How Can Our Future Mars Colonies Be Free of Sexism and Racism?

Martin Robbins, Guardian, May 6, 2015

We’re going to Mars–eventually. The quest to reach the dusty red planet is our version of Manifest Destiny, the 19th-century philosophy that saw Americans spread across their content with the thought and consideration of a chilly lover stealing the duvet in their sleep. There were a lot of different versions of it, but the main themes, as summarised by Wikipedia, should sound quite familiar:

  • The special virtues of the American people and their institutions;
  • America’s mission to redeem and remake the west in the image of agrarian America;
  • An irresistible destiny to accomplish this essential duty.

So 150 years later, Elon Musk (of Tesla and SpaceX) is arguably the most visible example of Manifest Destiny in the space age. He’s the de facto leader of a western “liberal technocratic” consensus that harbours a long-term ambition to put humans on the red planet. Not because they can, but because they feel wemust. Phil Plait banged his hammer on this particular nail in a recent article for Slate in which he describes a tour of the SpaceX factory:

“[A] feeling I couldn’t put my finger on before suddenly came into focus. The attitude of the people I saw wasn’t just a general pride, as strong as it was, in doing something cool. It was that they were doing something important. And again, not just important in some vague, general way, but critical and quite specific in its endgame: making humans citizens of more than one world. A multiplanet species.”

Manifest Destiny. But historically, this kind of attitude has come with two big problems.

Firstly, destiny is rarely great for the people already at the destination. When Africans moved north to colonise Europe they obliterated the Neanderthals. When Europeans seized the New World, its cultures were virtually extinguished. Luckily the only population on Mars that we know of is a handful of rovers, but no doubt we’ll start a war anyway, before dragging them into some form of slavery or oppression. It’s just what we do.

Second, whose destiny is it anyway? Who gets to go? D N Lee wrote a fascinating deconstruction of this in Scientific American where she makes a number of interesting points. Not least, how little attention this question has been given in the rather white and male race to conquer Mars.

The first objection she raises is to the idea that we’re “stuck” on Earth. “Stuck?!Why would we be stuck on Earth? Stuck implies left behind in a bad situation.” This is one bit I disagree with. As long as we’re on one planet, however good it is, we’re a single freak event away from joining the dinosaurs. Self-sufficient colonies elsewhere make for a good insurance policy. Her next point is critical though:

“I’m nagged by frames or narratives that are presented as universally attractive and necessary and heroic where the protagonists seem to mostly reflect Hollywood action movie casts and plots. *eye rolls*

“I began to question, first in my mind then out loud–whose version of humanity is being targeted for saving?”

To paraphrase Douglas Adams: “Space is white. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly white it is.” It’s also very male and European. Women in space-colony fiction have generally been presented as sexy walking vaginas, whose main purpose is to provide the male astronauts with a place to dock their penis at night. This being necessary in order to “ensure the survival of the species”.

If you think that attitude doesn’t exist in the real world, it’s worth recalling the comments of Prof Anatoly Grigoryev, a doctor and key figure in the Russian space programme. “Women are fragile and delicate creatures; that is why men should lead the way to distant planets and carry women there in their strong hands.”

No wonder Lee says, “I see only a very narrow invitation to this lifeboat.”

The problem with Lee’s argument is that she’s fighting against possibly the most pernicious space myth in existence, a myth far worse than moon landing conspiracy theories. It’s a myth almost universally believed, that sits at the core of liberal technocratic thought, and has been embedded in practically every other work of speculative fiction for the last half century.

You can sum it up like this: “When we go into space, we will all magically become nice.”

We see this in coverage of the space programme, with its endless propaganda about “cooperation” between nations, and promotion of the idea that clever people in tough situations produce the best humanity has to offer. It’s rampant in fiction, where shows like Star Trek assume that three centuries of civil rights progress will inevitably turn us all into morally-centered middle-class rationalists.

And it’s there, unspoken and unchallenged, at the heart of our current aspirations for space. There’s no room for discussion about social justice or equality when it comes to planning our future Mars colonies because we all just assume that decent educated scientists and engineers–the “right kind” of people–won’t have any problem with that sort of thing.

Except every available single scrap of historical experience tells us that this is an incredibly naive and dangerous assumption to make. Colonies and outposts are portrayed as lights in the darkness; hot spots of progress, ingenuity and adventure. That may be true to some extent, but they’ve also been places of crime, vigilante justice, tyrants, rape, pillaging, abuse and war. It’s true that when things get hard we can see the best in people, but oftentimes we see the worst too.

In fact we’ve already seen this in a Mars mission simulation that took place in 1999 and ended in chaos, as summarised by Helen Lewis in New Statesman:

“…the Russian captain forcibly kissed the only female crew member, a 32-year-old Canadian health specialist called Judith Lapierre. “We should try kissing, I haven’t been smoking for six months,” he reportedly told her. “Then we can kiss after the mission and compare it. Let’s do the experiment now.” Two of her Russian crew mates then had a fight so violent that it left blood splattered on the walls, prompting another member of the team, a Japanese man, to quit. Lapierre stayed only after the astronauts were allowed to put locks on their bedroom doors.”

The first woman to be raped in space has probably already been born. And if that last sentence makes you howl with protest or insist that such a thing just wouldn’t happen, then I’d stop a second and ask yourself why.

I’m a fan of SpaceX, after some initial scepticism. I think it’s usually better to do something, however imperfect, than nothing, and I admire people like Elon Musk who take on the hard challenges, and make progress in spite of naysayers. I think Lee is absolutely right though when she says:

“When we look around and see a homogenous group of individuals discussing these issues–issues that command insane budgets, we should pause. Why aren’t other voices and perspectives at the table? How much is this conversation being controlled (framed, initiated, directed, routed) by capitalist and political interests of the (few) people at the table?”

It’s early days, but if we really want to create a progressive new world then issues like these should be at the hearts of our efforts from the very start. I hope Musk and his peers open up that discussion sooner rather than later, and I hope that people like Lee can take part in it. The last thing we need is to wake up in 50 years and find that a bunch of #gamergate nobheads are running Mars.

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  • Chip Carver

    If only Whites colonize Mars, that eliminates the racism problem. Getting rid of the brainwashing from the usual suspects solves the “problem” of sexism.

  • Alexandra1973

    Put all the liberals and their pets on Mars, problem solved.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Correct. Since according to leftards nonwhites can’t be racist we should ship them all to Mars and leave Earth for our people only.

    • LexiconD1

      Excellent idea. I fully support it, as long as we don’t support those on Mars in a any way, shape or form.

      • Realist

        Now there’s the rub.

    • Who Me?

      Thanks, Alexandra, you saved me the trouble of writing it myself! Perfect solution to all our problems.

    • Light from the East

      And I expect their pets will finally devour them because liberalism is supposed to work in a homogenous society. Mars will become a planet with low IQ sub humans and eventually they are going to kill each other for resources since almost not a single one of them can develop a long term stable plan for their survival on Mars.

  • Brady

    Absolutely, the notion of colonizing Mars is indeed very white and very masculine. The Faustian civilization that gave birth to this notion is just about spent, though. If Mars is colonized in our lifetime, which is doubtful in any case, it will be by the Russians, who don’t give a damn about “racism” or “sexism” anymore.

    • Zimriel

      Chinese, would be my guess. I don’t think Russia has the cash. Also, space journeys are easier on males (cancer risk). China has those excess males.

      • Brady

        The Chinese would consider colonizing Mars to be an utterly pointless waste of resources. They don’t have the pioneer spirit that the white man does.

        I think the Chinese may have it right on this one.

        • I would not consider it a waste of resources. We need to expand or die in the end. We have to keep on thinking imperialistically. This is also part of evolution.

          We cannot stay on this planet forever. We are in a constant struggle for survival, and moving to other planets may significantly increase the long-term survival chances of our species, particularly the civilised races of humanity.

          As long as we are being held down by idiots like the liberals in the West and the communists in the East, we cannot deal with larger problems such as the long-term survival of the human species. Our peoples need to break free from the chains of these destructive ideologies before it is too late.

          • Wow, did you say a lot that is true. So much of these ideas and ideologies are an eternal albatross around our necks, until we figure out a way to escape. Truly. (Unfortunately though, this has to be approached very cautiously.)

          • 5Sardonicus

            I predict that China will lead the world in producing genetically modified people, They will genetically engineer a more intelligent/ stronger human. This may be done in factories or special birthing centers. In the West, we can’t get beyond politics and Neo-Marxist radical egalitarianism. I see continuing decline for America and Europe.

            China will also dump communism and gradually adopt a Spencerian evolutionary philosophy. I will be dead before then, but it will happen just the same. A bright future will come but only after much needless conflict and suffering. If Mars is settled, it will be by these GM humans.

        • George Moriarty

          The Chinese would only want to colonise Mars in the unlikely event that whites established successful colonies there first.
          A bit like the same way whites made this barren wasteland called Australia into a modern prosperous nation and then the Chinese decided to come.

        • corvinus

          The Chinese would consider colonizing Mars to be an utterly pointless waste of resources. They don’t have the pioneer spirit that the white man does.

          It depends upon if it’s profitable. The medieval Chinese gave up their long-range fleets because China was a net exporter (just like it is now) and had no need to look for wealth, unlike Renaissance Europe with its net trade deficit and large middle classes.

    • Fed Up

      Russians have the right thinking going for them.

    • David Ashton

      Spengler thought our Faustian civilization could be followed by a less technical civilization emerging from the Russian heartlands, but his correct insight into the Western drive for scientific expansion and exploration was imaginatively over-influenced by the crumbling of our Classical predecessor. We need not be finished quite yet, because our science and technology still continue, to extend our life, although an exhaustion through inner dysgenics and outer-barbarian invasion remains possible, though longer in duration that he originally supposed, Read the closing pages of “Hour of Decision”. To see the danger enables us to overcome it.

  • How are we even going to get the first people to Mars, much less a whole colony, when the EBT cards soak up so much of our budget, and NASA is run by an Islamophile concerned with “global warming?” That and no human being has been any farther from Earth than low Earth orbit in the last 43 years.

  • Zimriel

    Extraterrestrial colonies will require a lot of hard work, so most blacks who are there will come in during later waves, as part of the bureaucracy.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mars in particular used as a “hyper-max” penal colony. Although, in that case, I’d expect more Arabs there.

    • George Moriarty

      They will only come if the bureaucracy determines so.
      Their existing overcrowded boat people smuggling technology will not do interplanetary trips.

      • Zimriel

        Bureaucracy is self-serving by nature, and it WILL port over populations that serve its interests and not the interests of those it “serves”.

        In interplanetary trips, it will have to do this itself rather than, as now, turning a blind eye to independent coyotes.

  • NotAnEskimo

    The Mars mission should be 100% diversity, and 100% of the diversity. Why don’t we send all of America’s blacks? We will pack the spacecraft with millions of EBT cards to prepare them for their stay on Mars, with a promise to load every EBT card with a million dollars in spending ability. We know, from what we learned in black history month, that blacks built America, so it’s only logical to send them to Mars for their next achievement. They will be in a place where no evil racists will hold them back from achieving greatness.

    In seriousness, NASA has already selected a Mars astronaut crew (realistically, they are there to run through the program, but will not get a chance to fly to Mars). One of the eight is, of course, Victor Glover, black. There is no way you can have a Mars astronaut team that doesn’t include a black. Everyone knows that, at some point in the mission, a black man will be needed to demonstrate heroism, moral leadership, and superior intellect (and choosing the right car insurance) to save the mission, and perhaps all of humanity.

    • George Moriarty

      NASA. Diversity epitomised in the last decade or so and always will be as long as it is an instrument of government. Should they ever go to mars diversity will go also.

  • Fed Up

    Hey. We can eliminate “racism” on Mars. Just wait and let Latinos and Black Africans build and man their own spacecraft to travel there.

  • MekongDelta69

    Does anyone know of a leftist who isn’t mentally retarded? (Seriously.)
    I do not. NOT ONE. (Seriously.)

  • Western liberals are so boring.

    Fighting sexism and racism in our future Mars colonies?

    I have have a solution for each liberal ‘problem’:

    1. Sex differences will never disappear, not even on Mars, so the liberal war on sexism is ridiculous anyways. Fighting against basic human biology leads nowhere.

    2. Race relations will only improve if you strictly exclude the uncivilised races. Selecting only Whites and East Asians will be your biological formula for succes.

    If humans ever want to reach eternal glory by moving to other planets, then we will first have to acknowledge that not all populations are worth taking to space or other planets.

    • Alexandra1973

      Hm. We could send the savages to Mars and rebuild our cities, or we go, leave the savages here, and build new cities on Mars.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        “We could send the savages to Mars…”

        I think Atlantis is closer than Mars or Titan.

        • John Smith

          But they won’t leave a ring if we send them into space.

        • I get moderated whenever I suggest the bottom of the ocean.

      • Luca D.

        I say we send them half way.

      • There’s more room at the bottom of our oceans.

    • listenupbub

      Your comments are so good.

      Will you join in our crusade, who will be strong and stand with me…

    • The liberal war on sex differences is not intended to produce any concrete result. It is war for its own sake. The libtards are process-oriented. Results do not actually matter to them.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Hey, this dome is for whites only! That dome over there is for blacks…and it’s up to them to keep it maintained.

    How long do you think they will last on Mars??

    • Alexandra1973

      With or without support from Whitey?

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Without Whitey, they would never get there in the first place.

    • LHathaway


    • How long can they hold their breath?

    • BlueSonicStreak

      I’m just picturing all these ghetto blacks floating away because no one repaired a rip in their colony dome…


  • Luca D.

    Well, one solution would be to only allow civilized, practical, human beings on Mars.

    Sorry, liberals. Sorry, negroes. Sorry, Muslims. You can’t go.

  • Rhialto

    Robots have been exploring Mars for decades. Two are still in operation; one Opportunity has been in business for over 11 years. Robots have no Feminist, Racial or Diversity issues; they need no elaborate and expensive life support systems; there is no return travel; there is no tragedy if they fail. JPL, the organization behind Mars’ exploration, has adequate Diversity to keep FedGov happy.

    The only problem is in the minds of the Liberal newsers.

    • From what you point out, it is obvious that non-carbon units are way superior to the carbon units (“carbon” referring to old-fashioned “biological” units from Earth). Forget about the issue whether a unit has consciousness or not. That will be irrelevant. The non-carbon units are clearly superior off of Earth, compared to the carbon units transplanted to regions off the earth. They do not have the incredibly expensive, debilitating, massive number of environmental features required by the cumbersome, weighed-down, carbon units.

  • MekongDelta69

    Does anyone know of a leftist who isn’t mentally unbalanced?

    I do not. NOT ONE. [No exaggeration nor embellishment.]

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      No, but then again I have never met a Neo-Con Republican Christian who wasn’t mentally unbalanced.


      • John Smith

        A lot of the NeoCons aren’t Christians.

    • listenupbub

      Leftism is rooted in feelings of insufficiency. That is why liberals are going crazy about fat acceptance, tranny acceptance, and so forth.

      They try to destroy all standards and customs because they have failed to meet them in their failures of personal lives and have an axe to grind against anyone who has standards.

    • carriewhite64

      I know some who are highly intelligent. I know a few who are good people. But any who are not unbalanced? Not one.

  • TheMaskedUnit

    Free of sexism is impossible. Free of racism is easy.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Get the free software “Orbiter”, and the must have add-ons. Spend some time doing “real” space travel, not Star Wars/Star Trek space travel. And you will realize that without “God” help all we will ever do in space is play in the yard.

  • how about this

    It is a sad reflection on society that we apparently have people whose job it is to complain about problems which do not even exist.

    • George Moriarty

      Yes, it shows the level of neurosis that these sort of people suffer from. Lets face it even a manned trip to Mars let alone a colony there are still in the realms of science fiction. Yet I can imagine some black feminist on a government committee somewhere saying “OMG, some whites are talking about establishing a white’s only colony out in space, shock horror, do something, contact the NAACP urgently!, we want it also, now etc.”

  • De Doc

    Simple answer: It won’t.

  • IstvanIN

    The only people capable of successfully putting a man on the moon and bringing him home alive are white males. Period. That isn’t racist, it is fact. If anyone other a European-type male does colonize the moon my bet would be on the Chinese, although way down the road. Maybe the Indians. In no way will it be blacks or Arabs, they just aren’t smart enough and they are far too superstitious.

    Whoever gets to the moon first should claim it, or at least the territory they colonize. And don’t bring people of different races along, no need to duplicate terrestrial problems all over again.

    • We already landed men on the moon and planted a flag. So sorry, but that is now US territory.

    • Jason Lewis

      The Chinese will do it in the next 20 years. Mostly with our technology.

  • dd121

    If we put people people on Mars it’s obvious that it will be white males who do it. Next question.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    This is just stupid. You can’t colonize Mars. There isn’t enough gravity to hold an atmosphere.


    • dd121

      Or magnetosphere to keep the solar wind from pealing it off.

      • Mars’s gravity is decent (38% of Earth’s), but the atmosphere is obviously way different, the surface pressure is way below the Armstrong Limit, and of course no magnetosphere.

        • Seminumerical

          They’d have to live several meters underground, because of the lack of magnetosphere. They could have a transparent roof or dome, but because of cosmic radiation it would have to be about five meters thick and filled with a gas under pressure.

          There would have to be a commercial reason to be there in large numbers. Otherwise a small station for scientific research would suffice. Children raised in Mars gravity would be unable to visit Earth.

          We are decades away from this, and decades away from some fairly useful general purpose robots that could be of great assistance to the project, or simply go in our stead.

    • journey

      And no water, O2, just completely uninhabitable. In essence there is no life on Mars nor can it support it. It’s a fantasy to keep those people employed. They keep shouting look, look there’s water. And see the used to be deep lakes. Don’t you see it?

      • Nimadan

        There’s now believed to be a lot of water on Mars but it seems to be in the form of “perchlorate brine” which can remain liquid at much lower temperatures than normal (by Earth standards) water. However there’s at least half-a dozen other huge problems that would have to be solved before a Mars colony could be established, starting with lethal levels of radiation and ending with the lack of any economic basis for such a settlement. Personally, I don’t believe post-american america is going to Mars and I doubt anyone else in the post-Western “West” is going either.

        Maybe China or Russia will make it to Mars but it’s not a sure thing: They have their own problems to work out. If and when the West has been finally put down, Problemo Numero Uno is going to become each other.

        • John Smith

          I believe it has to be done to create a sandbox model for moving beyond Mars, not for short-term economics.

          • Nimadan

            I know what you’re saying John but the pity is there’s no such imperative. No significant faction of the elite or fraction of the masses is committed to getting the human race off this planet

          • They like their plantation here just fine. None of them really believes that they will end up as lamp post ornaments.

          • Nimadan

            Exactly, the majority of people in the modern West don’t believe there’s any threat to their existence. Their complacency stems
            from normalcy bias, multiplied by the sedating effects of seventy years of security and peace, then multiplied again by the constant barrage of high-tech propaganda intended to keep the herd in their consumer trance.

            Nothing but catastrophe on a massive scale is going to wake up this population.

          • journey

            The common man knows mass immigration of 3rd worlders are a threat to their security but powerless to stop it.

          • Nimadan

            The common man doesn’t know much in any time or place and
            in post-american america in 2015, they don’t know anything.

          • journey

            In Italy and Greece, the common man is fighting back against dumping 3rd worlders into their communities. This country have tried also. There is only one judge that is holding the line in granting “amnesty” to 5 million illegals. This is just a test case of granting millions more. In the 80’s, CA passed an initiative against granting freebies to illegals. But was over ruled by the courts. That initiative is still open which the Hispanics are now trying to get rid of. In the South, the common man fought against desegregation and to prevent the ruining of their communities. Currently, Marin County, CA is fighting against low income high density housing. Of course, it is regarded as racist because Marin County is still dominantly white.

            Overall, it is extremely difficult to fight against your own government. This country is now ruled by greed, corruption, and any opposition is characterized as “racist”.

          • Nimadan

            Yeah, I’m a longtime Amren reader and poster so I understand what you’re saying but I’ve lost my faith in the masses. Nothing but a full-on social collapse is going to make them start acting like historically-normal human beings again. If Fate does not intervene, and no collapse happens, the globalist elite are going to successfully genocide Whites by the collective equivalent of smothering us with a pillow.

        • journey

          There is no water. It takes certain conditions for water to exist in the first place. Nothing but pure escape fantasy about colonizing Mars or any other planet. This planet is it. Man will have to face the problems presented on this planet.

          • Nimadan


            “Evidence of liquid water found on Mars” (BBC, 4-13-2015)

            “Transient liquid water and water activity at Gale crater on Mars”

          • journey

            “Javier Martin-Torres, a co-investigator on the Curiosity mission and lead scientist on REMS, told BBC News the detection was indirect but convincing….” “It’s speculation at this point… but these
            observations at least support or go in this direction,” said Dr Martin-Torres.

            These are citations from your quoted article. It’s a lot of money spent searching for something that does not exist. And life never existed on Mars.

          • Nimadan

            “It’s a lot of money spent searching for something that does not exist. And life never existed on Mars.”

            The only one of those three points that is undeniable is that it IS a lot of money, a lot of money that Fedgov doesn’t really have anymore. The death of the petrodollar will soon make all of these arguments academic.

          • journey

            It was always academic to keep some people employed.

            It’s not the death of the petrodollar but rather the shrinking white majority = less tax dollars toward academics and more toward social programs of every kind to alleviate poverty. This country is importing massive poverty with peoples that are not capable of sustaining an advanced society.

          • Nimadan

            Journey, it’s both. The petrodollar has been the basis of the world economy ever since Nixon took us off the gold standard. It’s also been the basis of Fedgov’s budget since world demand for dollars is what allowed Washington to get away with deficit spending for almost half-a-century. Just a month ago, Beijing and Moscow officially started trading in currencies other than dollars and Fedgov couldn’t do anything about it. Together Russia and China are too powerful to get the Iraq treatment.

            The end of the petrodollar means the end of Fedgov’s ability to support artificial prosperity. It’s no wonder they’re staging martial law drills all over the country: The elite know what’s coming.

          • journey

            The Feds, part of the global central bankers creating money out of thin air is the underlying basis for this country’s and global monetary policy. So, even if the Petro dollar shrinks, the central bankers will step in to ensure liquidity.

            But, the greatest challenge for any white majority country is the shrinking white population due to massive 3rd world invaders.

          • Nimadan

            World demand for dollars is what allowed the Federal Reserve to get away with deficit spending money out of thin air. The reason the world demanded dollars because the US and the Gulf Arabs refused to trade oil in any other currency, hence the term “petro-dollar”. The end of the petro-dollar means the end of deficit spending which in turn means the end of the welfare state.

            The greatest challenge for White countries in the next few years is surviving the coming economic collapse.

          • Untergang07

            Another close minded. Sample #10000000000001 of why the West is collapsing and why it’s unlikely we will reach another planet. Had our ancestors your mindset, America would have never been reached and we would speak Arabic.

          • journey

            You are comparing apples and oranges. And not every decision or business adventure is valid or profitable. The West is collapsing due to no leadership, greed, corruption, etc., etc not due to “close minded”.

          • Untergang07

            Close mindedness in these topics, aka risk aversion is one of the symptoms of the terminal decline of our civilization. Lack of leadership and corruption are symptoms of the cultural disease of the West that allowed the rise of feminism and the rest of wacky ideologies, signs of the mental disease of our peoples.

            This planet is it. Man will have to face the problems presented on this planet.

            These are the same arguments used by the blacks and liberals that we criticize, which are rooted in conformism and stupidness. Whether you notice it or not, the establishment of colonies in outer space, either on Mars or any other planet is, in the long term, the only way to ensure the survival not only of our civilization but mankind itself (as well as other living forms on Earth). BTW, living on Mars would require either terraforming or the construction of closed infrastructures that enable oxygen and artificial gravity earth like levels for the settlers and scientists. I think that the ISS station proves lower gravity levels are harmful to human beings thus making artificial gravity and necessity.

          • journey

            Very briefly:

            The survival of advanced civilizations rests on the mandatory birth control of 3rd worlders. Is that close mindedness, “stupidness” (sic), or aversion to risk?

            Instead of dwelling on the fantasies of creating colonies on uninhabited planets how about fight to keep this planet from regressing to a cesspool? Is that close mindedness, “stupidness” (sic), or aversion to risk?

            Granting women their long over due rights which you refer to as “feminism” is that close mindedness, “stupidness” (sic), or aversion to risk? Did you forget even in Western countries, women formerly could not own property or be a bread earner being subjected to abusive husbands?

            “either on Mars or any other planet is, in the long term” Depends on what you mean by “long term”. Western countries will soon be white minority = less tax dollars to throw away, less brain power, etc. Just look at South Africa/former Rhodesia/Detroit to see the future.

            The chances of existing on Mars in a productive manner is nil and to depend on man made extraneous life supporting mechanisms to stay alive is pure fantasy at its best. So to state this fact is it close mindedness, “stupidness” (sic), or aversion to risk?

          • Untergang07

            The survival of advanced civilizations rests on the mandatory birth control of 3rd worlders. Is that close mindedness, “stupidness” (sic), or aversion to risk?

            Saner immigration policies (that include enforcement of border patrols and use of lethal force if necessary) as well as getting back the government from avowed sell-outs is all that is needed to solve that problem. Yes, it´s risk aversion when you see an opportunity and fail to seize it and rationalize cowardice later on with excuses such like “it´s a waste of money, it´s already overpopulated, we need resources” etc (arguments which examined further, confirm the necessity to get out of this rock).

            Historical parallels of the conformism people like you (ignorant women, liberals and certain ignorant minorities) advocate are easy to find. For instance, in Imperial China that retreated from the world, abandoned what could have amounted to the discovery and conquest of North America (and its consolidation as the world power of its time) in the 15th century and spent almost 400 years navel gazing until hostile western powers were at its doorstep, or Japan, which was awakened from its isolation-induced stupor by Commodore Perry’s request to open their markets or else…are fine examples of what happens when empires (or peoples) cease to expand or even explore and stifle new ideas (in the case of the Chinese, the discoveries of their navies were hidden, in order to discourage further expeditions).

            Instead of dwelling on the fantasies of creating colonies on uninhabited planets how about fight to keep this planet from regressing to a cesspool? Is that close mindedness, “stupidness” (sic), or aversion to risk?

            See above. By the way, WE WILL REGRESS in time, due to resource scarcity of raw materials (rare earth, metals needed for manufacturing), chemical pollution which already is responsible for the decrease in sperm counts worldwide and quality of female eggs, and the future catastrophic wars that this perfect storm will ensue (ever lower fertility and not only in Africans or Asians but in Whites as well, chemical pollution which decreases water availability and land pollution, ie. Dupont and Monsanto scourge pollution has far reach) Although, it will be in the long term ie. >70 years in the future if conditions stay the same, catastrophic war for other reasons and destruction of our civilization could come sooner.

            Granting women their long over due rights which you refer to as “feminism” is that close mindedness, “stupidness” (sic), or aversion to risk? Did you forget even in Western countries, women formerly could not own property or be a bread earner being subjected to abusive husbands?

            Yeah, you are woman (or an ignorant man) at that, hence the emotional responses and ignorance of history. First, women were never abused systematically in the Western world, not even in Latin America, let alone Europe or the U.S. For systematic discrimination and oppression of women (and nearly all non-elite populations), look further East… The property issue was not the same in all countries and had some justification accounting for the fact that men were the ones that literally bled to get that land (women didn´t fight against Mongols, Vikings, or Indians to secure the land) and had to perform the backbreaking life-shortening labour to make it valuable.

            Even today, women are not good soldiers and are a burden to their respective squads. This is not due to discrimination but nature. The very fact that you spouted those lies shows your ignorance of history.
            BTW no matter if your expel all Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims and Joos, if the Western women abort their unborn children and think they are entitiled to some sort of revenge on manhood, the West is still doomed. Feminism is the MAIN cause Whites and the Western peoples have a demographic problem and has been deleterious to our societies..

          • journey

            Closed borders and whatever else do not deal with over population in 3rd countries. Sooner or later mankind will have to deal with over population and it will not involve creating fantasy colonies on other planets. Matter of fact, Africa is experiencing a population explosion right now. Google the projected population growth.

            As for women, get educated how women were treated in Western countries. Owning of property, being able to learn a living, right to vote, whether to bear children, etc. are newly obtained rights. Also Google to get educated.

            “Feminism is the MAIN cause Whites and the Western peoples have a demographic problem and has been deleterious to our societies..” = barking at the wrong tree.

            As for the your chemical comments, living organisms are amazing resilient.

            “conformism people like you” How so?

            “it´s risk aversion when you see an opportunity and fail to seize it” Not an opportunity when no real opportunity exists. Once again, a productive life on Mars is pure fantasy for reasons stated. Can you state otherwise?

          • Untergang07

            Closed borders and whatever else do not deal with over population in 3rd countries. Sooner or later mankind will have to deal with over population and it will not involve creating fantasy colonies on other planets. Matter of fact, Africa is experiencing a population explosion right now. Google the projected population growth.

            I already answered your question. Your inability to understand not everything goes on a linear progression shows. First the Earth is not overpopulated (yet), anyone informed knows it. Are there overcrowded countries? maybe but the world is not overpopulated, even in our current conditions. The fact that you cannot see how enforcement of regulations and creation if needed of new border control polices can fix the West’s conundrum shows your hysteria. Africa will have less inhabitants in the year 2100 than now, war, disease and starvation will take the system back to equilibrium (if Chinese outright colonization and possible partial genocide don´t do the work first).

            Feminism is a bane on civilization. Bastard daughter of Marxism, is an extension of class warfare paradigm, in these case the “privileged classes” are men and the “oppressed classes” are women. Its effects have been far reaching and women have been used successfully by the elites to destroy the family, reduce fertility and assure happy slaves that consume their useless products and swallow tons of anti-depressives to cope with the fact that most of their lives are pointless as office drones.

            It´s truly ironic considering that for all their faults women HAVE ALWAYS been privileged, specially in the West. Women had never had to die in the mine, never were sent to war and never had to experience the horror of real oppression. Even in slave plantations either in the South or in some parts of Latin America, enslaved women that were beautiful were granted a bevy of privileges, sometimes outright release. Slave men in some cases (either Caucasion or Negroes) were castrated and/or forced to work to death. For every woman that has suffered a slight in history, 10.000 men had been tortured and killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A good book on real history of the sexes is “The Privileged Sex” by Martin Van Creveld.

            The very fact that you cannot grasp indicates that either you are woman (thus unable to the see the truth even if it beats in the base and bites your ass) or a feminized man that swallows the whole hook and sinker of this pernicious ideology. BTW I love women but understand they are not equals. Equality is a mental disease, described in the tale “Harrison Bergeron” by Vonnegut

    • IstvanIN

      It is an engineering challenge but not an impossibility.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        It would be easier to build a Death Star like on Star Wars.


        • IstvanIN

          Mars has advantages that a space ship doesn’t: natural gravity, stable orbit, water and minerals. Mars is potentially self-supporting, space ships have to have supplies flown in. Is Mars an ideal environment, no, but some clever White fella will figure it out.

    • It’s actually workable with current technology. Mars doesn’t have enough mass to hold a breathable atmosphere over geologic time. Let’s say we give it to the corporations and let them strip-mine it instead? That would work. I’d rather they strip-mine the moon. It is already full of craters, so who cares?

  • phillyguy

    Is their a way we can send every black and brown in this country to mars ? We can offer free air fare, free KFC, free malt liquor and free weed.
    It would be like the old twilight zone episode “to serve man”

  • Mr. Platinumberg

    The ultimate White flight. They’re onto us…

  • MrBiIIGoode .

    You know why blacks never have encounters with aliens?

    Because the aliens are looking for INTELLIGENT life on Earth.

    • Exuberant Auditor

      *purum pum push*

  • listenupbub

    I have always wondered what liberals would do when we encounter intelligent alien species. I imagine they will use the same arguments to promote intergalactic diversity. We will be forced to live with aliens.

  • LeonNJ

    Anyone against white males can take a rocket and head for the sun.

    • Jason Lewis

      Who would build the rocket for them?

      • Jack Whistler

        I’ll build ’em a rocket to get them out of here, granted it will probably be an Estes rocket and have to go up their rectum to actually achieve anything, but it sounds like the result would be in my favor.

  • So long as we are focused on that Politically Correct drivel, instead of actual results, we won’t be establishing any permanent Mars colonies, so this is a moot point.

  • LHathaway

    “To paraphrase Douglas Adams: “Space is white. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly white it is.””

    When you paraphrase something you change the wording while intending to keep meaning intact. What the author is doing here is subverting the words of Douglas Adams.

    I must say I enjoy reading the blurbs beneath the headlines and especially enjoyed the, “this is not satire” that went with this one.

  • LHathaway

    “Why is it important to not be stuck on Earth”?

    Because blacks are here and they are rude and racist. I kind of wanted to post that comment on the original article.

    • “Why is it so important to not be stuck on Earth?”

      Because otherwise we’re sitting here waiting for the next “Dinosaur-Killer” comet to wipe us all out.

  • Hilis Hatki

    The big money in space is tourism. Earth orbiting hotels so people can have sex in zero gravity.

    • The 200 Mile High Club.

    • Zimriel

      Didn’t they do a shoot of Kate Upton in zero-G recently?

      The even *bigger* money will be space prostitution. It won’t be Kate herself (she’s the daughter of a congressman) but there are plenty other celebs who “vacation at the Persian Gulf” with wealthy emiratis.

      • John Smith

        I hear she likes dark meat, so if you had enough money….

  • Barabbas

    To my shame I confess that I do not understand how humans could ever inhabit Mars (or and other planet we currently know of). Isn’t it missing some fundamental substances needed for life?

    • James

      I’m not sure of essential elements, but wild dust storms that will clog all instrumentation and humans born on Mars will have weak bone density, meaning they can’t come back to earth.
      I’m sure there more.
      Such as the boredom and extreme isolation, I highly recommend seeing the Chris Nolan film Interstellar, a quintessentially white film.

      • Surface gravity on Mars is sufficient, I think, at about 38% of surface gravity here. As for boredom, people do extensive time on bases in Antarctica, and for initial Mars colonists; we would want folks who truly love their work.

        Eventually, they wouldn’t WANT to come back, and might well end up calling Earth “Dirt” or “Mud”. The latter seems particularly apt, given the presence of our Fourth-Worlders.

        • John Smith

          He would if I ejected a bucket of KFC into space….

        • Michael Robert Ryan

          Surface gravity on Mars is sufficient, I think, at about 38% of surface gravity here.

          That’s the gut feeling of most scientists, but no one really knows for sure.

          I wonder if the surface gravity on Titan (19% of Earths) is sufficient. IMO, Titan is way cooler than mars, and I’d like to see that colonized.

    • LHathaway

      They would have to be fed supplies from Earth. Our congressmen would tell us, ‘it’s worth it, every penny we spend on Mars brings 2 cents worth of benefits to Earth’. Perhaps, in a very rosy scenario (for them), 100 years after a killer asteroid strike they could return to Earth. Eventually, with enough work, perhaps they could in some fashion earn their own keep, needing minimal supplies from Earth. With technology growing the way it is, it’s at least conceivable (somehow) humans could eventually live there on their own (with the aid of technology). Perhaps one day even a self-sufficient space craft could hold the human linage.

    • John Smith

      Terraforming could be done to a limited extent, enough to free up water resources below the surface and use native rock and minerals to create structural materials and grow crops and livestock in greenhouse biodomes. Also, the internal atmosphere could be derives from water and minerals and sustained by exchange of carbon dioxide with the crops.

      • Terraforming Venus will be the real challenge, but there is about two or three meters of water in that atmosphere. What would we do with all that CO2? We’d need some upper-atmosphere micro-organism that could lock it all up in limestone.

        Oh, God, I want that for us!

  • Caucasoid88

    When Africans moved north to colonise Europe they obliterated the Neanderthals.

    Liberals love to reference the Out Of Africa theory. It’s almost as if they believe those who left evolved. And those who stayed remained stuck in 50,000 BC. Such racists they are.

    • journey

      The blacks (Africans) never “obliterated the Neanderthals”. The human race/races did not origin in Africa. All based on some chanced findings by the Leakeys. A belief repeated enough becomes the “truth”.

      The blacks migrated into Africa from India then back out again.

  • Exuberant Auditor

    Women in space-colony fiction have generally been presented as sexy walking vaginas whose main purpose is to provide the male astronauts with a place to dock their penis at night. This being necessary in order to “ensure the survival of the species”.

    But also and most importantly…

  • John Smith

    Women are going to be a distraction is space, just like in combat. Sailors always considered women on board bad luck, which they probably were unless in an equal proportion to a male crew that hasn’t had female companionship in some while and then you still have the problems of men and women getting along the rest of the time.

    • Ultimately if we are going to have colonies, those will need families, which means women.

      • John Smith

        Perhaps then, but not in the critical work phase of building and establishment, unless they are “professional women,” just like in the Old West boom towns.

  • John Smith

    Negroes are worse than black holes.

  • Michael Robert Ryan

    Probably Chris Rock. That was probably a part of the bit where he used to joke that black people would follow white people all the way to the moon.

  • Hilis Hatki

    We should colonize and build a civilization on earth.

  • Michael North

    This article came from the Guardian. There is nothing more to say.

    • journey

      The guy is nutty. Briefly scan over his other articles.

  • Ellis Kurtz

    To paraphrase Douglas Adams: “Space is white. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly white it is.”

    Modernity is white. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly white it is. In the areas that matter: science, invention, art, medicine and the principles of governance and social organization, there are only two civilizations: Western Civilization and everything else. And everything else mostly sucks. That is why the populations of everything else are desperate to come here.

  • Ellis Kurtz

    As long as we’re on one planet, however good it is, we’re a single freak event away from joining the dinosaurs. Self-sufficient colonies elsewhere make for a good insurance policy.

    There is a cost – certainly enormous, in the tens or hundreds of billions – to establishing and maintaining a human colony on Mars. It might be cheaper to set up monitoring and interception systems to protect the Earth from wayward comets and asteroids, and leave Mars exploration to robots. That way we find out about Mars and save the planet. What’s not to like?

    It is not clear that a human on Mars is any better an explorer than a machine, since most of our senses (touch, smell, hearing) are useless in a space suit, and robots on four wheels can get around just as well as a man on two legs. If robots discovered something that required human investigation, a team of humans could be sent. Other than that there is no real justification for a manned (or womanned, or…) program.

    • Mars and Luna have plenty of advantages. We could put factories there. A German group has already cultivated Earth lichens in Martian conditions of atmospheric pressure and temperature.

      • Ellis Kurtz

        Why is growing lichen on Mars an advantage?

        • It proves that life can manage there. I want the whole Solar system filled with intelligent people. We may have to do something drastic here, such as sterilizing anyone with an IQ of under 100. Of course there will always be political problems between people.

          If we don’t colonize Mars this century, then shame on us. Shame on us!

  • B.E.L.

    We are not going to mars. At the rate white people are disappearing from the world, all civilization goes with them. Who is going to mars? Black people? Mexicans? I think not.

    Perhaps China gets there one day, but I promise you, they will only bring Chinese with them.

    • Jason Lewis

      You mean China won’t use their space program as a social experiment in diversity?

  • Jon

    If we are to colonize Mars and the Asteroid then it must be done with family unites because what they do now is crazy just having a woman with mostly men. We will need men and woman to populate the new colony but if White people disappear then we are going no where because the 3rd world people are not capable of doing this feat. Maybe China or Japan will go but who knows since some scientists doubt that and yes they will bring their own people. It would be nice to a see a pro white mars colony centered on family only.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Why shouldn’t Mars be exclusively White (read: White Euro Christian)? How many blacks and browns and yellows and reds and jews and muslims and mestizos and negroes and pakis and arabs are involved in this venture?