Isis in Libya: Families Forced to Marry Girls as Young as 12 to Fighters

Heather Saul, Independent, May 12, 2015

Families in Isis’ stronghold in Libya are being forced to marry off girls as young as 12 to jihadists in exchange for protection, local doctors and networks have claimed.

Activists say the number of underage marriages is escalating in the city of Derna as foreign fighters continue to infiltrate the area after jihadists pledged allegiance to Isis in October.

Worryingly, clinics are also recording growing numbers of miscarriages and complications during labour and birth as children are taken by fighters as second or third wives.

Asmaa Said, a Libyan women’s rights activist for the 1325 Network, which is located outside of the city, has been collecting data on girls being forced into unions with fighters. Ms Said said establishing how many girls are being married off is complicated by the presence of Isis members in clinics which have been taken over by the group.

“Just in the clinics that we are able to monitor, we are seeing four to five cases of under-age brides every week and it’s getting worse. There is also the spread of STDs and the growing prevalence of miscarriages, premature and stillbirths,” she told The Times.

One local gynaecologist said girls are so young they often have no idea what is happing to them. “We see girls who are bleeding heavily from their genital area. Some of them don’t know what sex is–they come into the clinic playing with their dolls.”

An activist in Derna said child weddings were most common in the poorer neighbourhoods of Saida Khadija and Embakh. He said families there had come to perceive marrying their daughters off as a way of protecting them from even worse fates.

“It’s mainly about power and protection–you notice a change in the status of the families,” he said. “Before they would hide but after the girls are married to the jihadist commanders they move more easily about town. Some of them get nice cars and nice houses too. They see it as a way of protecting their girls from something worse.”

In February, activists in Raqqa, the group’s Syrian stronghold, said fighters were taking advantage of poverty-stricken families by offering high dowries in exchange for marrying their daughters. They claimed fighters would often take more than one wife and search for ‘sabaya’ – women who have been kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.

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  • superlloyd

    The totalitarian death cult is as barbaric and backward as it was when initiated. This should surprise no one.

    • Light from the East

      Isis members are good and faithful Muslims because they just followed the good example of their pedophile war monger “prophet Muhammad”.

  • dd121

    Every time there’s a story about muzzies marrying young girls, it’s reported like this is some sort of anomaly. No, people. This is who they are, it started with the holy pedo Mohammed.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Don’t forget South of The Border. No Mohammed there but in half of the Mexican states the age of consent is 12 (and 13 in most others).

      • dd121

        I didn’t know that but I havent read that very many marry that young.

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          Has nothing to do with marriage…everything to do with horndog Mexican males being able to get off and not go to prison for it.

      • That does not really mean that they MUST have sex at that age 12.

        It just means that it is not required for big government to intervene in each and every case. It is a private matter, if it is consensual.

        I understand that parents still have some say, especially if the kids are educated enough to obey the parents.

  • Hilis Hatki


  • IstvanIN

    Is this a terrible practice? Yes! Is it any of our business? No, or it shouldn’t be and wouldn’t be if we hadn’t allowed these inbred retards to emigrate to the West.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Despite the self evident barbarism of Islam toward women, leftists would scream racism if the US took the sensible approach of banning immigration from muslim countries. Jeb Bush would oppose it too, especially since his family has been suckling on the saudi teat for years.

      • Cuddles

        That’s the real reason to hate the Bush Family the rest is just mere commentary.

    • 3G4Me

      Exactly. It’s not our problem. As for the girls being married, it’s their people and their culture, and they are the ones perpetuating it. Poor little mussulman women? I don’t care. Poor little Egyptians having clitoridectomies? I don’t care. Poor little Afghanis? I don’t care.

      • George Moriarty

        When they bring it to our civilisation it is very much our problem and as per my comment below and it is good to see that our laws are enforced every time this type of outrage is uncovered.
        Yes, we should also be concerned in raising awareness of these barbaric practices as a brake against our politicians letting more of these medieval savages immigrate to the West.

        • Cuddles

          They should be sent back immediately.

          • John Smith

            Many should just get a bullet and be pushed into trenches to be burned with other garbage.

      • Cuddles

        Let Middle Easterners Israelis, Saudis, Levantines and the rest be concerned, we’ve got our own problems.

        • jaye ellis

          “Middle Easterners Israelis, Saudis, Levantines and the rest be concerned, we’ve got our own problems.”

          I respond:

          Ok, but one of our main problems “HERE IN OUR COUNTRIES” is these hostile alien people are now “HERE IN OUR COUNTRIES”.

          this is a common escapist belief in a bit scared White race realists, that the only reason these Alien racial/culture people are bothering us, hating us, is that we somehow didn’t leave them a long in THEIR COUNTRIES, many of white (Algeria, Zimbabwe, Palestine/Israel) were once, yes OUR COUNTRIES same as Baltimore and Detroit were once OUR CITIES.

  • George Moriarty

    Is this really news, it is happening here in Sydney Australia within our Islamic community. A Cleric was recently jailed for performing these marriage ceremonies. Remember Islamic law is above our law if they were to have their way.

    • TrueNorthFree

      This is why we must fight very hard to make sure Sharia law is never established in our Western countries. I simply can’t comprehend why civilized Western ivory-tower types are so enamored of Islam. As far as organized religions are concerned, it is the worst of the worst.

  • Dave West

    I have a hard time believing that the modern day Arabs are the same lot of people that took down the Byzantine Empire and conquered Spain. I have a feeling they were lighter skinned or “white arabs.”

    • JohnEngelman

      The Arabs conquered Spain. They were unable to conquer the Byzantine Empire. The Turks did that.

      Arabs castrated male slaves, but had children by female slaves. Through that conduit Negro genes entered the Arab genome. That is probably responsible for the fact that the average Arab IQ is 85, and for the decline in Arab civilization.

      • They probably did not have the technology to render their female slaves infertile. Birth control, sterilization. Otherwise they might have done so.

      • John Smith

        Marrying first cousins for a millennium hasn’t helped either.

        • EasternRover

          Isn’t perchance a pre-islamic practice?

      • David Ashton

        Plus hash.

    • jaye ellis

      It was the Asiatic Muslim Turk hordes, led by White slave Janissarie warriors that took down the Byzantium Empire, not Arab Muslims.

      • Dave West

        I guess I was more so referring to the early Muslim expansion from the 600’s to 1000; where Islam gained Byzantine possessions in North Africa and Byzantine Islands in the Mediterranean. About 2/3 of the Byzantine Empire had been lost by the start of the Crusades in 1095.

        • EasternRover

          As far as I remember, Arabs have relatively small sub-saharan admixture. Among Saudis, it is somewhere around 10% and peaks among Yemenis around 15 %. Even if we assumed that there was no dumbing down by other selective factors and cognitive capability is inherited proportionally to the admixture, the original un-admixed Arabs wouldn’t have been much smarter than they are today. Apparently, one’s smarts have nothing to do with being an efficient conqueror. At least back then.

  • Rhialto

    Just wait until the Feminists have effected a final solution to the White man problem, and can focus on the Muslim man problem. Islam will become as meek and harmless as Episcopalianism.

    • TrueNorthFree

      Many hard line feminists appear to be incapable of criticising Islam. It makes no sense. You would think that Western feminists should be the most vocal critics of Islam but this is not the case.

      • EasternRover

        I guess they see it and other foreign patriarchies as allies in fighting local patriarchy. Sort of allience of the oppressed. Unbelievably dumb and shortsighted. Yet another proof for destructive nature of leftism.

        • TrueNorthFree

          That is the only explanation. It is just beyond me why any self respecting “feminist” would not be against Islam.

  • I knew it. It is not just the 72 virgins in paradise for the martyr.

    It is a harem with a 12 year old virgin bride plus a few captured Christian sex slaves right in this life. This is interesting enough to leave your blighted jobless welfare fate in Europe and to leave your European criminal suburb.

    Especially the European Muslims seem to enjoy Jihad fighting with “minor benefits”

  • John Smith

    I guess it makes sense to marry them off for money and security lest these animals just rape them for free.

  • jaye ellis

    I can’t understand why Britain/UK can’t support/maintain a respectable nationalist, immigration restrictionist party that focuses on keeping out the worst Islamic things:

    I mean – forcing 12 year girls to marry complete strangers men who have no jobs. How can any sane British/English person from Left to Right not oppose that?

    • George Moriarty

      I think most British, Americans, Canadians and even Australians do not know what is going on and the media is certainly not saying to much about it.
      The first time I was alerted to the dangers of Islam in our society was from a Greek minister of religion who had lived under Islam in Egypt. I was first told about the Muslim child brides by a very talkative Greek taxi driver, he was telling me how they were able to arrange it all legally and bypass Australian laws. (Basically just send your 11 year old daughter to cousin Abdul in Beirut and all the family obligations and arrangements will be taken care of under Islamic law) In the meantime we are all told to rejoice in diversity and multiculturalism and we have laws that stop us saying anything.

      • TrueNorthFree

        Yes, there is a huge amount of ignorance because mainstream media refuses to report on the really disgusting and stomach-turning cultural practices of Islam. We need to get the message out there, especially about Rotherham.

      • jaye ellis

        Very interesting story.

        I’ve found that this subject is a deal sealer with many Western women who otherwise go full PC Lib.

        There was a successful book, movie “Not with my daughter” about a Western woman’s daughter’s terrible life after she married in to an Iranian Muslim family.

        Brigette Bardot has always had solid success opposing Islamic cruelty to women and animals.

        Most Western women don’t care about White Western men, but most do care about animals, girls, womyn etc.

  • Lexonaut

    If a girl is past menarche then under Sharia she is of marriageable age. Any Imam will tell you that this can be as young as age 9. There are probably a few even younger examples, all perfectly okay under Sharia.

    • TrueNorthFree

      It is state sanctioned pedophila. And this is the culture that our leaders are telling us we must “respect” and if we do not “respect” Islam we are apparently racist.

  • TrueNorthFree

    If Muslims want to engage in disgusting and abusive cultural practices in their own Muslim majority countries there is nothing we can do about it. However, we still do have some small power to protest Muslim immigration into our countries and also to protest the demands of Muslims who refuse to assimilate and who demand to establish their own medieval cultural practices in our countries.

  • Michael Robert Ryan

    Worryingly, clinics are also recording growing numbers of miscarriages
    and complications during labour and birth as children are taken by
    fighters as second or third wives.

    Unsurprisingly, they’re very polygamist. This is one of the main reasons Islam is so chaotic and violent. For every male with three wives, there’s two males with no wives and little prospect of ever getting one. The oldest trick in the book is to deny men sex, wait until their repressed sexuality backs up into sadism, and then send them off to kill your enemies. And Islam has perfected this technique.

    There is one poster here, an avowed polygamist, who is always talking about how eugenic polygamy is and who assumes that in our new white republic, after the breakup of the U.S., sexual gluttons like him will be allowed to continue their repugnant practices. He is sadly mistaken. Polygamy is not the Aryan way, and people like him will be rooted out like the cancer that they are.