New Minority Growth Is Occurring ‘Just in Time’

William H. Frey, Brookings, April 22, 2015

As the waves from the nation’s “Diversity Explosion” ripple out, young generations of new minorities–Hispanics, Asians, and multiracial American–are interacting with older minorities and white Americans in their pursuit of opportunities in a country that is in dire need of more youth. As the management textbooks might say, the growth of young, new minority populations from recent immigration and somewhat higher fertility is providing the country with a “just in time” demographic infusion as the largely white U.S. population continues to age.

The nation is benefiting from the healthy growth that these minorities are creating in the nation’s workforce–growth that many U.S. peer nations could use. In contrast to the population of labor-force age in Japan, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom–countries with generally older populations, lower fertility, and lower immigration–the U.S. labor-force-age population is projected to grow more than 5 percent between 2010 and 2030. Yet were it not for new minorities, the country’s labor force would decline by 8 percent.  Moreover, within the labor force, new minorities add needed youthfulness that brings with it innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Projections of the labor force show that in 2030, 54 percent of new minorities will be under age 40, compared to well under half of the rest of the labor force population.

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  • Dave West

    America won’t necessarily become a third world nation when it is majority non-white, it will become third world when the white taxpayer gravy-train begins to run on empty.

    • Jason Lewis

      It happens slowly so people don’t notice it. It’ll be third world but the only people that will know it are old whites. Kinda like when people talk about the 1950’s today.

      • Bossman

        It doesn’t have to be that way. The USA could change its immigration policy to back the way it was as in 1929 when the majority of annual quotas of 150,000 were given to Germans and zero to the Chinese. Had the USA not done that way back then, every other face today would be Asian.

        • Cid Campeador

          Yea is could be possible if we had the coglioni to stand up for ourselves.
          Let’s also discuss the repatriation program that Lincoln never accomplished.

        • Jason Lewis

          We would have to have a Eisenhauer Operation Wetback style round up of illegals and a massive deportation. It could happen but it would take a leader with a big set and 51% of Congress to have his back. The President who did this would have to have zero concern for re-election and start on his first day in office.

        • stedman holder

          Bringing a German is not the same as bringing in your illiterate, diseased , child-molesting, drunk, unskilled parasite brother.

          • Bossman

            Yeah, I agree with you but I still prefer to see Germans enter the country than Chinese.

      • Cid Campeador

        YEa. They’ve been using the expression “Old dead White guys” to describe our founders. Apparently the “dead” part is somewhere in the agenda.
        Does anyone really perceive the bottom of the barrel from Mexico and Central America to be our saviors?

        • TruthBeTold

          I hate the childish behavior of the left but maybe the only way to fight them is to use their tactics against them.

          For example, maybe we should start referring to MLK as a ‘old dead black guy’. And when you’re on a message board talking about hate speech or other such topics, start demanding that your opponent use TRIGGER WARNING before they post.

          Be creative. Use their standards and tactics against them.

          • Cid Campeador

            I guess at THIS point, anything is worth a try.

          • Guest

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    • Petronius

      Or it will happen when the US hits the lending ceiling — when other countries will no longer buy US government debt to finance the US government’s ponzi schemes. China is already divesting its holdings of US Treasuries.

    • Yancy Derringer

      “Just in time, eh?” Are these immigrants going to learn English “just in time”? Are they going to learn even to read and write – in any language – “just in time”? And are more than just a fraction of them going to get off all taxpayer assistance – ever?

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Please note that after 500 years there are still six million Mexicans (according to Wiki – Languages of Mexico) who don’t speak Spanish but hold on to their pre-Conquistador languages. So I wouldn’t count on the ones here learning English any time soon.

  • MekongDelta69

    We’re NOT “in dire need” of more ‘youts.’

    We ARE “in dire need” of more Whites

    • Chip Carver

      This same tired propaganda from the same tools and vile evil hypocrites.

      Amazing how Europe starts moving rightward and everything seems to have kicked into a higher gear when it comes to immigration to the US and Europe. Someone is a bit edgy. Whites need to get that edginess. Many are being forced into it. Good.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Video anybody? Youths? Having fun?

    • Speedy Steve

      They are still made the same way. It’s just that we mocked hillbillies, peckerwoods, apple-knockers, rubes, hicks, and trailer trash — but fell instantly head-over-heels in love with lazy, smelly, dimwitted blacks.

  • How much innovation and entrepreneurialism can one really expect from 90-IQ 20-year old Hispanic yoots?

    • John Smith

      They’re great distributors of pharmaceutical products, along with reselling of “misplaced” property.

      • how about this

        They fill the “prescriptions” Americans won’t fill!

    • Chip Carver

      The IQs for these fun loving sun people are always slightly rounded up, they’re actually a bit below 90. IQ isn’t everything, but IQ is a great indicator of a group’s overall potential. Then again, so are the native lands of these people. The nation wreckers are likely giggling constantly over what is going on. We can only hope the backlash is as cold and unrelenting as their machinations to destroy the West have been.

    • Deacon Blue

      Hey, they now make ham and cheese empanadas now. That’s pretty innovative.

    • Travis Lee

      Innovation in mowing lawns, and slaughtering chickens?

      They are a new and improved underclass, conditioned to the lash, experienced with
      Corrupt public officials….
      And they actually WORK.

  • JackKrak

    Yeah, I’ll bet the Japanese and Norwegians are insanely jealous that they don’t have a Mexico next door to “save” them…..

    • IstvanIN

      The Norwegians have Sweden and the Japanese have North Korea, which are bad enough.

    • Jason Lewis

      I was thinking Japan is lucky to be a island nation but that isnt helping Britain at all.

      • Japan is lucky in that her population is as smart as Whites, but not infected with White liberal multiculturalism. Yeah, immigrants will save us. I guess that is why Japan is so miserable, huh? Funny how the Japanese are still one of the most advanced countries in the world and they have practically zero immigrants and are the least diverse nation in the world.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          Supposedly Japan is on the cusp of allowing in “refugees”, so they may not remain homogenous for long. We had an opportunity to move there for a time, it seemed amazing but the whole Fukushima thing kept us here. But what’s worse..diversity or radiation? Sometimes I think I’d take my chances with the radiation.

          • Trust me. If the Japanese do allow some foreigners in, they will control the situation far far better than we Americans or the Europeans have. Again, they are not infected with liberalism.

        • bv

          No jewish left to influence the culture.

    • slobotnavich

      Well, perhaps exporting a few million Negroes to them would help modify their thinking.

      • Cid Campeador

        They’ve already had a taste of our Afros in Okinawa!

        • Cid Campeador

          Most of their contribution was raping Japanese/ Okinawan school girls.

  • John Smith

    We still have unemployment, which is around 6%, probably much more if they didn’t use accounting tricks to undercount those without jobs and anyone is worried about an 8% contraction of the labor pool? Wages are already flat, if not declining in purchasing power.

    • Susannah

      Yes, and underemployment is massive.

  • Dave West

    When it’s all said and done China, Japan, Russia, and Eastern Europe are all going to have the last laugh once white America has committed demographic suicide to the extent that America no longer becomes a threat to their geopolitical interests. When America becomes a brown country, can the last white man at NORAD please disarm and destroy the nukes. The last thing this world needs is a third world, banana republic being in control of 10,000 nuclear warheads.

    • IstvanIN

      I’d rather see the last White man make good use of those nukes.

      • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

        Neutron bombs. But supposedly China is working on racial/genetic science type stuff that’s verboten here in the US, so we may get that race specific biological weapon…hopefully they won’t use it on us. They might be smart enough to realize they need whites. At least let’s hope so!

        • IstvanIN

          Or they might decide 1.2 billion Chinese would be very comfortable on a world populated only by 1.2 billion Chinese.

          • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

            There’s always that possibility….

        • Bossman

          Yeah, according to some people who are working in the “intelligence” business for the CIA, the Chinese are working day and night to find ways to make themselves the dominant nation and race. If they succeed, the world will become a very strange place.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Astronaut George Taylor’s on the job.

    • The new owners of America would not be smart enough to know how to use them. Let’s face it, friend: The Babylonian, Assyrian, Greek, and Roman civilizations all fell. We are nearing the end of Western Civilization. The end is coming. Hopefully we don’t live long enough to see it. It is the year 400 AD, and we are in the last century of the Empire. People never thought that the Roman Empire would disappear but it did. Well, the great White European and American civilizations are now at their end. And that will be the end of liberal democracy and human rights as non-Western and non-liberal nations take our place. China will be the new global superpower. The Africans will die off; they are of less use than their land and will be wiped out. There, that is the future. Sorry, but I had to be honest.

      • Bossman

        If China becomes the new global superpower, then the world will suddenly become a very strange place. I cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like. I recently read a book called: The Next 100 Years by Dr. George Friedman. He’s predicting certain countries that most of us would not even be dreaming of will become very powerful such as Turkey and Poland and Surprise! Surprise! Mexico. North America will always be powerhouse because of location. Location means a lot when it comes to war and peace.

        • Location means little. The people make the society, not the location. Mexico is doing as well as they are only because she is exporting her unemployment problem to us. Heck, think of how well we would do as a country if we could make all of our poor and unemployed move to Canada? No, when the USA falls so will “May-He-Co”.

          • Bossman

            When the USA falls, it will be taken over by Mexico or Canada. But that is a remote possibility right now. What will definitely happen in the future is that there’s going to be much more North American integration for all kinds of reasons having to do with trade and security and if and when the continent gets united, it could be controlled from Mexico. But that kind of Mexico could be a very different country than it is now.

          • Huh? What are you smoking? May he co will never be a major power. Never. The United States of America will become a larger Brazil. When Whites are a minority, the polyglot population that is the new majority will have no problem slamming shut the doors on Mexicans, just as Mexicans have no trouble doing that with Central Americans. Canada won’t do sh*t. Their downfall is coming, too, and they will never have any real power. China will be the global superpower.

          • Bossman

            You seem to be very sure that China will be the global superpower. An assignment for you: Use your imagination and describe for me what such a world would look like. I’ve a had time imagining such a world other than rigid state control of all economies, prostitution being legal, Buddhist temples everywhere and nasty animals being on the menu in many restaurants. Would Jews be the first people to revolt against Chinese rule?

          • Yes, why?
            1. Large enough population
            2. Large enough land area.
            3. A planned economy that focuses on THE NATION.
            4. A homogenous population, with no large ethnic blocs to disturb things.
            5. No history of liberalism, or, irony of ironies, Marxist universal philosophy. Chinese Communism will be for the Chinese. I don’t know who said this, but they have used the phrase: “Who cares what color a cat is as long as it catches mice?”
            Yes, China has what she needs.

          • Bossman

            A hundred years from now there could be two Mexico’s: Mexico and greater Mexico. Greater Mexico will be inside the United States and could unite with Mexico together with very strong alliances with the rest of Latin America to take control of all of North America.

          • Friedman? Need I say more?

          • stedman holder

            You have no ideas expect those given you by your la raza controllers, you can’t even qualify as a useful idiot. You will always be a tard.

          • Bossman

            I got this idea not from my “la raza controllers” but from a guy called Dr. George Friedman, an adviser to the CIA.

      • dd47

        Agreed. I like how you have given examples of those collapsed civilizations- but it needs to be clear that they are the rule and not the exception. A lot of naive people seem to think somehow the modern world isn’t prone to the same errors- whereas us cynics/pragmatists see through the illusion.

        It may well be that fervent democrats believe so strongly in decentralized politics that they think that humanity will somehow enter a “new era” where everyone will embrace the same idea and so civilization will somehow endure. They are dead wrong.

        I tend to think that democracy was little more than a sort of experiment just like socialism. From its results we can gather that it ended up breeding apathy and stupidity in any country. Uninformed and unintelligent people grow ever in number… and vote for the worst candidate- the candidate that appeals to their worst desires- and for entirely self-centered/individualist reasons; with little care for how it affects the rest of us. Elected representatives shape themselves to be what “the people” want; they are the mirror reflection of the majority- should they resemble something that isn’t “the people” they would never win an election. The system that was supposed to harness argument into something constructive ended up creating something divisive. One group comes to power and does something and the next group undoes it just for the sake of being opposition. Families and friendships break up just because someone believes in party A and the other in party B- unknowing that both groups think alike to the extent you could swap members of party B with party A and no one even would notice. I have heard people voting because the candidate “looks nice”, “I like their hair” and other ridiculous reasons that should render their vote uncounted/invalid.

        The Ancient Greeks had it right blocking virtually everyone from being able to vote to the extent that perhaps less than 10% actually could- and some philosophers even believed that that voting minority was already too high and the requirements should be more restrictive. Unless “the System” rests in the hands of an intelligent, informed and motivated minority with the interests of the nation/race at heart instead of themselves- clearly not the average voters of today- than “the System” should be viewed with contempt. “One-man, one-vote”, majority-rule and party politics are just contributing to why it has failed.

        • Thank you. I won’t respond to everything you said, but I think you have a point about democracy. It only works, I think, in certain types of societies. You need an intelligent, informed, population, and, above all, a HOMOGENOUS community with shared values. That is why it worked so well in Japan after World War Two, and Germany. It is becoming a disaster in the United States, though: Various minority groups are voting on an ethnic spoils system and people on welfare are voting a “raise” in the form of government handouts. We can’t deport all the illegal aliens (i.e. invaders) because it might “offend” “Hispanic voters.” WTF? Ditto for Europe and its growing Muslim population. Anyway, thanks again for your reply. Peace!

        • carriewhite64

          Your thoughts would be considered subversive in most groups, but I agree with you. In fact, the United States would be a much better country in almost all ways if I were dictator. I would seek like-minded advisors for the issues of which I am ignorant. I am not being sarcastic; my friends and I posit this situation quite often.

          • slobotnavich

            I volunteer for the job of dictator. I am knowledgeable about everything, fair, even-tempered, inspirational, fearless but not rash, good-looking, and extremely modest.

        • slobotnavich

          Actually, our original republic as defined by our Constitution, lasted for quite a while, mainly because the federal government actually had very little power, as the Founders had intended. Today nothing’s out of reach of the federal apparatus, with wholly predictable consequences. Why? Because people demanded it. “There oughtta be a law,” We need action,” “Why should they have so much money?” etc. The people (collectively at least) always get the government they deserve, which rarely turns out to be what they want in the end.

          • Bo_Sears

            Actually, the original republic was defined and established by the Continental Congress & ratification by state legislatures. It was rudely shoved off the stage by the Philadelphia committee meetings (never was a constitutional convention) which were committed to suggesting reforms to the original constitution, and turned rogue and submitted their idea for a new constitution to votes by state conventions assembled to consider a new constitution. An illegal proceeding in so many ways it boggles the mind, yet we have a kind of collective amnesia about it.

            But it may yet be helpful because the original constitution was never adjourned sine die, so it still exists in a ghostly form and may yet provide a kind of legitimacy for the day when we realize we are a tribe with tribal interests.

      • slobotnavich

        Oh, c,mon John, it’s not that bad. Obviously, we’re going to be supplanted as the world’s dominant power, as has every dominant power in history, but we’re not going to dry up and blow away. I think a more likely scenario will be a secession movement, this time bloodless, with the nation separating into groups of individual republics, just as happened in the old USSR, the most brutal and murderous police state in human history. And with the breakup will come the end of racial privilege as mandated by the so-called Civil Rights Act of 1965. This nation still has vast reserves of human energy, talent, ingenuity, agricultural production, industrial capacity, and will retain all the foregoing with or without a central controlling authority, though we’d do a lot better without the federal apparatus and its hordes of meddling if often well-meaning bureaucrats. This nation now simply too fragmented racially, ethnically, ideologically, and culturally to continue as one political entity, at least without constant friction, discord, and, ultimately, a certain level of conflict.

        • A bloodless secession movement will never be allowed to happen. Uhhh, do you remember 1861 to 1865?

          • slobotnavich

            Well, being only in my early Seventies, I don’t remember it, though being ex-military myself, it and other military matters always attract my attention and interest. I believe it can and likely will happen, and this time with neither murder nor mayhem. The USSR, the most tightly controlled and brutal police state in all human history, came apart with startling alacrity, without significant bloodshed or even dislocation. Another difference between now and 1861 is that the issue of slavery in no way divides us. Now it’s purely a question of states/vs federal rule and control, and there’s a high level of agreement throughout the entire population that federal control is now truly out of control and must be either reigned in or broken altogether

          • I was speaking rhetorically. I didn’t mean any disrespect by saying “don’t you remember…Civil War?” What needs to happen before any such movement is for Whites to start thinking, voting, and acting, AS WHITE PEOPLE! That by itself would change a lot. Thank you for your reply.

          • Bo_Sears

            Sorry to butt in, but the theory of progressiveness suggests there will never be a need for a secession movement. Here’s the theory in a nutshell. Americans were hustled into “pluralism” (WASPs and WEJs) by a lot of personal attacks, slander, and media hate speech directed against politicians, teachers, and preachers who upheld the earlier idea of national unity. That was in the first half of the 1900’s.

            “Pluralism” was never enacted by any law, and finally grew into “multiculturalism” in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

            Then came “multiracialism” in the late 1980’s which most people confuse with “multiculturalism” but they were very different inasmuch as “multiracialism” was an ideological return to only two categories (much like “pluralism,” but POCs and POWs) and, in a way, “multiracialism” killed “multiculturalism” except for those who don’t keep up with progressive ideology.

            Next will come “multinationalism” which will murder “multiracialism” and provide a lot of varieties of statehoods like monarchy for Hawaii, democracy here among one demographic, a republic there for one kind of sexual orientation, and so on. That is there will be no secession necessary, we merely need to have the seeds of a new nation’s institutions planted and ready to install in power when the old USA breaks up as it will sooner than later.

      • bv


    • libertarian1234

      I agree.

      The last third of this century and beyond will belong unequivocally to the “mostly” homogeneous nations of China, Japan, Russia and Korea.

      They can try to push Japan all they want, but I doubt they will ever get them to open their borders. They’ll decrease the working age among the young and increase the working age among the old, plus use robotic power before corrupting their societies like the West has done. They can plainly see the havoc caused by such a system, and they’re not so foolish as to implement it themselves.

      When the Western instigators suggested to them they should allow foreign workers, it is said they politely listened, then when they left the room they rolled around the floor in side-splitting laughter.

    • bv

      That’s what China and Russia are counting on. So then they won’t have America meddling in their respective neighborhoods.

  • dd121

    We need more “diversity”? Even the most cynical leftist can’t possibly believe that.

    • IstvanIN

      Of course they don’t believe anything they say, or at least the White, Hispanic and Jewish ones don’t, it is just part of the plan.

    • JohnEngelman

      A diverse work force is more difficult to organize into labor unions than a homogeneous work force. As more non whites move to the United States, more white blue collar workers vote Republican. More people mean more pollution. Nearly everything else that liberals desire is jeopardized by immigration.

      • Deacon Blue

        It’s worse than that, John. A diverse workforce where the employees’
        first language is not English and not just “one other language” is costly
        to the business and margin creep sets in. I have employees whose 1st and
        primary language are Spanish, Creole/French, Mandarin, Vietnamese,
        Cambodian and of course Ebonic with a Jive style accent. The problem
        is training these folks to understand what needs to be done according to
        SOPs and according to say, OSHA and other government regs.

        It’s expensive and time consuming to train all these “diverse” groups so
        you end up with products that are precise and accurate.

        Easily, I could save $300K-$450K/year if everyone spoke English
        fluently from the get go. I won’t even get into the garbage requirements
        that I need to post HR related signs in languages other than English. 🙁

    • Petronius

      I was just thinking the same thing, dd121. The people at Brookings who write this drivel can’t actually believe it. They’re probably just writing talking points for the DNC.

  • superlloyd

    What America needs is more high IQ people not more stupid, criminal trash. Aren’t there enough blacks and mestizos already contributed their diverse cultural practices? William Frey should go and live with the pets he so idolises. Maybe, he’d wake up. I doubt it, though, as he seems to be just another dumb white libtard salivating at the prospect of the extermination of the white founded USA.

    • IstvanIN

      We do not need more IQ immigrants, we need to stop shunting aside our own high IQ native White men.

      • superlloyd

        That’s what I tried to say in a roundabout way. The trouble is many high IQ people are either looking out for themselves and apathetic about the country’s future prospects or subject to full on PC.

  • Luca

    If these immigrant Mexicans are going to be bringing us all this innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, why weren’t they using these qualities in their own country to lift it out of the sewer?

    • Exuberant Auditor

      That’s because their countries are way more corrupt and don’t have as good institutions and system to be productive in. But that shouldn’t be our problem.

      • Bossman

        Toyota just moved one of their auto plants from Canada to Mexico. Germany’s Volkswagen is spending billions to expand their facilities in Mexico and so also are the big three U.S auto makers. Why are they doing that if Mexicans workers are so unproductive?

        • Exuberant Auditor

          I didn’t the workers themselves were unproductive, but that they live in a country with limited opportunities and upward mobility compared with the United States.

          And these companies are moving there because of cheaper labor, which I don’t mind — I’d rather them moving there than bringing the Third-World labor here.

          Mexico is on good path to better living conditions given its current economic growth rate. So is Peru, and a couple of other Latin American countries. And to be honest, I can’t wait to see them become prosperous so that they keep their populations where they are and attract a portion of would-be immigrants. This will take off a huge load off our backs.

          • Luca

            All this noise about how productive Mexico can become conveniently leaves out the fact that it is being driven by foreign leadership and investment from Japan, Germany, the US etc. When you leave Mexicans to their own devices you get…Mexico.

            It goes beyond corruption, it has to do with culture, IQ and competency as well.

          • Exuberant Auditor

            Not conveniently. I’m aware of that. But at the end of the day, with today’s foreign investments and more active trading, Third-World countries can grow and attain decent standards of living. Especially big countries like Mexico where they have large enough pool of people to pick smart, competent managers from (even from the Indios), and an influential mainly European elite.

          • Luca

            Once the smarter Euro-Mexicans attain a decent education, they become smart enough to leave. Texas is full of them. Can a doctor or an engineer make more money in Mexico or the US? With a massive mestizo population suitable for common labor, how do you raise them to middle class? Laborers tend to stay at the bottom rung of the ladder.

            Mexico has always enjoyed a large labor pool, strong agriculture, mining, precious metals, oil and a massive tourism industry and yet, where is the middle class?

            It’s not going to happen anytime soon. They said NAFTA would accomplish that 20 years ago. How’s that been working out?

    • Deacon Blue

      It’s too hot in Mexico and the heat make them sleepy. Who wants to work in
      Mexico when one merely needs to slip there sombrero down and take a siesta
      from noon until 230 PM?

      • Lexonaut

        Mexicans are not lazy, at least not the ones who come to Colorado. They place no great value on education, nor are they typically interested in working with their brains rather than their hands, but they work a lot harder here than all too many Anglos do.

        I don’t want them here, but the ones who are here are hard working people sending money homes to their familes or saving up for a luxurious early retirement in Mexico. They are simply taking advantage of a situation that we, not they, created.

    • Bossman

      Mexico in the sewer? Toyota doesn’t seem to think so. They just closed an auto plant in Canada and moving to Mexico. Germany’s Volkswagen is spending billions to expand their facilities in Mexico so also are the big three U.S auto makers. Financial analysts at Goldman Sachs are predicting the Mexico’s economy will be in the top five by the year 2050.

      • Luca

        Which is exactly why the hordes of mestizos are going north, crossing the border and dying in the desert. Because Mexico has a vibrant economic engine,,,right. Makes perfect sense, but only if you have an IQ of 80.

        • Yancy Derringer

          Therein lies the rub. It’s the illiterate and destitute who are most desperate to come here.

      • John Smith

        Honda has delayed production of new vehicles in its new Mexican facility due to quality issues. VW owners report Mexican-made VW products are not the equal of Euro-made products.

    • Lexonaut

      The Mexican economy has been growing at about 5% per year, and it is real growth rather than the stagflation we are experiencing, which has been masked by government manipulation of real income numbers.

      Three and two years ago I was seeing a) a minor boom in car sales based simply on a qualitative assessment of the frequency of dealer plates on the local roads, and b) how difficult it was to find parking at some of the local malls. Those indicators have turned sharply down. I trust my lying eyes though I have no idea whether what I’m seeing in the Denver area is reflective of the nation at large.

    • carriewhite64

      And why have we seen no evidence of it yet?

  • TruthBeTold

    Go to the website and scroll through the comments for a surprise.

    I had a surprise of my own. For some reason the comment I posted was put on hold.

    My comment was this: ‘According to Jared Taylor, we’re not being replaced, we’re being enriched’. ‘

    • Cindy

      How come Mr. Taylor never posts here?

      • Lexonaut

        He writes articles instead.

      • Bossman

        Maybe he’s too busy reading the comments and getting fresh ideas.

    • Cindy

      I don’t see your comment and there’s still only 10. I’m sure the response was overwhelmingly against the article so they disabled comments. So typical of the Left to silence opposing views.

    • Cindy

      JT comment is gone…

  • connorhus

    This has been their plan with open borders all along. The politicians could see how the numbers were going to play out and all the ponzi scheme promises of retirement were going to end up.

    The real question is can this open borders influx continue without constant White productivity and resources being dumped into the system?

    I seriously doubt it. There is a tipping point coming up fast where the number of “immigrants” pulls over the scale and the whole thing falls apart.

  • JohnEngelman

    Human population growth is a problem. If we import young people to take care of the old people, the old people will die, the young people will get old, and we will have more people. There has to be a better way to take care of old people. I have not read that old people are poorly taken care of in Japan.

    • Deacon Blue

      Japan has a serious issue at hand {as does South Korea but its not as bad
      and not in the news as much}. The avg. age of the Japanese is increasing, they
      few young are having fewer offspring and in the end? It’s not sustainable unless
      you let the non-Japanese in.

      • libertarian1234

        ” It’s not sustainable unless you let the non-Japanese in.”

        If that’s your position, then you’re basing it on demographics, rather than economics, and it is clearly an economic issue.

        And there are MANY alternatives that can be put in place to circumvent a shortage of revenue.

        But not one nation has seen fit to point that out, preferring instead to let the propagandists continue on with their plan to eliminate homogeneous societies.

        And part of those keeping their mouths shut are the greed mongers in the corporations and the government whose one unrelenting aim is to acquire more consumer dollars and revenue.

        • Deacon Blue

          No, where are you going to find people to pay into the system
          to support an ever increasing and aging populace when the
          “native” population is declining rapidly?

          Economics dictate that if Japan is to survive either Japanese
          ladies need to have more Japanese babies which is the
          preferable solution or they’re going to have to let in non-Japanese
          to work.


          • Luca

            Two things: Technological automation and an economic paradigm shift.

            Immigration is not the answer to every problem.

          • Deacon Blue

            I do not think immigration is the best answer for Japan.
            Making more Japanese {race} children is a better choice for them.

          • Lexonaut

            “Technological automation and an economic paradigm shift.”

            The Chinese are betting heavily on automation and will soon be the world’s leader in production and sale of equipment for robotized manufacturing.

            They are also investing heavily in human genetic research with a specific goal of producing a master race, though they don’t use that term.

          • libertarian1234

            “No, where are you going to find people to pay into the system
            to support an ever increasing and aging populace when the
            “native” population is declining rapidly?”

            “Find people to pay into the system?” Are you referring to foreign workers? What are you referring to here?

            “Economics dictate that if Japan is to survive either Japanese
            ladies need to have more Japanese babies which is the
            preferable solution or they’re going to have to let in non-Japanese
            to work.”

            Not true. You’re being fooled. There are many ways to adjust an economic system to acquire more revenue. The problem here is that there are entities who want you to believe there are no other alternatives.

          • Deacon Blue

            “Not true. You’re being fooled. There are many ways to adjust an economic system to acquire more revenue. The problem here is that there are entities who want you to believe there are no other alternatives.”

            Feel free to enlighten then.

          • libertarian1234

            “Feel free to enlighten then.”

            One of the easiest would be to allow younger people to work at an earlier age, while allowing older ones to work longer.

            Another possibility is bringing retirement tax into the private economy to invest in the stock market or to buy bonds with decent yields in addition to that or to utilize real estate investments.

            There are many SAFE investment opportunities that could be used in addition to other methods.

            Such a system was promoted at one time here in this country, but couldn’t get enough support, even though Chile was mentioned as an example of how successful the system could be.

            The left won’t give their support, which heavily involves the press and it is they who are controlling the country and have been for years now.

            The left wants no part of private enterprise.

            But, the bottom line is that Japan isn’t going to open its borders to foreign workers so it is a moot point.

            Neither is China, Russia, or Korea. And it is these nations….plus Japan….. who will be leading the world economically and militarily in the last two thirds of this century.

            Too, I might mention that foreign workers could well be in short supply in the near future, because China and Russia have initiated the AIIB and BRICS to provide funding for third world countries, which is going to put the IMF and the World Bank into second rate status with few customers.

            Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and other nations are now trading in currency other than the dollar to purchase oil and all other commodities, which is slowly causing the US dollar to lose its position as a reserve currency, and along with the US high debt to GDP ratio it will cause the devaluation of the dollar down to a position that will make it impossible to repay its 18 trillion dollar debt……and that will create an economic plummet so severe it will make 2008 look like boom times.

            And that’s the track we’re on RIGHT NOW. And it looks like the only thing they can do is slow things down.

            So it doesn’t really matter if we have high immigration or not. There will eventually be so much economic turmoil the Mexicans will flee to their cardboard shacks south of the border just to be able to scrounge enough to eat.

            China, Russia, Japan and Korea all see the chaos and havoc open borders has caused and they want no part of it.

          • Deacon Blue

            “One of the easiest would be to allow younger people to work at an earlier age, while allowing older ones to work longer.”

            Is their something preventing older people from working if they
            desire to? As for earlier age, how “earlier” is early? So do
            you think some should forsake a chance at a higher education
            merely to placate the state’s needs over their own?

            “Another possibility is bringing retirement tax into the private economy to invest in the stock market or to buy bonds with decent yields in addition to that or to utilize real estate investments.”

            You may be a politician but investment banker you shall never
            be. Bonds with decent yields? Where? Show me any that
            are not high risk that are available today, any with a
            yield above say, 4.5% YTM that is not a 20-30 year mature or
            junk? As for stock? Really? Come on! That could be part
            of a solution with blue chip preferred stuff throwing off decent
            dividend but seniors are and should be very conservative with
            their money. If you do not understand why I can suggest a
            few good books…

            “There are many SAFE investment opportunities that could be used in addition to other methods.”

            OK so please tell me where they are so I can put my money
            into them. I am not near “retirement age” but self manage my
            IRA’s. I would love to hear about SAFE opps with high rates
            of returns. I only wish it were this easy…

            “The left wants no part of private enterprise.”

            Yes they do, but not in the same way you or I or any sane
            person wants. The left wants to raid the assets of private
            enterprise under the ruse of social justice/redistribution of
            income to keep an evergrowing underclass beholden to them
            for their ‘stuff’ – Maggie Thatcher nailed it, “what happens
            when there are no more people to tax?” When all the money
            is gone and the 1%’er nonsense is no longer throwing off
            money for social justice/diversity/redistribution the whole
            system will collapse. Violently so.

            “But, the bottom line is that Japan isn’t going to open its borders to foreign workers so it is a moot point.”

            I hope you are correct and I am incorrect but I have learned
            over the last 25 years that “follow the money” is usually a safe
            bet. Cui bono comes to mind here.

            “Too, I might mention that foreign workers could well be in short supply in the near future, because China and Russia have initiated the AIIB and BRICS to provide funding for third world countries, which is going to put the IMF and the World Bank into second rate status with few customers.

            I predict Japan will allow in more “guest workers” with limited
            rights and no right to permanent residency. Maybe a 10
            year extended work permit for industries where demand
            requires it. They may loosen up their requirements about
            who is Japanese. And that {unfortunately} is how is starts.
            Slippery slope. At some time, the number of “guest workers”
            and “quasi-Japanese” will have a population so great and
            an economic impact so great that they could effect a change
            in policy. Imagine seeing a full on, boot lipped, “Tokyo
            blue gum” who speaks fluent Japanese and is a Japanese
            citizen by naturalization, hailing originally from Senegal or
            Ivory Coast {or maybe the progeny of parents who came to
            Japan from Africa to work lower end heath care jobs taking
            care of Japan’s ‘Japanese’ population}? Can’t happen you
            say? Maybe they do not start off as Black but they could
            start as Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian and its really
            just a matter of time after that…

            “Too, I might mention that foreign workers could well be in short supply in the near future, because China and Russia have initiated the AIIB and BRICS to provide funding for third world countries, which is going to put the IMF and the World Bank into second rate status with few customers.”

            I don’t agree. While their maybe basket economies like
            Singapore, the ruble is a dead currency and nobody in the
            West will write any significant ruble denominated debt.
            The RMB Yuan may stand a chance if and when China’s
            opalescent banking system on the mainland becomes more
            transparent and they eliminate some of the rules capping
            maximum daily/yearly transfers of money out of the mainland.

            What China SHOULD have done was base this out of HK
            and use the HKD pegged to the RMB. HK is a major
            international finance and banking hub with far less restrictive
            banking and finance practice compared to the mainland.

            Further, and I do not expect you to know this as the chances
            you do business in that area of the world are smallish, is that
            setting up a private business on the mainland is still a nightmare
            {and not just because of corruption}. WFOE’s are still very
            difficult to get into and manage, and even FICE’s are precarious. So unless you want a joint-venture or FIP you
            will find its not an easy road to follow. In the past, you could
            open a Representative Office in China under the ruse you
            were doing market analysis and not “earning money” out of the office but they are on to that. So “doing business” {i.e., earning money there or using the banking system there} is still very precarious.

            Also, you now must have $3M USD (notice how its still in USD?)
            too in total liquid capital to open up a business in China as a
            minimum amount of which registered capital varies from
            33%-70%. The difference between total liquid vs. registered
            capital represents the debt of the investment and can be made up by loans from the investor for profit repatriation purposes.

            And you will be forced to bank in RMB on the mainland.
            Exchanging currency if a very regulated and exhausting
            process anywhere on the mainland. Even a small amount
            like $5000USD to say 32,000RMB requires a lot of forms and
            approvals. I don’t care how secure it is if I can’t get at my
            money and get it out to spend it.

            HK is much different. First, setting up a business {PLC} can
            be done for $5000USD, you can get a bank account with
            Standard Chartered and Hang Seng allow you to hold
            a basket currency in your business accounts to hedge and
            you can convert one to another online in seconds. You can
            also wire something like $75,000 in dollars out per day
            (more if its HKD denominated). You can also legally use your
            accounts to trade in commodities where you can’t do this
            with CITIC or BOC on the mainland.

            Since HK is part of the PRC (one country, two systems) they
            should have adopted the HKD as the currency and then

            gradually opened the the door to the RMB while pegging it.
            Right now? I don’t want to sell equipment to Chinese and
            be paid in RMB anymore than I want to sell to Russians and be
            paid in rubles. If I have to provide NET60 and my contract
            is ruble denominated a lot can happen in 60 days, I could
            lose a lot of money. And with the RMB its not as bad or
            volatile but its still far from being widely accepted.

            Just for comparison, when the AUD crashed, we got hosed.
            The AUD dropped from like 92 cents US to 1 AUD down to
            78 cents US to 1 AUD. In contracts denominated in AUD
            that netted out 60-90 days we got beaten bad.

            Sorry, but I will take USD and maybe GBP. I used to take
            EUR but that is trash now. I am not worried about Russia
            starting a SWIFT alternate or China starting their own
            push to make the RMB the reserve currency. Until they
            modify their monetary policy it will never happen and once
            they do that there will be a mass exodus of {legal} Chinese
            money out of the country and they surely know it.

            “[..]US high debt to GDP ratio it will cause the devaluation of the dollar down to a position that will make it impossible to repay its 18 trillion dollar debt……and that will create an economic plummet so severe it will make 2008 look like boom times.”

            Except the dollar looks very attractive today because the Euro
            is worse off than the dollar and the GBP could also tank.

            Most western business, especially financials, do not trust
            Russia or China not to suddenly change monetary policy and
            prevent them from free exchange of currencies. This may
            get better in time is trust can be built.

            We’re never going to pay the debt and we will never be called
            on it because we are so connected to China on this debt
            that if we default and get called for it then the repercussions
            would be globally catastrophic.

            I still do not see what this has to do with Japan.

            Their population is aging. There will soon not be enough
            young ethnic Japanese people to “tax” to support all the social programs promised to the older folks. Then what?

            Then they have to relax requirements or they need to start
            convincing Japanese women to have more Japanese babies
            like right now. I prefer the latter to keep their culture
            homogenous and pure. So don’t misunderstand me.
            That choice is clearly the better choice. I just don’t think
            it will happen.

            It is economics. Just I don’t agree with your spin on how it
            will shake out.

            China is having its share of economic issues with bond defaults
            on state run enterprises {check the news} and Russia is
            way too unstable.

            Time will tell.

          • libertarian1234

            “Is their something preventing older people from working if they desire to?”

            Who said there was? But the fact is they’re not doing it which makes their working a viable alternative to contributing to the problem. But the important thing about privatizing is that it enables the government to spend much less on each citizen thereby reducing its retirement payouts even if the citizen doesn’t work beyond his retirement date.

            “As for earlier age, how “earlier” is early? So do you think some should forsake a chance at a higher education merely to placate the state’s needs over their own?”

            What’s wrong with working and going to school? I did. So have millions of others. It is in their interest as well, not just the state’s.
            Both suggestions are being given consideration right now, as part of an overall plan, so I’m not the only one that sees that as a possibility.

            You combat these possibilities as if they’ve been offered alone as the solution to the revenue short fall. They’re not. They’re only part of an overall strategy, just as stocks and bonds MIGHT be.

            “I would love to hear about SAFE opps with high rates of returns.”

            “High rates of returns” weren’t mentioned. Nor was anything to do with short term investment possibilities. Everything to do with increasing investment is on a long term basis.

            Chile is a pretty good example of privatizing retirement, as IBD notes:

            “As expected, the capital accumulated in these privatized accounts have generated substantial growth in Chile’s economy.

            “The system still required contributions of 10 percent of salary, but the money was deposited in any one of an array of private investment companies. Upon retirement, the worker had a number of options, including purchasing an annuity for life. Along the way he could track the performance of his account, and increase his contribution (up to 20 percent) if he wanted to retire earlier, or increase his payout at retirement.

            “How well has the system performed? John Tierney, a writer for the New York Times, went to visit Pablo Serra, a former classmate and friend in Santiago a few years ago, and they compared notes on how well their respective retirement programs were doing. Tierney brought along his latest statement from Social Security, while his friend brought up his retirement plan on his computer. It turned out that they both had been contributing about the same amount of money, so the comparison was apt, and startling, said Tierney:

            “Pablo could retire in 10 years, at age 62, with an annual pension of $55,000. That would be more than triple the $18,000 I can expect from Social Security at that age. OR

            “Pablo could retire at age 65 with an annual pension of $70,000. That would almost triple the $25,000 pension promised [to me] by Social Security starting a year later, at age 66. OR

            “Pablo could retire at age 65 with an annual pension of $53,000 and [in addition receive] a one-time cash payment of $223,000.”
            The bottom line to all of this is that Japan, China, Korea and Russia ARE NOT going to bring in foreigners as the West does.
            And while both China and Russia have problems presently they’re
            TRENDING toward a more sound financial position than the entire West and the emergence of the AIIB and BRICS both are moving in a direction that will relegate the World Bank and the IMF to second class status.
            It doesn’t matter what kind of strength the dollar has right now, because it is STRICTLY a temporary situation that will see it take a nose dive pretty soon.

          • Deacon Blue

            Thank you for your comments. I respect your thoughts &
            opinions. I happen to know people in Chile and anyone outside
            Santiago does not see things as rosy as you’re describing.

            I also do not agree with you regarding Russia, China and the
            dollar. Either the dollar will be the world reserve currency or
            it will be a basket. There is little chance of the WRC being
            the ruble {LOL! You _REALLY_ think this?} or the RMB {which
            could be if China became more transparent and less
            restrictive, which is can’t, because there would be a mass
            exodus of wealth LEGALLY from the mainland}.

            So we don’t agree. And that’s OK. That’s what makes this
            forum better than most actually.

            I think the idea of having a 10 or 12 year old child working
            and “earning” while in 5th or 7th grade is repugnant much
            in the same way I feel forcing an 80 year old who has
            worked 60+ years already to keep working is asking for
            too much. YMMV.

          • libertarian1234

            “There is little chance of the WRC being the ruble {LOL! You _REALLY_ think this?} or the RMB {which could be if China became more transparent and less restrictive, ”

            With all due respect, Deacon, I think you’re misreading what I wrote.

            I didn’t write that I expect that the Ruble or the RMB would be the next reserve currency. My contention is that the US dollar is DEFINITELY going to lose its status as the current reserve currency, and I’m far from alone in that opinion, because the internet is rife with experts forecasting the same thing, based on world trends. We’ll have to wait and see what rises to the top.

            And I think that’s the key word in all of this developing economic situation: “TRENDS.” We’re moving away from a US monetary and military superpower over the rest of the world.

            But I certainly don’t discount the idea that the Russian ruble or the RMB could be the world’s reserve currency at some point. We need to go further along this deteriorating US path to know more.

            “I think the idea of having a 10 or 12 year old child working
            and “earning” while in 5th or 7th grade is repugnant much
            in the same way I feel forcing an 80 year old who has
            worked 60+ years already to keep working is asking for
            too much.”

            I never suggested pressing 80 year olds to work, though I’ve known some in that age group who love to work and regard work as a kind of hobby. It would be voluntary, which it is now, but what is lacking is a call to let them know they’re not too old to help their country. Many would be proud to do it and feel a sense of importance at being able to help the nation get through a crisis.

            And I certainly never suggested putting 10 or 12 year olds in the work force. No way. But I can find nothing wrong with 18 to 24 year old people holding down at least a part time job while they continue their educations. I’m betting they would value it more, and there would be less of a burden on college loans.

            But again my strategy does not live or die on encouraging young and old to work. This is only part of the overall picture.

            Anything, my friend, ANYTHING is better than deteriorating to the point we have to import hordes who hate us, our way of life, our language, our history and culture, and want to replace them with their own.

            Japan, Russia, China and Korea can see this I’m certain.

          • Lexonaut

            Very interesting and informed analysis. I will take issue with what you’ve written about Russia, however …

            The Russian economy, and the ruble, have been tanking because the USA has been waging electronic economic war against her. It’s not that Russia wants to build a competitor to SWIFT, it’s that she has been denied access to it and has no choice.

            Ditto with the situation in Ukraine. We helped overthrow a Moscow-leaning but freely elected regime in Kiev by throwing our support behind the anti-Slavic neo-Nazis, again leaving Russia no choice, this time to come to a) come to the defense of the people of eastern Ukraine, and b) seize control of the Crimea to stop the USA from blocking Russia’s submarine fleet.

            We are driving the Russians, a natural ally on several fronts including race realism and Radical Islam, into the arms of the Chinese. Once Russia gets through this period of readjustment we will not be forgiven, not even by the Russian people, who until quite recently have been great fans of the USA.

            Russia has begun to retaliate in what small ways she can. The precipitous drop in McDonalds’ overseas sales is a direct result of Russia hassling their McDonalds franchisees, a modern kind of scorched earth policy. They are a proud people with a long memory. They will do whatever it takes to be free of the USA grip, and the result is likely to be very damaging to the USA in the long run, including breaking the back of the US dollar.

            When that happens, the USA financial system will collapse because we will be unable to simply print whatever the new international reserve currency turns out to be.

          • libertarian1234

            “Russia has begun to retaliate in what small ways she can. The precipitous drop in McDonalds’ overseas sales is a direct result of Russia hassling their McDonalds franchisees, a modern kind of scorched earth policy. They are a proud people with a long memory. They will do whatever it takes to be free of the USA grip, and the result is likely to be very damaging to the USA in the long run, including breaking the back of the US dollar.

            “When that happens, the USA financial system will collapse because we will be unable to simply print whatever the new international reserve currency turns out to be, the way we are doing today with our 40% federal deficits financed by monetizing USD-denominated debt.”
            Yes, I agree. It is the West with its ongoing demonization process of Russia, because it refuses to go along to get along with it’s global initiative to monetarily and SOCIALLY control the entire world, that is causing them to move away from the West and enter into mutually protective agreements with China.
            I’m pretty sure historians years from now will see Obama and his minions as precursers of sorts to the economic and societal fall of the United States.
            Bush and Clinton were disasters, but Obama is far worse by a factor of about 100.

          • libertarian1234

            “I still do not see what this has to do with Japan.Their population is aging. There will soon not be enough young ethnic Japanese people to “tax” to support all the social programs promised to the older folks. Then what?”

            What you are suggesting is no more than a Ponzi scheme, wherein a cycle is created by injecting money into the system which requires a CONSTANT infusion of warm bodies to contribute or the entire scheme will collapse.

            How long can nations keep doing that? When the new workers reach retirement, the payout burden will be magnified and the problem has not only been put off to another day it has been made far worse. Do they continue to import workers as if there is an infinite supply?

            And those nations, like this country, will have a day of reckoning that will see their societies devolve into no more than a multicultural mass of fighting hordes with no way to appease them and they’ll collapse.

            But, before that occurs, there is a very REAL possibility that population overload will so burden the infrastructure and natural resources there will be serious water and food shortages that will initiate fighting and chaos, internally and globally.

            Do you know of the cult movie, “Soylent Green?” It offered a picture of the future wherein population became so heavy, the only alternative was to convert dead bodies to food.

            Right now California is in a drought, and they’re having great difficulty providing enough water for their existing population as it is presently. The continuing influx of immigrants add seriously to that burden.

            How does California and/or Japan or anybody who elects to increase their populations of foreign workers expect to effectively deal with water shortages? Desalinization? It can’t be done on a scale required to grow millions of acres of food.

            Many rivers are drying up in the US at certain times of the year, while others that once reached the Gulf do not do so now, in addition to the fact that well levels/ground water throughout a HUGE portion of the US are at record lows and are expected to drop even further.

            And, since it takes billions upon billions of gallons of water annually to grow food, famines will be created as well under a non-stop growth policy of unchecked population growths by any means, whether via births or immigration.

            Japan is not so foolish it disregards these serious problems in favor of a temporary fix, nor is Russia or China.

            Only the foolish West is in a blind, mad rush to destroy the future of their countries and the destruction of their people and culture.

          • Lexonaut

            I agree with much of your post except for this part …

            “… while allowing older ones to work longer.”

            Recent changes in social security legislation give old folks every financial incentive to continue working past their legal full retirement age.

      • Luca

        Everything goes in cycles. What goes around, comes around.

        Once it hits critical point, it will rebound.

      • Cid Campeador

        The young Japanese age group seems to be more interested in partying than marrying and raising families. Actually that could pretty much describe our young White people.

    • John Smith

      They’re importing Chinese and Filipinos to do it.

  • Politics, economics, and culture–these are the three crucibles upon which the new third world, low wage, nonwhite, degenerate USA is being forged.

    Politically, the move it toward some sort of weird Marxist/Fascist tyranny. I don’t think the left even knows what their goal is, other than to destroy any vestige of conservative politics while imposing tyrannical dictates on the populace that limit freedom and destroy initiative.

    Economically, with a “reserve army of the unemployed” as Marx called it, the expansion of the labor supply will keep wages and salaries down, while the concentration of wealth in the hands of the elites will continue to rise.

    Culturally, the sexual depravity of Mexicans will mean a transgendered, homosexualize, incest-ridden, rapists, and zoo-lovers degenerate paradise. All aspects of culture will be coarsened and Christianity will sink into oblivion. At least traditional Christianity will.

    It might be better if a madman pushes the nuclear button, or the Yellowstone volcano explodes and destroys the USA. It no longer exists as far as I’m concerned anyway.

  • So these young people from the Third World will save our country? Yeah, okay, so I guess that is why sub-Sahara Africa is so much more prosperous than us, huh? Yeah, the declining number of young workers, yep, too bad. All those kids graduating from college just get so many job offers they just don’t know what to do. (Really, how much B.S. can we have in one article?)

    • libertarian1234

      Right on. They fool only the most gullible.

  • Deacon Blue

    Saved…by Taco Bell!

  • slobotnavich

    The issue isn’t one of insufficient numbers of whites – it’s the problem of too many and rapidly reproducing low-IQ blacks and Hispanics. Whites are actually running below replacement rate in terms of population. If we don’t want to de-breed ourselves out of existence we should provide enhanced tax-incentives for having children and at the same time encourage Northeast Asian immigration. While the latter suggestion seems to drive white supremacists wild, the simple fact of the matter is that Northeast Asians share our values in terms of respect for education, hard work, and being rewarded for such, as well as actually having somewhat higher average IQs than Caucasians.

    • Lexonaut

      I agree with everything you wrote but would take it further …

      “The issue isn’t one of insufficient numbers of whites – it’s the problem
      of too many and rapidly reproducing low-IQ blacks and Hispanics.”

      Therefore this kind of immigration needs to be brought to an abrupt halt whether or not we encourage immigration from eastern China, Korea and Japan.

      • slobotnavich

        Absolutely and forthwith!

      • slobotnavich

        Hmm, it would appear that we’re in total agreement. Perhaps we could form a political party of two, hopefully with plans for rapid expansion.

        • Lexonaut

          We could have a copyrighted logo — a restaurant greet hostess calling out “Slobotnavich-Lexonaut, party of two”. But what would we call the party itself?.

    • redpill99

      that might mean fewer white babies and more white-asian babies

      • slobotnavich

        Actually, that doesn’t bother me. NE Asians may be a different race, but they’re not an inferior or lazy race. They’re net contributors with low crime rates., plus being a certified DOM I find their women highly attractive. The same sentiments were widely heard when this nation began accepting millions of Irish immigrants, then Italians, then Slavs – all were assimilated and became net contributors, sometimes after an initial period of friction. The Italians, Al Capone showing the way, even finally broke the madness of prohibition (Give the people want they want!) and led the way back to national sanity, plus giving birth to the burgeoning organized crime industry.

  • libertarian1234

    “As the management textbooks might say, the growth of young, new minority populations from recent immigration and somewhat higher fertility is providing the country with a “just in time” demographic infusion as the largely white U.S. population continues to age.”

    Ah, yes. Another successful Orwellian reason as to why “diversity is our strength:” We need it to maintain.

    And anybody who believes that is a naive, uneducated fool who knows nothing about psy-ops put in place in order to invoke an ideology to create a rainbow utopia, which is a sick fantasy of a few that will NEVER succeed. And it will, in fact, cause wide spread fighting, and we’re seeing the initial stages of that right now.

    And, of course, the power and money boys and the politicos like the idea, just as they like open borders, because it gives them access to cheap labor, while they live above the tumultuous masses in their gated, guarded enclaves and island resorts, while they worship their gods, power and money.

    It can’t last and it won’t last.

    • Lexonaut

      “It can’t last and it won’t last.”

      No, but what comes after will be worse — formal dictatorship with people being disappeared, killed, etc.

      • libertarian1234

        “No, but what comes after will be worse….”

        I’m not saying “it can’t last,” because I feel things will improve.

        On the contrary I’d lay heavy odds in favor of civil war.

        The present PC situation is unsustainable. (It won’t last)

  • John Ambrose

    Just more anti-white drivel from William Frey. I love how he’s practically orgasmic every time he talks about the demographic marginalization of whites in this country. In a sane society, people like him would be kept far, far from the levers of power and influence.

  • libertarian1234

    The hue and cry of the government tax promoters and the corporate crooks is “more workers to provide us with more unrelenting revenue and to hell with who it hurts.”

    More foreign workers for every nation, eh? To do the work the natives won’t do, eh?

    But what happens when they get old themselves and create a burden on the system? Won’t that create a bigger old to young ratio that will require a much larger share of revenue than what is now needed?

    Isn’t that just a Ponzi scheme that is based on getting new people into the system to create revenue so the ones at the top can maintain their power and wealth until the whole thing collapses?

    And isn’t this Ponzi scheme employed under false pretenses, claiming homogeneous nations require it in order to continue to exist?

    Fortunately, it appears as if the entire scam is in the initial stages of imploding due to inter-tribal fighting, with an Islamic menace lurking above the political landscape seeing not wealth but conversion and the forced implementation of a totalitarian religion, based in cruelty and hate as their ultimate goal.

  • IKUredux

    William Frey is a traitor, and, a prevaricator.

  • And so another anti-white agitates for our genocide. This is William H. Frey:

    • John Smith

      Frey sounds like one of those “ambiguous” surnames found among Tribal members.

  • listenupbub

    I wonder if half-Asian, half-white youngsters will be able to claim they are “multiracial” on college applications and get affirmative action.

    • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

      Sure, they’re not white, which seems to be the only requirement.

  • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

    Why do we need new people? Aren’t they always whining about too many people? Who wants more McMansions, strip malls, traffic, fast food places and all of the other assorted garbage that comes with “civilization”? Why can’t we keep our population as it is, and enjoy fields, forests and nature?

    Oh yeah, I know why. Because they want whites dead.

    • Cindy

      The same people who fight to stop keystone because of “nature” are going along with letting these savages in. These savages will do way more environmental damage than keystone.

      • Weisheit77

        Exactly, you’ve hit upon one of the great ironies of the left.

      • John Smith

        Even if the environazis get Americans to cut our standard of living in half, tripling the population is a net negative hit to the environment.

    • Xerxes22

      Yes. It was always about racial displacement. More Democratic voters and lower wages were just secondary reasons.

    • libertarian1234

      “Why do we need new people?”


      With California in a drought right now and can’t provide enough water to its existing population;l with rolling black outs occasionally on the power grid they’re on overload status right now.

    • John Smith

      Then they still don’t need new McMansions because they can just take YT’s – until they crumble from lack of maintenance.

  • Evette Coutier

    We are in a civil war. It may not be a full scale military operation, but it is a full blown cold war.

    • Cindy

      The fact that it’s not a “full scale military operation” war makes it worse. It allows people to remain in complete denial about what’s happening.

      • Evette Coutier

        Unfortunately true. They are allowing themselves to slowly boil to death.

      • Murphcon

        Yes, how do you fight a civil war when the only opposition is the federal governmet and most of the population is with them?

  • Brian

    It’s amazing that they have the audacity to continue to use the old labor shortage trope at a time of endemic unemployment and underemployment. Also, at a time when it’s becoming more and more obvious that automation will mean less need for labor in the future, not more. No, these new immigrants and their descendents will be net receivers of government funds, not contributors.

    But I guess we’re in the final stages of the game now, where it’s too late to change things and the last nails in the coffin of white America are being driven home. Just keep the victim mesmerized and silent for a few more years – one more election cycle, perhaps, and it will all be over.

  • zanegray

    somewhat higher fertility !

    That’s a laugh.

    After decades of progressive propaganda to encourage white women to restrict the size of their families they are now lauding the ‘higher fertility’ of immigrants.

    They just haven’t got a bloody clue .

  • Ernest

    All for the golden calf.

  • Speedy Steve

    Brookings Institution: a leftish think tank which is funded by wealthy tycoons and foreign governments — like Hillary Clinton.

    www washingtonpost com/wp-srv/special/politics/brookings-institution-2014/

  • archer

    Say goodbye to what’s left of America.

    • Malgus

      All Empires rise and fall. And so must ours. Whether it be attacked from outside and beaten, or brought low from within via traitors, it will happen.

      And there is nothing you nor I can do about it. Observing that it is happening – must happen – is not endorsing it.

      And so we must prepare for the aftermath. Cultures clash. The more separated the cultures, the more violent the clash. And dumping people of dissimilar cultures together – some of which are openly hostile to each other – forcing them to coexist with each other and expecting Nirvana is a pipe dream. A delusion bordering on mental illness. But that does not stop them from forcing us.

      This means the state – the iron fist of the State – must be brought to bear against the population in order to keep the peace. But that force can only be maintained temporarily. When that iron fist is removed, then all of Hell will break loose.

      Which means we must play the long game. We cannot save this country. Too much damage being done by too many petty tyrants over too long a period of time. Thinking we can save the Republic is like thinking you can ‘save’ someone after brain death has occurred.

      So we must plan for afterwards.

  • Fr. John+

    Neither the mexican or the negro will save us. In Christian terms, this is known as Idolatry.
    Which pretty much sums up why we are in the state we are in, in the West. We’re worshiping a non-White Idol.

  • Mr. Platinumberg

    Our retarded white brothers and sisters are the true enablers of this. Without their cooperation, it could not have happened.

  • carriewhite64

    Growth of the labor force is not in and of itself a positive for a country. What about matching growth of the labor force with growth of JOBS, then see what happens to this sunny prediction.

    • libertarian1234

      “Matching growth of the labor force with growth of JOBS will give a more accurate and realistic portrait of this sunny prediction.”
      Absolutely right. It will and it has.
      There are too few jobs available now for citizens, whether they’re lower tier ones or high tech. The actual unemployment rate is about 23.2% as reported by the credible Shadow Stats web site, which is often quoted by MANY high profile pundits right now.
      Of course, this means importing third world hordes is STRICTLY for the purpose of ethnically cleansing white people and reducing their voting clout.
      In a just country with politicians with back bone, the black messiah would be tried, convicted and hanged for his crimes against humanity.
      He’ll be disappointed in the very near future by observing from the side lines that blacks will be the most severely impacted when their arrest and incarceration numbers increase substantially.
      But it’s screwing the whole country.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    “…new minorities add needed youthfulness that brings with it innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit.”

    It might as well say that new minorities bring good juju and positive vibrations from the Aether for all the truth it holds.

    • John Smith

      The youthfulness that leads them to such “entrepreneurial” pursuits as beating up old women for their purses and Socialist Security checks.

  • JustSayin

    “Our taxing you to the point of being unable to afford children in order to feed the children of the hordes we bring in from the turd world will save us all from your lack of having children.”

    Thus ends today’s lesson in libtard logic.

  • Mark Hillyard

    The prophet Ezekiel described a war, invasion, of a Great Nation. That North America is the target very few true modern day ‘prophets’ understand that this the final war which seems to be driven or emboldened by the false prophet who is no doubt Islam, although it seems that Russia is the organizing agent along with China, and many nations with them.
    Ezekiel 38:7 “ ‘Get ready; be prepared, you and all the hordes gathered about you, and take command of them. 8After many days you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety. 9You and all your troops and the many nations with you will go up, advancing like a storm; you will be like a cloud covering the land.”
    Personally I believe “cloud covering the land” has already taken place and is continuing with our traitorous government and all the illegal immigration of people we can well do without. Notice the ages and the genders, I no doubt that the female soldiers of the enemy will be just as involved as the male. I also think it will be a no quarters type war, so surrender is not an option.
    We are told to be prepared because this will be a war directed at the white race more so than other races since they will be inclined to side with our enemies which should be obvious to any white person who’s ever been attacked by these people.
    Can’t write a book or give dates but we are warned to keep our eyes open. I don’t know whether all the war training within the USA at the moment is designed for or against us but it seems that some people know more than they are letting out.
    At the end we will be victorious but that is God’s doing, however we are expected to defend this nation and not sit around waiting for deliverance.
    It is written and it will come to pass. When? Watch Cuba and other So. American Nations, Islam and others maybe not so obvious.

    • Weisheit77

      Lay off the crystal meth.

  • KenelmDigby

    Jesus wept.

  • Paleoconn

    By flooding our country with people which keeps wages down, by bowing to the feminists and flooding the job market with women, again to keep wages down, we Whites have stopped procreating. This can be partly reversed by encouraging our women to stay home and bear children, and by deporting the third worlders.

  • Germanic Depressive

    I doubt this article will get linked here at Amren in the coming week (I could be wrong) but I just really felt a strong urge to hear commentary on it from my fellow posters here. Anyone who feels like taking the time to read it and then let me know what they thought, I’ll be appreciative.

    Just go to Huffington Post and search for “What My 10-Year-Old Daughter Taught Me About the Death of Freddie Gray”

    • Cindy

      First off, Charles Howard is a liar, the article doesn’t ring true to me at all. The conversation with his daughter and the conversation with his “White” friend all sounded phony. He loves to play the victim and he’s very good at it too, he wrote this article while sitting on the pity pot.
      He’s a chaplain so I’m guessing he wants Al Sharpton’s job. He’s very upset about the plight of blacks because of supposed rampant police brutality. Guess he didn’t get the memo that “hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie. He conveniently doesn’t mention epidemic black on black crime.
      He’s going to lead his people to the promised land by blaming Whitey, that’s his grand plan. He also has some bizarre sick twisted idea of controlling the thoughts of Whites. It’s not enough his daughter’s White classmate apologized for not liking black people, she has to actually like blacks, for realz!
      From the article:
      “The kind of thinking that teaches someone that a Black man or woman standing somewhere is suspicious simply because of the color of his skin also comes from somewhere.”
      Yeah, this thinking comes from experience. This thinking comes from the reality of crime statistics that prove blacks commit violent crimes at a higher rate than any other race.
      I would quote more from the article but HuffPo is so crowded with ads that it’s difficult for me to navigate when I’m on my laptop.
      Anyways, he goes on to portray Whites as boogeymen. LOL! Seriously laughed out loud the way he acts like the biggest problems blacks have is that Whites don’t like blacks. Really? It’s not drugs, teen pregnancy, welfare, absent fathers, crime, violence? The BIG problem facing blacks today is Whitey don’t play nice with blacks. Okay. Sure.
      In closing, Charles Howard would like Whites to improve themselves.
      LOL! Yeah, I’ll do that. How about I start by working, paying my bills and avoiding the police. Would that help?
      So what were your thoughts, Germanic?

      • Germanic Depressive

        Well one thought I had (admittedly I did not read the entire article) was that he starts the article this way:

        “”I don’t like Black people” a little girl said to my daughter earlier this week in school. My daughter, who is Black, was stunned to hear these seemingly out-of-nowhere words from her non-Black classmate.”

        What caught my eye there was that he doesn’t say the classmate was white. I think if the classmate was white, he’d have said that (correct me if I’m wrong, does he go on to specify white later on in the article?) so I think what happened here, if the event is real, is that a Hispanic, Asian, or Indian child said this. They are often less PC-whipped than whites and such a child might here some pretty rambunctious anti-black racist things in their home from the parents and grandparents and not know to censor themselves at school.

        But I think he wants us to ENVISION a white student.

  • Irish

    Moronic on it’s face..In my mid-teens, when I first really began to think about real things I figured this out.. If these great “benifactors” of our country are vitalizing us. Why not do so in their component nations.. ¥%+=£&# Laughable !

  • John Smith

    Supposedly, more negro females have aborted, at least proportionately, than any other group. This would make abortion a social net positive.

  • James Hamilton

    There is a reason why the USA and Canada look as they do and Latin America looks as it does, and it ain’t geography. Third world population = third world country.

  • TFD123

    International Finance reaching its inevitable, nation-wrecking conclusion.

  • stedman holder

    More bullshit for the liberal useful idiots.

  • Rossbach

    The “Hispanic” youth are not coming to the US to see their tax money go to provide a comfortable retirement for elderly whites. They will dump you from your wheelchair into the nearest gutter and spend your social security check to buy tacos and cerveza for their Cinco de Mayo party.