European Union Forges Ahead with Quota Plan for Migrants

Lorne Cook, Yahoo! News, May 13, 2015

The European Union forged ahead Wednesday with a plan to ease pressure on nations dealing with an influx of Mediterranean migrants by requiring other countries to share the burden, despite some strong opposition.

The proposed system would set maximum refugee limits for each country in the EU based on population, employment levels and other factors. The exact details have not been hashed out, but the general idea is that once a country reaches its maximum, migrants seeking asylum there could be sent to other countries, which would have to take them in.

“It is not acceptable for people around the EU to say, ‘Yes, stop people dying in the Mediterranean,’ and at the same time remain silent when the question is raised, ‘What should happen to these people?'” European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans said.

Countries including Hungary, Slovakia and Estonia have already rejected the plan, meaning it is unlikely to pass without major caveats and concessions.


British interior minister Theresa May said her country would not take part in a quota system as it would only encourage more people to risk their lives. Britain, Ireland and Denmark would be exempt anyway under special agreements.


Timmermans said that “what will make the situation worse is doing nothing,” and expressed hope that the British government would carefully study the agenda for tackling the problem the commission unveiled Wednesday.

Separately from the quota scheme, the commission will also recommend at the end of May that 20,000 people who are eligible for asylum be allowed to enter the EU and be distributed among member countries.

That resettlement proposal is part of a broader migration agenda made public by the commission Wednesday laying out a calendar for new action and proposals for mobilizing funds, resources and EU border, police and asylum agencies.

In two weeks, the commission expects to propose a “temporary distribution mechanism” to more equitably distribute refugees among EU countries in times of extraordinary migration movements. That mechanism would evolve and, by the end of the year, form the basis of the EU’s quota plan, which is supported by officials in Italy and Malta.


Germany, along with Sweden and France, has taken in the most refugees from Syria–including many accepted willingly from camps outside Europe–and a top immigration official in Berlin expressed regret that some EU nations are opposed to the quota scheme.

“The answer to rising refugee numbers cannot be to reject a common asylum policy for fear of strengthening populists,” Aydan Ozoguz said in a statement. “Refugees and immigration are core EU issues; every EU member state has a legal and moral obligation to make its contribution.”


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  • MekongDelta69

    I sure hope Hungary, Slovakia, and Estonia get some other allies in this fight.

    • Phoenixian Westernia

      I heard Poland may join to block the plan too. Those race traitors in the EU should be sent to Africa together with their new migrant friends.

      • watling

        It’s baffling that the Poles would block the plan. They’ve witnessed hundreds of thousands of their most dynamic citizens disappear off to seek better lives in Western Europe, so ought to welcome hundreds of thousands of Africans into their country to replace those who have left. And all those lovely, hard-working, skilled black people would increase Poland’s diversity.

        Come on, Poland. What’s not to like?


  • Chip Carver

    The “EU”. They make it appear as if all Europeans conferred with each other, scratched their chins while seriously weighing the matter, and letting one and all have their say. The folks in charge are desperate to try and flood Europe with dirt peoples as quickly as possible. We really do live in interesting times. No doubt the Chinese are amused.

    • Sick of it

      The Chinese are a part of the great horde invading the West.

      • Groovy

        The Chinese understand eugenics. That is where most of the research is being done. If you do it here it has to be secret

  • Jason Lewis

    Germany, France and Sweden doing what they do best.

  • SentryattheGate

    Let the “almighty” UN force these refugees on someone else, for a change! How about the oil-rich Middle Eastern countries? They are “family” to these “boat people”, much more so than we are!. Also, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, why did the US spend our blood and money, instead of Saudi Arabia or the UN?

  • stedman holder

    Send them to Israel and Egypt.

  • LeonNJ

    Send them all to Scotland once they get independence. It’s amazing how they want to become fully independent, but say that they want mass immigration. Some say they’ll become the Sweden of the British isles. Just non stop refugees and immigrants. Progressivism is truly a extinction fetish ideology.

  • SentryattheGate
  • superlloyd

    These EU liars know that they have in fact caused Europe to be a magnet for the parasitical hordes of useless and destructive muslims and Africans. To pretend that there is nothing to do apart from being humane is the grossest hypocrisy. If Europe had the cojones of Australia, for example, this problem could have been nipped in the bud. However, The EU parliament apparatus are mere talking shops and its pronouncements simply window dressing for decisions that were made long ago behind closed doors.

    • nordicman

      Then it’s up to whites collectively to defy these laws and traitors and stand up for ourselves. Our ancestors suffered tremendously so we could have the things we are so freely and cowardly giving away. We can stop this!

  • John Smith

    The Germans want a way to ease their muslim burden without conflicting with their Nazi guilt, while Sweden and France want relief from their socialist do-gooder propensities without seeming hypocritical or admitting what an abject failure such an outlook has been. Socialism has always been about shared misery and this is no different.

  • John Smith

    As stated by a muslim Turk invader, which makes it even more hilarious and pathetic.

  • John Smith

    I don’t see any of the Slavic or Baltic countries in the EU getting on board with this.

    • nordicman

      I don’t see Russians tolerating seeing lots of blacks in their cities and raping their women and destroying their property like you see in America, Britain, France, Sweden, etc. Even Norway is saying ‘no’ to having more refugees. Italians are getting very angry, even states in Italy are blocking refugees. I sense a civil war over Europe is going to break out soon. Whites everywhere are getting angrier and it’s getting harder to hide it anymore.

  • KenelmDigby

    The EU is a Faustian bargain.
    The eastern and central European states thought that they were laughing in that they more or less flooded the UK labor market with impunity, greatly benefitting themselves, but destroying UK workers’ compensation.
    Now these selfsame nations are facing a form of very rough justice, and might just belatedly realize that the EU dictatorship is just as likely to work against their national interest as it is to work for their national interest.

    • EasternRover

      Outflow of workers has lead us to a demographic collapse, lowered national morale and brought about yet another brain drainage in the past century. No, sweetheart, it hasn’t been of any lasting benefit to us; it has definitely been a lasting catastrophe.

    • nordicman

      I’d rather have Poles, Russians, Slavs, and other Eastern and Central Europeans in America or UK than blacks, browns, muslims anyday.

      • Alexandra1973

        Be nice if they spoke English too. I have an acquaintance in Birmingham, UK, and he told me you hardly hear any English. Lot of Poles there.

        My great-grandparents on my father’s side came from Belarus and Poland. They learned English and Anglicized their names. I could tell by looking at the census records.

  • Caesar Avgvstvs

    These supranational entities always end up as more trouble than they’re worth. The EU just happens to be the one that gets the most attention as it affects (in an entirely negative way) the most developed parts of the world.

    You also have various other organizations ostensibly for trade. The Arab League, MERCOSUR, ECOWAS, African Union. Marx claimed that free trade was the path to global government. Most of these organizations were founded by leftists.

    Take for example ECOWAS. It was formed in 1975. One of the key figures behind it was the leader of Ghana at the time- Ignatius Kutu Acheampong. He was a military officer who had attended the “Ideological Institute” constructed by the fervent leftist Kwame Nkrumah. Nkrumah and Acheampong were both “pan-Africanists”.

    Yet the EU was founded by economic rightists/liberals (rather than socialists). Adenauer was viewed as one of the “Founding Fathers” of the European Union- yet he came from the CDU (center-right) rather than the SDP (Germany’s leftists).

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      Does MERCOSUR push diversity?? Are there millions of Africans and Asians flooding Uruguay, Argentina and the other (whiter) South American countries?

      • Caesar Avgvstvs

        Plenty of people are trying to illegally enter South America. MERCOSUR isn’t so much a part of that- but it allows for greater freedom of movement of people between nations which can then be used to hop northwards.

        Recently Uruguay has tried to deport dozens of Syrians/Iraqis who entered on fake Israeli passports. Uruguay has offered to take in Muslims released from Guantanamo Bay (and many of them have complained that the government there isn’t doing enough for them). They caused an outcry when it was revealed they were offered jobs and yet didn’t take them.

        As for Africans… who needs Africans when Brazil is already 52% descended from slaves? There are at least 30,000 Africans who have illegally entered Brazil- but they’ve only came in the last 10-20 years and the number is rapidly increasing.

        South America was multicultural long before Europe was. That part of the world should be viewed as the future of multiculturalism- an utter failure. Example: 1,150,000+ murders in Brazil since 1980.

  • Light from the East

    Deportation is the only answer, not this ridiculous quota plan.

  • EuropeanIdentity33

    I dunno this might be kind of a brilliant scheme on the part of the EU. Most of the Eastern EU countries don’t have much in the way of social services and the population are likely to meet these migrants with extreme hostility. So maybe this is the EU’s way of sending the message that Europe isn’t the wonderland that most Syrians and Africans think it is.

    • EasternRover

      I can hardly believe this might be their actual intent, but the effect could be as you have implied. There are, however, few problems:

      a) migrant communities as for now will be too small and Eastern Europeans
      are already pretty PC-indoctrinated, so it will not incite any harsher
      reactions, hence we unfortunately cannot await any negative PR effects.

      b) once migrants learn that there are little opportunities to suckle local population, they will go where these opportunities are far greater, e.g. Germany, France, Sweden and so on.

      c) The grass is always greener on the other side and in this case, it
      really always is. No matter how bad it’s in Europe, it’s always better to live
      here than in Africa. No message in the next few decades will manage to disencourage any African or Arab to stay at home …

      • nordicman

        Cut off the incentives for these nonwhites to be in Europe (remove any already in Europe and stop anymore from coming in) and make them too afraid to come to Europe and put so much fear in their leaders that they NEVER again bring third world people into our lands. That’s the cure.

        • EasternRover

          Their leaders? No, no, that’s Western leaders’ fault. If it wasn’t for them (and opinion-forming circles) there would be no trouble with mass-migration at all.

  • George Moriarty

    While all of this is happening overcrowded boatloads of similar misery are landing in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. They do not get a very welcome reception and they are trying to escape from the poverty and hopelessness of life in Burma and Bangladesh. It is almost certain that their preferred destination would be Australia and it is just as certain that the UNHCR will put pressure on Australia to accept some of these mainly Muslim illegals.
    But as I have said previously this whole system of taking in the few lucky ones is flawed. What about the hundreds of millions who don’t make it, they will continue to breed and generally live in poverty, misery and conflict.
    The humanitarian in me says “something must be done”, but there seem to be only two logical choices, 1, Let nature take it’s course or 2, Send in the troops and get rid of all these tin pot regimes that are responsible for all this misery and install an administrator.
    I also understand that illegals who try and escape from that other well known hell hole called North Korea are met by a bullet, either Russian, Chinese of from their own North Korean troops.

    • evilsandmich

      In more, grim times I suppose, leaders knew that the gristmill of war was the only answer to this problem: sacrifice your excess population at the possibility of enriching the survivors. Such things are unfashionable now, which is good I suppose, but does leave open the question of what to do with the results of poorly managed societies.

    • nordicman

      But at least these Asian countries will fight back.

  • Phoenixian Westernia

    Cultural Marxism is dying in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe developed an immune system against all forms of marxism after decades of Communist oppression. The West has no idea how socially ill it is from Cultural Marxism.

    • EasternRover

      Actually, cultural marxism is in very good condition here in the East, just remains latent for the time being, and what keeps it latent is indeed a result – as you wrote – of Communist oppression. Impoverishment, that is. People have simply more important things to do and think of than taking care of ever fragile sensitivities and ever growing demands of non-whites and gays.

      • nordicman

        Isn’t that sad, though? We whites don’t fight back and resist this toxic as long as we have material comforts?

        • EasternRover

          It’s a malady of humankind. The more comfort one experiences, the more okay reality seems to be and the more means he can use to satisfy his whims. But yeah … times we live in are sad.

      • Phoenixian Westernia

        Hungary always had fag parades, they were just interrupted by counter-demonstrators, and the cops had to build a human wall to separate the two.

        • EasternRover

          Counter-demonstrations mean nearly nothing. It’s not a problem to gather few hundreds or even thousands of football hooligans or hoodlums of other ilks and set them against marching Gleichschalters. We should not misinterpret it as a vox populi. Regular people, on the other hand, tend to adhere to way more softened positions.

  • evilsandmich

    So like Russian Roulette, but with a round in every chamber.

  • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

    What does the typical, average Romanian think about all this? I heard that a lot of your gypsies have gone to the UK for all the free stuff, is that true?

    • Alexandra1973

      Are Gypsies even Romanian? They may go by the name Roma, but I wonder.

      • Diana Moon Glampers

        They are NOT Romanians. Gypsies are of some variety of Indian ethnicity. They are a distinct population, like the blacks in America.

        Romanians are white.

      • Whiteplight

        They are originally nomadic tribes from Northern India. They migrated to Egypt early in their history and so came to be called “Gypsies” when they entered Europe a second time. There are still original normadic tribes of them in India. Look up, The Snake People on Youtube. I think that will get you to a good video on them.

      • corvinus

        No, they’re not. The term “Roma” is some Indic term completely unrelated to Roman or Romanian.

        Romanians (Romania and Moldova are their two countries) are white Eastern Orthodox Romance-speakers. Because their language is a little like Italian, many Romanians have gone to work and live in Italy and Spain, about a million each.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        No, they are Dravidians that migrated to Europe a long time ago. They are definitely not Romanian but people think they are, and it makes the real Romanians mad!

  • nordicman

    I have a vision of that witch getting strangled and shot.

  • No rape epidemic, no race riots, no car burnings
    without refugees, without uncontrolled immigration

    There would be no rape epidemic, virtually no forcible rapes, riots and car burnings in Scandinavia, had they not invited refugees and immigrants from Muslim and African countries.

    Europe encourages smugglers and human traffickers to bring in
    Millions of foreigners from totally different cultures. This has “saved”
    maybe 1% of the African population. It brought race riots, 400 000 (!)
    burned cars in France [91],

    1000 burned cars at each New Year’s in Paris alone. It destroyed the
    virtually crime free peace of large parts of Europe. Women live in fear
    of rape epidemics. Poorer countries, and small towns will be invaded by
    rape epidemics and crime shortly.


    • George Moriarty

      Feminists are only vocal when attacking white Christian married males and their traditional place in society.

  • Eagle1212

    At least Europe is trying to enforce their immigration laws and keep illegals out, unlike here where our politicians welcome them with open arms and treat them like royalty.

    • Their immigration laws are: if a refugee sets foot onto Europan soil, or vessel, they have to take them in and check their refugee status application.

      They just want to distrubute them even to countries that have not willingly accepted refugees.

  • corvinus

    Let those countries dumb enough to accept them, like Sweden, Germany, and France, deal with them. Smarter countries like Hungary, Slovakia, or Estonia shouldn’t have to suffer from Sweden and company’s stupid decisions.

  • John Smith


  • adplatt126

    Aydan Ozoguz? Interesting name. Ahh a Muslim parasite. Big surprise. Deport her.

  • Sun

    ““The answer to rising refugee numbers cannot be to reject a common asylum policy for fear of strengthening populists,” Aydan Ozoguz said in a statement.”

    Good. Spur their strength. Idiots.