Letter to the Editor: New Demographics Deserve Careful Study

Tom Shuford, Hickory Record, April 24, 2015

“Nazi apologetics” whined a critic (HDR Letters to the Editor, March 29), putting a noxious label on the self-evident truths in “Immigration has its costs,” my letter of March 26. In my letter, I argued that non-discriminatory immigration is changing Europe’s demographics to dangerous effect, is rapidly making the white population a minority in the United States, and that this will prove a disaster for that group. I used numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau’s March report, “Projections of the Size and Composition of the U.S. Population: 2014 to 2060.”

The Census Bureau projects the United States will be 43.5 percent white in 2060; among children, 35 percent white. To grasp the speed of this transformation, in 1960 the U.S. was 88.6 percent white, 10.5 percent black, .9 percent other. Looking in more detail at the Census projections: By 2060 whites are expected to decline in absolute terms by 8.2 percent and 23.4 percent for children. Hispanics and Asians will increase 114.8 percent and 129.1 respectively. Blacks will increase 42 percent.

A healthy society would subject such radical, rapid change–entirely due to public policy–to intense debate. That is impossible in America. There are two permissible responses: silence or celebration. Skeptics of these trends invite slurs and vilification.

Let’s assume it was possible to debate the demographic revolution defined by the 2060 population projections. Here is a proposition that would be posed, scrutinized and accepted: The multi-cultural model embraced by Europe and by the United States these past 50 years is skewed. It is asymmetrical. It favors the group interests of minorities against the group interests of the white majority, the founding group. Western multi-culturalism encourages minorities to organize to pursue group interests. Typical examples: Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, among myriad ethnocentric minority organizations. Meanwhile, the American establishment–political, media, academic, business, religious–suppresses any expression of the group interests of the majority.

It is a glaring double standard that has a profound negative impact on the majority. Is there any doubt immigration policies rapidly dispossessing the white populations in their historic territories in Europe and North America could be aggressively pursued for decades if the majority group had a voice, had the semblance of a defense?

What is the solution? A truly democratic multi-culturalism that recognizes that every racial/ethnic group, including the majority, has legitimate group interests.

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  • phillyguy

    It means that we really need to secede from the union, steak out our own states, round up all the blacks and browns in the states that we cannot use or that are useless to us such as non seaboard States, ,in two years the black and brown States will look just like Zimbabwe . Then we can just round them up and ship them out of the whole country.
    if we don’t we are doomed as a race.

    • D.B. Cooper

      NOPE! I say wait for enough white families to experience the joys of diversity, which will wake up most of them. We all have our work cut out for us. A liberal relative of mine unfriended me on Facebook due to my views on race. All I do is point out the latest interracial crime, ask why it’s ignored by national news, and I never hurl insults.

      • phillyguy

        tell your liberal relative that you are sorry and you will pay for a weekend trip for them to go to the Baltimore Inner Harbor, they will come back as the biggest race realist that you have ever known.

      • Chip Carver

        The US will absolutely hit the breaking point. I believe Europe will correct things, as the swing to the right over there will not be stopped. The folks in charge will have to pull of their masks at some point, then it will be very interesting indeed.

        Once the US hits the skids, it will be up to Whites to take the initiative. Much of the power the usual suspects have is based on Whites having the fear of losing their jobs, their freedom, and so forth. When things are bad enough that just enough Whites don’t care, then we’ll see if positive action takes place. The mentality in the US is not the same as that of S. Africa for instance. Nor will it get to the point where Whites are outnumbered by 10 to 1 margins or worse. Anyone who thinks the non-whites will coalesce into an organized “army” against Whites is dreaming.

        That said, it’s no guarantee Whites in the US will eventually fix things – although I think the prospects are brighter than most others do. I do think Europe will eventually clean house, without a doubt.

        • Oil Can Harry

          You believe “Europe will correct things’?

          I hope so, but let’s see how they handle a major test: their current Camp Of the Saints invasion.

          • LexiconD1

            Most citizens aren’t armed, I expect nothing much is going to change.

        • DRGarcia

          You don’t think the “swing to the Right” in Europe can be stopped? Watch the upcoming elections in the U.K. Last time I looked, Labour was leading in the polls.

          • CM732

            I am facing the fact that I am an extreme minority for refusing to consider marrying outside my race and wanting my race to continue in some form in the future. I think we will only start to move forward once we shed those who do not have any loyalty to our race through intermarriage.

            Maybe masses of immigrants will be helpful in the long run by providing racially unaware people with opportunities to intermarry & also allowing others to observe the behaviour of other races in relation to our own. I personally think we could shed 95% of our people who have grown stupid, gullible and weak willed without loss. We may end up being a minority but if we are made up of the best of us we will have a shot at keeping ourselves as a distinct race.

        • MBlanc46

          I hope you’re right, Chip. We’re going to be visiting friends in Holland later this summer and I hope to get a first-hand account of anti-immigrant activity there. We’re also going to be traveling in northern France and I’ll have my eye out for signs of anti-immigrant sentiment.

      • Jason Lewis

        Wait for them? It’ll be too late by then.

      • listenupbub

        Nobody will wake up. I was talking with my mother about Baltimore and the ridiculously high rates of miscegenation recently, and she just said “that’s just the way it is going to be now.”

        White guilt > survival instinct

        If it was the other way around, we would never have let ourselves get nearly this close to genetic suicide.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Is she a Boomer? Like I said upthread, my father and I discussed this. He told me that my beautiful blonde and blue eyed children “have” to learn to deal with blacks and everyone is going to be brown in 100 years, blah blah blah. I told him to go to hell, basically. I won’t subject my children to the horrors of diversity. Why are these people so weak?? I cannot understand it!

          Actually, I do. It’s the media brainwashing. White guilt is insane, literally insane. I’ve never seen anything to be guilty about!

          • notyranny

            David Duke has a vast array of facts on this. Check out his site, it is an eye opener.

          • CM732

            I don’t hate other races I just love my own race. Why can’t we have more respect for our background I will never know. Keep your head up there are others like you everywhere.

          • Alexandra1973

            Agreed. I don’t hate blacks, but I don’t like how they behave and I generally avoid them (easy around here). I don’t mind Orientals but they have their own nations.

          • Bossman

            You don’t mind Orientals that is because you see only a handful of them on any given day. If their numbers were to increase in any significant way, then they would demand that they be represented in all aspect of the American society. And that kind of American society would be very different from what it now.

          • EuropeanIdentity33

            Aren’t Mestizos distantly related to orientals due their significant Amerindian admixture? I believe the Amerindians are closely related to the populations of Yakutsk and Mongolia. While I agree with you, it’s sort of strange to see so against Oriental immigration due to your views on Mexican and Central American mestizo immigration.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            I never hated them either until I had to attend school, work, and live among them. When the Hispanics invaded my hometown, they ruined it. To be fair, it wasn’t solely their fault, the other foreigners all contributed in turning a nice American city/metro area into a zero-trust, polyglot cesspool police state. I’ve known “good” people of all races and I always wonder why they don’t go home and help their own people in their own countries? Probably because white guilt morons will coddle them and ensure they don’t have to lift a finger here in the US of A. All funded by evil, racist white hillbillies like myself. Because apparently the real enjoyment comes from forcing “white trash” to fund their replacements and future executioners.

            I hope I’m not alone, this site gives me some hope but I rarely ever meet any racial realists in the real world. Maybe they’re just scared to admit it, who knows.

          • CM732

            I agree with you. I don’t understand why they don’t go back and fix their home countries a little too. I still like people from other races even if I know that their societies are going to be different to my own (not in a way I like either). We need to stay positive and keep doing the right thing, that includes keeping our people alive.

        • Rob

          We should never have brought non whites to do our work first of all.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        Hey, I had this same argument with my father this week! He thinks there’s “some good ones” and that I’m wrong for teaching my kids to avoid them. He even went behind my back and deliberately told my daughter that they’re not all bad when she told him that they scare her. Some people just don’t get it, I pointed out all the facts (this is the man who raised me to look at the facts of an issue, BTW!) and he still cannot be convinced! But he loves TV and gets all his opinions from there so why am I surprised?

        • Rob

          As people get older, they get more off guard and mellow. They just want to see happiness and that is what your dad is experiencing unfortunately.

          • John Smith

            And the first signs of dementia can set in.

          • DRGarcia

            Don’t generalize. I am 68, and have been Conservative my entire life. No off guard. No mellow. I am well-educated, well-travelled, and well-armed. I am an avowed Separatist. It is the only way we can survive.

          • Rob

            Good. I know someone born in 1929 or 30 that feels that we should allow the illegals to stay because this country needs workers. Also, his daughter that could not have kids adopted a child from Central America. So that is one reason why people get more tolerant because non whites are brought into the family and then all of a sudden they have to accept them or be classified as grumpy old person.

          • notyranny

            I respectfully disagree. I’m getting older and more pissed off with each passing day.

          • Rob

            Good. I am glad, but believe me there are many that have let their guard down and believe in that nonsense that we are all equal. Maybe it is to show that they are trying to be trendy just because their family members have non white friends or married to some non white.

        • carriewhite64

          If he watches a lot of TV, which a lot of older people do, it is not surprising that he thinks that way – he is being brainwashed hundreds of times daily. I don’t think his repeating propaganda to your daughter will override your realistic teachings. I’m sure you have talked to her about those kinds of beliefs also and she will be bombarded by this nonsense all her life, so it’s not a complete negative to expose her to them at a young age in order for her to crystalize her own beliefs and be able to rebut. But I would be beyond irritated if my father did this.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            I wasn’t just irritated I was FURIOUS. He thinks I’m nuts and I think he’s living in a fantasy world. Either way, my children won’t be casualties of this naive and stupid way of thinking, if I have anything to say about it!

          • Alexandra1973

            A lot of older people might have surrendered intellectually. In fact Orwell talks about “intellectual surrender” in “1984.”

      • MBlanc46

        Good strategy.

      • USofAntiWhite

        Replace the word liberal with “mentally stunted in areas requiring critical thought” and that is your relative. I have many of them in my extended family too. It is better to be severed from their FB stupidity I find because those types will lose a debate, then go back and erase and edit comments in the debate thread to try and undermine the context of the conversation. Then other relatives, late to the punch read through and believe their deceitful damage control, trying to make you look like the bad guy. It has happened to me and for certain lefty relatives in my family I am not afraid to say I don’t hate them but I really don’t give a flying fogerty about them. No respect, no love.

    • Jason Lewis

      I say NW Front’s area plus the Dakotas, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas.

      • Lt. Greyman, NVA

        Utah might be the “Free State of Utah” under the White Mormons.

        Ex Gladio Libertas!

        • John Smith

          The LDS church is bring many turd-worlders in from what I hear, along with supporting amnesty provisions. After they let negroes be church leaders, it was all downhill from there.

          • Jason Lewis

            Don’t tell me that. I’m Lutheran and I’m pissed at my church for doing that.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            Yeah, the Mormons are a lost cause. The ones I knew were OK with miscegenation, oddly enough.

          • Bossman

            The LDS church believes that Native Americans are a lost tribe of ancient Israel. Since all the natives of the Americas are closely related it would mean that Mexicans are also members of that lost tribe and should be welcomed into the church.

          • John Smith

            They can join in Mexico and stay there.

        • Jason Lewis

          Yes I forgot Utah.

      • notyranny

        I’m in the mountains of NC and its a fine place with a growing homeschool population.

        • Jason Lewis

          It is nice out there. Small safer communities like yours are the most likely scenerio I see playing out once more people start waking up. I’m sure once it starts happening homeschooling will be outlawed. HUD is already seeking out communitys like yours for builing new low cost housing.

          • Lt. Greyman, NVA

            Yes, the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act. Otherwise know as “Hunt Whitey down wherever he hides” Act.

    • thegodsofeden

      Don’t use any of the blacks or browns. Look at the legacy the founders of this nation left us by doing that.

      • TrueNorthFree

        Some Hispanics are very “European” in their culture, outlook, religion, etc.

        • thegodsofeden

          Strategic alliances maybe, but I prefer not to live around or with them. Many Hispanics I’ve met don’t seem to want to assimilate themselves and don’t identify as White. Hence groups such as “La Raza”.

          • Jason Lewis

            I’m in Texas so I see many. The white ones call themselves Mexican. They don’t want to be white. It’s not cool and offers no special benefits.

        • EuropeanIdentity33

          Genes vs culture…genes win everytime.

    • listenupbub

      Read my comment for a refutation of the idea that secession will work.

    • notyranny

      Good plan, exactly what I’ve been saying.

    • Bossman

      Any suggestion of fragmenting the USA through secession is just stupid and futile. If that were to happen, it would be just an invitation for the Chinese or Russians or some other emerging world power to step right in and claim what is left of the USA. Then we would have a truly New World Order which would not be best for the white man. Remember the whole world is watching the USA everyday and just waiting for it to tumble.

      • USofAntiWhite

        We are waiting too. Hopefully the tumble comes soon. The US in it’s form of allowing the likes of you to call yourself a hyphen American has a fast approaching expiration date, and I can’t wait.

      • EuropeanIdentity33

        What a ridiculous argument, I really doubt either Russia or China has any territorial ambitions in the US. Russia will never be able to repopulate North
        America with Russians so they won’t try to colonize us. The Chinese already have too many people for them to take care of.Why would they want to take in 400 million plus new people who detest China and the majority of whom are completely useless?

  • how about this

    I used numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau’s March report, “Projections of the Size and Composition of the U.S. Population: 2014 to 2060.”

    Well I think we all know we can dismiss those numbers because March is a racist month. Look at it, coming right after February and having more days like it thinks it’s superior. It’s a testament to month inequality!

    • John Smith

      All months should have the same number of days – in the name of equality and fighting discrimination.

    • carriewhite64

      Month privilege.

  • D.B. Cooper

    Can’t feel sorry for you if most of your under 25 white males gleefully support the Democratic Party, and most of you plan of voting for Cruz/Bush ’16, which will be letting the GOP get away with being liberals yet again.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Cruz is NOTHING like Bush. Furthermore, I’ve seen no comments on any site calling for a Cruz/Bush ticket.

      • IstvanIN

        Cruz couldn’t be worse than Bush if he tried. Cruz is fully assimilated, Bush de-assimilated.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Bush de-assimilated. Never heard it put that way, but it makes pefect sense… you are on a roll.

        • Reverend Bacon

          My thoughts too. Interestingly, however, he says he likes Charles Murray of Bell Curve fame. Is he trying to get votes?

      • stonepillow

        I like de-assimilated too.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      Not accurate, look at the 2012 election results, a slim majority of white Americans 18-21 supported Mitt Romney.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        You’re right. DB couldn’t a let bothersome facts get in the way of a point he was trying to make. Every white age-group voted for Romney by landslide or near-landslide margins. For white voters 18-29, 30-44, 45-64 & 65+, the margins were 7, 21, 23, and 22 percentage points, respectively.

        • John Smith

          The millennials are still rather soft in their support, though that could be because they saw that RINO Romney wasn’t much of an improvement over a Marxist negro.

      • The young Whites today are waking up faster than their Baby Boomer parents did.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      The answer is not in either political party. They are two sides of the same coin.

      The weak, noodle-armed wusses that pass for white men nowadays is sickening. What kind of parents did they have? It’s true, the absolute worst thing you can ever do for your kid is give them an easy life.

      • listenupbub

        It is kind of true that some people who live in extremely functional bubbles of society take survival for granted.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Had I the means, I would distribute copies of Raspail’s Camp of the Saints like Gideon Bibles…

    • Bossman

      There are 1.35 billion people in China and 1.2 billion people in India and hundreds of millions in the Philippines, Indonesia, the countries of South East Asia, Japan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. And also all the hordes of black Africa. What all these people have in common is that all their eyes are fixed on the West and are just waiting for the opportunity to move to Europe and North America.

      • I notice you left off the lesser Americas from your list. How many Third Worlders live south of our border, Paco?

        • thegodsofeden

          And how many are named Paco? 😮

        • Bossman

          That is a very good question. Yes, there are many Third Worlders south of the border but when when compared to the hordes of Asia, it becomes very insignificant. All the countries of the Americas are lightly populated. Brazil is twice the size of India but has only 1/5 the population of India. All of Mexico could move to the USA and most people would not notice much of a difference but that wouldn’t be the case with the hordes of East Asia who will soon displace so-called Hispanics as the major source of immigrants.

          • how about this

            “All of Mexico could move to the USA and most people would not notice much of a difference”

            Mexico has about 120 million people in it. A lot less than all of Mexico has moved here so far and most people in the Southwest I am sure have noticed the difference already.

          • Bossman

            There has always been a large Mexican population in the Southwest. They are the ones doing all the menial jobs and all the harvesting and planting of agricultural products.

          • listenupbub

            So the solution is to go as hispanic as possible first, getting as brown and mixed out with non-Asians first? Any reason why this helps anything?

          • Bossman

            The USA cannot untie itself completely from Latin America but it can keep the hordes of Asia and Africa at bay.

          • listenupbub

            Good luck trying to convince the multiculturalists to treat hispanics in a separate and superior moral class (when it comes to immigration) that Asians and Africans. That won’t work.

            I am a little partial to your arguments, I really am. A half white, half mexican still looks and acts white (but with black hair and eyes). Many Mexicans are evangelical Christians, which I am not, but it is still striking. However, the Amerindian race is not the European race, and the cultures, appearance, and emotionalities are NOT the same. Ask a hispanic if you won’t believe me. And the trend will be for genetic drift to continually push the European race in America more and more towards the Amerindian race (because of differences in birth rates).

          • G-Man

            huh? I’d rather have high-IQ asians than more low-IQ Hispanics.

          • Bossman

            Low IQ Hispanics are happy picking tomatoes and cleaning toilets. They do not demand that every TV commercial have their faces in it. But with East Asians, it would be a completely different story, they would demand that they be represented in all aspect of the society. That would mean that when I turn on my TV set, half of the faces would belong to boring, vapid East Asians. Mexicans are a known quantity. They’ve been here from the very beginning. When they interbreed with white people, they can produce females offspring who can go on to win the Miss Universe and Miss USA contests.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I personally don’t mind Asians much at all. Canada is currently around 76% white with the majority of our minorities being Asian. As long as they remain a minority, I honestly could live with them just fine. They are smart and hard-working and largely not criminal.

            I don’t want low-IQ Hispanics in MY country – it means more crime and more idiots messing up low-skill jobs. Why should Americans want them, either?

          • G-Man

            You don’t sound very familiar with La Raza and the various other Latino/Hispanic nationalist movements. Do a youtube search for “Saint George and the White Whore”.

          • Greg Thomas

            “Wouldn’t notice a difference?” We have 25 million illegal mexicans here now and the place is trashed. Please! California has turned into a defacto mexican outpost. Get real!

          • Ella

            Anything South of I-40 has gone mostly Brown! Our children are outnumbered in public schools, and some elementary schools have no white kids below 3rd grade that demonstrate the direct effects of mass immigration and displacement.

          • mobilebay

            If pictures tell the story, you are right. Each time a school picture/class picture is displayed for one reason or another, the white faces are far outnumbered.

          • Ella

            I live South of I-40. The transition is very overwhelming, scary and outright depressing. I truly live in a foreign nation when I leave my subdivision.

          • Bossman

            So how come the most attractive places in the USA are the ones with lots of Mexicans and other Hispanics? If California is a Mexican outpost and completely trashed, why is an average house still costing over a million Dollars? You would expect it to be like Detroit where houses are selling for a few thousand Dollars.

          • Because immigrants go where the prosperity is. They don’t cause the prosperity.

          • John Smith

            They often retard prosperity.

          • “All of Mexico could move to the USA and most people would not notice much of a difference…”
            Huh? Are you THAT DUMB? Don’t answer that. There are over one hundred million people in Mexico. That is in addition to the Mexicans already living here. Please. We don’t need more. And unlike Indians (from India) the Mexicans are right next door and already have relatives living here. Insignificant my left foot.

          • Bossman

            Well if those Mexicans look like the people who appear on Mexican TV as news presenters and actors in the Telenovelas, I doubt that you would be able to notice anything. In your imagination a Mexican is a dark, short, fat , stupid,ugly midget who as soon as crosses the border without inspection goes out and steal not just one but many jobs from good patriotic white Americans. After he has done that he has several women lined up to father “anchor” babies which he can claim on his income tax as child credits. After all that Jose still has time to drive drunk on all the highways killing good old patriotic white Americans Does Jose even have time to sleep?

          • Damn! You read my mind, “Boss.” Yep, that is pretty much exactly what I think of “Messicans.” And still do. Of course, they are not as bad, per capita, as blacks, but they are bad enough and they are not White.

          • Unperson

            It’s only 95% of Mexicans that give the other 5% a bad name.

      • listenupbub

        I upvote you for realizing the gravity of the situation. It is enough to destroy us rapidly.

        Africans like to say “we were the first man, and we will be the last man.” They will not stop breeding until they have it all.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          They will rule over hell on Earth.

          • John Smith

            Let the asteroid hit.

          • Bossman

            When Hell arrives on Earth, what will Jesus be doing? Will he still be drinking tea with his mum in a place called Heaven?

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            I have no idea. Hopefully not, but who knows for sure?

          • Whitetrashgang

            He will be rotting in a grave as usual.Relgion is for the weak.

      • Exuberant Auditor

        I’m not so much worried about the Asians as I am about the Africans. For the formers, the birthrates have slowed down and their finances are gradually improving; while the latters are still multiplying like crazy and their conditions of living are not going to get better any time soon.

        • listenupbub

          Yes, Bossman always says “East Asians” but the real Asian threat is the Central and South Asians. The Indians (particularly Muslims in India) and the Arabs breed like dindus and pose a threat.

          The Chinese are relaxing the one-child policy, but I imagine they are trying to make China the kind of country that the citizens want to live in. They want other countries to still exist so that they can have someone to take vacations to, compete with and be superior to, lol.:P

          The dindus are still number one in danger to us, because they are like a virus. They spread and multiply uncontrollably and they have no intelligence. They fester in their host until the host dies, and spread to the next host.

  • Tarczan

    Sign this guy up.

  • Bossman

    The most important statement in this article: “It is asymmetrical.” All the hordes of Asia and Africa want to pour into Europe and North America while their part of the world remains just a breeding ground for more of the same. If that situation continues, the future looks very bleak for Europe and North America.

    • Jason Lewis

      Why the hell won’t white politicians stop it? They’re sending grandchildren into this future.

      • Bossman

        They are either dishonest or stupid and some of them could even be impostors.

        • thegodsofeden

          And some like the “Bushes”, have family through marriage that are of the Spanish speaking persuasion.

          • Ella

            I’m looking at the Amer o-dollar through NAFTA one day, including South and Central America, which will resemble the EU.

      • 1Forced_Registration

        Jason Lewis, this will not stop until we start targeting the right people. The right people are the corporate and financial institutions who have this prism of the world that they want to serve “everyone”. Except by trying to serve everyone, and pushing the multicultural agenda (both as a way to get customers and as a way to drive down wages — I think the ultimate goal is a plantation like prison state ruling over us) they end up serving no one. Gone are the days when corporations even give lip service to trying to promote even the defense and betterment of the country in which they originate.

        We have a situation where we have allowed (and in some ways its been forced down our throats) politicians that are bought and paid for to remain in office. When our government switched to pure corporatism, that it when the ball really started rolling on this agenda.

        If we are not willing to wrest our government back from: GE, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Piper, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, the big hollywood 7, the big media 6, Microsoft, Apple, and various parasitic defense interests such as Lockheed, Boeing, General Dynamics, Huntington Ingalls, and their K street lobbyists — we will never get our country back. The massive influx from much of South & Central America does not help our cause as many of them do not have a reference point other than a failed narco state.

        I don’t believe this battle is impossible, but until we start acting to truly make them uncomfortable this is not going to change in any way that is better for our interests. At a minimum we need a seat at the table, and it almost laughable — they don’t even read our letters, what are we doing that demands a seat there?

        Its a minority viewpoint here to get what Occupy was about, but I doubt very many of us would truly be against such things as General Electric, Bank of America, Google, and Yahoo actually paying their taxes. I think most of us can see media consolidation has not worked out in our favor. Most of us can see the utter waste that is going on in the defense industry with things like the F-35 (stealth is largely a myth, but it lined up suckers to pay) where what is being bought and used is not really making our country stronger, its just making us poorer, and a very few corporate heads rich at our nations and our personal expense. Those who paid attention to the what of Snowden can clearly see the tools of a totalitarian state designed to keep you from speaking up very much in the works and much of it already running sucking the life out of the country, and its people. I think most of here realize the companies I mentioned above have extreme measures of undo influence within the government, and many of them society at large through their ownership of media.

        Occupy may not be the best way to go about it. It attracted its own loonies. Many people saw it as class warfare rather than a reaction to the corporate warfare going on against us. For some in that movement that was probably true as well. This is unfortunate, but its not surprising as what was ultimately trying to be accomplished are things that many of us would happily agree would be good things. Its not an easy fight when what coverage of events exists is going to filter through the prism controlled by the powers that be. These same interests have just as much of a boot against the neck of conservative views that want an end to the government buying its votes with welfare, ending affirmative action, and a great many other things.

        Some of the best ways to fight them align very nicely with the nationalist agenda. No or greatly reduced H1B visas, no unchecked immigration, an end to HUD, and campaign finance reform (or succession if it comes to it). Some do not and would strike at notions of freedom such as corporations being chartered with a revokable charter.

        Its good that the volume of our views is being turned up online, and society at large is not feeling quite as alone in holding those views. However, if we never take it into the real world — at best we are annoying mosquitoes that buzz and wont fully go away with the spraying of off, and they can still pick us off one by one. I don’t believe this a battle we can win so long as individualism trumps solidarity. Individualism is more than a chink in our armor; its the equivalent of no armor and leaving our clothes behind as well.

        • TrueNorthFree

          “I don’t believe this a battle we can win so long as individualism trumps solidarity.”

          Excellent post! I love practical “action items” delivered forcefully and with hope! Yes, I could get behind many of these ideas.

        • Jason Lewis

          One million fully dedicated and well trained men.

        • It’s easy to see liberal populism and think that it and conservative populism have so much in common that it would be really easy for the two to join forces at least on what seems to be a lot of venn diagram crossover if not permanently.

          But then you look closer, and it becomes obvious why it’s never going to happen. There are huge irreconcilable differences between C-pops and L-pops.

          1. Who are the “pops” in populism? We answer that question with the connotation of tribal limitation, they answer it in terms of everyone on earth, the whole of humanity. This is why the L-pops are so annoying on race.

          2. We’re both concerned about income inequality, but don’t let that fool you either. We know that there will always be income inequality, that it’s a fact of life. We think that the income distribution curve should look like a perfect bell curve, and that if the right tail is getting too swollen, which it is, it’s indicative of some functional or systemic sociopolitical problem that needs to be fixed. The L-pops think that equality is a virtue in and of itself, and want everyone’s income to be the same. Even if they have to goose and nuance mass immigration to make it happen.

          3. Say “pincher movement,” and we think high-low against the middle. They think high-middle against the low. Or rather, we think the zilionaires joining forces with ghetto thugs to squeeze out Joe and Jane Average. They think it’s the zillionaires and Joe and Jane Average joining forces to squeeze out the ghetto thugs.

          4. Jews. Non-Jewish L-Pops constantly are on the warpath against “anti-Semitism,” almost to the point of paranoia. Mainly because they (think they) are waging war against the billionaires, then they look up and see Jewish predominance in the Forbes 400, and it scares them half to death, they fear the implications of their own “populist” politics (Auschwitz). So they way overcompensate for “guilt” by constantly raging against “anti-Semitism.” We C-pops, for the most part, aren’t so concerned.

          5. We see rampant corporatism and crony capitalism as a hindrance to ethnonationalism and a launching pad for globalism and universalism. L-pops see it as a hindrance to whatever universal global utopia they think is possible.

          I’ll leave the rest of this post blank because I’m sure there’s more I haven’t thought of offhand.

      • TL2014

        They , more often than not, don’t have grandchildren so they don’t care.

      • Ella

        They see green and power but do not recognize their own grandchild’s needs. Or, they are citizens of the world with multiple passports and can escape at any time.

        • John Smith

          Many to Israel.

          • Lexonaut

            Which espouses exactly the same values as many people on AmRen do. They take no crap from invading minorities, when they fight they fight to win, and the amount of racial strife in the nation is remarkably low when you consider that twenty percent of the population is Arab. Why do the Arabs stay? Because they like it there. They have economic opportunity that the surrounding nations would strip them of, just as DC is stripping us of opportunity.

      • American Tax Payer

        BECAUSE, their own Grandchildren are “protected” from those hordes they unleashed upon us. They Bought their Seat (and their descendants) at the Table With America’s Soul (globalization).

        They did this by keeping us busy with our shiny new trinkets. Drugs, sex, rock and roll, computers, the “middle class rich” and birth control in order to attain it all.

        • carriewhite64

          I agree with your post, but how does birth control keep us busy? It seems as though lack of birth control would keep us busier. I do get your main point, however.

          • American Tax Payer

            I meant, they fed American Ladies a bunch of lies about being “oppressed” by their husbands (barefoot and pregnant) and encouraged them to seek independence via career and they made that possible by saying here, take this pill and then you can focus on your studies (college) and still have sex and not have to worry about raising kids.

            You can have kids later they tell ya. And then, when you try after you achieved all those career goals, you find out the hard way, that ya can’t pregnant after all. You’re older and your eggs aged right along with ya.

            I meant, they gave us birth control in order to give us time to build our riches while they count down the time to our extinction.

          • carriewhite64

            I absolutely knew what you meant. When I tried to edit my post to make it obvious that I was joking, Disqus was uncooperative and would not let me edit. Again, I agree with you. I wish there were a way to encourage and support young women to have children at the age when Nature is pushing them to do that – their 20s. Unfortunately, there are many forces in American society today that try to prevent this, not only feminist propaganda. The economy is a big offender, affecting both young men and young women. I don’t know how young, non-Medicaid, bad insurance, white couples can afford to even give birth!

          • American Tax Payer

            We can make it affordable by creating our own welfare system. We need to find some financial wizards and have them set up and run a fund that we could donate to. White families could then afford to have enough children to ensure the Survival of The White Race.

            Or, we could start encouraging our own to get on welfare like the non-whites and start having as many white babies as their bodies will allow them. Or we could do both. I’m not picky. I just want to see pregnant white women everywhere I go!

          • carriewhite64

            There is a substantial Mormon population where I live. They seem to do all those things that you (and I) wish white people would do for each other. Large families are encouraged, there is unbelievable support and help for new mothers and fathers, struggling families, and troubled marriages. I have seen the church community pay the rent for a family in my neighborhood for many months when the father lost his job and was working at Taco Bell. That family had four young daughters. They have tutoring services for struggling students. They encourage community activities and a strong work ethic. They also encourage marriage only to other Mormons. There is much to be admired and emulated in that group, at least the one with which I am familiar.

          • American Tax Payer

            That’s what I want. White People coming to the rescue for their own fellow people. I’ve never seen a non-white ever help a white person. Have you?

          • Alexandra1973

            You got that right. Women are fed the lie that we can have babies in our 30s into our 40s. Fertility starts to drop off I think after 25, especially after 30.

            I had my son when I was 28. I wish I had more.

            It’s like we’re paying for other races to breed like rabbits, and makes it so we can’t afford to have our own children. Oh, you can, if you live frugally, but we’re more or less conditioned to think we have to keep up with the Joneses.

          • American Tax Payer

            We ARE paying the non-whites to breed. You know it as welfare.

            I think white people need to play the same game. Get on welfare and keep having kids. I was always adamantly against welfare as it is wholly and completely Un American but Congress is not gonna get rid of it ’til they literally cannot fund it so I say, since we’re the ones who actually fund it, we’re the ones who should be using it.

            I used to stand on principle but principle doesn’t matter when you have no resources and the non-whites are eating us out of those faster than the locusts blackened out the sun in Egypt.

          • Hilis Hatki

            My grandmother was born in 1900 picked cotton most her life and had 10 kids, 3 in her forties. Get rid of tv and other electronic entertainment and….. ” I dont know…. what do you want to do?”

    • listenupbub

      I imagine the hispanics support open immigration because they think it will benefit their group. However, after YT falls and America becomes Mexico version dos, they too will fall to the hordes of Asia and Africa; they need to wake up and realize that!

  • Jason Lewis

    The author’s solution at the end isn’t the one I have in mind.

    • Anna Tree

      But it could be one of the step (the less bloodier?) that we have, to stop what is going on. Right now we are completely silenced and not allowed to enjoy the right of self determination and the freedom of association. Mr. Tom Shufford seems to ask for the right to voice our opinions and to demand equality. He may be also guiding some whites to to the expression of their thinking. He is anyway yet another child saying the Emperor has no clothes, yet another “tip of the spear”, one more leading edge.

      Dozens, hundreds of people saying “White history month” or “white life matters” or “white have interests too” etc cannot be vilified like one saying it is. More people like Mr. Shufford and thousands will join the ranks of the Saints. Strength comes
      with numbers.
      But strength needs advertising, Mr. Shufford gives a bit of it to us. I thank him and think him as brave.

      • American Tax Payer

        I understand your point but we really don’t have time to play nice anymore. The non-whites overwhelm us with being over 90% of the population as it is and they’re all scrambling to get into America and Europe as fast as they can and over breeding as fast they can too.

        Meanwhile, we’re looking for just the right words…. No Ma’am, we don’t have time for that.

  • The “self evident truths” are encased in abstraction in this piece. I found in 30 years of university teaching that people just don’t get abstractions. You have to make things concrete for them. Lists do that in an effective way, although they are not the only way.

    To start some concrete thinking on immigration, consider:

    1. Blacks and browns favor dictatorship. Witness Haiti, Venezuela, Mexico, etc. DO YOU WANT YOUR GRANDCHILDREN LIVING UNDER DICTATORSHIP?

    2. Drug cartels and criminal gangs run most black and brown countries, sparking mass murder, beheadings, etc. Is that what you want for your descendants?

    3. Blacks and browns love Islam, Satanism, voodoo cults, etc. Like that?

    4. Hyperinflation, concentration of wealth in the hands of a few elites are the norm. Look forward to seeing everything you’ve ever worked for wiped out?

    I could go on with a long list. The point is that our job is to make the sleeping masses of azzes see that they will not go on living normal lives once the transformation takes place. They will be in the middle of a living hell with no escape. They must be made to see that hell in very vivid terms.

    • anony

      “They must be made to see that hell in very vivid terms.”

      I have been reading Amren and other White advocacy sites for over twenty-five years now. So far, no one has come up with a plan for accomplishing what you advocate above.

      We have no mechanisms for bringing the problem to the masses. Our media are all under the control of our enemies.

      • American Tax Payer

        You do it by hand. Years ago, I went door to door handing out a pamphlet I made about immigration. Non-partisan and non-racist actually but “racist” I reckon. I don’t know if it made a difference but my area sure has stayed white. Go to Town (89.6 white) and yes, you see some “diversity” but very little (not according to me ’cause one non-white is too many) but I reckon for most people, it’s still good.

      • Lexonaut

        Not every problem has a solution. It’s important to recognize that sometimes you just have to walk away from a mess instead of trying to clean it up.

    • TrueNorthFree

      You have given us a list of very powerful talking points, “short and snappy statements” that we can all start posting far and wide on message boards online. These are good! They will help wake people up!!

      Here’s one of my favs: (when Liberals refuse to acknowledge Muslim violence)
      “Buy a nice prayer rug, because your grandchildren will be submissively bowing to Mecca five times a day”

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      bigone4u: “The ‘self evident truths’ are encased in abstraction in this piece. I found in 30 years of university teaching that people just don’t get abstractions.”


      Good point on the power of concrete examples. But do not slight abstraction. The Constitution — particularly the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause, which has been used to transform America along leftist lines — is pure abstraction. Abstraction, in able and/or cunning hands has been and continues to be a source of immense power.

    • Julius Caesar

      You mention “descendants” and “grandchildren”, and as important as those things are to you or I…leftists and the younger generations, from my experience, don’t care about those things. They only think about themselves, instant gratification and the here-and-now. The college age kids I see on my campus and around the country are seemingly always drumming up more reasons why having children is a waste, and why living a vapid and materialistic lifestyle is the way to go.

  • MekongDelta69

    “What?! YOU don’t like being destroyed by non-Whites?! You ‘racist‘ pig.”

  • poggybill

    Everyone should consider clicking the link to the original article. They deserve the traffic. Also, JT made a statement in the comment section. We want to encourage more outlets printing these pieces to the point it becomes normalized.

  • guest

    “Carolina paper publishes call for white solidarity.”

    Liberals already believe that blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and other nonwhites should have their own solidarity and be with their own people. Which means they don’t think they should be around Whites and if there are no nonwhites around Whites, that means Whites aren’t around nonwhites either.

    It can’t be both ways. You can’t just say that nonwhites should only be with each other and not around Whites and also say that Whites should have nonwhite diversity in their lives.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Small and medium-sized newspapers in the South, such as this on in Hickory, North Carolina, understand these issues where the snooties in New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. haven’t a clue.

    Tom Shuford is a brave journalist to point out the obvious. Very well written, and very well could be a turning point in his career as a serious-thinking journalist, opinion-maker.

    • AFlaVet

      And the smoothies keep moving north…into Harlem.

  • listenupbub

    Alright guys, time for my usual sales pitch for expatriation.

    As we all know, staying in America means that your descendants will probably go brown. Even if they don’t, it sucks to be a minority. It sucks to live in a multicultural society in general. Jared Taylor agrees:

    “It is impossible to maintain any kind of tradition in what America is becoming. No country that is a mix of Africans, Asians, and Central Americans, and a dwindling remnant of aging Europeans can have an authentic culture and authentic traditions.”

    Now, our [reasonable] options are secession or expatriation. In the case of secession, there is NO WAY it would work!!! How would we survive while being surrounded by countries that will surely hate us and work against our interests at every opportunity. If USA and the EU can work together to screw Russia over, they will do it to us. Maybe our state will be backed by China- we had darn well hope it will.

    An unreasonable option would be to create a mystery cult and secede informally into the Pacific Northwest, or near Amish country. We would not be able to exclude the minorities without being a part of some crazy, fake cult. Or we could even go Amish and create our own Amish community.

    So this basically leaves us with expatriation if we want a real culture and an advanced way of life.

    • American Tax Payer

      Where? Where are we going? To Europe? How are we gonna bring our guns? “We” go to Europe and “We” go Unarmed. No way will they let us even ship our weapons. And we can’t win Europe back without them. But,

      “We” can Win America Back and then We can Win Europe Back.

      I am not including non-whites period. I’ll live by myself deep in the woods and eat grass if I have to but I WILL NOT include non-whites. I’m not doin’ it.

      • listenupbub

        Like I said, you have to expatriate if you want a real culture and an advanced way of life. I’m not going to eat grass.

        The option is to expatriate to Russia or the Former Soviet Union, the FSU. They seem firm on being ethnostates at the moment.

        Your guns are useless. Get real. You aren’t going to use them. America as you know it is obviously going into the hands of non-whites, the whites are miscegenating and dying out, and you and your gun-rights advocates will do nothing.

        What would drive someone to want to use their gun rights? A tyrannical government? Foreign invaders? We have both, and I see no violent revolution from the gun crowd.

        • Hank Richter

          Sad thing is it never had to get to this point, I mean we can talk all day about how so many whites on the left turned into people who hate their own race, but put them aside, it’s even the whites on the “right”, they just don’t get it, I mean, I’m not even talking any kind of conspiracies here but man, you try to tell them they will be a minority in 20yrs and they just kinda shrug, I mean they really don’t understand what that will mean for them.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            “Well, like, WE’LL get Affirmative Action and stuff, maaaaan!” That’s the idiocy I often hear from those morons. Uh, no. Do the white South Africans, Rhodesians, etc, get Affirmative Action? Nah, they just get tortured and murdered in the farm murders. I think I am going to start sending pictures of those victims to these morons, so they can really see and hopefully understand what’s in store for them.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Tell me how you’re going to do it, because I am EXTREMELY interested in moving to Russia. Supposedly the Afrikaaners were being welcomed into Georgia to be farmers there, so maybe we Western whites could help improve the situation in that general area?

          • listenupbub

            I’m worried about getting a career at the moment, so I have no plans. I am young. I have time.

            I would suggest google searches for information.

            If it seems unfeasible, I will work on the Pacific NW idea.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            I hope you’re right but it seems like we are rapidly running out of time in the US.

          • Lexonaut

            I’m working on and off on a novel in which the USA breaks up. However, while everyone else is duking it out in the Lower 48, Alaska goes its own way and become a magnet for young people exactly like you — smart, realistic and fed up to here (chin level) with the Old Country.

            Fueled by Russian venture capital, Alaska becomes a world power because it terraforms the hostile environment at the same time as it returns to the lean-government model of the original Founders of the USA. The environmental conditions are the same as those of Siberia, but American know-how combined with Russian capital makes all the difference, just as the USA rode to great heights on British venture capital.

        • American Tax Payer

          You haven’t seen Revolution yet because the Collapse is not yet here.

          Get real. Americans know how to Protect their Country. You’re a Foreigner, I can tell. No American would ever tell another American that their guns are no good. As a matter of fact, you sound like an infiltrator and I call you out.

          Tell me Mr. Expatriation, how do you propose Russia just “Welcome” Americans and for Russians to just absorb us? You don’t see the Ethnic Problem that will surely arise from that? Native Land belongs to the Natives.

          Americans would be considered Alien Invaders to Russia sure as Commies are to America.

          • listenupbub

            Mr. Expatriation? I like that! You’re calling me out? You are a funny guy, I’ll give you that.

            I am not a foreigner, nor a “Foreigner” with a capital “F.” I grew up in the South. The place is packed with southerners who talk about how they need their guns to protect themselves from tyranny ad nauseum in their irritating twangy accents.

            But guess what? Entire [white] towns are going hispanic in the South, southern states are the among the fastest diversifying, and all these rednecks aren’t doing s***! The displacement of their people, the loss of their ancestral way of life, their exploitation by a government and by an elite class is 500 times worse than the situation that sparked the American War for Independence, but they do NOTHING ABOUT IT!

            The rednecks are instead drinking tons of beer, using all their extra income on truck payments, and hunting deer with overpriced hunting gear. They talk a big game about protecting their land, but in the end, they are a bunch of stupid, overgrown kids who can’t back up a single word.

            Even if you do go on a killing spree with your guns, the federal government could whip out the tanks and the trained army, and easily crush any movement you make for independence. It would be futile.

          • American Tax Payer


            Yes, I call you out. No Red Blooded American would ever tell another to lay down their weapons and head to the Country that, to this very day, is seeking to bring America down.

            Wow. What a rant on “The South” you supposedly come from. You ain’t from The South. You have p iss for blood. A little invasion and you’re ready to flee already.
            You have No American Spirit and certainly not the Southern Back Bone, to Stay and Defend what is Rightfully Yours but I Sure Do.

        • American Tax Payer

          I’m not from Russia so there’s no “expatriation” for me. For me, it’s called fleeing and I Cannot, I WILL NOT do that.

          America is My Country so I’m Staying here to Defend what’s Mine.

          • listenupbub

            If you are an old dude, and your chance to set your genetic line is done, then I encourage you to stay and be a thorn in the side of multiculturalists. But if you are still young, I encourage you to be realistic and not emotional:

            There will be no revolution. There will be no taking America back. It is not possible at this point. If you want security for your genes, you must find a safer territory.

          • American Tax Payer

            I’m not a “dude”.

            Emotion is what causes Revolutions. Hunger and Homelessness is an emotion. Two emotions in fact, that will drive one to extreme measures (war).

            White People are different. Very Very Different. You cannot lie to them or trick them or enslave them for very long and everyone knows it. Yes, the powers that be are ramping it up but they’re stupid ’cause their timing was so bad, it blew their whole operation.

            You have No Faith in Your Own People Young Man.

            Calling on Americans to flee their Homeland in favor for one that has made it their mission to destroy America, is a bad sign. I question you. I don’t blame the average Russian mind you as I’m sure they don’t hate America or Americans but I do question them when it comes to absorbing people when they themselves are barely making it.

            I also question WHY you would EVER encourage Americans to leave their weapons behind for a Country who doesn’t believe in any form of Freedom least of all, Gun Rights.

            How do you propose to overthrow the Russian Government with no weapons?

          • listenupbub

            I will concede the expatriation argument. I do not want to live in the freezing cold, but I am not optimistic about other options.

            As far as freedom in Russia, I can’t see any issues I would personally have, since I am not gay nor black. I do not disagree with government-planned economies. I do not want to overthrow their government. Why do you think I should? The Russians are not trying to overthrow America, and neither are the Chinese. They are trying to break off from the West and prosper.

            As for gun rights, you still haven’t explained why it is even useful to have a gun, considering that you personally will do nothing with that gun, and neither will any of the rednecks who just want to drink until their minds go to mush. At least tell me what you plan to use that gun for, other than bragging.

            I do not know if Russia is willing to take me as an immigrant. I expect I would teach English and maybe some other subjects at the high schools and universities if I did decide to move there. I could also build an Italian or “American” restaurant. They would probably be okay with an immigrant who comes for those reasons.

            Guns are good for hunting and protecting yourself from black people. I have different hobbies, and Russia has no black people, so I am set. But I am not sure I want to move there.

          • First off, Russia is for Russians.

            Second, why should Russia take in as much as one of us? After the way we’re treating our own country, the last thing they would want is for us to help ruin theirs. Remember, Russia suffered under the yoke of ideologically obsessed “proposition nation” and “equality” crackpots, both the non-Russian variety (between 1917 and the mid-1960s) and then at their own hands (from the mid-1960s to 1991). Why would they turn right around and admit us American ideologically obsessed crackpots? Other than “Americans” who have enough documented Russian ancestry.

          • listenupbub

            I do not know if they will take immigrants.

            I have said before that I would assimilate as well as possible into Russian culture. I do not know if that will affect my ability to immigrate.

          • AFlaVet

            One would think they’d be a natural ally of ours too. Clinton and Ovomit have destroyed what we had in common with the Russian people.

      • kikz2

        well i’m certainly not going to recommend living on top of a super-caldera…..

        • American Tax Payer

          What? Look, if you want to run away, then run. I’m American so like my Ancestors before me, I’m staying here to defend what is mine.

          • kikz2

            no..you misunderstood me… vague as i was.

            i’ve heard ‘plans’ for the future include some White homeland up that way, Montana way. i’m not fond of pyroplastic outflows.

            my home is the Gulf Coast.. and if.. i ever get back there, it’s where i’ll stay.. come hell, or high water.. and occasionally it does….

            i’m not going anywhere except back south to the coast. i don’t care if i have to live in a goat shed, and die a slow/painful death from Corexit, and fight off non-Whites til i croak.

          • American Tax Payer

            We’re moving too. We were supposed to be gone last year but we had a fire and my house had to be gutted and completely redone. They’re almost done now. It’s been slow ’cause we haven’t pressured them at all and it’s paid off. They gave us extra work for free (added some lights and fixed my office ceiling from an old leak and gave us some wood to fix our shed with too). They are FANTASTIC! And their quality of work is Five Star. But of course, they are white…

            This area is pure white but my yard isn’t big enough. The traffic has gotten worse and we’ve lost some of our children so we can’t stay here. We found some land (only one house) in a nice remote area but also a nice house with an extra house on it but it’s only forty acres. We want land so we’re probably gonna pass on the forty acres even though it would be great to use for a white family to use.

            That’s my dream. To be able to have a white family move and stay in that house, establish themselves and then move on. The next white family moves in and does the same thing and so on and so on.

        • AFlaVet

          Maybe it ought to blow…for an inevitable reset. The browns and blacks can’t survive on their own.

          • kikz2

            well, we may yet hit the trifecta…. the caldera, the economy(what’s left of it), an EMP .. throw in a little race war… shake vigorously…

            i see you are on/frm the Gulf Coast? been there long enough to’ve survived a good ‘cane? if you have, you know what comes after. months of ‘camping’ are no fun, even if you have shelter and a working toilet..

            years would be………. hell, i don’t even want to mentally go there…..

          • AFlaVet

            East coast….slowly deteriorating into a 4th World dung heap. From Miami north to Palm Beach. One city…totally illegals…not an arrest or ICE in sight. Pushing 3 kids in a stroller with another in the oven. All About 4’2″ too.

          • kikz2

            emerald coast.

            yeah, i believe the term you seek, is…….. squat monsters.

    • lib1

      No point in going to Europe. The EU is worse than America as it’s collectivism to the nth degree. We stay in the U.S. and make the best of it. The South is home to black and brown people. We can make our way to the Pacific Northwest and establish communities along the mountains to the Pacific. The U.S. is roughly 61% white. Of those about 2-5% are race realists. We can make it out there.

      • listenupbub

        What I was trying to say above is that there is no way that we will be able to keep the sprawling, brown masses out of our Pacific NW. They will surely come for us after they get tired of the parts of the US they live in. I have been to the rural areas in the Pacific NW, and they are wonderful, and that is exactly why the minorities will invade, just like the hispanics invaded the rural white areas in the South.

        I was trying to argue that the only way we can get away with excluding the sprawling, brown masses from our Pacific NW is to pretend to create some kind of cult that makes them think we are crazy. Otherwise, they will be jealous of the life we have, and they will even use government policies to force multiculturalism on us.

        In the short term, yes, it might be the best idea for many people to go to the Pacific NW.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          I have also had the thought that race-realist white Americans should organize an ostensible “cult” in order to create a small, all-white town which is protected as a matter of “religious freedom,” with only its citizens aware that the quality ACTUALLY needed to enter the town is whiteness. The town could grow from there…

          But it would have to be organized very carefully, well underground.

      • Ella

        Playing on ideas, if you can form a tight alliance between Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania who had negative relations with Russia and past invasions, you might look at some hope for Europe as they receive talented individuals willing to bring a rebirth of territory from Lithuania to the Black Sea. Both the EU and US will not like the development but might be less paranoid overall.

    • Bossman

      Your post looks like nonsense to me. White North Americans must stay and fight to keep North America a majority white continent. No fragmentation, no mass expatriation, no secession, and no alliances with East Asians.

      • listenupbub

        There is a zero percent chance that will work. Big, fat 0.

        I do not know if you and the others I am debating are out of touch, or if you all are just trying to make a moral statement.

  • The Skeptic

    I am less troubled by the demographic change that most of the participants in AMREN, but I am deeply troubled by the undemocratic nature of this change. Turn on C-Span and you will see that almost any policy change will be subject to intense, open debate, in which pros and cons, costs and benefits, risks and rewards of different policy options will be explored by people of differing opinions. Yet, a huge POLICY DRIVEN demographic change, that will effect economic, environmental, social and political life in the United States, does not warrant open, empirically driven debate?

    • TrueNorthFree

      I tend to think that the vast state sanctioned invasion of hordes of uneducated third worlders (many of whom hate Western civilization to the core) is likely happening at the behest of the super-rich 1% world elites. (I know it makes me sound like a conspiracy but, but that is what I believe)

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        Yes, you’re right but you’re missing one very important word in that description….

        • JPall

          Quite possibly the most important… But including it might just upset a portion of AmRen readers.

          • Lexonaut

            Sigh …

            If six billion Jews can control seven billion other human beings like puppets on strings, wouldn’t that be a trick worth learning? Why don’t you figure out how it’s accomplished … and then do it yourself? Or … (and get ready for the explosive pushback) … isn’t your IQ high enough?

          • JPall

            Sigh… (We can all do the exasperated bit)

            A beautiful straw man. But no, I did not ever say that every Jew controls every other human being on the planet, nor did I say that only Jews have inordinate amounts of influence in Western society. Is it your duty on AmRen to be a disingenuous maladroit? Must you imbibe the statements of another with brash hyperbole, perverting it into oblivion, just to parade about in self-deluded victory? Do you realize how puerile your response, with its ridiculous and gratuitous presumptions, made you appear? Or … (and here is a question that clearly has been answered) … Isn’t your IQ high enough?

            P.S. That last part of your response gave me a full-on belly laugh. Oftentimes, when people say or ask such things it’s meant as a mockery of high-school rhetoric, given its ad hominem quality, done for comedic purposes. Then I placed it in context with the remainder of your reply and realized you had said it with sincerity! My laughing intensified. Classic Shlomo!

          • Lexonaut

            “Is it your duty on AmRen to be a disingenuous maladroit?”

            I’m neither.

            “Must you imbibe the statements of another with brash hyperbole, perverting it into oblivion …?”

            I believe you should have written not “imbibe” but instead “infuse”. Better be careful with those big words, Shlomo lover.

          • JPall

            I’m sorry, but imbibe is absolutely appropriate. I should have altered the delivery slightly because imbibe generally means it is done to oneself. I wanted to give it a drunken, foolhardy connotation.

            But I expected such a response. Attacking all of the essentially irrelevant aspects of my post, such as style or misuse of words, which amounts to nothing more than pedantry. It is generally what a person resorts to when their argument lacks substance. This only makes you seem more disingenuous. Will you acknowledge that you made hasty, needless, and inaccurate assumptions during your first reply?

            “In over [my] head,” says the one who cannot stay on topic. They do say laughter is the best medicine. I should be thanking you.

          • Lexonaut

            Speaking of maladroit …

            “I’m sorry, but imbibe is absolutely appropriate. I should have altered
            the delivery slightly because imbibe generally means it is done to
            oneself. I wanted to give it a drunken, foolhardy connotation.”


            “… the one who cannot stay on topic.”

            So in the initial post of yours that I replied to, which group of people is the third? You know, the group you so cleverly never name? (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.)

      • “Super rich 1% world elites”

        Uh, hello? We both are probably in the world’s top 1% when it comes to personal income. If you have any income at all, you’re in the top 22% by the world’s standard.

        • JPall

          QD, you say some greatly insightful things, but now you are just being obtuse.

          He was obviously referring to the ultra-wealthy global elite while placing it into an American context in alluding to the cultural meme of the “top 1%ers.” Although, it did lead to an inaccurate description, as they are a much smaller percentage of the world population.

      • JPall

        No, to any rational person with any reliable perceptive abilities, this is an undoubted “conspiracy” (to what extent of concerted planning is up for debate). Anyone that responds to your conclusion regarding this by calling you a “conspiracy nut” demonstrates their myopic incredulity and capacity for conditioned Pavlovian reaction.

        • TrueNorthFree

          I agree, but speaking from a strategic standpoint, we need begin to chip away at the deeply established, extremely poisonous, mainstream “white privilege” narrative. The only way we can begin to do this is by speaking mildly, and stating truths that the masses of brainwashed multi-cultists can understand and possibly support. Jared Taylor does this extremely well. This is how we can begin to “mass deprogram” decades of multi-culti brainwashing. It is a huge undertaking and it appears to me that Jared Taylor’s reasoned and resonable approach could make this happen.

  • Pax Romana

    “Meanwhile, the American establishment–political, media, academic, business, religious–suppresses any expression of the group interests of the majority.”

    But when it came to South Africa, these same political, media, academic, business, and religious organizations did everything in their power to dispossess and suppress the White minority, in favor of absolute Power and Control in the hands of the non-white Majority.

    It’s not ‘Diversity’ that these so called ‘Multiculturalists’ want, it’s the destruction of White countries, and only White countries.

    • throttler

      Tim Wise = Uncle Tim.

  • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

    I think that we need to start a database of the white liberal traitors. Make sure we get their pictures, names, everything possible. Commit it to memory, print it out, make sure every race realist white person knows them. When their beloved minorities come to eliminate them, and they run for our protection, we will know exactly who NOT to help. The mere idea of their shocked and terrified faces when they realize that whitey won’t forgive, forget and protect them from their pets keeps me smiling despite it all. Give them what they want! Diversity, even if it kills them…ESPECIALLY if it kills them.

  • Ella

    In college I do remember the twisted professors discussed the wonderful shift of power from WASP to minorities. They overlooked nonwhite violent dictatorial histories and trashed countries.

  • Jacobite2

    Their is no multiculturalism. There’s only the weaker societies waiting for their chance to destroy the current top dog. And they do aim to destroy, just as Europeans did while they were living nations.

  • lib1

    This letter neatly sums up why white nationalism is needed. A White Congressional Caucus will be necessary in the coming decade. However, I feel we’d have greater influence at the state and local level. Of course the ultimate goal is a white homeland in the U.S.

  • Brian Jr.

    There is no future in this country for white people.

    • Deacon Blue

      You are correct unfortunately!

  • Light from the East

    A new and more foolish version of Trojan Horse story is in the making if white people just sit aside and do nothing.

  • JPall

    This is a red herring. The absence of choice in sexual orientation has no relevance in it’s desirability within a society, nor does it impute an exclusive genetic determination. Scientific studies have also shown that homosexuals are more likely to have co-morbid psychological issues, drug abuse tendencies, and other currently undesirable sexual predilections. Frankly, it is an unfortunate disorder that should not be promoted as it is presently (and increasingly).

    I believe that homosexuality does have an aspect of genetic origination, but that experiences before and during adolescence, prior to a solidified differentiation of sexual orientation, perform a strong role in many cases. Because of this, promoting homosexuality in the education system will more than likely result in a greater rate of occurrence.

    • John Smith

      Psychotics have little choice in their psychoses, but that doesn’t mean that psychotics are a benefit to society. I don’t necessarily believe that promoting homosexuality will increase the occurrence of the behavior, but I do believe that it will allow some young people to be groomed for victimization and promote a fear of speaking out against the victimizers, much like other PC strategies have done to make whites fearful of speaking out against minority misconduct.

      • JPall

        I am in absolute agreement with the final part of your reply. And it is because of this, though not exclusively, that rate of occurrence will likely increase as well. A few studies have shown that a significant percentage of homosexuals experienced some form of sexual abuse in their youth. This percentage is much higher than that of the heterosexual population, implying a correlation between sexual abuse as a child and future homosexual orientation. It also lends credence to the hypothesis that homosexuality has some amount of experiential determination, at least in some cases. Therefore, if this is true, more frequent occurrences of grooming will lead to a higher rate of homosexuality.

        My second reason for the higher rate can be explicated in this way:

        If male children (this would apply to females as well) are taught about homosexuality at a young age, particularly before they have reached the point at which they are physically attracted to females, I believe they would be much more prone to experimenting with other boys, not out of sexual desire but out of curiosity (they would likely not even view it as anything sexual). Like I said before, I believe these early experiences have some amount of influence on a person’s eventual sexual orientation. If a child experiences sexual acts, even before they are viewed as such by the individual, that child will have formed those associations, which will later influence the individual’s sexual psyche during the period of orientational differentiation, leading to sexual confusion and possible homosexuality.

        One plausible problem that I believe will arise, if all of this is true and the rate of occurrence increases, is the lack of acknowledgement by homosexuals and the assorted ilk of the Left, who will undoubtedly claim that no real increase occurred, homosexuals just feel more comfortable in “coming out.”

  • MBlanc46

    Hear, hear! That’s what it takes. Someone with an audience (unlike us AmRenners) to damn the torpedoes and say it.

  • George Henders

    Just a small town newspaper, and likely to be ignored or at best attacked as ‘racist’ by other media.

    The vast majority of the media in this country is controlled by a tiny ethnic group, most of whom place their loyalty with a foreign government first.

    The TV media for example is controlled by just 6 men, all from this group.

    And if you dare question it, you are accused of ‘racism’.

    So ‘racism’ if you dare question the displacement policies, and racism if you dare question who is doing it. Quite a brilliant feat of propaganda and brainwashing.

  • Jason Lewis

    Well the NW Front has Washington and Oregon. I’m sure Alaska will come onboard. Then we’ll take western Canada.

  • Alexandra1973

    Probably not a conscious choice in many cases…but one is not *born* gay.

    Most of the time someone who decides they’re gay has been abused sexually. If a woman decides she’s a lesbian, I have to wonder if she suffered abuse at the hands of her father.

    Either way, homosexuality is not normal and there is help available.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      For everyone in the thread saying this: this doesn’t make sense. The numbers of abused children are WAY above the percentage of homosexuals in the population. (And whatever numbers of homosexuals WERE abused as children, the direction of causality is complicated. Pedophiles deliberately target children that are social outcasts for their own safety – socially isolated children are less likely to “tell.” Homosexuals are more likely to report having been socially ostracized as children.)

      Whatever link there may or may not be, it surely isn’t directly causal…or homosexuality would be MUCH more common. It may well be a causal factor, but the relationship must be complicated by other factors.

  • WR_the_realist

    This guy isn’t even suggesting that we slash immigration or deport illegal immigrants. He’s just accepting that whites are doomed to be a tiny minority so can we please, please, be allowed to have group interests like everybody else?

    And that’s enough to get him called a Nazi.

    • USofAntiWhite

      I try to explain to people that they don’t hate us just for any litany of excuses they claim, it is much deeper than that. They hate us for existing, for making it obvious to anyone what they really are. Non Whites have true primitive, tribal racism in their blood. They don’t want us to exist. This reality must be faced.

      • Ella

        I can only warn that the academicians believe the remaining whites who do not truly assimilate to the new engineered society will be the ardent racists. You will probably have 20-45 million Euro-whites classified in this category at least in America. The game will get a lot rougher for whites like joblessness and other exclusions.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Boy, the old goober sure is giving Marine a hard time.


  • Major914

    Get busy making sure your woman has at least four children during her childbearing years!

  • mobilebay

    I find it very strange that the politicians who won’t raise a finger to stop the invasion probably have grandchildren who will have to deal with the hoards who will never assimilate and who will come to change this nation into the hellholes from which they fled.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    I just clinked the link to go to the original article, being curious about comments there.

    …The article is accompanied by a photo of a clearly elderly white hand penning a letter. Is this the photo they normally use for letters to the editor? Or is that choice of image entirely about the “gah, these old racist whites will be dead soon, thank god”?

  • listenupbub

    I agree that China is trying to grab as much of our wealth and power as they can. Their government is perfectly honest about it, if you can read in between the lines.

    I disagree that Russia is. Russia =/=USSR. Russia wants independent prosperity for their people, as all countries should. They are not radical leftists anymore. They are just a country ruled by slavophile oligarchs, which isn’t bad. They get sanctioned like crap because they are against homosexuality and stuff.

    No, I do not want you to go to jail for shooting blacks. That is actually the exact point I am making. Your guns are useless right now. You cannot determine your fate in the same way our ancestors did in the War for Independence: the way they wanted you to use your guns when they penned the Second Amendment. Our guns are, unfortunately, useless because our military is too powerful.

    Waiting for the country to collapse before our revolution is risky. I am not saying it can’t work, as many countries have risen from the ashes. But I imagine that with the modern global economy, many of our companies would relocate in a jiffy and never look back. The more we hand power and wealth over to Asians and Blacks, the worse our situation will get in the SHTF scenario.

    I do not think the SHTF. I think whites will simply become a tiny minority, and many whites will marry out.

    I was raised in the South, I do not self-identify as a Southerner. I am not a Yankee.

    • American Tax Payer

      I can’t turn tail and run like that. I just can’t. I can move to a Town that is whiter than mine and work to keep out the diversity but I cannot leave my country.

      Yeah, I do see us becoming a tiny minority because unfortunately, I still see white people, in their sick attempt to commit suicide, I see them, almost gleefully, pounding the drum on how we “need” to allow ourselves to be colonized by asians and it’s “okay” to breed with them.

      There will be a separation of white people. The White Peoples will be White and the whites will be asian in two generations.

      I’m talking explicitly about the Russian Government. They’ve always done their own thing and I have my own personal problems with them. They left over 100 Good Men to die at the bottom of the ocean ’cause they REFUSED help from us and Europe. They let Chikitilo murder boys and girls left and right because they REFUSED help from us. I just don’t like their cold blooded nature. How do you leave your own men at the bottom of the ocean like that? And those children…

      God is With Us. America and Europe (and Russia) are His. I reckon that in the end, it doesn’t really matter where we are ’cause God is moving us around and it’s all strategic. If He takes you to Russia or England or Pennsylvania, He put you there to either, help others or to Fight or both. It’s The West vs. The East.

      Guns are only “useless” now. The chaos (police and military) will be in the population centers.

      • listenupbub

        Here’s my pipe dream:

        What if all the whites got up and went away from America. Let the non-whites have the country they are “entitled” to! Let them do with it what they will! Our free gift!

        Without us, the country would go to hell. Then we would be back to square one in Europe: defending our homeland from foreigners, but this time, we do it the right way.

        Of course, that is impossible. But a great dream it is.

        • American Tax Payer

          I have no problem living in Germany. I was there once and LOVED IT!!!

          I understand what you mean but we know that’s impossible. All we can do is lock down the few mass majority white towns we have left. Moving to a town that is at least, 90% white, is affordable and it helps retain it’s whiteness.

          You push out the bad whites and non-whites by making them feel unwelcome. Do not patronize their businesses or become friends. Do not be polite as you normally are with other whites like saying hello or holding the door open.

  • Susan

    Group interests for whites are considered evil and racist.