The Wichita school district, which already has one of the most ethnically diverse student bodies in the state, is trying to respond to the challenges presented by an influx of non-native English speaking children from Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

The district has more than 350 students from other countries and 160 from other U.S. states who speak minimal English. Currently, 81 languages are spoken in the district, The Wichita Eagle reported. It has 11 classrooms spread throughout the district devoted to teaching recent immigrants and refugees.


Because federal law requires schools to provide information to parents in their preferred language, an Arabic speaker is on call to help teachers and others communicate with families. And the district contracts with Propio Language Services, an interpreting service that enables teachers and parents who speak any language to converse by phone through an interpreter.


The number of students speaking Vietnamese, Lao and Cambodian has decreased while students speaking languages from Africa and the Middle East have increased dramatically in recent years, Hale said. Many in the latter group are refugees from camps in central Africa, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan.

The 10 main language groups, in order, are: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Lao, Cambodian, the Chinese family of languages, Bengali, Urdu and Swahili.



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  • Hmm, I wonder what “Wichita Lineman” sounds like in Urdu.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Poor guy has Alzheimers.

      Aside from cutting his own very good records he backed up Elvis, Sinatra, the Beach Boys and the Monkees.

    • Lexonaut

      “I wonder what “Wichita Lineman” sounds like in Urdu.”

      Repeat after me, slowly … Ah La Hoo Akh Bar

  • phillyguy

    students speaking African languages and Arabic, what the hell has this country come to.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      “students speaking African languages and Arabic, what the hell has this country come to.”
      No, Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

      • carriewhite64

        Glen Campbell and Judy Garland in the same comment section. I may stay up late and wait for Frank Sinatra.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Glen Campbell and Judy Garland would make a great duet team, singing about better days in Kansas.

          • carriewhite64

            They both had a certain melancholy in their voices, even in happy songs. It gave them such depth and is, I think, what so many people responded to in their music.

  • Chip Carver

    Wichita. The heartland.

    There’s no conspiracy though. It has nothing to do with the folks who brought us the Immigration Act of 1965. And the same folks just happen to be most of the people we see pushing for more and more illegals to be brought in to help out with their “legal” army of non-white soldiers – who live off whites via government gibmedats. Emanuel Celler, Norbert Schlei and the rest behind the legislation in ’65 along with their descendants who today work tirelessly to “aid” non-white immigrants, ease their arrival into the US, actually realized the chaos that would result. Right?

    • Oil Can Harry

      And right on cue Richard Cohen of the $PLC appeared before Congress today to plead for open borders.

      • Rob

        I would support Richard if he pled for open borders of his country he has true allegiance to which we helped found in 48.

  • JackKrak

    I’ve been saying this for years – it’s not just long-lost cities like L.A., Miami and New York that are only “American” in the strict geographic sense of being located within the political boundaries of the US, but now the wonderful tapestry of diversity has polluted places like Wichita.


    • Lexonaut


      Which is not far from the geographic center of the nation.

  • Truthseeker

    Diversity is a strength. A strength that costs us time and money to maintain while providing no tangible benefit. But still, a strength. Because we said so.

    • Susannah

      Exactly. No tangible benefits but a plethora of tangible harms.

  • 81 languages? That will be 81 separate ethnic youth gangs to deal with a few years as the youth become frisky, fun-loving “teens” to the liberal press. 82 gangs when you throw in blacks, but I guess ebonics counts as English to liberals.

    • Who Me?

      And those “students” have parents who speak 81 languages. Those parents utilize the services of the local hospitals, including the one where my brother is head of food services. Forgive me, I didn’t believe him when he said he was working in a veritable Tower of Babel–after all, he’s in Kansas… Kansas even…who’d a thunk it…

      • Lexonaut

        During WW2 a lot of fighter and bomber production was moved to Wichita where it would be safe in case of invasion. How far we have fallen.

    • Deep North

      Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 81 for Swahili..

  • MekongDelta69

    And this is in Kansas folks. Not DIE-TROIT.

    • TrueNorthFree

      There ain’t nowhere to run to, friends.

  • Fr. John+

    Good Lord, even in Kansas, ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore.”
    May God have mercy on his White Christendom.

    • John Smith

      I remember that negroes from KCK or Topeka would head out 20-30 miles to a nearby university town like Lawrence to commit rapes and robberies on mostly white college kids. One negro from KCK raped a white clerk at a shoe store and then robbed the store. Some Mexes killed a white couple at the nearby state park, IIRC. No shortage of the beaners either in town or from the surrounding cities. This was 20 years ago and more and it hasn’t gotten any better.

  • carriewhite64

    … going to bed, pulling covers over head, crying.

  • Rob

    A negress once told me that we should not be afriad of anyone because People are just People. Yeach right, but some like being destructive and sub human.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      She, of course, told you this because your white, and she knows most whites are still suckers for this kind of rhetoric. You, on the other hand, know better.

      Then, off she goes to her all-black, all-black all the time organizations and social clubs to plot the next overthrow of anything white, lying to and deceiving whites that it’s only about inclusiveness and equality. And when they’ve suckered enough whites into surrender, it’s conquered territory, baby, and they ain’t givin’ it up. People are just people, my foot.

      • Rob

        I agree, but she does worse. She is married to a negro Muslim and hangs around with some Pakistanis and other Muslims from her husband’s mosque. I try and avoid her, but she tries to come to me when she sees me and starts talking about how nice people are and about social justice and how ‘someone needs to speak up’. She will not do anything to speak up. I knew she was trying to brainwash me to her views and make me another black lover and savior.

  • Death defeater


  • Angermanagement

    In just 15 years the illegal alien parasites and their ignorant anchors has pretty much destroyed the entire western half of Kansas. This pie chart is what has became of a once proud community of honest hardworking Americans.

  • John Smith

    Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, and Swahili indicate that many of these are muslims.

  • John Smith

    One of the best things about Kansas was that some negroes tried to create segregated black-only towns out on the plains, but only one is left and has only about 50 of them.

    • Who Me?

      Silly people, everybody knows that blacks can’t build and maintain functioning towns. Just look at anywhere on the continent of Africa. Throw a dart–here, throw 3, you’ll never come close to anything black-built that works for long. It doesn’t work in Africa, and it doesn’t work in Kansas either. Because, black.

      • John Smith

        I think they ended up asking YT for help, but you’re right as to why there’s only one barely there little burg left, and I believe it gets state and federal money to help prop it up.

  • George Moriarty

    The only challenge should be to get them ALL speaking acceptable English before they get anywhere near high school.

  • How did they even get to Kansas? Are New York and California full?

    • Alexandra1973

      Probably spilling over from Oklahoma and Texas is my guess.

  • Vito Powers

    Dear Dorothy,

    Pack up Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, and Toto, tap your heels together three times and repeat “There’s no place safe from third-world immigration.”

  • KenelmDigby

    When a place like Wichita has been rendered into a multicolored Tower of Babel kumbaya type of sick joke, then you really know the USA is finished.
    When such things were confined to the outer fringes such as NY City, then that was another story.

  • LackawannaErie

    “Many in the latter group are refugees from camps in central Africa, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan.”
    In other words, ISIS will probably have a chapter there in the future.

  • angerinthestreet