MRI-Based Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Estimation with Sparse Learning

Liye Wang, PLOS One, March 30, 2015


In this paper, we propose a novel framework for IQ estimation using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) data. In particular, we devise a new feature selection method based on an extended dirty model for jointly considering both element-wise sparsity and group-wise sparsity. Meanwhile, due to the absence of large dataset with consistent scanning protocols for the IQ estimation, we integrate multiple datasets scanned from different sites with different scanning parameters and protocols. In this way, there is large variability in these different datasets. To address this issue, we design a two-step procedure for 1) first identifying the possible scanning site for each testing subject and 2) then estimating the testing subject’s IQ by using a specific estimator designed for that scanning site. We perform two experiments to test the performance of our method by using the MRI data collected from 164 typically developing children between 6 and 15 years old. In the first experiment, we use a multi-kernel Support Vector Regression (SVR) for estimating IQ values, and obtain an average correlation coefficient of 0.718 and also an average root mean square error of 8.695 between the true IQs and the estimated ones. In the second experiment, we use a single-kernel SVR for IQ estimation, and achieve an average correlation coefficient of 0.684 and an average root mean square error of 9.166. All these results show the effectiveness of using imaging data for IQ prediction, which is rarely done in the field according to our knowledge.

[Editor’s Note: The full article is available here.]

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  • Tim_in_Indiana

    But it’s amazing how people will find rationalizations to keep from accepting things they don’t want to believe. Look how many decades and huge amounts of data we have to support the legitimacy of traditional IQ tests, and yet the most absurd rationalizations are hauled out to dismiss them, at least when applied to blacks.

    • TruthBeTold

      Nothing but excuse, theories, and rationalizations.

      Anything but the truth.

      • Guest


    • listenupbub

      I sort of disagree…You can raise your IQ scores a little bit. It has been done.

      When we talk about race issues, IQ is pretty meaningful, though.

      • Alden

        With all the intense SAT tutoring The SATs are no longer a valid test of IQ

    • Benny Ehud

      What I don’t understand about IQ and you people is that blacks in the US don’t have much lower IQs than people in European countries that you all love.

      • evilsandmich

        “You people”, how charming.
        Taking your claim at face value, “we people” also acknowledge that culture plays a factor as well. You’ll see articles posted here that are critical of some aspects of East Asian culture even though the consensus seems to be that they have higher IQ than whites. As far as how much culture is a reflection of genetics though, I leave to people smarter than me to discuss.

        I’d bring up the fact that “you people” in Israel are pretty keen to keep black people out of there, but it looks like you already have a piece of tortured logic to throw back at me, so whatever.

        • Benny Ehud

          I am not in Israel. So, that has nothing to do with me. But, I agree Israelis are kicking out black people.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        …A standard deviation is actually quite a lot, especially over a large group of people.

        • Benny Ehud

          Actually, the IQ of blacks in the U.S. is said to be 85. The IQ of Portugal is suppose to be 87. That’s not a marked difference. Hispanics in the U.S. having higher than that LOL And, they don’t live as good as the Portuguese.

          Latinos in the U.S. don’t have a much higher net worth than blacks. And, that’s with Latinos having for higher representation in parts of the country that pay more and or historically wealthier. Hispanics are on the West Coast and South Florida for the most part. Those are places where whites are far more wealthier. Blacks are mainly situated in the Southeast. Those states are historically poorer. That goes for states like Kentucky and West Virginia that have a high white population.

          So, I don’t understand how the IQ’s of Latinos are higher than the IQ’s of certain whites around the world. But, the Latinos don’t don’t live nearly was well as those whites.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I have no idea where you’re getting 87. Lynn has the average IQ of Portugal at 95. I’ve also seen 94. (Large difference, obviously. /sarc) And yes, by European standards, Portugal is a cesspool, but it is doing better than Mexico. I am seeing no contradiction here.

            And once again, people leave out Asians when they are trying to heavily imply that Hispanics and blacks in the U.S. are disadvantaged SOLELY because they are downtrodden. Asians in the U.S. have a higher median income than whites.

          • Benny Ehud

            I don’t think blacks and Latinos are SOLELY downtrodden b/c of race.. Asians do well b/c they get almost double the amount of degrees as whites, and they get hard degrees. Yes, if you vastly outperform whites in the U.S., you make money. Black or Latino lawyers, doctors, engineers do better than the average white. That’s America.

            This is how you know America is racist: Asians only make up 2.5% of the richest on the Forbes 400 lists for Americans. And, a couple of those individuals do business primarily outside of the U.S. But, Asians make up about 5.6% of the U.S. population. They should make up at least that number or closer. Whites make up the rest, if you count Jews a white. If not, Whites still make up 65% or so. of the list. That is their percentage of the U.S. population. One would think that if you have a higher on average IQ, more degrees on average, and harder degrees in harder fields that that group would be more represented on the Forbes 400 list. That isn’t the case.

            I am sorry. I was thinking of Greece and Hispanics. Greece is 92 and Hispanics are 90. I am sure people think Greece is for better than most Latinos in the U.S. Also, Sierra Lionne and Cambodia have an estimated IQ of 91 and Vietnam has a 94. But, this countries don’t do well.

            Lithiuania and Ireland are 91. That is not much higher than AMerican Latinos.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            But, Asians make up about 5.6% of the U.S. population.

            But only 41% of that 5.6% are Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Throw in the top percentiles of other Asians, and a 2.5% share looks right to me.

            Assuming that all the national IQ scores are correct (some countries have had many more tests and more reliable results than others – I don’t personally know which of these scores have been replicated more):

            Greece, I believe, is one of those cases where different groups of people in the country (south vs. north) have fairly divergent scores, and one mean for the country is probably misleading.

            Ireland is next-door neighbours with higher-IQ countries, so is Lithuania. Sierra Leone is assuredly not (I would actually suspect that score is really wrong – it’s quite an anomaly if it’s not), Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand are all in the low-to-mid 90s.

            Look at the way lower-IQ peoples in America are dragging the overall standards down, and the proximity to more or less intelligent peoples goes a long way toward explaining a country’s success even before we start getting into things like wars and politics that depress a country’s standard of living.

          • Benny Ehud

            LOL I knew you were going to say Greece was around other countries. LOL I swear I did. I knew that was going to be your reason. I also knew you were going to deny Sierra Leone’s number LMAO You all are predictable.

            Vietnam, Cambodia are 94. That’s on par with European Countries. It’s only 2-3 points behind some of the top Euro countries. But, their standard of living is no where near Europe’s.

            Actually, Filipino-Americans have higher percentage of degrees, too. Indians more than double whites. Indians are just as prevalent on the lists as Chinese/Taiwanese. You can throw Vietnamese in there, as well. They aren’t far below whites. Again, one has to include that they get HARD degrees. They don’t get degrees in political science, govt., and history like a large number of white billionaires do. So, how can you not see that most Asians IN THE U.S. are the intelligent ones and that the number shouldn’t be as high as 5.6%.? That makes no sense.

            Dragging down the overall standard of what?

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Actually, what I SAID is that Greece is ethnically mixed, and one score that assumes the county is ethnically homogenous when it’s not may not be representative. You’d read my comments better if you weren’t trying to “gotcha” me.

            But I’m not sure why you’re laughing at the proximity argument. Whether you believe that genetics or environment are the greater determining factor in success, all data suggests proximity matters. You seem to be arguing against a predominantly genetic influence – okay – but then I don’t know why you’d think “proximity” is a hilarious argument when it is arguably just as much an environmental explanation as a genetic one.

            Which brings me to Sierra Leone. Yes, of course I’m questioning that score! Sierra Leone is surrounded by countries with mean IQs more than 20 points lower. That is not well explained by genetics (unless there’s something about the country’s ethnic demographics I don’t know), but it’s not well explained by environment either. Since it’s, you know, one of the poorest countries in the world, that score does not support the point of anyone looking to make an argument for environmental influences reigning supreme.

            I DID say “the top percentiles of other Asians.” I knew you would bring up Indians – they’re a more complicated group, but I was thinking primarily of them.

            Look around this website, there’s a lot of articles on the lowered standards in a large number of fields to accommodate Hispanics and blacks. I can maybe dig some up when I’m back from work.

          • Benny Ehud

            When I said you said Greece was surrounded by other countries, I was assuming that you were placing them with Ireland and the rest. But, I understand now that you REALLY believe that the mean is off. So, that accounts for the discrepancy. So, that is another number you discredit? What is the mean in your opinion? Who are these ethnically diverse groups. 97% of the country is white. I guess they are different whites now. 91% of the country are Greeks. Numbers can’t be skewed that much by 9% of the population.

            I wasn’t laughing at the argument of proximity. I was laughing at the answer. That’s the same answer I came up with to justify it. However, I haven’t given it much thought. So, that is the simple answer that even I came to.

            Sierra Leone is questionable, but you take the other data is correct? That’s predictable for you all. I actually question ALL of the data.

            I know you said “TOP” percentile. What I am questioning is why wouldn’t you just assume that the individual Asian groups that are here are all smart? Therefore, the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans making up only 41% isn’t a factor. The other 59% made up by the other groups in the U.S. are ALSO intelligent. the particular Asians that come to the U.S. are smart. I am not saying their respective countries show it. But, the ones that habit the U.S. achieve! That was my issue. I didn’t’ “disregard” the top percentile comment. I “questioned” your TOP percentile comment.

            I am not understanding what you mean by lower standards. You mean in particular jobs or fields? Or, do you mean they are dragging down the way whites live?

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Regarding Greece, again, I did not suggest the mean for the country is wrong. I just said that the mean may not be wholly representative because it may be disguising divergent scores. (Like how you can average a high and a low number and get the same mean as for a cluster of numbers close to each other…that concept.) As for where I got that idea – from Lynn himself, who has said of his own data there are north-south discrepancies in the Mediterranean, where people become more ethnically mixed with Middle Eastern peoples (mean ~85) the farther you go to the south. I don’t know if there’s anything online where he’s commented on Greece specifically – I am extrapolating from his general comments regarding Mediterranean countries.

            So the scores could very well be perfectly analogous to what you get in American when you mix blacks (85) with whites (100), as black/white mixes also score in the low 90s.

            I can’t give you more detail than that, I’m afraid. I don’t yet own IQ and the Wealth of Nations.

            That’s the same answer I came up with to justify it. However, I haven’t given it much thought. So, that is the simple answer that even I came to.

            Why do you distrust that simple answers may be the correct ones? Why do you need a convoluted answer?

            Sierra Leone is questionable, but you take the other data is correct? That’s predictable for you all. I actually question ALL of the data.

            Sure, you should. But I actually trust the scores of 70 a little more, if only because those scores specifically have come under repeated scrutiny for being so low. When people are told the mean IQ of blacks in Africa is 70, the reaction virtually everyone has is utter disbelief.

            (By the way, here is a video of Rushton trying to address the mean of 70 in South Africa: www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=RxAhwYoZQKU)

            I question Sierra Leone in particular because it appears on the surface to be a bizarre outlier. I would ask to know if that data is considered reliable before I would begin searching for an explanation.

            Note I’m not ruling out that the score is correct. But it does appear to be out of place, and therefore very questionable.

            What I am questioning is why wouldn’t you just assume that the individual Asian groups that are here are all smart?

            Maybe. There’s been debate here over whether not Asian immigrants represent the “cream of the crop” of Asia. I don’t know who has better data on that one. But I would assume for the time being that the influx of immigrants who are coming to the West for no other reason than because they think there is less opportunity for them in their home country are not an example of that.

            Anecdotally, I know several Filipino immigrants, and have found them to be decent and hard-working people; but they do not stand out as particularly bright in my mind. (Save one who was a dental assistant in the Philippines.) Part of that probably has to do with the fact that they are trying to bring all their family over to the West; the whole family cannot be “cream of the crop.”

            I am not understanding what you mean by lower standards. You mean in particular jobs or fields? Or, do you mean they are dragging down the way whites live?


            Lower standards in jobs: stick around, you will learn new info all the time about jobs that have lowered standards for blacks in particular. Emergency services and teaching are big ones.

            Dragging down how whites live: what do you think “white flight” is? Blacks drag down the standard of living everywhere they go, particularly with higher crime. Schools also suffer tremendously when the percentage of black students in a school gets too high, and the long-term cost to bad schools is probably inestimable.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Dude The average IQ of Sierra Leone is 64. What the hell are you talking about?

          • Benny Ehud

            It’s a lot there. And, I am tired of having this conversation. So, I will make this short. Again, Greece is white. I don’t care for Rushton or Lynne. Also, I don’t understand how 70 is even plausible if 70 is considered mentally retarded. I have NO REASON to believe that the Asians here aren’t the cream of crop.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Again, Greece is white.

            “I don’t have an argument for what you said, so I’m going to ignore it.”

            I don’t care for Rushton or Lynne.[sic]

            You “don’t care” for them because you don’t like what they say.

            Also, I don’t understand how 70 is even plausible if 70 is considered mentally retarded.

            Everyone’s reaction. Including mine. Including Jensen’s, as I believe he was the first to find blacks in the U.S. who scored that low. He thought the test results were wrong until he had done much more study.

            Bear in mind that a 70 IQ is often mentally retarded for whites, but is only a SD below normal for blacks. Jensen found that 70 IQ black kids looked “normal” and seemed social and engaging, but were generally unable to perform very basic cognitive tasks (like explain the rules of a simple game) very well, if at all.

            You can look up his book, “Bias in Mental Testing,” which is available as a PDF online. It’s worth at least a skim, especially the second chapter, “Tests on Trial” and the attacks on tests for finding blacks “disproportionately” mentally retarded.

            The borderline for mental retardation actually used to be 85, but it’s dropped to 70 since the 1970s because half of all blacks would have been classified as retarded under the old cutoff.

            I have NO REASON to believe that the Asians here aren’t the cream of crop.

            I see no reason to believe they are.

          • Benny Ehud

            I don’t really care about IQ, b/c it serves very little purpose to me. So, I don’t worry much about it. I am a former member of Mensa–Heaven’s truth. I joined to put it on my resume. But, I no longer need it. However, I don’t understand white nationalists’ fascination with IQ. I don’t understand the endgame. I really don’t.

            Do you people expect whites to go along with you and start implementing policies that reflect your beliefs? If so, what are these policies? Do you think blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are just going to lie down and take it? I don’t get it. So, it makes little sense to spend time on it in the U.S. I can understand in Europe! You can decide to keep people out. America is a lost cause for Europeans. The cat’s out of the bag.

            However, I am FAR more interested in your endgame. What do you all hope to accomplish? I am nonplussed.

            For the record, the IQ of the nations and others have been revised up. I think the last I read is 87 was the IQ of blacks in the U.S. Personally, do you think 1/2 of black people in the U.S. are mentally retarded? You personally.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I am a former member of Mensa–Heaven’s truth. I joined to put it on my resume. But, I no longer need it. However, I don’t understand white nationalists’ fascination with IQ.

            You know, I normally find a lot of the people obsessed with the Jews obnoxious (and I’ve said so plenty), but I just have to say how much this strikes me as so representative of what people hate about you. How very Jewish of you: IQ matters to you when you can personally, individually benefit. It ceases to matter when it doesn’t suit your politics. How droll.

            There was also a point in time when I “didn’t care” about IQ. In large part this is because I earnestly believed the widespread canards about IQ tests being “biased,” about IQ tests “not really measuring intelligence,” and a general failure to know and understand the high predictive value of IQ. I changed my mind when I learned how wrong the “common understanding” is about intelligence.

            And so, if people here seem “fascinated” by IQ, it’s largely because they are watching people try to solve social problems while utterly ignoring – and considering it taboo to even mention – one of the largest factors in human success and failure.

            Social policy that overlooks one of the most important puzzle pieces of human society is doomed to failure. Not only is it doomed to failure, but it’s doomed to failure in generally pretty predictable ways.

            That is one of the things that drove me away from liberalism – race realism has an astonishingly good track record for predicting the behaviour of people, especially in large groups. Liberals, by contrast, get taken by surprise over and over. (Gosh, that new thing we came up with that was going to fix the achievement gap/poverty/homelessness/etc. didn’t work? Wonder why? Hmm, maybe we didn’t throw enough taxpayer dollars at it.)

            So anyway. Endgame. To me, IQ has nothing to do with Europe – we’d agree on that. Europe should be and remain 95%+ white, of whatever mean IQ. That is about protecting our cultures, languages, peoples and homeland. Nothing more or less.

            That is much less doable in North America, I also agree with that. Some people would like to see North America go back to being 90% white or more. Whether you agree or not with desiring that (and I’m not sure I do, the “claim” to North America is complicated), I think the likelihood of that happening any time within the next century is nil.

            But yes, social policy should absolutely change to reflect reality. The phrase “disparate impact” should not exist – true equality of opportunity necessarily means the outcomes will NOT be the same, because PEOPLE are not the same.

            Why is America still trying to integrate schools when that has proven such a colossal failure? Most blacks cannot academically keep up with whites – no more “No Child Left Behind”-type nonsense. Some kids (“disproportionately” white and Asian) will finish 12th-grade academics, and some kids (“disproportionately” black and Hispanic) will not. Here’s an idea: instead of pity-passing blacks through the last 3 or 4 grades, start introducing more vocational training earlier in black schools. Give them a shot at a good job in the trades instead of belonging to a permanent welfare class. But that would require being honest about their IQ, right?

            STOP lowering standards and eliminating entrance tests in order to hire blacks and Hispanics. ESPECIALLY in emergency services! No one wants to call a fire truck and then have their loved ones burn to death because the firefighters don’t know how much hose to use.

            And so on and so forth.

            For the record, the IQ of the nations and others have been revised up.

            Yeah, and the white IQ under that revision is 103, not 100. Same gap. Mean scores are adjusted sometimes when a test is renormed, I think.

            Personally, do you think 1/2 of black people in the U.S. are mentally retarded? You personally.

            Of course not. There is more to mental retardation than IQ. But as I said, whites will be more likely to be mentally retarded at higher IQs than blacks. That’s what makes the 70 IQ African mean so shocking – it is within their normal range, but looks nonfunctional to whites.

            Some people with Down’s have IQs as high as 80 (and possibly higher, I’m no expert). I have personally met a black man who I know has an IQ no higher than 83, because he told me that’s the highest score he’s managed to get on an IQ test. He clearly does not have a form of mental retardation, even if he is within the range where he overlaps with the “smartest” Down’s people. He’s not bright, though.

            Do you people expect whites to go along with you and start implementing policies that reflect your beliefs?

            That would be ideal.

            More realistically, America is probably going to collapse as the increasing black and Hispanic underclass drags it down like the unsinkable Titanic taking on water.

          • Benny Ehud


            Do you think blacks and Hispanics are going to just sit back while people implement policies that you deem necessary? That is futile. They is as dumb as thinking America is going to ever be 90% white again. (I know you said you don’t believe that will ever happen. I read that part.)

            You are fighting a LOSING battle. It is silly. You should spend time trying to trying to do ANYTHING other than what you all are doing. It’s risible. I am seriously laughing.

            Yes, I used MENSA to try to get a job b/c I know certain people care about it. I am not a fool. I don’t use IQ to try to change policies that I KNOW HAVE NO SHOT of passing. It’s an utterly stupid endeavor.

            I am wholeheartedly against hunting for sport. I think it is a barbaric practice. I think people who hunt for sport have certain mental block. Most Jews believe hunting for sport is barbaric. Rabbis teach that it isn’t kosher and none of the patriarchs engaged in it. But, Jews know it if FUTILE in the U.S. to try to ban hunting or drastically change hunting laws. It’s just a waste of time. Jews don’t even try. Now, Israel has very few hunters and large number of laws to make hard to do. They have all but banned it.

            Now, the way Jews treat hunting in the U.S. is the way you all should treat IQ in the U.S. To try to make some sweeping changes involving IQ and policies WILL NOT happen. It just won’t. It’s silly to spend so much time on it. Now, if you want to take that to Europe, it’s understandable. But, here in the U.S., it is an UTTER WASTE OF TIME!! I can’t stress it enough.

            To leave you two anecdotal stories, I want to say this. In August, a black first grader at a public school that is about 55% black, 42% white and 3% Hispanic/Asian scored in the 32nd percentile and 24 percentile nationally in reading comprehension and math, respectively. They wanted to put him in special ed. His mother called me and ask me what she should do. I told her if she had the money, she should get him a tutor and not put him in special ed. She did that. He 2 hrs a week in late Sept-Nov. His tutor is in college, so he got no tutoring in Dec. She went home for the holidays.

            In January, the school took the test again (given 3x a year). He scored in the 70th and 57th percentile in read comp. and math, respectively. That’s a huge jump in 2.5 months of tutoring. I just spoke with her this past week, and she informed me that he made the honor roll and made only one B—that being in Language Arts. She said his tutor gave him an assessment exam a couple of weeks ago and said he is reading now on a 3rd grade level. And, they have now started working more on his math to get that up. He’s now going 3 hours a week to get the math in, b/c they weren’t really working on it.

            Another black lady told me about her 11 year old son who went to an ALL black school a couple of years ago and was below basic math while at that school. They moved a couple of years ago, and he now goes to a school that is 75-80% white. When he got there, she said he was below basic math. A year later he moved into being proficient in math. Now, she said he took the test in January and the teacher said the young kid is 2 points below advanced. She blamed the teachers at the ALL black school. Now, I don’t know if the teacher’s are all black, b/c the teachers at the first-graders class is 90% white. So…

            My point is that it would be much more beneficial trying to come up with ways to implement certain teaching methods in school or something along those lines than trying to implement policies that flat-out tell large groups of people they are less intelligent. They won’t take it well!! No matter how true it is!! That won’t work!! That’s my issue.

            You are fighting a LOSING battle. If if the gains in trying to implement teaching methods don’t do much, it will accomplish for more than you are advocating for!! Your way is going to accomplish NOTHING!!! It’s a waste of time! That cat is out of the bag. There are 100 million black, Hispanics, Natives, and Arabs in the U.S. They are not going to accept you or anyone calling them low IQ individuals LOL So, why spend time on it? I don’t get it. I really don’t.

          • BlueSonicStreak


            You think inside an incredibly modern bubble. For most of human history it was recognized that blacks are less intelligent than everyone else, and people acted on that recognition. Now, don’t be an arse and only go back to “slavery” – I mean, everywhere in the world that blacks lived, everywhere they came in contact with other peoples. Before interaction with whites!

            And really, no one cared about their fee-fees then. Whether or not they would “lie down and take” other people recognizing their low intelligence wasn’t a question. Because no one really cared if it hurt their feelings. (Which I actually don’t believe it did until someone got the bright idea that they should try to assimilate into our culture. But nevermind.)

            Like I said (boy, I feel like I’m saying that phrase an awful lot – you really don’t use that supposed Mensa IQ of yours), everything I proposed is the ideal that people would act on if most people weren’t blithering idiots.

            In reality, the U.S. will be a third-world country inside of a century.

            And probably at some point in the future beyond that, if a white society exists, they will ban blacks and other low-IQ, violent peoples. And once again, they will not care if those peoples like it or not. The few DECADES in which this idea was unfathomable will be almost totally forgotten; just a blip in history. Or maybe they’ll refer to it as a kind of Dark Age.

            My point is that it would be much more beneficial trying to come up with ways to implement certain teaching methods in school

            Oh yeah, let’s try that for the 26543418157th time. You’re a genius.

            I’m sure it will work this time. Really.

            I don’t get it. I really don’t.

            That’s a pretty good summary of your entire side of the discussion thus far.

          • Benny Ehud

            It doesn’t matter how they operated in the past! They aren’t going to operate on NOW in the U.S. NOT IN THE U.S. LOSE THAT THOUGHT

            You are delusional if you think that is going to remotely happen. It’s not!!

            I heard Jared Taylor’s comment on how it didn’t bother blacks LOL Did you all ask blacks if it bothered them? Are did you pull it out of your arse?

            And, when I say 100 million people won’t lay down and take it, I mean war! You must be advocating war. Or, you are just delusional, which I fully believe you are.

            You can fight this LOSING battle for hundred more years, and it still won’t budge. The only thing that will happen is tens of millions of people dead! But, killing and sacrificing millions of people for “peace” and “prosperity” is the European way.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            It has sort of hit the point where I am just repeating myself and rephrasing, and you are ranting at a cloud with zero apparent comprehension of anything I said…and with the audacity to suggest the delusional one is me! Pray tell, little troll, why are you worth the effort?

            I do honestly think there will be a war. I am not “advocating” a war. You seem to have greatly missed the point that most people are here because they see a war coming, and yet are advocating PEACEFUL solutions that could head it off. To no avail, because we’re evil “racists.”

            So yes. There will be a war.

            But, killing and sacrificing millions of people for “peace” and “prosperity” is the European way.

            Yeah, because the slaughter of millions is exclusive to whites, right? Thanks for making it clear that you are NOT one of the Jews who considers themselves white.

            When you start pulling out anti-white fantasy like this, I think you are making it clear that you consider yourself backed into a corner.

            I accept that you’ve conceded this debate, albeit unintentionally.

          • Benny Ehud

            Well, say a war is coming and quit with all of the extraneous BS. You’re a joke, man. Why are you talking about trade schools and tests IF a war is coming? You FULLY wasted my time and yours. You wasted time typing all that. I wasted time reading it.

            You think PEACEFUL solution is telling 100 million people who have shown they would fight that they are dumb and relegated to a permanent second class?That’s peaceful? I have a peaceful solution. Start telling ALL whites to pack up and head for Europe. That’s peaceful. No gun has to be shot for that.

            I don’t consider myself on the side of the likes of you. When you rid yourself of the non-whites, Jews are next. And, 98% Jews know that. You all have your spotted Jews here and there. But, they are an aberration. It won’t catch on. Jews will leave for Israel before they get into a war with whites against non-whites. Again, you are delusional if you think so.

            Slaughtering millions upon millions of other races is exclusive to whites. That’s for sure. Body count–whites have been the most violent people on the planet over the last 400 years. No other group comes even close.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Why are you talking about trade schools and tests IF a war is coming?

            Because it’s starting tomorrow, right? Shoot, where did I put my ammo?

            Start telling ALL whites to pack up and head for Europe.

            Sure thing, just as soon as they start letting in people who aren’t brown.

            I don’t consider myself on the side of the likes of you. When you rid yourself of the non-whites, Jews are next.

            Jews: the embodiment of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

            Flaming Jewish neurosis on display there.

            Body count–whites have been the most violent people on the planet over the last 400 years.

            Over the last 400 years.

            The unexplained temporal handicap is adorable.

            I should just screencap your last few comments. When someone comments in frustration as to why it’s so difficult to eradicate anti-Semitism in white nationalist circles despite our excellent Jewish members, I’ll just post the caps by way of explanation.

            You people make it almost impossible for other people not to loathe you, you know that? Maybe you wouldn’t be “next” if you’d ever stop acting like a term I can’t use on Disqus.

          • Benny Ehud

            I just say the last 400 years, b/c no one knows beyond that.

            It makes me no difference that you loathe me. You say that as if Jewish people are suppose to care. G-d got tired of us. I am pretty sure people will, too LOL If I drive Jews away from this movement, so be it. It’s a mitzvah.

            Whites moving to Europe is more peaceful than your way of calling 100 million people dumb and expecting a peaceful response.

            But, you are showing your delusion again. Anti-semitism will never leave your movement. Jews and you people are vastly different! Get that through your head. Read it again and let it sink in. Jews, by and large, aren’t conservative. They just aren’t. It isn’t in their makeup. So, you can quit trying to eradicate anti-Semitism from white nationalists circles. It’s a toxic mix. It won’t work.

            Furthermore, I hope you show my post at an Amren Conference.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            The cream of the crop Asians don’t need to leave home being they already have the best life imaginable there. Are the Mexicans risking their lives to get into the US illegally the cream of the crop in Mexico? LOL

            People immigrate to seek a better life and opportunity that they don’t have back home.

            The Asians you are talking about will have H1B visas that the US uses to recruit people from other countries to come here and work.

          • Benny Ehud

            The cream of the crop do leave if there is little to no opportunity. How can you not see that? LOL Indians come over here and kick a**. But there country doesn’t do much.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            As I said above the ‘cream of the crop’ get recuited to come here by the US, which is an infinitesimally small number of them. Those that immigrate here are at best average.

          • Benny Ehud

            You’re an idiot if you believe that. The Asians here get HARD degrees while here. They aren’t here n visas for employment.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Flinging invectives wont change reality.

            Also what Asians, you have to be specific ? You were talking about Vietnamese BUT the Asians that are getting those hard degrees are not the Vietnamese, it’s the Koreans, Chinese and Japanese, you know, the same ones that have the high average IQ’s of 105-106.

          • Benny Ehud

            The VIETNAMESE do get hard degrees!!! I worked with 4 of them. 2 were pharmacists and 1 was going to the U of Texas to go to med school. The 4th one was in a competitive Radiology Technician program in Texas. The Vietnamese husband of one of the pharmacist was a lawyer. Vietnamese are all over Houston, TX. Plenty of them are doctors!! You can see their names when past by the offices.

            You don’t know what you are talking about. You are just using talking points to try to validate your beliefs. They are just not true.

            For the record, you are counting the Taiwanese as Chinese?

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I poked through some of the Pew data on Asian Americans, and none of the patterns are making sense to me – probably because I’m tired. I did notice that overall, the Vietnamese have lower educational attainment and lower median incomes than other major groups of Asian Americans…I don’t think your anecdote tells you anything except that you know some exceptional Vietnamese.

            Filipinos and Vietnamese are also the least likely to have entered the U.S. through employer green card sponsorship.

          • Benny Ehud

            Filipinos get degrees at a higher rate than most.

            My anecdotes show this guy is using talking points. Vietnamese go to school about the same as white Americans. So, how on earth can he shoot them down? I doubt very seriously that the Vietnamese who are going to school AREN’T getting hard degrees. The ones who do go to school more than likely are doing like other Asians–getting hard degrees.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I see. So your debate strategy now is just wild speculation?

          • Benny Ehud

            What wild speculation?

            Since these particular Asians don’t don’t go to school at the same rate as some of the other Asians, the ones who do go must not get hard degrees? Is that argument? But, you don’t call that wild speculation?

            That’s the argument that the other guy is making. The Vietnamese don’t get hard degrees.

            The ONLY 5 I knew went to school for hard degrees or were going to school to get hard degrees. I combine that with they are Asians and Asians get hard degrees. So, in your opinion, it is “wild speculation” that I argue that the Vietnamese that do go to school get hard degrees, too. WoW! Not to mention that the brother of the radiology tech. was going to school to develop video games.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            You’re speculating on the basis of knowing a guy who like, knows another guy who is TOTALLY a doctor and knows another guy who is a doctor…

            Dude, provide data or shut up.

          • Benny Ehud

            You provide data or shut up LOL

            Are you the same one that as talking about “top percentiles” of the other Asians and cream of the crop? I don’t know. I am answering numerous people. Is that the same speculating and lack of data that I am being accuse of? LMAO

            You’re a joke. You actually believe the govt. can tell 30% of Americans they are less intelligent, and they are going to “peacefully” accept certain policies.

            What’s your IQ? Seriously.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            High enough to put Mensa on my resume.

            But I don’t, and haven’t joined. Because I’m not a pretentious twit, and I don’t put my IQ score on my resume.

            I said there is debate here over whether or not the Asians coming over are cream of the crop, and that I didn’t know (at the time of commenting) who had good data on that. I also said that I didn’t think people who were coming over for nothing but better opportunity (versus being sought by employers) were likely to be good examples of that argument. I didn’t think Filipinos were, for example, although I may have been wrong about that group.

            But Pew definitely seems to agree with me that you are wrong about the Vietnamese, as they report that Vietnamese are much less likely to be sought by employers and many came over originally as political refugees (which would obviously make them a mixed group in terms of innate ability, above and beyond how being refugees could affect their prospects). They have the highest rates of poverty and unemployment and lowest educational attainment of any of the large Asian groups in America.

          • Benny Ehud

            I never put my IQ on my resume. But, you are a pretentious twit, even if you don’t know it.

            Vietnamese are less likely to get degrees. That is why they are less likely sought out by employers. That says NOTHING about the types of degrees that those who do go to school get. How is Pew on your side?

            I don’t disagree with your last sentence. That’s a fact. Again, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do or say about the ones who do go to school! NOTHING! Use your Mensa-level IQ to comprehend that.

            But, do a mini-poll for yourself. Every time you come into contact with someone with the last name NGUYEN and has a job that requires a degree, see what their degree is in. Just look at the profession.

            You use the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans to justify why the Forbes 400 list is not stacked with more Asians. That’s where the “top percentile” comment came from. You had no data! You were speculating about “top percentile” of other Asian races.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Did I or did I not SAY that I had no data when I replied originally? Yes, I did. I said that the shares sounded right. I still believe they’re right. I don’t think anything but the pink bars here are going to represent possible Forbes 400 entries, and I have only underestimated the Filipinos.

          • Benny Ehud

            You said it sounded right to you, but you had no data. You didn’t shut up when you had no data. So, why should I shut up with no data? We are both speculating. I guess you assume your speculation supersedes mine.

            I am going to leave on this (at least for night), b/c I am bored and tired of this correspondence.

            You want intellectual honesty? Whites nationalists should say,
            “We whites built civilizations in the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. Yes, we murdered numerous people to get it, but we want to keep it. We are not sorry that millions of millions of people were killed, b/c they weren’t using the land int the ‘right’ way. It is just for us to keep the lands.” Now, that would be intellectual honestly. But, you all are allergic to that.

            Rather than making the above statements you all try to make a MORAL claim on the lands. You have NO moral claims. It’s all laced in hypocrisy. Most of you all are too deluded to recognize that.

            Jews say get 2 Jews together and have 3 opinions. Jews can admit their hypocrisy at times. They debate it and grapple with it. White nationalists either WON’T admit their hypocrisy because of dishonesty or CAN’T admit it because of delusion.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Statistically Vietnamese do not get hard degrees at a high rate. Sure you may have known one or two but as a whole hell no. I can find the stats and make you looks foolish again.

            Taiwanese also have high IQ’s.

          • Benny Ehud

            Where are these statistics? I really want to see them.

            The Taiwanese in the U.S. outperformed everyone. I was thinkingyou were considering them Chinese since you didn’t mention them.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Dude The average IQ of Sierra Leone is 64. What the hell are you talking about?

          • Benny Ehud

            Not according to the what I just read. The other guy read it, too

          • Benny Ehud


          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Portugal’s average IQ is 95, the average for latinos is 85 and the average for African Americans (who are really mullatos with white admixture) is also 85. The more ‘pure’ blacks back in Africa have an IQ average of 70.

          • Benny Ehud

            You d know those are estimated IQs. I read Latinos in the U.S. is 90. I also read that U.S blacks are now around 87.

            Sorry I ot Portugal missed up with others. I haven’t looked at it in years. Greece, Ireland, Lithuania are all around 91-92. Sierra Lionne is estimated at 91. Explain that. Vietnam and Cambodia are around 91-94. All of the latter countries financially are behind the 3 former countries.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Only a few nations of the world have been estimated and they have an asterisk beside them.

            Most asian countries are essencially 100% homogeneous, whereas all European countries have large amounts of non white populations. Therefore, obviously when you get a national average this isn’t just the white people average.

            The low IQ non white populations residing in those white nations, which are usually black, middle eastern, latino, gypsies/indians, ect, drag down the overall averages of those nations. The worldwide average IQ of whites is 100, so that gives you an idea of where those countries would be without the impact of the nonwhites living there.

            The financial infastructure of those white nations was developed back when they were also nearly 100% white and although they may still be economically better off than asian countries, they are starting to decline due to the impact of multculturism and diverity.

          • Benny Ehud

            European countries DO NOT have LARGE amounts of non-whites. Europe is 95-97% white. LOOK IT UP.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            All one really has to do is look at an Asian nation such as Vietnam and compare it with another Asian nation like South Korea or Japan.

            South Korea and Japan are the only first world level nations in Asia and are just as modern with good economies as any European nation. Vietnam and Japan are both practically 100% homogeneous. The only factor to account for the infrastructure and other disparities between the two Asian nations is the national IQ average.

          • Benny Ehud

            That is not the only account that matters. That is the only one that you use.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Please share with us what then?

          • Benny Ehud

            I can go with culture. I can use that.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Ok yes culture, which is the collective phenotype of the people and their genes that make it up (including genes for higher IQ’s.) Therefore explaining why some cultures develop technologicaly more advanced and economically fruitful societies.

            It’s good to see that we can finally agree.

          • Benny Ehud

            That’s not what Charles Murray used when talking about China. They blamed China’s political and economic system.

            If these IQs are correct, Vietnam has a more than adequate IQ to live have a “higher” standard of living. They have IQs on par with Euro countries. But, they are nowhere near Euro countries in terms of GDP and PPP.

            If you take to the me numbers, which are now revised, blacks have an IQ of 87 in the U.S. and Croatia has an collective IQ of 90. But, no one would ever call Croatia third world. Yet, blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. are called third world. Hispanics in the U.S. are about 90 with the revised scored.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Show me the data with these revised scores

          • Benny Ehud

            Ask Blue who is on your side. He agrees that 87 is the new number. He has seen it. And, he and I disagree on almost everything LOL Whites have even been revised up in the U.S. to 103.

            These IQ of nations scores I am referencing are revised scores.

          • Benny Ehud

            Also, when you provide this data about Vietnamese, I want them compared to American whites and their type of degrees.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            “They blamed China’s political and economic system.”

            Of course this also has something to do with it. Former communist countries tat were oppressed and brainwashed need time to get into a new more capitalist system. This is why Vietnam as well as China ar slowly moving up and improvings would be indicated by their avrage IQ’s.

            North Korea is a glaring example, you have a dictator

          • Benny Ehud

            WHy is Botswana at a 70, but Botswana is on par with Mexico who has an 88? And, Botswana is much higher living standards than Vietnam and other Asian countries who have far higher IQs?

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Again I need to see your source

          • Benny Ehud


          • MrBiIIGoode .

            No man , I need to see where you are getting that – Botswana is on par with Mexico and has better living standards than Vietnam.

          • Benny Ehud

            Go to wikipedia and look at the GDP. That is easy. Look up all of the countries.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Reread my post, I edited it. Your Botswana argument doesn’t work.

          • Benny Ehud

            I know it doesn’t work for you! Nothing for blacks work for you. You are pathetic. You have a dogmatic approach to IQ, and you are sticking with it. Your “ideas” about it have seem like a religion to you. I’m done even talking about IQ in that manner.

            As I told the last, I am FAR, FAR more interested in what is the end goal with you people in trying to get the IQ issue into the forefront. WHAT is it that you hope to accomplish is for more interesting to me than HOW you arrive at your conclusions.

          • Benny Ehud

            SOLEY TO CHINESE INTERVENTION???? LOL You are a joke. You are basically saying that blacks can’t do business with other countries w/o out giving ALL the credit to the other countries.

            Stop talking to me. You are pathetic. You have BS reason for everything.

    • Sick of it

      Everyone, even the jokers who deny IQ, understands that some people are born smarter than others. That some families have shown the same tendency. Egalitarianism is one big lie.

  • TruthBeTold

    I want to be there when this is performed on Bill Gates. I want proof that he’s a genius because I’ve never seen the evidence.

    • Speedy Steve

      I read once that he is nothing more than a megalomaniac. The book is Revenge of The Nerds.

      • Lexonaut

        He got the girl, too.

        • Speedy Steve

          I’m sure there’s a generous pre-nup. But she gets to give his money to various and sundry useless causes.

    • listenupbub

      His IQ was once tested in the 160’s, I’ve read, which is genius-level.

      Einstein was supposed to be in the 140’s, I’ve read.

      • TruthBeTold

        Were you there when he took the test? Did you read the original test scores? Who reported this info, why, and did they investigate?

        My point is I keep hearing the same thing but other than running a business can you point to anything that he created on his own that proves him to be a genius?

        • John Smith

          He didn’t create DOS, but bought it.

          • TruthBeTold

            See, that’s my point.

            I give him credit for creating MS. He’s a good businessman and he was smart enough to see the potential market of the time and take advantage of it.

            But other than starting and running a company, is there any ground-breaking innovation that anyone can point to as done by Bill Gates alone and not Microsoft?

            I’m not saying he doesn’t have a high IQ I just don’t see it.

            It’s like now that he’s no longer at MS, he’s being credited for all kinds of new innovations but none of them are his.

            He’s just funding other people and their work.

            Again, this makes him a smart businessman but is this evidence of a genius?

          • John Smith

            Maybe genius of realizing opportunities to make money.

          • TruthBeTold

            She saw and opportunity and he ran with it. I don’t fault him for that. I do get tired of hearing the hype that he’s a genius when he funds the innovations of others.

        • listenupbub

          From wikipedia:

          In his sophomore year, Gates devised an algorithm for pancake sorting as a solution to one of a series of unsolved problems[35] presented in a combinatorics class by Harry Lewis, one of his professors. Gates’s solution held the record as the fastest version for over thirty years;[35][36] its successor is faster by only one percent.[35] His solution was later formalized in a published paper in collaboration with Harvard computer scientist Christos Papadimitriou.[37]

          He scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT, and this was back in a time when the SAT was supposedly harder. However, he went to a prep school, so he might have been able to study for it.

      • John Smith

        He didn’t get a perfect score on his SATs, but close.

      • ElComadreja

        Einstein was 160.

        • Realist

          That’s a guess. He was never tested.

          • Alexandra1973

            I heard he was a fraud.

          • Realist

            In what way?

          • listenupbub

            I don’t think so. Many of the crazy documents with his theoretical explorations have been preserved in his office. Contemporaries observed his frantic scribblings on his blackboard.

        • Benny Ehud

          They don’t know Einstein’s. It is an estimate. He never actually submitted a score.

    • Lexonaut

      If you had been exposed to the pioneering architecture of the Windows shell internals you would have your evidence.

      • TruthBeTold

        I don’t know enough about this.

        I’m not trying to cause problems but it annoys me that Mr. Gates is credited as being a genius and yet what I see is that his genius is in business not innovation. What I see is a man who is smart enough to see a trend and seize it. That’s different from a genius who pioneered a completely new way to design a microchip.

        Can you tell me what ground breaking work Mr. Gates himself, not Microsoft employees, did in Windows shell architecture?

        • Lexonaut

          As far as I can tell he did two things in the technical arena …

          First, while he didn’t invent the concept of what’s termed a callback function, he was the first to see that it’s the key to cleanly and consistently making shell application code in effect, event driven.

          Second, he communicated his technical vision to his people and was in constant communication with them, making sure that everything they were doing was consistent with that vision. He frequently would walk into people’s offices and have them demo what they were working on, applauding what was dazzling (like the concept of flyout menus) and booing what was dull and boring.

          On the business front, Gates himself would tell you that his acquisition of what became MS-DOS was mainly his happening to have been in the right place at the right time. That said, he knew what to do with the opportunity, and he knew how to break up the IBM stranglehold on the personal computer business.

          I don’t like the man’s politics but I do like his approach to technical matters and, yes, he’s an actual genius. The development of Windows is one of the great untold engineering stories.

          • TruthBeTold

            I’ve never denied the man had good business skills. That’s one thing but I don’t really see how he can be solely credited for any one thing.

            This has continued since he left MS. He’s now involved in humanitarian projects. These aren’t his projects mind you. He’s just supporting the innovations of others and yet people link these ideas to him.

            I didn’t mean to co-opt this threat with a side issue but it’s something that keeps cropping up when people talk about Gates.

          • Lexonaut

            Forty years ago I worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, the number two computer company at the time. At age 14 Bill Gates was already earning significant money as a computer consultant at a DECsystem-10 account in Seattle named TenTime. He dropped out of Harvard because he couldn’t wait to make his own way in the world.

            Make whatever you like of the man. Trust me, he doesn’t care what you think of him.

          • TruthBeTold

            Ok, he’s a genius.

  • propagandaoftruth

    What? IQ is related to the genetically inherited, physical, organ known as the brain? It’s not some metaphysical head gas only influenced by environment?

    Oh my. Scandalous! Somebody report this to the Thought Police quick!

    • listenupbub

      Don’t worry, we already have the pinhead journalists writing nonsensical hamsterizations in all the most “trustworthy” newspapers.

    • Benny Ehud

      Actually, IQ can be changed. That is a fact. What isn’t actually known is how much is hereditary and how much is malleable?

      • BlueSonicStreak

        It’s more malleable in childhood, obviously, but IQ is roughly 80% heritable by adulthood.

        • Benny Ehud

          LOL “80% heritable by adulthood.” Read that comment over and see how it makes no sense. Just read it again.

          Are you trying to say that 80% of IQ is set in by adulthood? That would make more sense than that statement.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Just because you didn’t understand it, doesn’t mean it didn’t make sense. The heritability of IQ is lower in childhood and increases to 0.8 by adulthood.

            Here’s a lay-level explanation: “Why does the heritability of intelligence increase with age?”


          • Benny Ehud

            OH…Basically, what you are saying and the article is saying is that at adulthood that IQ is no longer malleable–at least not on a large scale.I don’t know if I agree or disagree with that. I may

            What I FULLY believe is that different environments can foster different decision making that may be profitable as an adult. Some people don’t grow up in environments that foster successful outcomes.

  • slobotnavich

    I’m certainly not qualified to comment intelligently on the efficacy of this new technique, though the reliability of the now-ancient Stanford-Binet IQ test is certainly well-established, though it’s hardly a sure indicator of individual success, which can depend on many factors outside the realm of pure intellect. These would include good parenting, inculcating children with a strong work ethic, a strong moral compass, and consideration for others. But as far brain imaging is concerned, why re-invent the wheel?

    • Alden

      You forgot the one and only factor affecting success today
      Affirmative action!!!!!!

      • slobotnavich

        Yeah, it’s destroying it.

  • Dagworthy

    There are five co-authors for the article: Liye Wang,

    Chong-Yaw Wee, Heung-Il Suk, Xiaoying Tang, and Dinggang Shen. Note that this was funded by NIH and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

    Would China do secret research in this area? Would China would do genetic engineering to boost IQ by several hundred points?

    • Speedy Steve

      Either that, or teach their dumber students to cheat better.

    • listenupbub

      Several HUNDRED?!!??

      We’ll see. I expect they will just use it to streamline the education system. No point in forcing the kids to compete to see who is the best; just scan their brains as children and make the smartest study, and the dumbest labor.

  • Anon

    I hate fraudulent articles like these. Most of the time they are thinly veiled attempts to discredit the obviously hereditary (note the term hereditary, not genetic), and biological nature of black mental insufficiency. See….we looked for biological differences and failed……blacks and whites are the same….we PROVED it.

    First of all….black behavior and ability stands on its own. There are no successful black cultures and damn few blacks who can read, let alone are educated. Of those who are educated, most are frauds…..who fall apart once you put their understanding of their knowledge to the test. The issue is in your face and racialists should be pointing to the no exceptions nature of the issue as proof of this instead of trying to find root scientific causes to show liberals who will just ignore it. Maybe genetics are involved….but as an effect, not a cause. In short, we should insist on an Occam’s Razor approach not a scientific one.

    You understand…blacks are different than us in gigantic ways. Because of that, it makes little sense to try an find subtle ways we are different especially when the latter is designed to cover up the former.

    This particular attempt is a failure even at that. For those who understand the math, what they found was that there was just enough difference between blacks and whites on their measures that they can detect the difference on the group level. Statistical significance isn’t even close to being real significance and most members of either group are indistinguishable from each other. You couldn’t make a credible guess as to which group an individual was from. Oh…and just to be extra special, they admit the nature of their sample and how they derived it will make it unlikely they could repeat the results.

    The whole thing is predictable considering the ridiculous nature of what they are testing. Essentially, they are looking for “bumps”. Little spots where the tissue is different. And yes….it is as bad as it sounds. Our old pal Phrenology is back for another helping of failure and then ridicule from the scientific community. Bonus ridicule for maybe not knowing that;s what their doing.

    Here a point from a diagnostician these research feebs obviously don’t know. The images on MR and CAT scans are not real. They are computer generated based on certain algorithms that are arbitrary. Because of this…such “bumps”. Little areas that are different are almost always different because of the way you measured them, not because there is a difference in the tissues. We call this artifact. And its the reason why people pay big bucks for ultra-experienced radiologists to read these (perhaps they should have brought one in on the project). Is it an artifact or is it a tumor in its first stages… always the issue.

    From my personal experience, this goes for big, obvious things, not just “bumps”. In age 50+ men, an MR of the spine is going to find various forms of serious pathology,,,,,that are not there. It is a complete and utter failure as a screen for such pathology.

    However, when there are symptoms present that usually identify exactly what, or maybe only the level involved with various neurological tests, and THEN an MR is done and you find something that explains the symptoms, that’s almost always what it is.

    MR – means nothing by itself
    MR + symptoms on a skilled exam, means everything

    Even most doctors don’t get this last and have to be reminded of it repeatedly by radiologists and specialists. It’s not a picture. It’s not a primary test….ONLY secondary. It’s use like this in this study is morbidly inappropriate.

    And begs the question why they did not attempt to use the modality that at least had some possibility of identifying what they were looking for…..a PET scan.

    The answer is simple. It’s not what they had access to. They are all the same…right?


  • Light from the East

    I believe the upper limit of IQ has something to do with genetics. Yes, effort and environment do counts when there is room for you to improve, but you will never surpass the limit of your maximum defined IQ just as most civilian airliners cannot surpass the speed of sound.

  • Light from the East

    The lefts would think that MRI instruments, mathematical models, and even samples themselves are white men’s work to oppress blacks.

  • WR_the_realist

    The correlation coefficients show that variations in the measurable differences in brain size account for about half the variation in IQ. This shouldn’t shock a normal person, why would we would have gone through all the trouble of evolving bigger brains, which make childbirth difficult and dangerous, and require more food throughout life, if bigger brains didn’t make us smarter?

    Of course consistent average differences in brain size across races means that the left must reject the obvious.

  • Benny Ehud

    Jews have the highest! Eat it!

    • BlueSonicStreak

      Is that why you have the most clueless comments?

      Probably everyone who reads AmRen on at least a semi-regular basis already knows the mean Jewish IQ score.

      • Benny Ehud

        They probably know MOST things about IQ. That’s why I am surprised you all keep talking about it.

  • BlueSonicStreak

    Thanks much. I figured that number was wrong somehow; but an outright transcription error didn’t even occur to me for some stupid reason.

  • Benny Ehud

    That is probably b/c prior to the 90’s the Third World meant communist countries or countries that had communist leanings. I don’t know this for a fact. I am just speculating.

    • MrBiIIGoode .

      I accept your concession speech on that issue.

      To answer your other question, if you’ve been reading this website then you should know that we want the same thing the Jews want, which is a homeland just for white people.

      • Benny Ehud

        Move to Europe.

        I have NO IDEA how talking about IQ is going to get you a homeland for whites, especially in the U.S. But, you people are perpetually delusional. So, I can’t expect much rationale.

        • MrBiIIGoode .

          Unfortunately Europe is suffering the same problems with nonwhite populations as well. There is no 100% homogeneous white nation to move to.

          Talking about issues such as IQ is important to bring awareness to other whites, so that they can see how having low IQ populations within their nations along with the dysgenic trend that comes along with it, deteriorates the nations. Eventually the nonwhite populations change the culture and society of the white nations, figuratively and literally turning them into the same type of nation that they originally came and escaped from.

          • Benny Ehud

            THERE IS NO 100% JEWISH NATION!!!! Israel is 20% or more non-Jew!! What are you talking about?

            You are never going to achieve 100% anything. Europe is 95-97% white, depending on the numbers used. You can’t beat that with a bat. America has never been 100% white. You are really delusional. You head is in a 3rd dimension.

            Whites in the U.S. aren’t going to stop non-whites from breeding and Latinos from coming in. So, I still don’t understand the end goal for talking about it in the U.S. I can understand Europe but not the U.S.

            The U.S. is loss to your idea of a white utopia. Europia is all you have. That and the land that was stolen from Natives in New Zealand and Australia. There may be a couple South American countries that are 90+% white that were stolen from Natives, as well.

          • MrBiIIGoode .

            Israel isn’t 100% Jewish but they want it to be and are creating new laws to not allow non Jewish in.

            newobserveronline (dot) com/jews-demand-open-borders-for-usa-but-use-dna-to-keep-israel-racially-pure/

            Only white nations have muticulturalism and diversity pushed on them.

          • Benny Ehud

            It will never be 100% Jewish. It has Arabs and Christian living there. It has Bedoins. What are these NEW laws that Israel is introducing to keep non-Jews out? Jews can’t stop Arabs who ALREADY live in Israel from having babies. And, they are not asking them to leave.

            Jews want Israel to remain a Jewish state. That is not a secret LOL But, they aren’t kicking non-Jews out or asking them to leave. Obviously, Jews want to remain in control of a place as small as New Jersey as the ONLY Jewish state. Whites have FAR, FAR more land than Jews. And, I have NO PROBLEM with Europe keeping or kicking out ALL non-whites, including Jews. However, you all have this notion that the LANDS of the Americas belong to whites. It doesn’t. Go to Europe and kick out and keep out whomever you choose.

            Europe is the ONLY white homeland. New Zealand, Australia and the Americas DON’T BELONG TO WHITES!!!! It’s not yours. So, take what you get or LEAVE!!! If Jews want to live around a vast majority of Jews, Jews can move to Israel. If Arabs want to live around a vast majority of Arabs, they can leave for Arab countries. They goes for blacks and Asians, too. They can leave for Africa and Asia, respectively. This is America, Jack. It is land stolen from the Natives.

            The U.S. isn’t about to split up. The only way it will is through war. There’s not going to be a meeting of the minds and parceling of land. Get your head out of the clouds and out of you a**. If you don’t like the U.S., move to a place that is 95% white–Europe. It’s an simple solution. You may not want to leave, but you can.

            Who is forcing multiculturalism on white lands? Europe is all you have. It is 95% or more white. Who is making them diversify? Jews only make up 0.3% of Europe. If you all are letting non-violent people that make up that little of the population dictate policy, then your IQs must not be as much of a benefit as you think it is. You all are pathetic.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Why are you still here and continuing to babble? You LOST kid, go home.

            I still have your comments in my inbox, even if they’ve been deleted, and I just have to say WOW, you sure like to put arguments in people’s mouths, don’t you? You seem really sure that White Nationalists agree about non-European Western countries remaining white and why.

            Didn’t you just get here? I could swear you arrived here a couple of days ago.

          • Benny Ehud

            I stopped talking to you. Do you mind returning the favor?

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Oh, really? Was that before or after you sent me three more messages?

          • Benny Ehud

            I didn’t send you 3 more messages. If I did, they weren’t on purpose. They were to MBiddle or somebody. They weren’t meant for you. I sent you one last message AFTER you sent me one telling you I was bored and done talking with you. Anything after that that you received from was by accident, if you actually received anything.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Not how a debate works, son. You don’t leave a lengthy argument, and then duck out saying, “I’m bored now, don’t reply to me,” because you know you’ll be trounced.

            If you’re so “bored,” leave without saying anything else.

          • Benny Ehud

            I told you what I had to say. I told you I didn’t care about your belief about Jews and anti-Semitism among white nationalists. I told you I was bored with the issue. I figure you would reply, so I wanted to let you know I wasn’t going to respond to anything about that any longer. Therefore, therefore it as no need for you to LOOK for a reply beyond that point.

            Again, anything you received was meant for Mrbiddle or some name along those lines. You should be able to tell by the conversation that it wasn’t meant for you. However, if you received and it inconvenienced you, I apologize.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Oh, you figured I would reply? Now you admit that’s what normally happens when you argue back? Goodness, you’re stupid.

            Like MrBill, I consider you to have conceded. If you don’t have any more arguments, leave without whining about people replying to arguments you’ve already left. Got it? Okay, bye.

          • Benny Ehud

            I concede to having an indefinite argument on a topic that is going nowhere LOL I just wanted to know your endgame. I found out how absurd it is. I’m satisfied. If that is a concession, I happily concede.

            I’m not you people who follow pseudo-science from pseudo-intellectuals that happily blabs his mouth for the next 25-30 years on the same inane topic. I leave that to Taylor, Spencer, etc.