An Iowa judge has dismissed a 112-member jury pool after determining that a black man charged with murder couldn’t get a fair trial when all but one potential juror is white.

Tyrone Washington Jr., 41, of Northwood is accused in the August 2013 stabbing death of his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old Justina Smith, the Globe Gazette reported.

Defense attorney Charles Kenville requested to have the entire jury pool stricken, and District Judge Colleen Weiland on Tuesday granted his motion.

Out of the 112 people in the jury pool, 111 had identified themselves as white. One juror identified himself as Native American.

Kenville said the lack of racial diversity wasn’t intentional but that ‘the system is broken in Webster County and this court needs to fix it for Mr. Washington’s rights to be upheld.’

He called for a change in the computerized systems by which citizens are requested for jury service using Iowa Department of Motor Vehicles and voter registration records. Kenville said minority conviction rates decrease by 10 percent if a minority is a member of the jury panel.


[Editor’s Note: Webster County, Iowa, is 92 percent white and 4 percent black, according to the 2010 Census.]


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  • Hilis Hatki

    Yet they tell us we are all the same.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Were all the same except when were not.


      • Earl P. Holt III

        …which is pretty much all the time…

    • Oil Can Harry

      The mudshark’s parents should’ve warned her that the races are NOT all the same. Then maybe she’d still be alive.

      • John Smith

        I’m not sympathetic that she got burned burning coal.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Yeah, the sad thing is they were either brainwashed useful idiots or spineless, thence the trajectory of their daughter’s life.

        And don’t forget the creepto-Marxist indoctrination known as education and TV she got regardless of her parents actions/beliefs. Her parents were likely brainwashed as well, especially living in the Shire of Whitopia.

        Until one day diversity came a knocking and took their precious White daughter away to diversity land (DEATH)…

      • Charles Martel

        Obviously this problem like the many juries in 90% black Detroit with no blacks on them, comes from the fact criminals cant serve on juries which is racist against blacks.

        • Actually we can. After my release from federal prison in July 2003, I immediately reinstated my driver’s license. This instantly put me on the hot list for jury duty, and I was summoned that autumn. I explained at the jury office that I was a convicted felon and still on federal supervision, only to be told that didn’t matter and I was eligible. I didn’t mind, because I hadn’t found a job yet. I was never called; I sat around in the jury pool room until lunchtime and was them told to go home.

          • listenupbub

            I am starting to believe that trial by jury is probably a dumb idea when you have idiotic citizens, women with pathological empathy, and inept public officials.

          • Pragmatia

            I feel this sentiment could be extrapolated in viewing our entire democratic system.

          • Pragmatia

            You’ve alluded to spending some time in prison on quite a few occasions. If I’m not being overly intrusive, would you mind explaining (to an extent of your own discretion) what landed you there?

            You come across as a highly intelligent individual, so I have a feeling that it may be an interesting story.

            Just ignore this if you’d rather not.

          • John Smith

            A family dispute that got out of hand, leading to charges of terrorist threats and extortion regarding trying to get some monies owed by a particular parent.

      • disqus_irCdmAu8It

        American’s, especially American women who travel in Black circles have always been victimized by Black men. In the 2011 FBI Crime states there is not one case of a white male raping a black female, yet, tens of thousands of white women were raped by blacks. Not one word of outrage from Eric Holder, Barack Hussain Obama or any other race baiter.

        • DaveMed

          Do you have a source for this?

      • Illidan Stormragge

        Mostly white areas are naive and full of bored potential half-ape lovers.

      • Light from the East

        I’ve seen this type of cases all the time. A white female somewhat loves a black male for irrational reasons. The result always ends in either four or all of them:
        1. They break up. They feel there is a irreconcilable difference between them.
        2. They have sex not long after they first met. The woman gets pregnant. And the black male disappears.
        3. The black male stays at home, hangs around streets, or does some illegal deals. The white female works hard to support the economy of two.
        4. The white female is insulted, beaten, or killed by the black male if the black male feels angry about almost possible everything she does.

        Female tends to show sympathy and trust toward others more than male, but don’t overuse your compassion toward others. Some white female’s compassion is the reason why they fall prey to black male’s aggressive nature.

        Every white female must know about this. Thousands of thousands of white female’s tragic stories don’t lie. It is not rational to believe you will be lucky this time. Even if you are still alive, your overall life quality will definitely become worse.

        For white people’s survival, white female is equally important just as white male. Don’t let naivety become the weakness.

        • So true. Very good analysis. It always amuses me whenever I hear black men complain about black women. They always complain about their “crazy” behavior and their “attitudes.” Ha! Funny! Black women act that way because black women know black men and won’t put up with their crap. Too bad not many White women are so aware.

          • Light from the East

            I forget to mention the risk of getting STD or AIDS.

        • Cid Campeador

          What the HELL is there to love?

        • Fair Dinkum

          It’s okay to use the word “woman” once in a while.

          • Pragmatia

            Corrected: “womyn”

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      Antiracism suffers an internal contradiction that says all races are the same and equal in every way, but the white race is uniquely evil.

      • ghettovalley

        We all evolved into distinct groups, with completely different appearances, different hair, different colored skin, distinctly different cultures, traditions, behavior, even drastically different skull shapes, and bone density, even teeth. Yet somehow magically our brains remained exactly the same in every possible conceivable way after thousands of years of evolving seperately, in isolated regions? Yeah, doesn’t seem likely. Anyone who truly believes that race is a purely social construct is an idiot.

        • Thank you. You hit it spot on. Yeah, with all these differences, magically the brains stayed exactly the same. What B.S. that is. You can tell right from the beginning that blacks, even as young children, behave more aggressively than children of other races. This is long before any environmental factors have had a chance to do their work on them.

      • Sick of it

        Antiracism is simply the absolute hatred of white people. Their goal is white genocide.

    • Light from the East

      Since Iowa is a dominantly white state, this is a clear proof that the criminal justice system is abducted by anti-white liberals.

  • pea_brain_2012

    The executive, judicial, and congressional branches are all in a race to destroy the USA. Maybe they could go to the zoo to increase the pool diversity.

  • Michigan Patriot

    Why so many blacks ? Parasitism on the White man I guess.

  • Susannah

    According to defense attorney Kenville, the system is broken because too many White people live there? And he believes they will be biased against his ghetto thug client and in favor of the ghetto thug client’s victim, the White ex-girlfriend?
    There is no “broken system” of any kind in this country, or the world for that matter, that an infusion of
    “diversity” – especially the black kind – will not make much worse. It’s merely a surefire way to worsen any problem. The only true thing that’s broken here is the fact that ghetto thugs reside in Iowa at all, and naïve White girls think it’s a good idea to date them.

  • John Smith

    Send him for trial to Des Moines, where they’re sure to have at least some negroes and many Hispanics.

  • MekongDelta69

    Colleen Weiland = leftist feminazi.

    “Fair trial” = No Whites are allowed on the jury.

    “The system is broken…” = Too damn many White people live here.

    “Kenville said minority conviction rates decrease by 10 percent if a minority is a member of the jury panel.” = Jury Nullification.

  • Irishgirl

    How many potential black jurors simply didn’t show up? Obeying a summons for jury duty is such a white thing.

    • And when they get there, they trot out every lame excuse in the book and not in the book to try to get dismissed. For a big percentage of them, all they have to do is wait until the sheriff’s deputy dismisses the convicted felons.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      I must be black. I toss mine in the trash.

      • Michael Robert Ryan

        Same here. I’ve never gotten in any trouble for it.

    • Charles Martel

      Reading is an Asian/white thing as well.

    • TruthBeTold

      After the OJ trail, Johnny Cochran came to town to represent the family of a girl who had been hit by a car while crossing a major street.

      He couldn’t get enough blacks for this case.

      After that they changed the rules for trying to get more blacks as jurors by letting black defendants pick from the pool of blacks who show up instead of being randomly assigned from the entire county.

      Blacks have the special option now to get blacks on their cases if enough blacks even show up.

  • TomIron361

    who wood’a thunk it, another dizzy woman judge???

  • Pax Romana

    The defense attorney along this Judge believe in “Liberals’ Law”, which clearly states that every black criminal defendant has an absolute right to have a ‘Brotha’ or ‘Sista’ sit on the Jury to throw the case.

    Call it ‘Jury Nullification’, ‘Gettin some get back’, or ‘Black Priviledge’. In Liberal LaLa Land it’s called ‘Social Justice’, no matter how much damage it does to Society.

  • Luca D.

    Because we all know that only blacks can be fair, impartial and intelligent enough to become jurors.

  • Pax Romana

    Photos of the Perp and his ex-girlfriend Victim:

    • model1911

      Coal burner.

    • LiberalismFailed

      Homo Erectus Stabbicus.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        “Africanus Criminalis”…

      • Bongopithicicus oogoobooga sicarius. I wish the college-age brown jack-wipes could read what normal, educated people think of them.

    • Jason Lewis

      All her friends said don’t…………………………

      • TruthBeTold

        In this political climate I would be none of them said anything.

        • MooTieFighter

          I suspect they were cheering………”ooo what a cute couple!!!”

    • Kenner

      She was wearing the dark glasses because she was blind, right?

      • Sick of it

        Probably just covering the black eyes he gave her.

    • John Smith

      Smokejumpers never learn….

    • ghettovalley

      Missing White Woman Syndrome

      I would also like to point out the dead soulless eyes of the man in question. I am almost certain that if allowed back on the streets he would immediately reoffend, likely by committing another violent crime. It seems to be hardwired into their DNA.

    • Deacon Blue

      That song by Blue Oyster Cult just jumped right into my head!

      “I’m living for givin’ the Devil his due
      And I’m (coal) burnin’, I’m (coal)burnin’, I’m (coal)burnin’ for you!”

      That fella…is related to another named “Dindu?”

      • GAWZ

        You just ruined that song for me.

        • Deacon Blue

          So you paid me back for it by showing me a cuckolded beta
          male with his cb’ing female and their sprog? Baby Dindu!
          Awww….he he might make it to High Yeller. Maybe?

          • GAWZ

            LOL I didn’t mean to mind fцcк you that bad.

    • Blackhawk

      another misguided soul raised on “The Cosby Show”

      • TruthBeTold

        Blacks are good at spotting desperate White women and they know how to sweet talk the weak, vulnerable, and naive .

        • nordicman

          These are the kinds of white women we need to educate or, if they don’t listen, let ‘diversity’ take care of them. It’s Mother Nature weeding out the inferior whites in our race as I see it.

        • ghettovalley

          This is explained by their predatory nature in general. When someone like you or me sees a sweet old lady walking alone at night, we smile and perhaps offer her a ride or to walk her to her destination. A black sees an easy score, a victim. This is how they are wired. They do not belong in our civilized society.

    • MooTieFighter

      explains EVERYTHING

    • nordicman

      In that case, I don’t feel sorry for his victim knowing it was a white woman. I really don’t have sympathy or love for ANY white woman that beds these blacks and other mud people. If they were racially aware white women and were attacked by these animals, then yes, I will want full justice against these blacks, browns and muslims. On the other hand, if they willingly spend time with them, they’re out of the white club as far as I’m concerned.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      No big loss. I think. Good thing she didn’t have white kids with her.

  • Chip Carver

    I guess we know where the judge’s sympathies lie, as if that would surprise anyone.

  • superlloyd

    What about the rights of the victim?

    • John Smith

      Liberals never care about them.

  • dd121

    I suspect they’re in a small in Iowa and there just aren’t that many blacks. A jury of your pears doesn’t mean putting 12 convicted murders on your jury in a murder trial.

  • Pax Romana

    Another story about this judge:

    Judge Colleen Weiland considering new sentence for convicted murderer Damion Seats

    Published on November 23, 2013.

    MASON CITY – A judge known by many in North Iowa for extreme leniency is considering a new sentence for a man convicted as a 17-year-old of murder.


    Photo of District Judge Colleen Weiland:

    • evilsandmich

      I take it that judges don’t run for election in Iowa.

    • ghettovalley

      She looks like a cat lady for sure.

      • TruthBeTold

        Maybe she’s hoping he’ll go free now that he available.

        • ghettovalley

          She certainly looks like the type. Black men generally have no standards when it comes to the white wimmenz. Namsayin?

      • I’m betting on at least 50 cats and probably over 75.

    • nordicman

      I’ve noticed the feminists, self-hating ‘white’ women amongst us are always ugly looking. Anyone else notice that?

  • LiberalismFailed

    4 percent of the population. 100 percent of the murders.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Iowa is, surprisingly to me, one of the more leftist, politically correct states in the Midwest (and that’s saying something). I discovered this while watching the evening news on a trip there recently: all of the standard cliches and politically correct assumptions were trotted out. Marshalltown is approaching the half-Hispanic mark, and its starting to have the grungy look generally associated with Hispanic areas. Pity.

    • Iowa’s founding whites were Puritan farmers from New England, and Scandinavians were a big part of the second wave of white immigrants that settled there.

      • nordicman

        I hate to say it, but have you noticed the dumbest, most liberals whites of our race are usually the Scandinavian ones? They are trusting of other races, even violent blacks and nonwhites who are attacking them, and they aren’t outraged by it. You see that in Sweden, you see that in the places in America you mentioned. It’s like they replaced the old Puritan faith with Marxism.

        • Joy

          I hate to say it, too- but you speak the truth. This I know first hand, being of Scandinavian descent myself. I’m glad I inherited some level headedness from my dad’s side.

        • Kenner

          The Pacific Northwest has lot’s of Scandinavians; it’s part of why it’s so far to the ‘do-gooder’ left.

          • GAWZ

            I also noticed it growing up in the Tacoma-Seattle area. Thank you, dad for teaching me early in life about inggers.

        • The altruism and relative trust toward “strangers” which was a feature for Scandinavians when they were by themselves and never had to deal with non-whites, a social folkway which helped them survive and thrive, is turning out to be a bug in our great integrated world.

        • Rob

          Also the Irish. They are just as dumb.

    • John Smith

      The upper Midwest has always been pretty liberal, which includes some German immigrants (mainly 1848 revolutionaries) and Nordics and their outlooks.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      You’ll find a strong PC crowd in many totally-white areas. All the information they get is from the media and entertainment, which is highly glossed up and spun through a narrative. You’ll find the opposite in places like the South where they deal with blacks for centuries.

      • Fair Dinkum

        They also have a very smug PC crowd. It’s very easy to despise a sin for which you’ve need had an occasion for temptation.

    • Ringo Lennon

      All white states can afford to be liberal. Why not? They don’t have to live amongst the monsters.

  • Jason Lewis

    The one that identified as Native American is probably white as well.

    • DaveMed

      But how high are his/her cheekbones?!

      • Jason Lewis

        Elizabeth Warren’s are pretty normal.

  • DaveMed

    the system is broken

    1) What’s with anti-Whites and their unoriginal platitudes?

    2) Kenville himself is proof that many Whites are more pro-Black than Blacks are.

  • Diana Moon Glampers

    I guess all juries could be mandated to match the demographics of the US. That would be better than having all minority juries.

    • how about this

      The whole concept of proportional representation in things like this is ridiculous. Has anyone even articulated a reason for it, beyond “it’s not faaaaaaaaair?” Why don’t we insist on proportional representation of the mentally retarded, alcoholics and the criminally insane while we’re at it? After all, we should feel so guilty that society invalidates their experiences in our patriarchal dominant culture by imposing our narrow socially constructed perceptions of “sanity” and “sobriety” blah blah blah blah.

      • pennawhytmn

        You forgot to mention our rugged individualism and rigid adherence to time schedules. “Dat beez rayciss too”.

        • how about this

          Did you know that Blacks have a “a tendency to approximate space, number and time, instead of aiming for complete accuracy?” They also tell stories in a “spiral” or “black cultural” style rather than proceeding in chronological order. This is of course not a shortcoming on their part, no, of course not. Accuracy and order are just White prejudices. See “Do Black and White Children Learn the Same Way?” in the June 24 1988 New York Times.

  • InitialSegment

    The Constitution provides for a jury of one’s peers. In Webster County, Iowa, that would mean 11 of the 12 jurors (which is almost exactly 92%) should be white. So as long as the one non-white potential juror is picked, I don’t see the problem.

  • Scott

    It’s been awhile since I had to do a criminal jury trial, but if I remember my law school criminal procedure professor correctly, the legal principle is that the pool from which the jury is chosen (although not necessarily the jury itself) must represent a “fair cross-section” of the community. Well, in a county that is 92% white, what do they expect to get?

  • james AZ

    OOH. WOW. Black people will not able to enter the heaven because the God is WHITE!!!!!

    • ShermanTMcCoy

      If they could, it wouldn’t be heaven, it’d be the other place.

    • Rob

      That is why they are trying to make Jesus a negro.

      • John Smith

        Anywhere there’s negroes after death is called “Hell.”

  • 4321realist

    “Kenville said minority conviction rates decrease by 10 percent if a minority is a member of the jury panel.”

    Is the object to find guilt or innocence or to find blacks guilty less often?

    This dork is an excellent example of the foolish-minded judges that swamp the system in recent times. I’m betting she says something like, “Race doesn’t matter,” many times a year, never noticing the hypocrisiy of her words.

    She’s quite clearly implying that whites can’t be fair and that having blacks on the jury makes it fairer, because whites are apt to find blacks guilty when they’re not.

    Since blacks are hesitant to convict blacks of crimes due to out-of-control bias, it seems the fair thing to do would be to require that blacks on a jury must swear beforehand they will not decide for the defendant solely on the basis of his/her race, as in the O.J. case and thousands of others where a mostly black jury refuses to convict a black perpetrator.

    As many people on here have pointed out, we need to rid ourselves of these dim-witted types at all costs and without delay.

  • Speedy Steve

    Goodbye, coal-burner. Here’s your Darwin Award. Hopefully that means one less libtard in Iowa.

  • pennawhytmn

    Anyone here feel any sympathy for the “victim”? I don’t. Sure surely showed how enlightened she was, how “sophisticated” she was by being beyond those backward thinking, racist white rednecks.

  • IKUredux

    Cripes, are we going to have to reconfigure what a jury of our “peers” means? I mean, because if so, this could get dicey. I mean, if a transgendered Black moslem kills someone, who the hell would be a jury of his/her peers? So, just one more reason this country is going to hell. I’ve had enough.

    Diversity, multiculturalism, is nothing more than a fancy way of saying “Death to White Civilization and White People”. Hey, lookit, I thought the Protestant Reformation was a good thing. However, this current “We Whites are the enemies of the world and need to die” reformation has gotten on my last nerve.

    My idea for a reformation:”Oh my God, we have gone too far pretending all these stupid, ugly, non Whites are the same as us”.

    Hey White women, you don’t want to be killed by your partner? Don’t get involved with a Black. Hey Blackie! Want a jury of your “peers”, commit your murder in Negrotown on a negro woman.

  • Denis

    Does that mean a white defendant can expect a judge to have the jury pool dismissed if it is less than 99% white?. 70%?. 50%?.

  • American Tax Payer

    Iowa used to be so great. It had Senator Grassley (still there but not for much longer unfortunately) and he kept Iowa clean. Even Des Moines, the Big City, was clean. Not now of course but Senator Grassley did very well for a very long time. Thirty years.

    Anyway, if discriminating based on skin color is illegal, then how can they justify discriminating against white people because their skin color is white?

    • Fair Dinkum

      They’re progressives. They don’t have to be morally or logically consistent.

      • American Tax Payer

        “progressives”. We need to start making them explain, in great detail, what “progress” is.

        There’s a commercial here about school and the black man is complaining about the SAT and how unfair it is and “it can’t measure intelligence” ’cause it expects you to be able to answer the question in a certain amount of time. Well, since blacks can’t do that, we gotta get rid of it.

        Let’s stop testing them ’cause we know they can’t pass but call them “intelligent” anyway. “progress”…

  • TruthBeTold

    They don’t even show up.

    I was called last fall. There must have been 200+ in the pool. I don’t recall seeing one black person. There were Hispanics, and Indians, and an overwhelming number of Whites. If there were any blacks that showed up I didn’t see them.

    • Seminumerical

      I was called a few years ago. I asked a lawyer friend if I had to serve, just out of curiosity. I really wanted to and he said it could be an interesting experience, and a contribution to society. But then he said, ‘it is easy to get out of: during the jury selection process just snarl, “they’re all guilty, ALL OF THEM!”‘

      I went, lined up in the hallway of the Palais de Justice in Montreal, and we were ticked off a list one by one.

      We were all behind on our municipal taxes, and they wanted to check that we still existed.

  • Reverend Bacon

    This is the point. In a 92% white enclave, far more than 8% of the murderers are black. So either race is valid, which explains why there are so many black murderers; or it’s not, which means that the race of the jury is irrelevant.

  • Lexonaut

    My guess is that the judge is effectively saying “If I don’t do this the case will be overturned on appeal, putting us right back where we are now but with a whole lot of taxpayer money having been spent. If an appeal-proof jury is going to let the guy walk, let’s get that over with now while the costs are low. On the other hand, an appeal-proof jury just might vote to convict, so let’s go to trial with an appeal-proof jury and let the jury decide..”

    • I thought of that too, but the defense lawyer needs to file for a change of venue.

    • GAWZ

      Expect that now a precedent has been set.

  • Zweihänder

    Did you really think the jury-pool wouldn’t be dismissed even if it was composed by 103 whites and 4 blacks, according to the county census?

  • Earl P. Holt III

    The only time the system is “broken” is when blacks participate: Their low I.Q.s and even lower character translate into “jury nullification” and voter fraud on a massive scale.

  • MooTieFighter

    Editor’s Note: Webster County, Iowa, is 92 percent white and 4 percent black, according to the 2010 Census.]………..also, jurors can’t be felons, this really lowers your ability to find a black jurors. It is telling that this is a black murder trial in such a low percentages black area.

  • How many blacks in Webster county received jury summonses for this case and simply didn’t bother showing up?

  • nordicman

    Our worst enemies are those of our own race in positions of power. They are selling us out and screwing us over to appease nonwhites. I hate them far worse than all the “Juans” and “Trayvons” combined.

  • nordicman

    This why the Klan was formed in the 1800s during reconstruction. Many white southern men were barred from voting since they took up arms against the federal government in the Civil War, blacks were given positions of power, these blacks were using that power to tax the whites to death (for slave reparations they claimed), there were blacks committing crimes against whites, the federal government and Republicans were actually aiding these blacks to attack whites. Seeing no law to stop the black on white violence and to stop the Republican traitors (just like today!), the Klan was a vigilante group. This is different than the Klans that came later on in the 20s and during the ‘civil rights’ era.

    • GAWZ

      • John Smith

        American Hero.

  • nordicman

    There’s no worse enemy to the white race than the traitors and bleeding hearts among us. The traitors are evil because they know what they’re doing and don’t care; they see financial and political benefits for their deeds. The bleeding hearts are naïve, have deep psychological issues and won’t listen to reason and logic. They will feel sorry for a gangbanger that murdered their entire family.

  • B.E.L.

    Where is this place? Cause I want to move there.

    • GAWZ

      Become a gentleman farmer?

  • liberty4x4

    This is the real reason the judge dismissed the jury pool. It took a lot of looking to find this photo because the press did not want to show it in any of the stories about the murder.

    Justina Marie Smith

    • Good work on that one. I suspected as much. A black jury would acquit him for sure.

    • GAWZ

      Burn coal, pay the toll.

  • slobotnavich

    This is in Iowa?II The local citizens should erect a gallows, find a rope, and hang this so-called magistrate.

  • An appropriate response to this magistrate’s decision would be for the entire white population of Webster county to begin refusing to show up for jury duty.

    • Lexonaut

      ” floon”

      Never heard that before but a moment’s thought gave the meaning.

  • newscomments70

    It’s not easy to find qualified and willing jurors. They threw away decent people for nothing. If they can find any qualified “diverse” jurors, it’s unlikely they will show up.

  • Travis Lee

    The county is 92% white.
    The rest are felons.

    • AFlaVet

      70% and declining.

      • John Smith

        “County,” not “country.”

  • dusa1957

    Which county in the USA ranks as highest percent white? I want to move there.

    • AFlaVet


      • Lexonaut

        Correct. A few thousand blacks a year are admitted on student visas but when they graduate they must go back home. It’s not as if they can blend into the general population and fade into the woodwork.

        Russians detest them and call them monkeys.

        • John Smith

          They got that one right on the money.

      • GAWZ

        Russians: Very tough, violent and intelligent. There is a reason that lots of Russians have immigrated here in the last twenty years. Russia is controlled by the Mob. Aside from the occasional celebrity defector (Snowden) or expatriate with notoriety (David Duke), life would be pretty tough for the average American over there.

    • newscomments70

      It’s a very good chance that the whitest county voted for Obama.

    • Christopher Perrien

      The “whitest” counties would not let you live there because you are the wrong religion and too poor.

    • John Smith

      There are 201,000 people in my county, 96% of whom are white, 1% Asian, 1.6% Hispanic and 1.4% negro. There are still decent places out there, even close to metro areas that are reminiscent of Zimbabwe.

    • John Smith

      “The five large counties (with populations above 10,000) that are whitest are Lincoln County, West Virginia; Leslie County, Kentucky; Dickenson County, Virginia; Osage County, Missouri; and Lewis County, Kentucky. Each has a population that is just more than 98 percent non-Hispanic white.”

  • H. Mueller

    This happens a lot with these women who choose to burn coal. It is a dangerous game they play.

  • Sloppo

    The demographic problem of this jury pool would not exist if the candidates had been taken at random from a population of incarcerated convicted murderers.

  • Cid Campeador

    Why is there no picture of Justina? Is it what I suspect? I’ve searched several articles and can’t find one photo of the victim.
    I was right. Another White woman bites the dust.

    • Cid Campeador

      Rights? What freakin’ rights does he have? He’s a filthy spawn of Satan evil son of a bitch! He needs to be dead!.

  • Phoenixian Westernia

    Diversity vs. Truth

  • Gladiolus

    Northwood, Iowa has 1900 people. Nine of them are black. 96% are white. They get an average of 1 violent crime a year, typically a beating. Their local clinic has absolutely no experience dealing with stabbings and shootings. Their police department costs $125,000 per year.

    The victim, a 30 year old white woman, average looks, took a shine to her killer. They both worked as clerks at the local gas station/snack shop. Tyrone Washington, Jr., her killer, was 39 and lived with Justina in a dinky apartment. He had been violent before, but Justina forgave him. On the day he killed her they argued about his laziness. She said, “if you aren’t going to help out, you need to get out.”

    Sadly, that was all it took. Growing up in a nice safe white community, she had no inkling how violent black men are, how proud, and how extremely sensitive they are to “dissing”.

    He stabbed her many times and left her for dead in a public park. She was still conscious enough to give police the facts: who killed her and why.

    Unfortunately, no one on in town was experienced in dealing with brutal negro assaults, nor the intensive care facilities necessary to stabilize her. She had to be taken to Mason City, Iowa for emergency care. She was pronounced dead in Mason City.

    It is about a 30 minute trip from Northwood to Mason City by ambulance, bleeding internally all the way.

    I don’t know why small white communities tolerate negro immigrants. They don’t have sufficient police. They don’t have qualified emergency rooms. They don’t have the common sense not to mess around with “muh dik”. And saddest of all, they don’t know how easy it is for a white female to absolutely enrage the negro male.

    • John Smith

      They tolerate them because they’re forced to tolerate them. Around here, I had an acquaintance who lives a bit further up the river than I do, who had negro neighbors. He’s an Italian redneck and illicit agriculturalist with connections to 1%er bikers. He has firearms that are not ATF approved, thanks to his biker buddies. He had a black neighbor who moved in, even out in the sticks, who started trouble, mostly because the good ole’ boys out that way shot their guns whenever they felt like it.

      After this, the negroes started having folks shooting in their direction, and while the sheriff investigated, he never could find the culprits, probably intentionally so. It all ended up with a happy ending of the negroes packing up and leaving. Unfortunately, not every rural county sheriff is so “understanding.”

      • I had to teach some “Bongo-Party-People” when quiet hours start in a white neighborhood. I screamed “Oogabooga” at the top of my leather lungs the first and last time someone blasted “rap” while driving down the street under our bedroom window at 11:00 AM. Not P.M.

        This is a civilized neighborhood. They never drove through the area again, and that was about ten years ago.

        It’s “quiet hours”, 24/7 for rap music around here.

        There’s no problem at all. The feds wandered around warning the whole area I was a criminally insane ex-con, ex-merc back in 2003. The next place over was a rental for a while, after that, with loud parties, which I quickly stopped without calling the cops. It is now owner-occupied by a nice, white retired couple. We talk about vegetable gardening. My whole building (four units) is now individually owner-occupied. I *HATE* renters. Since it is 12 years later the feds maybe should wander around again and tell all the remaining renters to leave the complex.

    • GAWZ

      Was the owner of the store forced to give the NAPA a job as well? As soon as you give them “an opportunity”, things like the above killing occur. Maybe this small town knows better now. (“I don’t want a handout, I want an opportunity” [which one of them said that again? MLK or one of the others]).

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Nature’s way of chlorinating our gene pool…