country. The Tea Party conservatives simply want the changes reversed and the country restored. That makes them counter-revolutionaries….also called “reactionaries”. (yes, me too.)

          • propagandaoftruth

            Also just separatists. Wanted to be left alone.

          • DonReynolds

            The entire human population seems to be of two types of people. Conservatives just to be left alone and live out their life with the least amount of unnecessary hassle, in a free society.
            Liberals insist on doing the thinking for everyone else. Which requires everyone else to submit to their rule and obey.
            Only one of these can be a Tyrant.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Very insightful, friend. That’s how I was.

            I loathe my former self, love who I am now, though. Free.

          • DonReynolds

            I appreciate and am delighted when a man comes to his own understanding. It makes the world less chaotic and solves a great deal of uncertainty.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Hey man – when you start having dreams like the one I recounted above, something’s eating you up from inside.

            Ultimately I guess I was just looking out for big number one. but looking out for big number one is far and away the best way to help out anybody else, or at least not put upon.

            Some folks never seem to get that, it seems, and a certain ideology utterly abnegates such.

          • LHathaway

            Good point, Don. I’m not sure what Confederates have to do with it, other than, well, why not discuss the Nazi’s while making your point? Yes, many conservatives are counter-revolutionaries. Reagan, of course, even helped fund the Contras. A few conservatives openly declare they are counter revolutionaries. Some openly claim they are the revolutionaries in that it is they who want change. Of the three I might consider myself reactionary, although that is not all that I am.

          • listenupbub

            Bush was hated for pandering to evangelicals. Liberals hate evangelicals.

          • Mainly because evangelical Christianity dominates the white South, and if the white South still voted Democrat, as they did for a very long time, the Democrats would essentially be one party rulers of the country, (even more so than they are already). The Democrats will never forgive the white South for abandoning them, hence all their vituperative.

          • DonReynolds

            The South did not abandon the Democrat party, they were driven out of the party by the Leftist Liberals, who still run the Democrat party.
            It was all a swap…..the Negroes left the Republican party and became Democrats at the same time that the Southerners left the Democrat party and became Republican. Ironic, no?

          • Rossbach

            Did the South abandon the Democratic Party or did the party abandon them? Lyndon Johnson was quite aware that his “civil rights” strategy would alienate Southern voters, but he believed that this would be offset by getting solid voting blocs of minorities. This remains the Democratic Party strategy to this day. By the 1980s, they were even willing to shed white working class voters to capture the minority vote. The Democratic Party is now scarcely more than a coalition of “oppressed” minorities. Sad.

        • Nonhumans

          You can’t be expected to understand the pains and tribulations of cancer or another type of debilitating disease without enduring it first hand. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not being able to understand the libtarded mindset. Liberalism is still a disease after all.

  • Johann Wald

    I don’t believe this. I absolutely don’t. The poll was no doubt constructed using leading questions of the “are you still beating your wife? Answer yes or no only” type. MSM and the Feds will put forth any lie(s) in their attempts to get us to give up the good fight. For an insight as to how and why they’re doing this, point your browser to the Occidental Observer’s website and do a search for “More Census Bureau Propaganda”. The article pops right up.

    • I can easily believe that a majority of Democrats want it.

      Perhaps a few Republicans and Independents answered yes because they thought that was the answer they had to give without being found out and Donald Sterlinged or Jason Richwined.

  • Jason Lewis

    Proof this experiment in democracy is over and a new start needs to happen.

    • TheMaskedUnit

      The constitutional republic died over a hundred years ago. The mob is just arriving.

  • Lady Texas

    Can someone please explain to me why “extending the vote” is a noble pursuit? America in the last 40 to 50 years has been one of the only democracies in history to believe that extending voting to the masses in somehow a good idea. Suppress the vote!

    • SentryattheGate

      Yes, it’s the quality of the voter that counts, NOT the quantity! We cannot have a good government without an INFORMED, voting electorate!

      • Nonhumans

        It’s not good voters that we lack. Its incorruptible politicians who are racially aware and not cowards that we really need.
        But on topic for this article, it’s ridiculous to give illegals the right to vote for the same reason that its ridiculous that they are entitled to welfare: they are not citizens, they are here illegally, they have not and do not contribute to the pools that those benefits are drawn from.
        Letting them vote illegally is mockery of our system and sovereignty. The fact that the libtards and democrats push so hard to give them the right to vote displays the depths of their traitorous colors and how callously despicable they truly are.

        • After the revolution, I am going to dance around the Hanging Tree, holding hands with my wife and our friends.

    • Petronius

      Democracy is the most idealistic of all forms of government because it requires the greatest possible extension of civic virtue to all citizens.

      But those who would extend the vote beyond citizens to non-citizens are not merely idealistic, they’re hopelessly delusional.

    • John Smith

      Why bother to fight for or pay taxes to a country if you get the same privileges regardless? It’s the ownership principle and almost no one ever takes care of what they don’t own.

    • Dr. Rieux

      Literacy tests were a good thing.

    • Rossbach

      If we allow non-citizens to vote in our elections, then we are no longer a nation. It’s as simple as that.

  • SentryattheGate

    I discovered that my state, Florida wasn’t checking for citizenship to vote! The supervisors of elections are under the jurisdiction of the state gov’t., which does not require it! My city (a sanctuary city?) held “Downtown Latino” festivals where the Demoncats would register Latrinos to vote. They did not ask for ID, so I asked the Dems about it. They called the cops over, claiming I was causing “a disturbance”. The cops agreed with my concern, but told me Latinos’ fake IDs were SO well-made that even police could not distinquish them from the real ones! Later I asked the county supervisor of elections about it; she was obviously irritated with me! She told me her office does not check for citizenship!

  • DonReynolds

    Let foreign citizens in the US illegally vote and decide the outcome of US elections and there will be civil war. Yes, that is sufficient cause. The Democrats are getting desperate about the 2016 election.

    • Nonhumans

      They have overplayed their hand for far too long and realize that a lot of people are wise to their deplorable BS.

    • Hasten the day! I’d like kickoff to happen while I am still young enough to fight. Lots of guys my age (49) fought in the German army during late World War Two. Some of the older fellows were re-treads from WW-1, a generation earlier. Yes, they got got killed, but one has to die of something, and thrashing around in the mud with an abdominal wound still beats cancer.

      Everybody dies alone.

      • DonReynolds

        The draft in the US during WWII was up to the age of 36. I have some relatives that were grabbed just before their birthday that would make them too old…..but they got well past old before they were discharged after the end of the war.
        Based on our experience, I would say we should not let anyone in combat arms until they are at least 24 or 25. The survival rates for teenagers is just awful. Older soldiers seem to adapt well.

        • The German Volkssturm conscripted men up to age 60. Training and equipment was very poor, however.

  • Chip Carver

    Most polls today are just made up stories, it’s likely no poll was ever conducted, despite claims and “proof” to the contrary. The anti-white MSM just says whatever it wants. Makes whites believe what it wants, although that hold is finally starting to crumble.

  • MekongDelta69

    Of course they want illegal aliens to vote.

    They want the browning of America – just NOT for themselves.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Nationalist is being put on the bad word list right under racist.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Voters under 40 are twice as likely as their elders are to favor allowing illegal immigrants to vote

    This is really scary and shows the degree to which many young people have drunk the leftist Kool-Aid, a fact confirmed by my own surveying of the Web and social media sites. Whether these young people will wake up after experiencing the fruits of diversity remains to be seen. Unfortunately, the ages of 18-40 gives over 20 voting years during which they can influence the course of elections.

    • John Smith

      I think most smarten up before 40, if they’re ever going to.

    • TrueNorthFree

      Years of intensive multi-cult mind programming does a lot of damage to the young.

  • Uncle Wardle

    The libs need their vote before they gain any language ability or common sense to know better.

  • LHathaway

    I think they should vote, too. In Mexico.

    • John Smith

      I think we should swap countries with them – Mexicans can come up here to live with the negroes and destroy this country and we can take the hellhole they’ve created South of the Border and make it the envy of the world.

      • Rob

        It will take a lot of work and then years later some liberals led by our allies in the country we help found will start the same nonsense of racism and PCness again.

        • John Smith

          Better future than we have right now.

          • Rob

            Maybe but for how long. Better to start salvaging what we have now

      • LHathaway

        Something to bring up when it comes to bargaining as to who get’s what territory. If they don’t like the deal, we could always say, OK, we’ll take that deal, but with us in the territory you don’t think is enough for you. I’m pretty sure the general territories are pretty much a done deal already, though.

  • David Ashton

    What would they vote FOR?

  • guest

    “Most Democrats Think Illegal Immigrants Should Vote”

    As in vote for the democRATs who pander to these illegals. That way the democRATs maintain more political power.

    As for the illegal immigrants, they become the problems of the people who never wanted to have them invading our country. The leftists believe themselves to be so tolerant and enlightened that they don’t see the need to have these illegals living among them in their safe and non-diverse neighborhoods or sacrifice their own careers for these illegals to show how much they care for and support them.

  • withcaution

    Is this how people think or is this a Saturday night live skit? “Hi, I just illegally entered your country of Canada, Mexico and I’d like to know where the local voting precinct is?” Of course that would never make it as a Saturday Night Live skit because it’s even too ridiculous of a concept for them.

    • The very best comedy is about human pain, especially one’s own. I told a lot of gallows-humor jokes in federal prison. I was rather popular with other inmates, but they also thought I was bat-$#!& crazy. My old girlfriend sent me a letter saying she had married someone else in the same week my last sentencing appeal had been denied, and I told my friend Lawrence that at least I knew what I’d be doing on Saturday night. He was in tears because he had received a letter saying his wife had divorced him and kept their house that same day. He gave me a cigarette and we watched the July 4 fireworks over Ft. Worth out the window.

      One has to cowboy-up and laugh.

  • withcaution

    Fifty-three percent (53%) of Democrats think persons “trespassing a nations borders” should have the right to vote. Twenty-one percent (21%) of Republicans and 30% of voters not affiliated with either major political party agree.

    These democrats/Republicans/independence should be identified as so mentally deficient in conceptualizing nationhood, that they and their children and even their great grandchildren will forever forward be refused the right to vote.

    • John Smith

      Property, parental citizenship and intelligence must be factors.

  • De Doc

    What’s the point of citizenship, nationality or borders then?

    • listenupbub

      You are hitting right at the heart of it. The zanier liberals would try to “erase the distinctions.” They are globalists.

      • LeonNJ

        Now you can become a citizen, from China for example, if you have a large enough checkbook. It’s that easy. We really lost our way.

      • John Smith

        Yes, moving full speed ahead toward becoming “world citizens.”

  • WR_the_realist

    Democrats believe that undocumented Democrats should be allowed to vote.

    Why am I not surprised?

  • Buzz-Killer

    That article is stupid…even democrats don’t think illegals should have voting rights…. They must have been asking Hispanic democrats… And any numb nuts right winger that believes that should have his head checked….

  • listenupbub

    This one’s for you, Engelman.

    • JohnEngelman

      I am a Democrat. I think illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote. I think they should be deported. I think their employers should be punished.

  • dd121

    This confirms my view that Democrats have more of an allegiance to votes and power than the integrity of our political system. The Founders already explained what will happen to our country.

  • John Smith

    This should tell you how nuts/brainwashed/stupid the Democrat base truly is. What’s scary is that a significant minority of Republicans also agree with this.

    • TrueNorthFree

      Democrats = Republicans.
      There is no significant difference. Both parties are tools of their international corporatist masters.

  • JohnEngelman

    For the record, I am a Democrat who thinks illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote. Moreover, I am opposed to amnesty.

    I also think this May 27 article in The Washington Post is interesting:


    As the Department of Homeland Security continues to pour money into border security, evidence is emerging that illegal immigration flows have fallen to their lowest level in at least two decades. The nation’s population of illegal immigrants, which more than tripled, to 12.2 million, between 1990 and 2007, has dropped by about 1 million according to demographers at the Pew Research Center.

  • Beau

    Most democrats think illegal immigrants should vote…for democrats.

    • DonReynolds

      Yes, I seriously doubt Democrats would be wanting foreign citizens to vote if they thought those votes would be for Republicans.

  • Roninf9

    ‘35% now believes that illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote.’

    35% are crazy morons that shouldn’t be allowed to vote themselves.

  • 35% of “Americans” (whatever your definition is) say that illegal “immigrants” should vote? And 60% say no? Hmmm….our country is approximately 62& White and the rest non-White. Yeah, makes sense.

  • LHathaway

    Yeah, that was the point wasn’t it? We’ll legalize millions of illegal immigrants and in return, no more will be allowed to come here. That second part didn’t work out too well.

    • DonReynolds

      Not quite…..
      At the time of the Amnesty, we were all promised is would ONLY be one million, but after chain immigration kicked in… became 4 million.
      In return for which we got a long list of enforcement measures, all of which have been ignored by Obama.
      Yes, we were all betrayed and that is why we can never make another rotten deal with people who do not keep their end of the bargain. No more compromises.

  • Caesar Avgvstvs

    Before Jean Raspail, there was T. Lothrop Stoddard:

    Many a promising civilization has been ravaged and ruined by barbarians without the wit to rebuild what they had destroyed. Today, the progress of science may have freed our own civilization from the peril of armed conquest by barbarian hordes; nevertheless, these peoples still threaten us with the subtler menace of “pacific penetration.” Usually highly prolific, often endowed with extraordinary physical vigor, and able to migrate easily, owing to modern facilities of transportation, the more backward peoples of the earth tend increasingly to seek the centres of civilization, attracted thither by the high wages and easier living conditions which there prevail. The influx of such lower elements into civilized societies is an unmitigated disaster. It upsets living standards, socially sterilizes the higher native stocks, and if (as usually happens in the long run) interbreeding occurs, the racial foundations of civilization are undermined, and the mongrelized population, unable to bear the burden, sinks to a lower plane.

    – “The Revolt Against Civilization” (1922)

  • TrueNorthFree

    heh. Most of the prison population are black.

  • Rossbach

    Reagan also got the ball rolling on deregulating the economy, which put the Robber Barons back in the driver’s seat and turned the stock market into a casino. That is what collapsed the economy in 2008.

    I won’t even mention the 300+ US Marines that he got killed in Lebanon – for nothing.

    What exactly was this “conservative” conserving?

  • InAFreeCountry

    Illegals should be allowed to vote…in their country of origin, which we should endeavor to help them reach immediately.

  • What then would be the point to citizenship? This used to involve some level of commitment.

  • Den Christe

    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    A former Ohio poll worker
    sentenced to five years in prison for voting illegally on behalf of
    other people has been released from prison after less than a year
    behind bars.

    Melowese Richardson of Madisonville was released Tuesday after her
    attorney says she gave him permission to reveal that she has bipolar

    Her attorney, David Singleton, shared Richardson’s medical
    records with Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

    After reviewing the case, Deters asked Judge Robert Ruehlman to
    allow Richardson to be released.

    “Justice was done in this case today,” Singleton told WXIX-TV.
    “We are grateful to Prosecuting Attorney Joe Deters for stepping up
    to ask the judge to release Melowese in light of the new information.
    We are thankful to Judge Ruehlman for revisiting his sentence and
    placing Ms. Richardson on probation.”

    The 59-year-old Richardson previously told a TV station that she
    had voted multiple times for President Barack Obama on behalf of
    herself and family members. She had said she had no intent to commit
    voter fraud.