Posted on May 15, 2015

Say Yes to White Privilege

Anthony Bryan, American Renaissance, May 15, 2015

There is an unquenchable thirst for new theories linking the failings of minorities to the attitudes and behavior of white people. In the last few decades, as even the faintest trace of racial identity among whites has been banished from public life, the search for new explanations of white malevolence had to become more creative. This led to the invention of vague and un-provable forces such as institutional racism to explain black failure, and “stereotype threat” to explain low test scores.

The current favorite is “white privilege.” This is the idea that inherent racial favoritism in American society buoys whites and hinders blacks and other minorities. Like its predecessors, it cleverly does not require specific acts or even intent, and any attempt to deny its existence is further proof of its strength.

Most white people reply defensively when they are charged with white privilege. They claim that white people struggle and suffer, too. They point out that racism and discrimination are illegal and socially unacceptable. They insist that whites don’t enjoy overt favoritism, and that it is non-whites who get special treatment. As a last resort, they sputter, “And we elected a black president.”

This is all true. And the instinct to deny white privilege is understandable; no one likes to have his accomplishments diminished by charges of favoritism. But denials are useless.

Instead, the answer should be, “Of course there’s white privilege!”

A country that was almost 90 percent white a few decades ago has a presumption of whiteness in virtually all aspects of private and public life. That presumption continues, to the extent that we are still a white country, and yes, being a minority has disadvantages.

Individuals instinctively “privilege” their family; they privilege friends and community members with trust and goodwill. People generally don’t privilege outsiders or anyone they suspect would not reciprocate or appreciate their generosity. Extrapolated over American society, that amounts to white privilege.

It follows that there is black privilege in black countries and Asian privilege in an Asian countries. Should the citizens of those countries feel compelled to apologize for it? No.

Does a white police officer or store owner give the benefit of the doubt to a clean-cut white boy but not to a surly, dread-locked black? Probably. That’s white privilege, but it’s not a nefarious plot; it’s human nature and common sense.

The accusation of privilege is just one battle in the psychological war being waged on white people — mostly by other white people. To say “you cheated” to someone who worked hard and achieved success is deliberately annoying and deflating. It’s the racial version of “You didn’t build that!”

Why do people want to undermine a sense of pride among white people? Because they believe there is no greater source of evil in the world than white solidarity. They think white unity must be squashed to prevent oppression of minorities. Any large gathering of whites — Tea Party rallies, NASCAR, fraternities — is suspect.

In fact, there is no greater force for progress in the world than a cohesive, self-confident white society–not for purposes of aggression or subjugation, but simply as a civilization that leads to superior living conditions. Saying so respectfully, without apology or guilt, would win more understanding and respect from non-whites than apologies and denials.

And telling minorities that white people are living comfortably because of unfair advantages doesn’t help. It just fuels their sense of injustice.

American society, like any other, is rooted in a sense of connectedness between people. That connectedness is a precursor to, not a result of, a stable society, limited government, and free markets. The problem is not that there is white privilege, but that it is diminishing.

The loss of white privilege will not lead to an increased fairness. In the United States, the white percentage of the population is falling quickly. No other race believes in “diversity” or claims to be race blind, so if white people are stupid enough to give away their country, they’ll quickly lose it. Future generations of white people will have no privilege, but will still be accused of it.

So stop trying to deny or apologize for white privilege. Embrace it. Privilege your family and friends. Privilege your white neighbors and coworkers. Load your invisible knapsack with all it will hold. You’ll need it.