New York Times Wails About “Racism”

AR Staff, American Renaissance, April 27, 2015

In the March 28 New York Times, black columnist Brent Staples lovingly described a recent DOJ Office of Civil Rights study that claims young black students routinely get more severe discipline than white students for exactly the same offense. Mr. Staples concludes with his usual self-righteous wailing: “Racism, after all, is in the very air that we breathe as Americans. It filters the way many of us see the world (whether we know it or not) and shapes decisions of all kinds.”

Some reader/commenters joined in the hand-wringing, but many heaped scorn on the DOJ “study.” It’s also worth noting that comments at the New York Times are moderated, so if there were comments about racial differences in IQ and time preference they were probably rejected.

TL, Dallas:

This is ridiculous! I am a teacher and I can say that I have witnessed the exact opposite occur. While working in my old district, I would regularly receive emails from administration asking us to not send any more minorities to the office until we had more white kids. Any white student out of dress code was immediately sent to ISS (in school suspension) for the day in order to make it okay to send a Hispanic or African-American student for worse offenses (fighting, stealing, using profanity in class) to ISS. Race has become a cop-out. . . . This article says that it’s better to be white because whites are given more opportunities and aren’t punished as much but that is NOT true! I have been told to exclude white children from special tutorial sessions because, “they’re white, they’ll get by.” We had to give scholarship awards to African-American and Hispanic students for being “C” average students. I will NOT listen to ignorant people that have never been in the classroom or school discuss how unfair the education system is to minorities! On a similar note, I was told by a friend whom worked in the office of a school I had applied for a teaching job that I couldn’t get an interview because I was “the wrong color.” The district told the principal that he needed more minorities. Racism is still prevalent but the victims aren’t the same. It’s “taboo” to discuss racism against whites . . . .

Ed, Maryland:

I’m Black and went to a diverse school adjacent to DC. Most of the fights, class disruptions and just overall cruelty was committed by Blacks. I don’t care what DOJ investigation says about some random school district, I know what I experienced. I know what my family and friends experienced as well and it is not pretty.

JohnB, Staten Island:

My mother is a retired high school teacher, and to this day she will tell you how the black students in her school (who were about a 10 percent minority) were able to get away with behavior that would never have been tolerated in the whites, because if they had been held to the same standard as whites too many of them would have been suspended, and the school would have been accused of racism. I went to that same high school, and I saw for myself that, while there were certainly exceptions, the black students overall were far more rowdy and disruptive than the white students.

This is my own personal experience, and if contradicts what government Civil Rights investigations say then so be it. Maybe the behavior of black students has varied at different times and in different parts of the country. Or maybe Civil Rights investigations are politicized somehow–difficult as that may be to imagine!

But there really is something strange going on here. School teachers and administrators tend to be very liberal, and areas with a lot of black students also often have a lot of black school officials. I find it very hard to believe that these people–consciously or unconsciously–are punishing students just for being black! There is something else going on here, something that perhaps contradicts the official narrative of unending oppression of blacks by whites. Whatever it is, we are not likely to read about it in the Times.

Ian Maitland, Minneapolis:

What I would like to hear from Brent Staples (and the Department of Justice), but I haven’t yet, is the recognition that racial disparities in punishment are justified if they reflect racial disparities in behavior. In that case, “racial disparities” are perfectly consistent with treating violations of school rules the same, regardless of race or ethnicity.

As has been pointed out, there is an enormous “disparity” between boys and girls when it comes to discipline, but no one claims that boys have been discriminated against.

WorldCitizen, Vallejo:

I’ve been a public middle school teacher in a mid-size California city for about five years. I try very hard to create a positive learning environment. And I really try to appreciate my students, often urging myself to look for their strengths and special gifts that I might miss because we have different backgrounds. ALL students have great things to share, if we pay attention.

That said, I have found in my first five years that different groups of students tend to present different opportunities and challenges in the classroom. Yesterday a black girl sat down and said loudly, “I hate white people.” She described being “surrounded” by white people in a cafe and how they talked in a style she found “stupid.” AA students also use the N word a lot, along with the F word. White students where I teach tend to keep that language to themselves more of the time. Why? I’m sure it’s complicated. Also, AA students where I teach get physically violent or just disrupt class by yelling and moving around much more often than whites. . . .

Can’t we really celebrate our differences, and stop pretending our communities are all exactly the same?

William Case, Texas:

Anyone who has walked the hallways of both predominantly white suburban schools and predominantly black inner city schools knows there is distinct difference in student behavior. Discipline is more difficult to maintain in inner-city schools.


It is important to note that the behavior of the student is not the only factor that is considered when determining consequences for violent or disruptive behavior. I teach in an inner-city environment where parents often ignore teachers (many screen out calls from the school or fail to respond to notes and letters from teachers or administrators), fail to show up at conferences or disciplinary hearings, and curse at and threaten teachers when confronted with their child’s inappropriate behavior. When parents are cooperative in working with school staff to correct a problem, the students are far less likely to be suspended. Might there be some disparities in this area that account for the differences in consequences?

Ralph, Illinois:

Everything’s always the white man’s fault if you never take personal responsibility for your own failures and direct instead the blame fully on outside forces, then you will never improve, or overcome–let me guess, the solution will be to mete out punishment to blacks on a percentage basis equally.

Deborah T.:

Spend some time at an actual school and watch staff and administrators bending over backwards to try and not suspend/discipline African American students.

Michael H.,  Alameda, California:

The assumption seems to be that administrators and teachers are at the very least biased against minorities, if not a bunch of racists. That they are primarily white and just don’t like minorities.

The problem with that mindset is that the suspension rate for Asian students is consistently half that of whites. Asian are about 16% of the population in California, and their suspension rates are consistently way, way lower than whites. And the reason for that is behavior. Students are suspended based on their behavior.

Chris, Toms River, NJ:

This is nonsense. Boys are suspended at 4 times the rate of girls, yet no one calls teachers (predominantly women BTW) sexist bigots. Whites are suspended at twice the rate of Asians; is the school system biased against whites and boys? Is there any evidence that schools are racist against black boys in favor of Asian girls? After all, teachers are indoctrinated in college with systematic anti-male, anti-white critical race theory and white privilege. Many, if not most, of the administrators engaged in these suspensions of black children are also black. Could it be that with shocking levels of single parenthood and violent crime, there are lower rates of impulse control and higher rates of violence among black youths? Illegitimacy rates are three times higher among blacks than whites, and the rate of violence among black youths is 8 times higher (its 16 times that of Asians). One of my fellow teachers was attacked by a Kindergartner who called her cracker, white bitch and a host of racial epithets; he was suspended only after attacking her with a pencil and attempted to stab her. She was then told by administrators that if she could not deal with the situation, she should not be teaching in such a district (translation: here’s the door, cracker).

Charlie, Flyover Land:

This is a country where the Justice Dept and their Civil Rights Division have yet to charge any minorities with hate crimes they commit while committing their so called knockout game which has resulted in numerous deaths and permanent brain injuries. So it is very odd that small matters of school discipline come under scrutiny when hate crime murders are ignored. There may well be a very significant explanation for African American kids getting disciplined in schools, that being that a much smaller percentage are being raised in traditional two parent homes where kids are taught appropriate discipline from an early age.

Kosovo, Louisville, KY:

The study is biased, it was looking for those results, and so it found them.

Spend some time in a real public school and watch staff bend over backwards to accommodate African American students, excuse their behavior violations, give them a second chance, model respectful behavior, etc. Courtesy and manners are viewed by far too many AA kids as weakness. Defiance, disrespect and violence are all seen as signs of strength, hence their disproportionate suspension rates. . . .

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  • Chip Carver

    The nation wreckers will look at the honest statements posted, and then giggle as they crank up their nefarious anti-white media machines another notch. They’ll post truthful statements so they can laugh amongst themselves because disorganized Whites won’t do a thing. Yet.

    • dukem1

      There is so much I’d like to say re this article..but why bother…It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    • Mike

      I still don’t really understand why they seek to destroy the places where they themselves live. It’s really strange how people smart enough to rise to the top positions of influence in society are also crazy enough to want to use that power to destroy it.

      • Basketeddie

        Good point, Even dogs do not leave their waste by where they eat.

      • Jared van Niekerk

        In South Africa the mob will go beserk due to what they allege is poor education (courtesy of white taxpayers), and in their rage burn down schools and libraries. Then, bizarrely, in the next election, they will re-elect those same officials who upset them in the first place, election after election.

        There is no pill for stupid.

    • propagandaoftruth

      We are finally talking. White liberals who deal with this are beginning to open their eyes.

      For 6 decades our education system had been run by Marxists who have done everything they could to hurt Whites in order to help others.

      It’s pretty simple. The Roman army and the British navy used to wash clothes with human urine. Yuck! they must all have smelled like urine!

      And there’s our Marxist brainwashing educational philosophy in a nutshell…

      When everyone smells like urine, nobody smells like urine. Or in this case, jenkum.

  • MekongDelta69

    I have NEVER had a comment ‘approved’ by the New York Slimes in my life, no matter how civil I am.

    • I am regularly down-voted even on Yahoo News, so I make fun of the bastards, such as “A down-vote from the wife-beater”, after a comment about wife-beaters (lower than rats with AIDS, IMHO).

      • Exuberant Auditor

        Moderators on Yahoo! tend to be more lenient than those from the New York Times. One of the top comments for example on that most/least happy countries articles pointed out that the happiest ones were white, and it was left.

        • Illidan Stormragge

          Lmao, the moderators on Yahoo don’t really filter comments. There is an automatic filter but it’s very easy to get around.

    • nicholasstix

      From 1990-1997, they published four of my letters to the editor (mostly in the Sunday paper). Then they whitelisted me. In the early 2000s, they let me post comments on their Web site, but several years ago, they whitelisted me there, too.

      • MekongDelta69

        And that’s b/c you’ve always told ‘da troof.’
        People don’t really know what it’s been like in the City for the last 50 years,unless they’ve lived there. Put a leftist on the Canarsie Line @ 3am. Whatever dosn’g kill you, makes you stronger.

    • Albert

      it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to hear that the less than pc responses have all been censor deleted. That’s the usual response.

    • Light from the East

      It is actually a praise for your attitude if the New York Slimes decides to remove your comment.

  • JackKrak

    The only reason I ever read anything on the NYT site is to go straight to the comments to be encouraged how many people with open eyes are commenting.

    • Mack0

      Same here. It’s more than you would think. And it’s always people with actual experience in the hood.

      • joyce farrington

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    • WR_the_realist

      Yes, and that’s with many of the better comments deleted by the censors.

    • TruthBeTold

      I do just the opposite.

      While these comments are encouraging the overwhelming response is to agree with the columnists. If I read a race-related article I’ll read the first comment and stop.

      I know there are comments like those above interspersed but most are predictable rehashing of liberal excuses. Nothing but excuses.

      • They delete comments that don’t fit the “narrative.”

  • Mack0

    I’ve experience attending a rural white school and a black school and what I came away with is this; it’s the kids stupid not income.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Yes, poor white kids behave much better than poor black kids. I went to school with both groups and the difference in behavior was obvious and immediately noticeable.

      • Mack0

        A fellow traveler. As you stated the difference between poor whites and blacks is startling.

        • pcmustgo

          What are the differences between Poor Whites and Middle/Upper Middle Class suburban Whites in terms of behavior, culture, IQ/Educational Ability, etc… ? Just wondering… Obviously most Upper Middle Class Whites come from backgrounds where parents are cultured and educated… and have that advantage. I noticed in my all white school growing up poor Whites tended to make up “Special Ed”, Middle Class Whites were in regular classes, and almost everyone in the Advanced Placement class was from an Upper Middle Class background with two well-educated parents.

      • My best friends growing up were poor whites. One is now a mechanical engineer, another a pharmacist and the third is a civil engineer. That was from a family of three kids.

        • pcmustgo

          Did they live in trailers?

          • newscomments70

            That is a hateful stereotype. People of all races and social strata live in trailers. Trailers in Malibu cost up to $800,000.

    • Susannah

      I attended an elementary school in a White suburb that was about 30% black due to bussing of black hooligans. I later attended a high school in another district that was about 95% White. The difference between the two was stark and cannot be overstated. Black students, especially in large numbers, are absolutely toxic to the safe, successful functioning of schools.

      • JohnEngelman

        No blacks attended the two elementary schools I attended. The percentage of blacks who attended my junior and senior high schools was less than five percent.

        I readily admit. That gave me an unrealistically benign opinion of blacks.

        To know what most blacks are really like you need to interact them in an environment where they are in the majority, and you need to interact on terms of equality.

        When blacks are in the minority most try to behave. When blacks are in the majority most behave the way they want to behave. Many do not want to behave well.

        • Even baboons will behave if humans control them and hold clubs over their heads. But get out into the jungle…

        • pcmustgo

          Yup, DITTO, DITTO, DITTO MY PROBLEM… I grew up sheltered in an upper middle class white suburb where there were at most 3% Black student population, if that… 1%. I viewed Blacks as totally innocent victims, hip and cool, etc. I then moved to NYC and “got to know” them and other non-whites as friends, roommates, fellow students, co-workers, etc. Over the years (and it took many years) I started noticing the patterns.

          • Irish

            Which is why a lily White state like Vermont is deep blue politically, and Very black Mississippi is ruby red…Familiarity breeds contempt.

        • John Smith

          I’d say the same of my elementary schools, but they also served a smaller geographic area. The middle and high schools were more diverse, probably 10% and 15%, respectively as the area they served increased and the number of negroes invading increased. By HS, I seldom had classes with very many and the ones I did were better behaved because they had better parents than most and could get into regular-level classes, unlike so many of them, who were in remedial and basic-level classes. I’m sure they mainstream these now.

      • Mack0

        Toxic is a perfect description

      • Triarius

        Exactly! Where I grew up, in the metro Detroit area, we had zero blacks and were ranked the #1 high school in the state my senior year.

        On another note, when I was in grad school I taught high school math as a sub and a full semester after the teacher took a medical leave. This high school was 10 minutes away from the one I went to just a few years ago. The different is this school bused in 10% of their kids from Detroit. It was mayhem.

        My rule of thumb was that it took four, just FOUR kids in a classroom of 30 to ruin the learning environment for the rest. Those four could be loud enough to inhibit everyone else from learning.

        The principal told me to stop sending the disruptive blacks to the principal’s office (I could still send the disruptive whites, though). I told him to fire me and I’ll be back with a news crew. He never did. A year or two later I found out they stopped busing in kids from Detroit because one brought a gun to school. It never made the news. Now they just bus in blacks from Lincoln Park, River Rouge, and Ecorse.

  • I bet the problem with the DOJ’s study is that “exactly the same offense” is never “exactly” the same offense.

    • carriewhite64

      And I bet they don’t consider that the present offense may be the latest in a string of offenses, leading to a harsher punishment.

  • “study”

  • JohnEngelman

    A number of years ago I read an article in The New York Times that said that liberals do not want to read anything uncomplimentary about blacks and homosexuals. The moderators of The New York Times keep that in mind when they moderate the NYT website.

    I have subscribed to The New York Times for years. I have never had a comment accepted for the website if it was even marginally critical of blacks.

    • PissedOffScientist

      If you want to offend a conservitive tell them a lie.
      If you want to offen a liberal tell them the truth.

      • JohnEngelman

        I know from personal experience that conservatives become angry when I tell them a truth they do not want to believe.

        • Canadian Friend

          The left lives in a world of lies more than the right

          the mess we are in now is because of all the lies of the left such as ; ” diversity is our greatest strength” or ” Aids/HIV is not a gay disease” or ” women can do anything a man can ” or ” there is a pay gap between men and women” or ” one in five women are being raped ” or ” poverty causes criminality ” or ” there is no such thing as race” or “race is a social construct” or ” leniency with criminals will turn them into honest citizens” or ” blacks are dysfunctional because of slavery ” or ” there is no Islamic menace ” or ” ISIS is not islamic” or ” whites have an unfair privilege over colored” or ” whites are born racists” or ” white people who are proud to be white are racists ” or ” the KKK was a right wing organization”

          I could go on all day

          there are fewer lies on the right, we tend to accept reality as it is

          • JohnEngelman

            The big lie on the right is that it is possible to cut taxes, raise defense spending, and balance the budget without cutting or eliminating domestic spending programs the vast majority of Americans, including at least a plurality of Republicans will insist on keeping.

            34 years after the inauguration of Ronald Reagan Republicans ought to have learned that that is not true. Unfortunately, most have not.

          • UncleSham

            That’s true, but lowering taxes often boosts tax revenues by increasing economic activity. The honest argument for raising taxes is rarely about increasing revenue, its only to reduce inequality or discourage certain purchases.

          • JohnEngelman

            Cutting taxes does not increase tax revenue. That is a Republican delusion. Tax revenue usually increases from one year to the next because of economic growth and inflation. Nevertheless, tax revenue always increases more when taxes are not cut, than when they are cut. Tax revenue always increases more when taxes are raised than when they remain constant.

          • John Smith

            What about economic output?

          • JohnEngelman

            During the eight years Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge were president the top tax rate declined from 73 to 25 percent. During Franklin Roosevelt’s first term the top tax rate rose from 63 to 79 percent. There was nearly as much growth in the per capita gross domestic product in 1996 dollars during Roosevelt’s first term as during the terms of Harding and Coolidge.

            There is no Santa Claus. If we want more tax revenue, we need to raise taxes. Sorry.

          • Mike

            GDP improved but the real economy suffered. GDP is a poor way to measure actual economic growth for people. It’s true function is to help grow and sustain government.

          • JohnEngelman

            From 1932 to 1936 the unemployment rate declined by 6.7 percent. Life for most Americans began to improve almost soon as Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated in 1933. That is why he was reelected three times.

          • JohnEngelman
          • UncleSham

            It is not a delusion, it is basic economics. Most liberal voters are financially illiterate; they do not understand how tax rates affect investment decisions. If a business makes a lot of profit, this does not necessarily mean that they have large profit margins. When a company is making a decision about whether to invest in a project, a small change in tax rates can make the difference between exceeding or falling short of the minimum acceptable rate of return. If a certain project is expected to make a million dollars in taxable income at the current tax rate, and you raise taxes from say 30% to 35%, liberals assume that this will automatically generate an extra $50,000 dollars in tax revenue. However, what may end up happening is that the tax increase makes the project too risky to be worth investing in. Therefore, raising taxes by 5% may end up causing a loss of $300,000 of tax revenue in this case. Any time taxes are raised, this type of situation plays out thousands of times throughout the economy. For this reason, it is very difficult to predict how changing tax rates will effect the amount of tax revenue collected. The only thing we can know for sure about higher taxes is that they will lower productivity and reduce the number of jobs created.

          • JohnEngelman

            What you say does not reflect the economic history of the United States.

            In 1962 the top tax rate was 91 percent.

            In 1963 the top tax rate was 91 percent.

            In 1964 the top tax rate was 77 percent.

            From 1963 to 1964 income tax receipts grew by $1,109 million.

            However, from 1962 to 1963 income tax receipts grew by $2,017 million.

            In other words, if the top tax rate had not been cut in 1964 income tax receipts would have almost certainly been higher.

            Now let’s see what happened when taxes on the rich were raised.

            In 1942 the top tax rate was 88 percent.

            In 1943 the top tax rate was 88 percent.

            In 1944 the top tax rate was 94 percent.

            From 1943 to 1942 income tax receipts grew by $3,242 million.

            From 1943 to 1944 income tax receipts grew by $13,220 million.

            My sources for this data are the IRS, Statistics of Income Bulletin, Spring 2002, Publication 1136 (Revised 6-02), and the Office of Management and Budget, Historical Tables, Table 2.1. My figures are not adjusted for inflation.

        • CM732

          There are idiots both sides of politics.

    • RebelliousTreecko

      I’ve heard you mention that before, and I might have seen it myself a long time back, but I don’t exactly remember. Do you have a link?

      • JohnEngelman

        Unfortunately not.

        Of course the tendency works both ways. Republicans do not want to be told how tax cuts increase the national debt.

  • Steve_in_Vermont

    Of course blacks are held to a different standard. That’s been going on for years. The problem is the DOJ got it backwards. Blacks are held to a lower standard and the reason is obvious. White folks ask themselves why discipline a black person when, as justified as it is, I’ll be called a “racist” and face the pressure of proving I’m not. It’s easier to just look that other way and avoid the situation altogether.

  • TomIron361

    I can’t wait for the day the stinking NYTs goes down.

    • dukem1

      Carlos Slimberg will keep it on life support forever.

  • LexiconD1

    Unfortunately, there were still FAR TOO MANY who bought into the lies spewed forth, from the article, in the comment section.

  • dd121

    Blaming whites for the bad behavior of blacks is a familiar tune. How long will the clueless liberals keep buying it?

  • Frank_DeScushin

    Shocker that school teachers and administrators in black schools know more about black student behavior than an author with no such experience. Kind of like how those Southern “racists” who lived by blacks knew more about black behavior than Northern Liberals who criticized from afar.

    • Exactly. And add to that the fact that school teachers are not normally the most socially conservative people to start with. I am sure that mainly liberals, those who strongly oppose “racism” and believe in “diversity” and that “we are all the same regardless of color” are the ones who mostly enter that profession. So, funny, blacks have made conservative believers even out of these.
      A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged, or one who has taught in a black school.

      • DonReynolds

        A Liberal is a person afraid of being arrested.
        A Conservative is a person afraid of being mugged.

        • Mike

          I think conservatism is flawed though because it’s too mired in Christian inspired egalitarianism. I like the term realism the best.

          • DonReynolds

            Maybe you think too hard or listen to the wrong people.
            There is absolutely nothing about Conservatism that is egalitarian.
            There is nothing in Christianity that implies egalitarianism.
            Jeremy Bentham and the Benthamites popularized egalitarianism and the Left has made it their centerpiece…..
            Call it whatever you like.

        • Blackfish

          A liberal is even more afraid of being accused of being a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, etc.

    • DonReynolds

      I cannot recall the name of the sociologist that pointed out the differences between Northern whites and Southern whites on the subject of blacks.
      Northern whites like them as a race but cannot stand to be around them as individuals. (Northerners promote black causes and support policies that give advantages to blacks, but do not want any living in their neighborhood.)
      Southern whites like them just fine on an individual basis but cannot stand them as a race. (Southerners have seldom had the option of not having blacks around in the workplace.)

      • pcmustgo

        Kind of, the saying is that Southerners Like Blacks so long as the Blacks “don’t do better than them” economically (threaten their sense of superiority)… Northerners Like Blacks so long as the Blacks do as well as them economically… or something.

        • Mike

          Well blacks on average will likely never do as well as whites on average due to inherent IQ differences which are not going away. That is without massive government intervention which we already somewhat have.

  • I have serious reasons to doubt this. Knowing the NYT, this is probably a load of SJW rubbish. Who am I kidding, using the word “probably?” Of course, this is utter rubbish, especially given what I see at my own damn school.

  • thegodsofeden

    Yes it’s all about white racism (whether we know it or not).
    A black I work with used to ask me questions about my thoughts on white racism holding blacks back in the USA. At first I handled his queries with softball answers, until he became obnoxious about it. Then I let fly several fun-filled facts that he could neither answer nor deny. Some of those observations were as follows:
    1. If the failure of blacks in this country is due to white racism, then why are the ancestors of the tribesmen (who were not subject to white man’s slavery and racism), which sold his ancestors into slavery, still to this day, technologically inept, and in many cases worse off than blacks in this country?
    2. These same Africans today rely mainly on white European ingenuity and know how to survive.
    3. Did you know that only around 1.5 % of the population of the country during slavery owned slaves?
    4. Of that 1.5 % not all were white? There were, among that number, free blacks that owned slaves.
    He doesn’t ask me any more questions since that happened.

    • “Fax be ray-ciss!”

    • listenupbub

      That is a tricky situation. I would be sweating bullets.

      • thegodsofeden

        It happened quite a while back and I would have just dropped it if he hadn’t kept pushing it. That and he had/has a reputation for asking everyone those types of questions. So I wasn’t too concerned.

        • CM732

          I respect you. It is hard to give the cold hard truth.

    • pcmustgo

      Non-Whites, especially Blacks are always badgering White people.

      • thegodsofeden

        When thinking of it now, it kinda makes me laugh, because he always sought me out just to get my take on something.

    • Mike

      Next time just pretend to agree w/him.

      • thegodsofeden

        Then he would have thought we were best buds or something. And he would have kept on with the questions…those questions…Ugh. 🙂

    • I think you meant to say “descendants of the tribesmen…”.

      • thegodsofeden

        You are correct sir. Just fixed it. Thanks for the heads up.

  • IKUredux

    Look, it is really very simple. Blacks are inferior to Whites. Now, if you want to make that more palatable, go ahead and say that is according to White standards. WHATEVER. You see, it doesn’t matter. Because, the bottom line is this: Black people have never fit into our country. Black people will NEVER fit into our country. Obviously, sharing the land, sharing a language, sharing a culture, none of these have made any difference. Now, I don’t know whether this is from White people realizing instinctively that Blacks are not like them. Or whether this from Blacks realizing they are not like Whites. I suspect both are true.

    We are NOT alike. Period. No matter what, no matter the laws, no matter ANYTHING. The Blacks and the Whites in this country are NEVER going to get along. OMG, we have shared the same land. We have shared the culture. We have shared the same music. We have shared the HISTORY. Still, we do not get along. So, what is the obvious answer to this? We cannot get along for reasons that I decline to enumerate here. Therefore, we should give up on this multiculti hell we have been embroiled in.

    Oh, and by the way, why is it that White people can’t be just left alone? Seriously, we enjoy our own company. We really see no need to have diversity in our countries. If we want to observe diversity, we can travel to third world nations.

    If every country is turned into a third world nation, what is the point of traveling? Do I really want to go to Paris after the Muslims have blown up the Eiffel Tower and burned the Louvre?

    • I hesitate to say blacks are “inferior.” That is a value judgment. As you pointed out, it is a question of their ability to adapt to a society that is not suited to them. We are a society of advanced transplanted Europeans, not Africans. The Negro is adapted to living in his West African jungle. That is where the race is supposed to be and where he would survive better than us. You could call a gorilla “inferior” but the gorilla would survive in the jungle better than you. No, it is just the case that the Negro is a jungle race who has been transplanted out of his natural habitat, something like King Kong, with similar results.

      • DonReynolds

        I agree. It is not necessary to say that one is inferior and the other is superior. No such ranking is necessary.
        What we should be able to agree on… that blacks and whites are different from each other……and our experience has been that they are often incompatible, particularly in groups.

      • I do not hesitate to call them “inferior”.

        “The difference between the highest race and the lowest race is greater than the difference between the lowest race and the highest ape.”

        I am not normally a Hitlerite, but I completely agree with him on that score.

      • IKUredux

        Like I said, make it palatable, brother. You know the bottom line. Nature is nature. Everybody is who they are. It’s a waste of time, money and energy to go against NATURE.

      • InAFreeCountry

        When discussing the subject with friends who are on the fence, I tell them that blacks have different talents and gifts than White people, such as athleticism and dancing, instead of raw intelligence. It tends to make it more palatable.

        • Blackfish

          If we are equal, would your friends fear walking through a black neighborhood? Would they even think twice walking through a white or Asian neighborhood?

          It’s a simple question with a simple answer.

    • listenupbub

      The reason we can’t get along is that humans are tribal by nature, and blacks are extremely tribal.

      • IKUredux

        So then, what is the problem? Blacks are tribal. Whites used to be tribal. DUH. Why the hell do you think Whites are the smartest in the world? Tribal as hell! Our current problem is that we are so self actualized, we assume the rest of the world is the same as us. (Thanks Jews).

        Historically, nobody was as tribal as Europeans. Seriously, the history of the world comes down to : Who has the power and the will to survive.

        If nothing else, we should not accept the word minority to be ascribed to a person of a racial group that is more populous than Whites.

        This whole minority thing is getting on my last nerve. The only racial minority on the planet Earth is WHITE PEOPLE.

        So, if we are in fact the minority of the people on this Earth, why are we the be all, and end all, of civilization?

        If the rest of the world kills the Whites, then the end of civilization occurs. There is NO civilization without White people. Amen.

        We Whites should insist on our rights as a minority.

        OR, we should bomb the hell out of everybody who isn’t White .

        Hey! We all are secular now, right? So, the morality is what we say it is: My opinion is as good as anybody’s, right? OK, my morality says that illegal aliens need to be deported. My morality says that gays should stay in the closet. As a matter of fact, my morality says who the hell says that homos get to appropriate the word “gay”. And, further more, who the hell gave you the right to take over the Fing rainbow? WHO???

        I am sooo tired of your appropriation of the English language, that I propose that the word “gay” go back to meaning what it has always meant. Therefore, I propose that homosexuals be called homosexuals.

        Please, if you insist on coming out of the closet, stop defiling the word “gay”.

        I am soooo tired of giving up words to the left for definition. Gay does NOT mean homo. Period.

        Oh, and where the hell do you get off in claiming a natural phenomenon like a rainbow as yours? There is nothing about you homos that is natural.You are a freak of nature. And, you know it. If it had been up to homos, at the beginning of the world, the world would now be DEAD. Homos are an evolutionary DEAD END. Screw thee people and what they have to say about anything.

        • 李冠毅

          “Why the hell do you think Whites are the smartest in the world?”

          “If the rest of the world kills the Whites, then the end of civilization occurs. There is NO civilization without White people. Amen.”

          Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. If Whites are the greatest race, then why is it as early as the 6th century BCE, the Hindus have developed very advanced medicine (see the Sushruta Samhita), so advanced that Hippocrates himself traveled to Indus Valley to learn from Hindu physicians? Why is it that highly complex plastic surgery was being performed by Hindu surgeons as early as the 6th century BCE, while Whites did not even came close in that area until the 18th century CE? And why is it that the ancient Chinese Book Of Medicine had remarkably accurate detail of human blood circulation, something that was not matched by Whites until English physician William Harvey 1900 years later?

        • BlueSonicStreak

          You seem a bit disproportionately angry over “gay.” The word actually came to be associated with homosexuals because there was a period between the meaning “merry” and the meaning “homosexual” where it actually meant “sexually immoral” and was associated with prostitution. It’s technically ruder than “homosexual”; I think it’s just been “reclaimed.” FYI.

      • John Smith

        And extremely stupid.

    • Canadian Friend

      I see some are uncomfortable with the word “Inferior” and I can understand, but if we look at the results from decades of affirmative action we see that the black community despite our best efforts still has inferior results from school drop outs to high crime rates to higher rates of unemployment etc etc

      No matter how much we help from Detroit to Haiti or anywhere they are, they are always lagging behind whites, they always have inferior success or inferior results

    • Mike

      It’s actually more them not getting along with us than vice versa.

    • Blackfish

      I disagree that we share a common culture with black Americans. Their culture actively promotes out-of-wedlock births, multiple “baby daddies” (a term that makes my point all by itself), devalues hard work and is strongly anti-intellectual.

      Modern black culture worships the false gods of rap music, lawlessness (the so-called “gangsta culture”), drug abuse (including alcohol), violence (especially against women), welfare and the foolish illusion that blacks are ascendant in America.

  • LeonNJ

    “I hate white people.” She described being “surrounded” by white people in a cafe and how they talked in a style she found “stupid.”

    She might have a point. When I hear some blacks speak, I can’t tell if it’s English. So in her world, I would be also speaking in a different language.

    • The only point that I get from that is that blacks don’t belong around Whites. Plain and simple. “Stupid”, she said? Talk about the pot calling the kettle…oops, I was about to say something, “racist”!

      • By “stupid”, the Afritard means we speak proper English, which makes her feel inferior. She is inferior, and naturally resents this.

        • John Smith

          Bein’ Afrocan ‘n’ sheet mean you be smart ‘n’ sheet.

    • silviosilver

      “I hate white people.” She described being “surrounded” by white people in a cafe and how they talked in a style she found “stupid.”

      So she prefers the company of her own kind. That little girl has more racial sense than a thousand white school administrators put together.

    • There are plenty of countries in which there are almost no white people (aside from UN aid workers and peacekeepers). Maybe Bongoleesha should move to Uganda.

    • carriewhite64

      I have noticed that a lot of physicians’ offices around here are almost completely staffed in the front by blacks. I assume it is because the practice finds it necessary to employ blacks, yet does not want them in the back, where their incompetence and laziness can cause confusion and harm. The problem is, now patients have to actually communicate with the front office staff, which is frustrating because it seems that most of them mumble, and if you can hear them they are speaking ebonics. And they never look at you when they are speaking to you.I don’t answer questions if the speaker is not looking at me. If they keep repeating the question, I loudly ask if they are speaking to me. On one occasion, the receptionist got defensive, so I said that I was just accustomed to people actually looking at me when they speak to me. Awkward moment for everyone but me. Another time, after struggling to communicate on the phone, with the receptionist getting aggravated with me because I could not understand her, I mildly pointed out to her that I was the one speaking standard English, not she. I also complained to the medical staff about this situation. Another awkward moment.

      • TCA

        Where I take my mother there is a large, angry looking black woman at the desk who is smart, productive, and civilized. To be honest, I’m afraid of her. I think they hired her to deal with the Negroes.

  • Yep, let the backlash continue. We need a huge rightward shift in this country and to finally admit that liberalism “is a mental disorder.”

    • Hank Richter

      Well, in all fairness, so is neoconservatism, but to be fair again, neoconservatives are all liberals who jumped ship to ride the Nixon wave and later the Reagan wave.

  • Rob

    ‘World Citizen’ writes – Can’t we really celebrate our differences, and stop pretending our communities are all exactly the same?
    Typical nonsense from a world citizen. he should say that we can celebrate the differences, but from their own respective countries and no bringing them here to be celebrated.

    • John Smith

      The rest of his comments weren’t so sanguine. I tend to think that’s a liberal throwing out a knee-jerk catchphrase to take the edge off such otherwise unPC thoughts.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        I actually thought his comment was brilliant. It’s exactly the sort of twisted rhetoric the left encourages, but carried so far it was ALMOST too absurd for someone to really mean it. I questioned whether it was real or excellent satire.

        Maybe it’s real; but in that case, it’s self-parody.

  • Rob

    All this for a thug, Sheeesh Pathetic!!!!

    • Dave West

      I wonder what would happen if police killed the one of three actual black rocket scientists in America?

      Probably nothing, to blacks he would just be another evil uncle tom.

  • listenupbub

    Our country is full of race-realists. We just don’t organize. We need to fix that.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Mo’ money fo’ dem programs…

  • De Doc

    Another race baiter arguing that schools should just let black kids be black kids. I’m ok with that, provided that the school is somewhere in the sub Saharan region of Africa.

  • Rustler

    The New York Times comments are sometimes better than the heavily censored National Review comments.

  • Northern American-Nationalist

    Thank you for this.

  • John Smith

    NYT must have a problem with their “delete” button for their “comments” section.

  • newscomments70

    This is easier said than done, but we have to start ignoring the black dominated federal government, DOJ, etc. We are not the same as blacks (and browns). We are a separate culture and society; and we have a right to rule ourselves. We must take that right back. If we do nothing, they will continue to rape our children.

  • carriewhite64

    Also, the current Western insistence on not being “judgmental” of any culture and assigning all cultures the same value has made it seem as if even deviant, destructive, technologically illiterate, and violent cultures are as inherently valuable as advanced, orderly, industrious and productive cultures and societies.

    • 李冠毅

      Have you read about abandoned children raised by animals? I liken the situation Blacks are facing with those children mothered by animals. For some reason, many animal species seem to recognize the helplessness of human babies they find in the wild, and have been known to adopt these children as their own. These wild children tend to display traits very similar to their animal “family”, like for example, a boy raised by antelopes has been recorded to run on all fours, as fast and agile as any antelope. Babies raised by chimpanzees have been recorded to swing through trees as agile as any chimpanzee, and can communicate with their adopted family as if they were actual chimpanzees.

      Even if these wild children are rescued and put back into human society, they tend to retain many aspects of their animal behavior, and their speech and mentality rarely progress beyond teenage level. These studies strongly suggest that our early years are very important in determining what kind of person we will become. Maybe Blacks fail mainly because many of them weren’t exposed to much speech during their crucial development years (studies have found that children raised by higher income families tend to hear thousands more words than their poorer counterparts), they weren’t taught to take responsibility for their own lives, and a life of crime and blaming Whites for their failure is all that they know.

      I believe that Blacks can be as hardworking, responsible, and civilized as any White or Asian, provided they are given the proper upbringing. Even if they can never achieve the same level of success as the races with higher IQ (which by the way, is not an entirely accurate measure of one’s intelligence), Blacks probably are not doomed to end up as criminals and failures. Its only thanks to your useless politicians that Blacks have end up burdens on Western society. You may have heard of the saying “people are people everywhere”.

      • carriewhite64

        I think everyone is fascinated and awed by these so-called feral children. Those children teach us so much about human nature and learning, as well as the incredible lives of animals themselves. As for your last paragraph, I completely agree and could not express it better than you have. White guilt and pandering have led to the sad state of black American life today. IQ, which does not accurately measure every type of intelligence, does do well on one predictive area: success in life. Thus, the average IQ of black people should be strongly considered before holding blacks to the same performance standards of others.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Funny, I’ve had the same thoughts about feral children vs. blacks! It’s not an easy comparison to make, because I think it would tend to be read as calling black people animals. Rather, it’s more a larger point that humans evolved to socially adapt into whatever situation they were raised within. Whatever is socially “normal” is what all but autistic people will instinctively mimic, whether this is to their benefit or not, because that is the survival mechanism.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    When I went to high school there two groups that got favored status: 1. Football players 2. Minorities. Either one could break all the rules and not be punished, flunk all their tests and somehow get a passing grade etc. I never understood it myself. It made the whole experience bad because there were so many students jumping around acting like apes, getting in fights, vandalizing property, harassing people etc. who were totally ignored, then students who haven’t done anything except talk out in class were punished.
    I’d say the other bias was against the metal heads, goths etc. If you are white and not a football player you better wear preppy clothes and act rich. It seems to be a similar pattern all throughout society. The worst thing you can possibly be is poor and white or somehow associated with any of those sub cultures.
    I would get high scores in the top 15% on academic tests and put into dumb classes. Rich white kids get slightly above average scores and whisked into the gifted program along with minorities with low scores. I would get in trouble for things I didn’t do while a minority would punch a windo and bust out the glass or do other severe property damage and not even get punished. Football players could barely spell their own name and somehow pass every class. That’s mainly why I hated high school. Previous to this I went to an all white middle school in a different state where none of this favoritism occurred (at least none that I could see). It really varies a lot depending on school district. But the problem with minorities is universal due to the Department of Justice or media or other groups putting strong pressure against “racism” (i.e. treating people equally and getting different results).

  • Illidan Stormragge

    Sheltered white people that don’t live near the hood or a high concentration of blacks become naive. They get all the information from public schools and the media. They start criticizing people from a distance. And they may have 1 or 2 normal black students in their schools that won’t act out since they’re a total minority.

  • Light from the East

    New York Slimes, a truth denier as usual. It is better to be bought by a Chinese billionaire to make it Chinese than to keep brainwashing the regular US citizens.

  • I got lucky. My graduating class in 1984 had over 600 students, of whom exactly two were black. It was a wonderfully quiet school.